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With Tukui 14 and Elvui 3.0 coming soon, I decided to write a small article about Tukui vs Elvui.

This article attempts to draw a comparison between both of the UI's. The summaries that follow are brief descriptions that may help a person decide if Tukui (or edited version of it) or Elvui will suit their needs. Both projects have different goals and are targeted at a different user base. Tukui is designed for users who desire a "do-it-yourself" style approach, whereas Elvui provides an easy and advanced configuration system which is meant to be more of an "average user" style approach. I'll try to explain what these approach means in this article but keep in mind that the best way to find which UI suites you more is to try out both to see which creates a more comfortable environment for you and your preferences.


The design approach of the development focuses on simplicity, elegance, code correctness and minimalism. "Simplicity" is defined as "...without unnecessary additions, modifications, or complications.." and is defined from a developer standpoint, rather than a user standpoint.

Tukui's Appeal

One of the main difference between Tukui and Elvui is that Tukui is designed around Blizzard default UI, whereas Elvui goes along the same premise but with a lot of extra features already built in (take the GUI for an example). Like Elvui, most things from Tukui are configured automatically and the UI as a whole will work straight out of the box. Unlike Elvui however, Tukui does not come with any extra features that Blizzard doesn't offer (An example would be the classtimers option in Elvui). Tukui is just the default Blizzard UI with a completely redesigned look, everything from the Blizzard UI is built into Tukui. Tukui will appeal to users who wish to start with a bare bone minimal UI in a total different look than what blizzard give us, but then want to add one feature at a time until their UI is tweaked to their desire.

Tukui may be the better choice if you want to learn a few things about Lua. The UI is built from such a minimal base and is broken up into a modular file structure that it makes it fairly easy for beginners to jump right in and start editing. For users with some existing Lua knowledge the UI is designed as a simple base system to be then customized from the ground up. This is what makes Tukui the #1 choice if you want to build your own custom UI. See it for yourself by browsing the "edited packages" list available here on the forums, most of these were started with the default Tukui and then heavily "design only" edited to achieve the authors results and ideas.

Tukui can also be perfect for those who want to run a simple UI with everything auto configured on install, offering only what Blizzard offers. Nothing more, nothing less. This way you never load or run any useless features in the background that you don't need.


  • Very clean and polished package.
  • Very stable and easily maintainable because of it's minimal design.
  • Rarely contains bugs and if bugs are found, updates are instituted very quickly.
  • Optimized for low cpu and memory usage.
  • Clean and concise written code which makes it easy to understand and edit.
  • Configured automatically on install and will work straight out of the box.
  • A large community of support.. in theory.
  • Lots of extra addons made by the community that you can install to complete your UI to your liking.
  • Lots of Lua tutorials already made by the community on forums for users you want to learn Lua or other things about Tukui.


  • Very hard to customize or do a complete overhaul without any knowing Lua knowledge.
  • Minimal options menu in game, similar to Blizzard's GUI. Version 1 to 8 didn't have a GUI at all.
  • Requires a reload of the UI every time something is changed via the options menu.
  • Comes with only the features that Blizzard includes in their original UI. (This is a pro for me, but more than 50% of peoples will find this thing.. a con. That's why I'm putting it here.)


Elvui's Appeal

Elvui is essentially based from Tukui but with a complete overhaul of not only the design, but the file structure, UI features and the code as well. The actual visual aspects of the UI (Its panels, borders, etc) are the same as in Tukui. It uses the same methods to render these objects. Also, both share a very similar init or core system. Unlike Tukui however, this package is more for those who just don't want to mess with their UI or have no desire to edit or add in new features. It is designed around user-friendliness with in addition the most popular addons ideas not included in a standard UI. That in my opinion is one of the main reason why this UI is so popular today. It uses the same look & feel of Tukui, which was already extremely popular, but oriented more towards Lua beginners and for people looking for some additional features.

Here a video example of what i'm talking about:

Note: This video is from an Alpha build of Elvui 3.0, some features are
visually missing from the UI at the time this video was made.

As you can see, this is something you won't be able to do in-game with Tukui. On Tukui, with action bars, you are only able to hide/show a bar or resize the buttons, unless of course you are messing around with the Lua codes directly. On Elvui, you have a lot more customization available from the in game option window. This is the "User friendly" feature I was referring to above.


  • It is designed to be easily used and user friendly.
  • Very clean, polished, and simple distribution.
  • You have the freedom to customize your UI via the in game options, choices are not forced upon you like Tukui or Blizzard UI.
  • Elaborate and easy to use in game options menu.
  • Does not need a reload of the UI when an option is changed.
  • Extra features already built in that are not included in default UI.
  • Configured automatically to work straight out of the box upon install.
  • Comes with every feature that Blizzard includes in their original UI.


  • Its designed to be easy to use, therefore if you try to edit something in the code.. you end up fighting the UI.
  • If you want to stay away from the GUI for the most part and setup your UI via the folder files, Elvui makes this particularly difficult.
  • Less stable than Tukui and can be something unstable, more code and features mean more potential bugs that can be found.
  • Less Memory and CPU friendly than Tukui.
  • You can end up with some stuff running in the background, even if you don't really need it.


Both packages are excellent choices. They are both just targeted at a different user base. Some users love programming in World or Warcraft and Tukui offer a really good start for creating your own UI, or is simply a perfect option for those that want to have just the default Blizzard UI with a different look. Some other users however, love to have a complete UI with tons of customization options in game without having to mess with the Lua codes directly.

If you want to run something similar to default Blizzard UI then I would suggest you choose Tukui.
If you want a lot of customization then I would suggest you choose Elvui.
If you want to add extra features in one by one then I would suggest you choose Tukui.
If you want to do a complete in game overhaul of the UI then I would suggest you choose Elvui.
If you want to create your own UI from a minimal base, then I would suggest you choose Tukui as a start.

Version 14 of Tukui and Version 3 of Elvui are sheduled to be released at the same time as World of Warcraft 4.3 patch.

You can download both of these UI in our download section.


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That's it for this article! Have a nice day like usual!

~ Tukz

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Last updated: 06-10-2015