Click here to become a Premium Member : No ads site-wide : Forum privileges : Upgraded services : Giveaway & moreSupport the Site! Support Us! has launched a 512 slot Teamspeak server for our users to communicate more easily and open up even more programming and WoW related discussions! Please use the information below to log on to the server. Also take some time to read through the F.A.Q and Rules section to answer any questions you may have.

Server Information

  • Address:
  • Password: forever
  • Maximum Capacity: 512


  • Q: I cannot connect?
  • A: Make sure you include the :5678 in the server address, as that is required to connect.
  • Q: Any rules I need to know?
  • A: Read the section below.


  1. Please be respectful to the other users, no verbal harassing, excessive loud noises, etc...
  2. Users are allowed to create their own channel if they wish, however please limit this to only 2-3 at maximum. Any abuse of this will result in the deletion of your channels.
  3. If you need help or would like to report a user for harassment, make sure to pm one of the admins and let us know the situation.

~ Smelly

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Last updated: 02-04-2012