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Latest Update: Sep 07, 2016 07:28 AM

xCT+ is immensely based off the add-on xCT by braindump (aka Affli). It strives to be as minimalistic as possible while maintaining ease of use. That is why, introduced in version 3, you can now configure all settings while in-game.

Overall, xCT+ is a replacement for Blizzard’s scrolling combat text. It is superior to the default combat text because xCT+ organizes incoming healing, incoming damage, and outgoing damage/healing into their own frames.

For those that have used Affli’s xCT Add-On, xCT+ expands the functionality of its predecessor. New features include:

  • An In-Game Configuration Tool

  • Frames for tracking Criticals, Loot and Money, Spell Procs, Unit Power (Mana), and Class Combo Points

  • A grid when positioning the frames

  • Tons of new options and features

  • A redesigned Spell Merger for those Spammy Spells

  • Setting Profiles

  • And many more exciting new features!

Feel free to use the comments below for quick and dirty questions. If you think that you have a question that is more involved, feel free to head over to the support thread: http://www.tukui.org/forums/topic.php?id=25175
Creator/Author: Dandruff
Version: 4.3.0 Beta 5
Changelog: Click here to see the changes!
Compatible: 7.0.3
Last Download: Oct 27, 2016 08:42 AM
Downloads: 61176
(438 Ratings) 

Screenshot of the Addon:




Posted by: VORTEX  Posted on: Oct 26, 2016 12:56 PM

Dandruff, i absolutely love this addon, but i will tell you one thing for sure, i will never use or update an addon that makes me completely reset my UI settings, and i am sure that 99% of people on this forum will agree with me, as of right now i am still using the Release version and it is working fine, i never really use any Beta addons or programs as they are plagued with errors and issues, if you ever release an xCT version that is not in beta and does not make you reset your whole profile, i will update and support it, until then all i can say is - ciao, look at your download numbers from Curse man, they dont lie, 30k downloads on Release and 1k during latest update, i dunno what to tell ya mate
Posted by: NamelessGRL  Posted on: Oct 20, 2016 03:08 AM

Noob question here. I downloaded xct+ to upload someone else's profile. I got his raw paste data but have no idea how to upload the profile. How does it work?
Posted by: Dandruff  Posted on: Sep 06, 2016 09:19 PM

@misssingone Best ETA is soon. Been working on game breaking bugs. Once all that dies down, Combo Points and other class specific combo mechanics will be next. Sorry :(
Posted by: missingone  Posted on: Sep 05, 2016 11:39 AM

Hey, I love your addon, however recently with your new updates the Combo Point number doesn't seem to show for rogues. Any eta on a fix for this?
Posted by: Dandruff  Posted on: Sep 03, 2016 01:31 AM

Scrolling Combat Text only shows underneath your character. Floating Combat Text is what you want. I will try to go through the options and mark them more clearly. In your instance, make sure you have Scrolling Combat Text (self) disabled. Enable Show Healing and Show Damage. I think this will be what you wanted
Posted by: victor  Posted on: Sep 02, 2016 06:09 PM

With scrolling combat text enabled, because I just want to see damage over targets head, it also ends up showing healing and damage taken in that form. This never used to happen before 4.3.0 beta 2. I also just tried the one in your git, still having the game issue.

edit: looks like once I enable SCT in XCT, I went into blizzard interface options then disabled theirs and now everything looks normal.
Posted by: NytemareRulez  Posted on: Sep 02, 2016 11:17 AM

Sad day for this addon for me. Loved it, hate to give it up, but I didn't spend the hours, days, weeks, and months years ago tweaking profile to the perfect one every night until it was perfect and no matter what class I played nothing interfered with anything, just so you can wipe those settings. I really hate when you authors release an update and wipe our settings. If we wanted them wipe we would do it ourself. Now I really hoping wipe is only because of beta version, and once you release a none beta version everything will be good as gold again, in which case I will have no problem enable the addon again.

As it stand right now, can't use old version as you made it not work, can't load old setting into new and get said settings layouts and everything and have a template to go off to redo settings. But to try and redo settings I have not messed with in years, and stuff, not happen. It be easier just to use blizzard default combat text at that rate sorry to say.

On side note, I think it crap that Tukui takes people money to have the ability to auto update addons, yet unlike curse can't do basic features like don't install beta versions, or don't install addons that have big changes, etc.
Posted by: Dandruff  Posted on: Sep 02, 2016 08:11 AM

My git has it all fixed. Will try to push out a new beta version tomorrow. Still need to work on the custom colors for a lot of things...

Posted by: Killatones  Posted on: Sep 01, 2016 05:03 PM

Sadly that didnt help, I have an SS if that helps let me know if you need anything else.
Posted by: Homax  Posted on: Sep 01, 2016 02:20 AM

The test is definitely fixed, but I still see the icon of my ability, rather than the interrupted spell / dispelled aura

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