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Hello everyone!

Tukui 15 Beta is started on Mists of Pandaria Beta. To install it, please go into our main menu at the top, select Project -> Tukui -> Beta Version. The latest version is always the commit show on top with download link on the right side. Keep in mind that actually it's only an "initial working" version from Tukui 14 quickly patched to allow players to play on the Beta with Tukui so expect a couple of Lua errors. Current beta version is currently easily playable without any huge critical bug. No more Blizzard Default UI, your beta experience should be a lot better! We encourage everyone to play with Lua error activated. To help us with bugs, report them to our ticket system.

Some stuff to notice, please do not report:

  • Monk is playable, but the "monk class bar" is not implemented.
  • No class bar (shard system) for warlock. (I still don't know if this system exist for MoP)
  • No eclipse bar for druid.
  • The Blizzard frames skinning is completly disabled for now.
  • No Party/Raid available yet. Use Blizzard default for now. (raid frames are now available)

Now you'll probably ask: How did you manage to play with addons on the beta if Blizzard disabled the use of them?

A simple edit of the WoW executable can allow players to play with addons enabled. (special thanks to ownedcore website for the info!)

Here the patched files:
32-bit WoW build 15662 with addons enabled download HERE and VIRUSTOTAL.
32-bit WoW build 15662 with addons enabled and LUA Hack download HERE and VIRUSTOTAL.
64-bit WoW build 15662 with addons enabled download HERE and VIRUSTOTAL.

To patch your client, copy the patched file into your World of Warcraft Beta folder. Rename WoW.exe to WoW_Original.exe and rename your downloaded file to WoW.exe. (or WoW-64.exe for 64 bits client) You are now ready to launch WoW Beta with addons enabled. Keep in mind that patching the beta executable is at your own risk.

That's it! Have fun on MoP beta with Tukui! And no at the moment I don't know when the ElvUI beta will start. We will keep you updated in the comments section!

Update: ElvUI for MoP now also available for testing in Projects -> ElvUI -> Beta Version

Signing Off !
~ Tukz

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Last updated: 08-05-2012