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Version 6.99995 [8/21/2014]

  • Fix a bug with debuff highlight not correctly checking talent specializations on the initial login, causing magic debuffs not to display highlighting on healing classes.
Version 6.99994 [8/14/2014]
  • Fix an infinite addon message spam loop for people with spaces in their server names.
Version 6.99993 [7/24/2014]
  • Personal changes.
Version 6.99992 [7/24/2014]
  • Personal changes.
Version 6.99991 [7/5/2014]
  • Personal changes, realm changed my main to Darkspear.
  • Toggling a frame such as party frames inside a configuration environment should now cause the party targets or party pets frames to appear if they are enabled.
Version 6.9999 [6/26/2014]
  • Fix issue #51, Fix display bug with power bar. Resizing the bar was causing the backdrop to sometimes overflow the frame on the player/target frames.
  • Fix issue #52, Fix skin bug with the LFG role selection frame that appears when you are invited to a group.
  • Graphical glitch on druids. Eclipse Bar and Alternative Mana bar were 1 pixel too short causing the threat glow to appear with a gap between the bars.
  • Remove ** from specswitch datatext when set to current specialization.
  • Change default datatexts for the left panel to SpecSwitch, Durability, CombatTime. Installation no longer effects datatexts based on your role selection.
Version 6.9998 [6/18/2014]
  • Minor stuff
Version 6.9997 [5/29/2014]
  • Add general option: Multi-Monitor Support. Default is off. If you are using eyefinity or nvidia surround you will need to enable this option. The reason why this is now an option is because 4k monitor resolutions now exist.
Version 6.9996 [5/20/2014]
  • Update ElvUI for patch 5.4.8
  • Fix incorrect item level value on the tooltip. (Hold shift while mousing over a player)
Version 6.9995 [5/18/2014]
  • More minor tweaks.
Version 6.9994 [5/12/2014]
  • Minor tweaks.
Version 6.9993 [5/12/2014]
  • Adjust ElvUI out of date display message to be more noticeable.
  • Fix bug with chat time stamps on chat tab switches.
  • Fix custom unitframe text JustifyH option.
Version 6.9992 [4/21/2014]
  • Correct filter logic with auras.
Version 6.9991 [4/21/2014]
  • Add raid/party option to resize role icons.
Version 6.999 [4/10/2014]
  • Correct issue with friends datatext not caching the correct toon information for players who were online on multiple battle.net applications.
Version 6.998 [4/5/2014]
  • Correctly organize battle.net windows application friends into their own category inside the friends datatext tooltip.
  • Add nameplate option to scale healthbar based on health remaining.
  • Several cstack error fixes.
  • Locales update
Version 6.997 [3/31/2014]
  • Fix a coloring mishap :) part 2 (read chat if you're still having problems)
Version 6.996 [3/31/2014]
  • Fix a coloring mishap :)
Version 6.995 [3/17/2014]
  • Fix C-Stack errors.
  • Fix for issue #48 I guess className sometimes returns non-valid class names, making RAID_CLASS_COLORS[className] return nil
  • Update locales
  • Add 2 spells to RaidDebuffs filter Ignite Armor (issue #11) Empowered Gripping Despair
  • Fix overlapping borders on achievement summary
Version 6.994 [3/10/2014]
  • Cleanup and minor bug fixes for chat.
Version 6.993 [3/10/2014]
  • Fix actionbar bug on a wotlk boss encounter.
  • Fix issue with reputation bar and tracking a faction such as the tillers.
  • Correct item level display in the raid browser window.
  • Fix classbar width when detached.
  • Prevent a lua error from occurring when changing nameplate filter settings.
Version 6.992 [2/25/2014]
  • Fix several bugs with chat. Messages not displaying, role icons not working, etc..
Version 6.991 [2/20/2014]
  • Fix bug with microbar mover being longer than it should be.
  • Remove the green latency bar that is attached to the help micro button.
Version 6.99 [2/18/2014]
  • Add option to control the backdrop color behind the classbar separately.
Version 6.98 [2/18/2014]
  • Fix chat lua error
Version 6.97 [2/18/2014]
  • Fix addon message caught in an infinite loop. May of been causing disconnects from the client.
Version 6.96 [2/18/2014]
  • Minor icon fix
Version 6.95 [2/18/2014]
  • Fix for Tharon'ja encounter. Actionbar should hopefully be set correctly to page 13 now.
  • Fix a bug with pet actionbar not updating when pets change specs.
  • Fix default consolidated buff icon being disabled when elvui consolidated buffs are disabled.
  • Correct group visibility tooltip inside unitframe configuration menu.
Version 6.94 [1/30/2014]
  • Fix a bug with castbars that caused them to become permanently hidden randomly.
Version 6.93 [1/18/2014]
  • Fix auto accept invite not working properly.
  • Add whitelist (strict) filter. For if you want to whitelist specific spell ids which share names with unwanted spells.
  • Re-add some textures to the character frame skin that were removed.
Version 6.92 [1/15/2014]
  • Fix the sorting options for the aura icons near the minimap. Should now work as intended.
Version 6.91 [1/10/2014]
  • Unitframe castbars should now handle tradeskill casts as if they are one long cast. (Probably needs slight tweeking still)
Version 6.9 [1/9/2014]
  • Fix the /tt (whisper current target) command to work properly with people who are on connected realms.
Version 6.89 [1/5/2014]
  • Update license for 2014.
  • Battle.net friends request that contain "PVPBank" in the description will now automatically be declined.
  • Make slight adjustment to the ilvl column in the raid browser to support larger fonts.
Version 6.88 [12/29/2013]
  • Add a new Enhance Raid Browser feature to ElvUI. It will add character item level and talent specialization information to the raid browser frame. It will also report the item levels of tanks/healers in the group and the average group item level inside the tooltips. This can be disabled/enabled from the general section of ElvUI.
Version 6.87 [12/18/2013]
  • Skin the new shop button inside the escape menu.
Version 6.86 [12/12/2013]
  • Fix default Blizzard nameplates not displaying text.
  • Skin tweak to the RaidBrowser frame.
Version 6.85 [12/10/2013]
  • Syntax Error
Version 6.84 [12/10/2013]
  • Add Raid Browser to the minimap micro menu. This is the Blizzard version of oQueue.
Version 6.83 [12/10/2013]
  • Fix a bug with the in-game store button not appearing correctly from the minimap on the initial login.
  • Guild datatext should now only display the server name of a person when holding down shift if you are on a combined realm.
Version 6.82 [12/6/2013]
  • ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar can now be moved with /moveui. You must make the bar appear once in order to move it.
  • Fix a couple reported lua errors.
  • Fix bug with boss power text not displaying over the power bar with the inset powerbar option turned on.
Version 6.81 [11/30/2013]
  • Fix a bug with font becoming small when clicking the copy chat button.
Version 6.8 [11/24/2013]
  • Raise readycheck icon to be above the rest of all other unitframe elements.
  • Fix a lua error with the friends list.
Version 6.79 [11/15/2013]
  • Skin the new Recruit-A-Friend icon and window on the friends frame.
Version 6.78 [11/15/2013]
  • Add event to power text to fix bug with druids switching from cat form to caster form the text wasn't updating.
Version 6.77 [11/12/2013]
  • Unchecking disable blizzard option under auras will not force the consolidated buff bar to be disabled. This has to be done because the buff bar borrows the buttons from the blizzard consolidated buff panel. This will fix a bug where people were experiencing their blizzard aura icons not updating as well.
Version 6.76 [11/11/2013]
  • Ace3 library updates within ElvUI.
  • Fix config gui skin bug. If a newer version of Ace3 was loaded than the one built into ElvUI it would prevent skinning from occurring. This should be resolved now.
  • Update ElvUI for all languages, got a translation bug or want to help out? Send Blazeflack a private message on our forums.
  • Fix lua error when toggling an aura option with auras disabled.
  • Fix a possible lua error on spec switch.
  • Attempt to skin the new archaeology progress bar.
Version 6.75 [11/1/2013]
  • Apply fix to the world map ping not being positioned correctly.
Version 6.74 [10/31/2013]
  • Fix bug with unitframe texts hiding behind objects.
Version 6.73 [10/30/2013]
  • Revert several framelevel & framestrata changes I made this week.
Version 6.72 [10/30/2013]
  • Prevent the addon blocked popup from ever displaying.
Version 6.71 [10/30/2013]
  • Attempt to fix addon blocked message with the world map frame.
Version 6.7 [10/30/2013]
  • Updated for patch 5.4.1.
  • Fix a couple of addon blocked messages when toggling friend/guild frames.
  • Blizzard store should no longer be visible from the middle click menu on the minimap if the store is not available in your region.
Version 6.69 [10/29/2013]
  • Fix powerbars covering healthbars with powerbar offset option on.
Version 6.68 [10/29/2013]
  • Prevent resting icon and powerbars from bleeding through to world map.
Version 6.67 [10/28/2013]
  • Prevent several UI elements from bleeding through to the world map.
Version 6.66 [10/26/2013]
  • Fix guild datatext lua error.
  • Fix the world map skin preventing the pulse texture from appearing on the players location when the map is opened.
Version 6.65 [10/24/2013]
  • Add max duration filter option for aurabars. Default is 2 minutes (120 seconds). This will make buffs like well fed no longer display on the player frame. You can set this option to zero to disable.
Version 6.64 [10/21/2013]
  • Fix guild datatext showing zero when show offline members is checked inside the guild window.
Version 6.63 [10/20/2013]
  • Apply workaround fix for Blizzard bug with the guild roster. Guild datatext show now properly update when a player comes online.
Version 6.62 [10/19/2013]
  • Disable boss aura filter check for now until I can look into it more.
Version 6.61 [10/19/2013]
  • Enhance combat time datatext so that it acts as an arena timer while in arenas. Should start counting once the arena match begins. This change may may reset the combat time datatext setting if you were using it you will have to re-set it.
  • Add new unitframe by request: Target's Target's Target. Disabled by default.
  • Add aura filter option for all unitframes buff/debuffs: "Allow Boss Encounter Auras". If an aura is considered part of a boss encounter allow the aura to pass. Not 100% tested.
  • Nameplate auras should now sort by expiration time.
Version 6.6 [10/08/2013]
  • Fix display bug with Paladin T16 4-piece set bonus. Divine storm should now appear to be usable when the set bonus has proc'd.
  • Add farm mode to the minimap middle click menu.
  • Gatherer should now work with farm mode.
Version 6.59 [10/08/2013]
  • Fix custom backdrop on TargetTarget, Pet, PetTarget, Focus, FocusTarget frames when out of range.
  • Fix flickering aurabars when transparent setting is set.
Version 6.58 [10/07/2013]
  • Several minor bugs squashed.
  • Aurabar color should now attempt to match your current class color if you load a profile with the aurabar color set to another class's color.
  • Correct issue with unitframes while using custom health color backdrops. When the unit is out of range the custom color should no longer appear infront of the healthbar texture.
  • Correct microbar mover width.
  • PVP Queue frame should properly skin.
  • XP text should now properly disable in eyefinity/nvidia surround mode.
  • Increase the minimum and maximum values you can change the x/y offset on unitframe auras.
  • Fix several inconsistencies with the powerbar "detached" option on the player and target frame.
  • Fix minor incomplete skinning on the PVP Frame.
  • Add cooldown text to the PetJournalHealPetButton.
  • Fix issue with nameplates not updating settings on plates that currently aren't visible.
  • Fix issue with nameplates not hiding when filter is set to hidden initially.
  • Correct width/height of the minimap mover.
  • Hearthstone should now properly be sorted in the friends datatext tooltip.
  • Fix issue with crit datatext not updating correctly in some situations.
  • Copy chat frame should now properly replace raid icons with {ICON_NAME}.
  • Fix lua error reported with dual profiles enabled.
Version 6.57 [10/04/2013]
  • Add cooldown text to arena frame trinket icons.
  • Re-add [AFK] and [DND] tags to the tooltip.
Version 6.56 [10/01/2013]
  • Add a target glow to boss/arena frames. (Untested)
  • Fix a chat lua error with role icons.
Version 6.55 [9/27/2013]
  • Add chat option to display LFG role icons next to player names.
Version 6.54 [9/26/2013]
  • Extra actionbutton cooldown text fix.
  • Reduce minimum duration for cooldown to display down to 1.5 seconds instead of 2.5 seconds.
  • Fix class colors on battle.net messages.
Version 6.53 [9/19/2013]
  • Fix proving grounds lua error.
Version 6.52 [9/19/2013]
  • Fix bug with world bosses not updating correctly in time datatext.
  • Register cooldown on blizzard bags when they are skinned and ElvUI bags are disabled.
  • Correct item level calculation on higher item level.
Version 6.51 [9/18/2013]
  • Add buffs display to nameplates. Auras has been renamed to 'Debuffs'. Hasn't been completely tested there are still a few bugs to work out with buffs.
  • Apply cooldown text to the extra action button.
  • Lua error when using the /farmmode command.
  • Fix a tooltip error from inside the healer proving ground.
  • Rename talent spec option to Inspect Info inside tooltip.
Version 6.5 [9/16/2013]
  • Fix healer icons not displaying on nameplates when the nameplate has {*} in it's name.
  • Should no longer have to maintain the list of world bosses inside the time datatext. World bosses will only be displayed if they have been defeated to remove some clutter.
  • Friends lua error when a friend is online on multiple games.
  • Lua error from battle.net chat history.
Version 6.49 [9/13/2013]
  • Fix gap in microbar while the Blizzard Store is disabled.
  • Lua error on calendar skin, attempting to skin buttons that no longer exist.
Version 6.48 [9/12/2013]
  • Fix lua error when attempting to add a custom text to party/raid frames.
Version 6.47 [9/12/2013]
  • Add Ordos and Celestials to the time datatext tooltip for tracking kills.
  • Add the following tags to use on unitframes: [altpowercolor], [altpower:current], [altpower:percent], [altpower:deficit], [altpower:current-percent], [altpower:current-max], [altpower:current-max-percent]
  • Prevent users from creating custom tag names that are being used by other unitframe elements.
  • Move cooldowns from actionbars to general section of ElvUI.
Version 6.46 [9/11/2013]
  • Fix cooldown text not disabling correctly.
  • Add a couple nameplate filters for siege.
Version 6.45 [9/10/2013]
  • Attempt to fix a reported tooltip lua error.
  • Attempt to add cooldown text to the quest item buttons on the watch frame. (Not Tested)
Version 6.44 [9/10/2013]
  • Fix lua error caused in 6.43 syntax mistake.
Version 6.43 [9/10/2013]
  • Start a list of Siege of Orgrimmar debuffs to the RaidDebuffs filter. So far only tank debuffs and dispellable debuffs should be on the list. Feel free to add anything you find here: http://www.tukui.org/forums/topic.php?id=29052
Version 6.42 [9/10/2013]
  • Cooldown text should now also appear on the character frame slots (trinkets and such). So long as the character frame is skinned by ElvUI.
Version 6.41 [9/10/2013]
  • Cooldown text should now appear on the classbar. Note: For addons such as weak auras it will have to be registered by a plugin, the ElvUI_AddonSkins author has agreed to do this, just wait for him to update.
  • Fix the click through option on party/raid/raidPet frames not working.
Version 6.4 [9/10/2013]
  • Update for Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar. DO NOT USE ON PATCH 5.3.
  • Several CPU improvements made.
Version 6.36 [9/6/2013]
  • Fix a few small bugs with target indicators.
  • Add "Horizontal Arrows (Inverted)" to target indicator list.
Version 6.35 [9/6/2013]
  • Add nameplate target indicator style option. Can be set to "Glow", "Vertical Arrow", "Horizontal Arrows". Defaulted back to Glow.
Version 6.34 [9/2/2013]
  • Rewrite the consolidated buffs bar so I don't have to monitor the spell IDs myself anymore. The only noticeable difference is when you mouseover the buff icon it will no longer display a list of spells. Instead it will display the category or the spell tooltip depending on if the aura is active or not.
Version 6.33 [9/2/2013]
  • Add target indicator texture to nameplates. (Configurable)
  • Add low health indicator option back to nameplates.
Version 6.32 [9/1/2013]
  • Fix a bug with the consolidated buff bar not showing passive auras correctly.
Version 6.31 [8/31/2013]
  • Fix a bug some people were experiencing with nameplates where health bars were not centered above the units head.
  • Fix a lua error with out of range pet units.
Version 6.3 [8/29/2013]
  • Fix nameplate filters.
  • Remove nameplate option for low health threshold.
  • Add target indicator (white glow) back to nameplates.
  • Add option to color the name text of nameplates by the health value.
  • Fix out of range units having foreign realm indicator displayed on tooltip.
  • Adjust chat scrolling to be slightly faster.
Version 6.29 [8/28/2013]
  • Attempt to fix a crash that occurred when holding shift over a 'player' frame, related to tooltip.
  • Fix tooltip item level calculation on non player units returning incorrect value.
Version 6.28 [8/28/2013]
  • Remove shift restriction on tooltip targeted by check.
  • Fix some inspecting issues with the tooltip talent/itemlevel check.
  • ConsolidatedBuffs should now load even if auras are disabled.
  • Add nameplate threat option to toggle if threat should be displayed on nameplates.
  • Nameplate name text should now always be white.
  • Boost max minimap aura size to 60 (from 40).
Version 6.27 [8/28/2013]
  • Restructured the layout of the general ElvUI options table.
  • Add option to "Disable Blizzard" for the auras near the minimap.
  • Fix the "Targeted By" tooltip option, needed to have line wraps, note this option now requires you to hold shift.
  • Fix a minor nameplate aura bug.
  • Fix a lua error when dual profile is enabled.
  • Fix an issue with tooltip anchoring stretching the tooltip.
  • Tooltips anchored to the mouse should have the healthbar appear above the tooltip once again.
  • Fix graphical bug with vertically oriented experience bar.
  • The nameplate auras enable option renamed to "Personal Auras" to avoid confusion.
  • Rename "Totem Bar" to "Class Bar" to avoid confusion.
Version 6.26 [8/26/2013]
  • Fix tooltip lua error on out of range units.
Version 6.25 [8/26/2013]
  • Adjust nameplate aura tracking code slightly, sometimes auras were not appearing on the correct nameplate.
Version 6.24 [8/26/2013]
  • Tooltip has been rewritten from scratch to be more efficient, no new options at this time.
  • Auras by the minimap have been rewritten from scratch and now have several more options. You can change settings under "Buffs and Debuffs" section of ElvUI. Some changes include: Weapon enchants now attached to buffs frame. Buffs and Debuffs are in seperate mover frames.
  • Aurabars should now display time to the nearest tenth of a second.
  • Attempt to fix nameplate addon conflict with SunnArt viewport addon.
  • Correct a problem with nameplate reaction coloring option throwing a lua error when changed.
  • Correct problem with mark healers nameplate option not being toggle-able.
  • Add Paladin buff "Eternal Flame" to raid frame corner indicators.
Version 6.23 [8/23/2013]
  • Fix a font issue.
  • Rewrite tooltip options GUI. Options will reset for tooltip.
  • Correct default values for nameplate threat scaling back to 100%.
  • Add combat hide option for nameplates.
  • Add health text options for nameplates.
Version 6.22 [8/22/2013]
  • Nameplates have been rewritten from scratch to fix a FPS issue.
  • Nameplate settings will be reset.
  • Tooltip design changed.
Version 6.21 [7/20/2013]
  • Fix bug with raid pets not working correctly without a ReloadUI, should also fix conflict with JSMD addon.
Version 6.21 [7/12/2013]
  • [GAME RESTART REQUIRED] Add a raid-pets group to unitframes. Disabled by default. Should be useful for Heroic Dark Animus encounter.
Version 6.19 [7/11/2013]
  • Fix class color override option on party frames not working.
Version 6.18 [7/10/2013]
  • Fix bug with player power bar when detached from the player frame.
Version 6.17 [7/8/2013]
  • [GAME RESTART REQUIRED] Add a warning message for ElvUI Config not being up to date. This could be caused by an of an out of date Tukui Client. And would result in options missing.
Version 6.16 [6/24/2013]
  • [difficultycolor] Tag should properly return colors for battle pets targeted based on your average team level.
  • Add option to toggle druid (cat/bear) mana bar. Option is under power for player frame.
  • Correct spelling on some XML files for Chinese/Taiwanese localization.
  • Remove duplicate calendar slot from mini-map right click menu.
Version 6.15 [6/13/2013]
  • Unitframe lua error
Version 6.14 [6/13/2013]
  • Correct the Death Knight rune bar colors on initial login to the game, not displaying the correct colors.
  • Fix Hide Power on NPC bug, not correctly disabling when set to false. You should now be able to see NPC power values when Text Toggle on NPC is turned off.
  • Stancebar style fix for classes with a single stance.
Version 6.13 [6/7/2013]
  • Add experimental option for raid frames (Raid-Wide Sorting). Allowing sorting to be done throughout the whole raid like how ElvUI used to be before version 6. Changing this option may require a ReloadUI still, its slightly buggy still.
  • Re-Add Inverted Grouping order option, requires raid-wide sorting to be turned on.
  • Re-Add Start Near Center option, reqeuires raid-wide sorting to be turned on.
Version 6.12 [5/30/2013]
  • Rewrite specswitch datatext to be "Talent / Loot Specialization", this will reset the specswitch datatext setting if you were using it, you'll have to set the setting again.
  • Fix a bug with stance bar classic, all buttons were checked if none were selected.
Version 6.11 [5/27/2013]
  • Correct Left then Down & Left then Right growth direction bug on Party/Raid frames.
Version 6.1 [5/27/2013]
  • Fix Party/Raid frame not displaying.
Version 6.09 [5/27/2013]
  • Add Groups Per Row/Column option to Party/Raid frames. Controls the number of groups in a row or column (depending on growth direction) before moving to the next row/column.
  • Remove StartOutFromCenter option from Party/Raid frames, no longer works with new group settings.
  • Remove the Up/Down growth direction option choices from Party/Raid frames, use Groups Per Row/Column to create a vertical or horizontal raid layout.
Version 6.08 [5/26/2013]
  • Fix nameplate castbar color change upon target selection.
  • Fix LFG role icon skin on reward buttons.
  • Add stancebar styling option ("Darken Inactive" or "Classic") Defaults to Darken Inactive.
Version 6.07 [5/26/2013]
  • Fix bug with dual spec and raid/party frames.
Version 6.06 [5/26/2013]
  • Fix bug with party target/pets not displaying.
  • Fix several reported lua errors.
  • Tooltip ilvl fix, was not calculating in upgraded ilvl items.
  • Add Oondasta and Nalak to time datatext tooltip.
Version 6.05 [5/23/2013]
  • Darken stance bar buttons that aren't active.
  • Several missed skins added.
  • Fixed LFG/PVP role icon skin.
Version 6.04 [5/22/2013]
  • Correct default value for raid frames had grouping order inverted (Group1 was starting at bottom..)
  • Fix LFG skin for incentive icons.
Version 6.03 [5/21/2013]
  • Fix MainTank / MainAssist frames.
Version 6.02 [5/21/2013]
  • Apply Player/Target frame portrait fix when detachFromFrame option is set on the power bar.
Version 6.01 [5/21/2013]
  • This version of ElvUI is for patch 5.3 only.
  • Add an actionbar #6 to ElvUI, requires disabling a page on the main actionbar.
  • Rewrite Party/Raid frame code to separate groups within their headers. This change will make it so all sorting is always confined to individual raid groups. This change will also make it so when a player is in group 2 but group 1 isn't full the player will correctly appear in group 2.
  • Users should now be able to use right click menus to Set Focus, Dismiss Pet (Hunters), Report AFK Players, Promote to MT, Promote to MA.
  • Add Party/Raid growth direction options "Up" and "Down", removed units per group option, this will always be set to "5" unless using "Up" or "Down" growth direction.
  • Add power bar option to player & target frames to allow detaching the powerbar, after detaching you can move the powerbar around with /moveui.
  • Add power bar option to player & target frames to allow power text placement to be attached to the power bar instead of the unitframe.
  • Rework keybind mode popup to display a checkbox to toggle 'Character Specific Keybinds'.
  • Enhance the glow effect on nameplates who are targeted.
  • Copy chat buttons tweaked to be more visible.
  • Copy chat frame should now properly hide on escape press.
  • Fix skins for patch 5.3.