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Version 9.20 [June 4th 2016]

  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused archaeology digsite progress bar to move around unintentionally. (ticket #1077)
    • Fixed issue which caused unintended behaviour with Global Fade option on ActionBars. (ticket #1076)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added missing default value for "lockActionBars". Action Bars should now be locked by default.

Version 9.19 [May 5th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added "Lock ActionBars" toggle option instead of forcing them locked.
    • Added toggle option for hiding XP Bar when at max level instead of forcing it hidden. (ticket #929)
    • Added toggle options for hiding XP and Rep bars when in a vehicle. (ticket #929)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which broke unitframe range check for Hunters when using Mend Pet to check range.
    • Fixed issue which caused chat history lines to show up with the wrong name for battlenet friend whispers. (ticket #1072)
    • Fixed issue which caused alpha value on color picker to be inverted. (credit: TheCrow1993)
    • Fixed issue which caused Druid Mana text to appear below health frame and thus be invisible.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Updated LibSpellRange-1.0 to 1.0.009.
    • Moved "Always Show ActionBars" to individual "Show Empty Buttons" setting for each action bar.
    • Changed how position of Druid Mana text is determined in order to fix issues with the text spawning outside the unitframe.
    • Updated LibButtonGlow-1.0 to v1.2.4 (rev 6).
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 9.18 [April 17th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in mage classbar triggered when player frame was disabled. (ticket #1061)
    • Fixed an issue which caused player frame to be incorrectly sized when changing form as balance druid.
    • Fixed issue which caused AltPower text to spawn in an incorrect position.
    • Fixed issue which caused bag sorting to work incorrectly when using multiple Search Syntax queries in the "Ignore Items" field.
    • Fixed issue which made range check on unitframe look as if the unit was out of range when it wasn't. (ticket #1042)
    • Fixed issue which prevented Nameplates from changing height on low health if low health width and regular width was the same value.
    • Fixed issue which caused low health nameplates to be incorrectly sized when changing nameplate settings.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Reduced height of backdrop on interfaceoptions tabs slightly. (ticket #1059)
    • Added Overwatch category in the friend datatext.
    • Changed frame strata on low health nameplates from "HIGH" to "MEDIUM" when "Bring to Front" is enabled.

Version 9.17 [April 1st 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in unitframe stagger module.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.16 [April 1st 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option to toggle Target Glow on Arena, Boss, Party and Raid Frames. (credit: Darth Predator)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which prevented Information Panel from updating position when Stagger was updated.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Reduced frame strata of Stagger frame so Information Panel border appears on top.

Version 9.15 [April 1st 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed position of Information Panel. It was slightly too big under certain conditions. (ticket #1052)
    • Fixed position of Information Panel when Stagger frame is shown. (ticket #1048)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Updated LibActionButton to rev65.
    • Fixed position of a few buttons in the LFG skin. (ticket #1043)

Version 9.14 [March 24th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in the chat module due to a copy/paste error. Fixed by Darth Predator. (ticket #1038)
    • Fixed position of elements in the Trainer frame, for real this time. (ticket #1033)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.13 [March 24th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error which could occur when mousing over friend datatext. (ticket #1035)
    • Fixed position of skill buttons in the Trainer frame on certain resolutions. (ticket #1033)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Removed code which handled backwards compatibility between patch 6.2.4 and patch 6.2.3.

Version 9.12 [March 22th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in chat.lua due to logic error.
    • Fixed error in install.lua when trying to reference a CVar which no longer exists. (ticket #1034)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.11 [March 20th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused profession bagslots to not be colored on initial load.
    • Fixed some sizing inconsistencies with actionbars.
    • Fixed an error in classbars when logging in or reloading while the player unitframe is disabled. (ticket #1031)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Skinned navigation buttons in the Customer Support frame. (ticket #1029)
    • Fixed position of navbar buttons on the WorldMap frame. (ticket #1032)

Version 9.10 [March 18th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue which caused Classbar/Combobar height to reset. (ticket #1027)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.09 [March 17th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which broke configuring of threat on the Focus Frame.
    • Fixed issue which broke configuring of portraits on all unitframes. (ticket #1024)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Fixed spacing between Boss/Arena frames. They were using an incorrect default spacing of 6 instead of 25.

Version 9.08 [March 15th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added "Use Alt Key" option to chat, which controls whether or not you need to hold Alt key down in order to move cursor or cycle through messages in chat editbox.
    • Added "Backdrop Spacing" option to ActionBars. This controls the spacing between backdrop and buttons. (ticket #930)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in friends frame skin in anticipation of patch 6.2.4.
    • Fixed error in unitframe auras triggered by a conflicting anchor point on profile switch.
    • Added workaround for broken SetAltArrowKeyMode API. You no longer need to hold Alt key to cycle through messages in chat editbox.
    • Fixed issue which prevented detached combobar from hiding during pet battles. (ticket #1014)
    • Fixed cosmetic issue with actionbar button spacing in relation to backdrop. (ticket #951)
    • Fixed position of NavBar buttons in frames like EncounterJournal. The borders should no longer overlap. (ticket #1016)
    • Fixed issue with 2 minimap frames getting detached from minimap and intercepting clicks in the upper right corner. (ticket #1018)
    • Fixed position of castbar icon when set inside castbar and using MIDDLE orientation. (ticket #1017)
    • Fixed issue which broke bag sorting because of malformed keywords in the "Ignore Items" field.
    • Fixed issue which broke bag searching because of malformed search keywords.
    • Fixed issue which required a /reload when enabling actionbar 6. It will now properly show up immediately.
    • Fixed size of actionbar movers when not using thin borders. The mover was 1px too small on all sides.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Lowered the default gap between unitframe and castbar to 1px.
    • Added database conversion for custom text font names. A bit late, but will help users who don't update regularly.
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 9.07 [March 10th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added options to disable the new minimap datatext panels, so they don't intercept clicks from buttons in those spots.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed "attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value" error in the unitframe Threat module.
    • Fixed "attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value" error in the unitframe TargetGlow module.
    • Fixed thin borders on RaidDebuffs.
    • Fixed position of RaidDebuffs when not using thin borders. It is now positioned 1px higher.
    • Fixed horizontal/vertical spacing issue on Party/Raid frames. When not using thin borders, a spacing of 0 still showed 1px spacing. People who don't want any space between frames should set spacing to "-1" when not using thin borders.
    • Fixed issue which prevented Party/Raid frames from using "Frequent Updates" on health. (ticket #1010)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Skinned minimize button on objective tracker. (ticket #1008)
    • Re-organized the datatext config page. It should now look much cleaner and be easier to navigate. People who use the "Improved Datatext Config" addon may experience errors or unwanted side-effects until it has been updated.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.

Version 9.06 [March 9th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed some visibility issues with the Target Frame Combobar.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.05 [March 8th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed frame strata issue with skinned Loot History frame. (ticket #1002)
    • Fixed height issue on Target Frame when Combobar is enabled.
    • Fixed issue with unitframe height if power height was converted automatically due to being below lower limit.
    • Fixed lower limits on height of classbar/combobar and added height conversion in case height is below lower limit.
    • Fixed issue which prevented PartyPet/PartyTarget frames from appearing when enabling Party Frames, if Party Frames were disabled when logging in.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Changed default color of minimap zone text to yellow (contested). Non-PvP realms will always have a static color, as GetZonePvPInfo() returns nil for those realms.

Version 9.04 [March 7th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added "Class Color Override" options to all unitframes that did not have it already.
    • Added options to attach unitframe buffs/debuffs to "Health" or "Power" frames in addition to current options.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused player unitframe to change size for balance druids.
    • Fixed issue which caused "Class Color Override" options to have no effect.
    • Fixed Thin Borders on the Bodyguard frame.
    • Fixed issue which prevented Target AuraBars from attaching to Player AuraBars.
    • Fixed sizing issue of power frame when using offset and middle orientation.
    • Fixed issue which caused power text to not use power frame as parent when attached to power frame.
    • Fixed positions of AuraBars when using power offset.
    • Fixed some spacing issues with AuraBars.
    • Fixed Thin Borders on unitframe aura icons.
    • Fixed castbar icon position when using middle orientation. (ticket #998)
    • Fixed width/spacing issues with unitframe buffs/debuffs.
    • Fixed sizing issue for PvPSpecIcon on Arena Frames.
    • Fixed missing PvP Trinket on Arena Frames. Code was lost during restructuring, but has now been added back.
    • Fixed issue which caused power height to not respect the chosen setting. (ticket #999)
    • Fixed lower limit of power height when "Thin Borders" is disabled for unitframes but enabled for the entire UI. (ticket #1001)
    • Fixed display issue with Combobar when "Auto Hide" was enabled.
    • Fixed error when using "Display Frames" while under the effect of alternate power. (ticket #997)
    • Fixed database conversion for font options that were not included previously.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Re-organized a few options on the config pages of unitframe units. It should look a bit more consistent now.
    • Disabled "Thin Borders" on unitframes by default.

Version 9.03 [March 5th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added "Position" and offset options for unitframe castbar icons. Available when icon is not set to spawn inside castbar.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed castbar position when set to spawn inside the Information Panel.
    • Fixed Thin Borders on unitframe auras.
    • Fixed Thin Borders on Target Frame Combobar.
    • Fixed size and position issues with Target Frame Combobar when using "Spaced" style.
    • Fixed issue which caused transparent health color to not update correctly when changing profile.
    • Fixed issue which caused Target Frame Health to use incorrect color when toggling auto hide for combobar.
    • Fixed potential nil error in combobar when Target Frame is disabled.
    • Fixed ilvl display on upgraded items in bags (credit: Sean and LibItemUpgradeInfo) (ticket #981)
    • Fixed issue with movers not being positioned correctly on profile switch.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Reduced framelevel of power by an additional -3 when power offset is used.
    • Moved creation of extra minimap datatext panels to layout.lua.
    • Changed calculation of castbar text width so it uses as little space as possible, to support re-anchoring of text as much as possible.
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 9.02 [March 5th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused an error when disabling castbar icon.
    • Fixed issue which caused an error when using "Vertical Arrow" as Target Indicator on Nameplates.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 9.01 [March 5th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused Micro Bar to break. (ticket #995)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 9.00 [March 4th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added "Disable Tutorial Buttons" option. This allows user to restore WoW Tutorial functionality by disabling this option.
    • Added "Orientation" option to all unitframes, which controls stuff like portrait position and direction of power offset.
    • Added Information Panel to all unitframes, which displays a blank frame on the bottom of the unitframe if enabled.
    • Added option on all unitframe castbars to allow the castbar to be placed inside the information panel.
    • Added option on all unitframe castbars to set the castbar icon to be attached to the castbar or the unitframe instead.
    • Added option to all unitframe castbars to adjust the size of the castbar icon when it is attached to the unitframe.
    • Added an "Attach To" option for all Unitframe Texts
    • Added option to the Unitframes to use the Thin Borders theme even when the main user interface has it disabled.
    • Added "InfoPanel Border" option to Threat Display mode.
    • Added "Attach To" option for raid icons.
    • Added "Attach To" and offset options for role icons.
    • Added semi-functional "Stereoscopic 3D" functionality to nameplates. (ticket #7)
    • Added 6 new datatext panels inside the minimap.
    • Added a global fade option for actionbars. Controls the transparency level for any actionbar using the global fade option.
    • Added option to each actionbar to use the global fade option or not. Mousing over one actionbar that has its global fade option turned on will show all other actionabrs that have their global fade option turned on. This is controlled by mouseover, combat, targetting, focustargetting, and casting.
    • Added a "Minimalistic" profile to the profiles list.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a nil error when trying to use "Display Frames" for a disabled unitframe. (ticket #962)
    • Protect against "invalid option in 'format'" error in afk module. (ticket #905)
    • Fixed issue which prevented bag sorting from executing if the ignore items field contained a newline character "n".
    • Fixed size inconsistencies with power, classbar and combobar frames. The set height and width now accounts for borders for those frames.
    • Removed the male worgen portrait bug patch, as it appears to no longer be needed. Camera distance scale option should now work for male worgen portraits. (ticket #968)
    • Fixed issue with castbar spell name overlapping duration text. (credit: porubezhnik)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added threat glow around the power frame when power offset is used.
    • Added target glow around the power frame when power offset is enabled.
    • Specswitch datatext now shows "N/A" below talent spec level.
    • Rewrote all unitframe code for individual units to be a lot more efficient.
    • Renamed the "Pixel Perfect" option to "Thin Borders".
    • Made preparations for WoW patch 6.2.4, which should allow for a smooth transition without the need to update ElvUI.
    • Increased x and y offset limits on unitframe auras.
    • Movers for detached classbar and powerbar will now correctly cover the entire bar.
    • When the chat box panel is not shown and the chat dock is moved the editbox will now correctly follow the chat frame when moved around on the screen.
    • All fonts have been renamed to their proper names, a database conversion should prevent any noticable differences, please report any issues.
    • When a frame is disabled, the mover for that frame will no longer appear.
    • Changed E:GetXYOffset to return different offsets for every possible position. Previously it would return the same offset for "top", "topleft" and "topright" and likewise for bottom offsets. It was also missing a "center" option.
    • Power height now has a lower limit of 3 or 7px depending on whether or not Thin Borders is enabled.
    • Removed call to UF:GetPositionOffset for raidicon, name text, power text and health text. Default offsets have been adjusted to compensate.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.54 [February 9th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added separate "Icons and Text (Short)" option to Currency Format in Bags.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Added experiemental fix for issue with RaidPet frames creating duplicate unitbuttons.
    • Fixed potential "attempt to concatenate a nil" error in the tooltip code. (ticket #952)
    • Fixed issue with Party/Raid frame position in Healer layout on EyeFinity setups.
    • Fixed error caused by missing information in user-added Buff Indicators.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Improved "Call To Arms" datatext. It now auto-updates every 10 seconds and includes Raid Finder.
    • Changed E:AbbreviateString to use UTF8 aware version of string.sub.

Version 8.53 [February 5th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added an "Apply to All" button for fonts and textures in the Media section of the GUI.
    • Added a separate skin option for Objective Tracker.
    • Added option to toggle display of dispellable debuffs in the RaidDebuff module.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed remaining bugs with anchors (hopefully).
    • Fixed inconsistencies in castbar sizing. Height has been reduced slightly.
    • Fixed sizing issues affecting some classbars.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Hitting "Enter" after entering search term in Bag search will now keep items highlighted. (ticket #934)
    • Changing Primary or Secondary texture in Media section no longer requires a reload to take effect.
    • When changing to Gladiator Stance, ElvUI will now consider your role as "Melee".
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.52 [January 28th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added RaidDebuffs display when using "Display Frames" configuration. (ticket #27)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which prevented Buff Indicators from showing immediately when enabling "Show When Not Active".

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Fixed calculation of E.ConsolidatedBuffsWidth and fixed cosmetic issues on Consolidated Buffs.
    • Fixed issue with size of MMHolder. There is no longer a gap between Minimap and screen with 0,0 coordinates. (ticket #244)
    • Removed the 1px additional yOffset for Buffs that were present on some unitframes when Pixel Perfect was enabled.
    • Fixed some visual issues: Target/Threat glow on all unitframes, portrait backdrop on player unitframe.
    • Changed chat windows to prefer LeftChatPanel in case it overlaps both panels when "Lock Position" is enabled.

Version 8.51 [January 27th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Removed code which modifies mover position when positionOverride is present. This is an attempt to fix remaining issue of movers snapping to edge of screen.
    • Fixed error triggered by detaching classbar and setting parent to UIPARENT. (ticket #925)
    • Added experimental fix for a secure environment taint.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Removed code which prevented ActionBarController from updating.
    • Attempt to fix scaling issues on high resolutions.
    • Changed installation statusbar to use a gradient color.
    • Added Crackling Jade Lightning to long spell range for monks.
    • Abbreviated currency names in bags.
    • Started process of removing E.PixelMode logic in favor of arithmetic.
    • Changed minimum UI Scale back to 0.64 (it was set to 0.65 in v8.5)
    • Changed unitframe auras to use the unitframe fontoutline instead of "OUTLINE".
    • Changed Buff Indicators to use the unitframe fontoutline instead of "OUTLINE".

Version 8.5 [January 23rd 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option to export/import profiles and filters to text, which can then be shared on forums.
    • Added timer values to Mirror Timers (Breath, Fatigue etc.)
    • Added support for usage of Search Syntax in the "Ignore Items" field for bag sorting. This allows for more advanced exclusion of items. (Credit: Phatso)
    • Added a shortcut to resetting an anchor. Use Ctrl+RightClick on any anchor to reset its position.
    • Added shortcuts to nudge anchors. MouseWheel up/down nudges an anchor vertically. Hold Shift as well to nudge it horizontally.
    • Added new option to Bags which allows you to show a "Junk Icon" on grey items which can be vendored.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused anchors to skip to the edge of the screen when nudged across the center line.
    • Fixed typo which prevented the name of the anchor being moved from displaying in the Nudge Window.
    • Fixed various frame strata issues regarding Bags, Loot and Master Looter frames.
    • Fixed issue which prevented threat glow from showing when power was disabled for the unitframe.
    • Fixed issue which required a reload before Bar1 paging got updated when enabling/disabling Bar6. (ticket #923)
    • Attempted to fix a scaling issue throughout the UI.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Created separate skin options for the AddOn Manager and Mirror Timers. They were previously part of the "Misc" skin.
    • Decreased frame strata on ElvUI Bags.
    • Reverted frame strata changes to the "Loot" skin.
    • Decreased frame strata on the ElvUI Loot frame.
    • Simplified code which handles calculation of anchor points for movers.
    • Centered the "Spaced" warlock classbar on the unitframe when not detached.
    • Added protection against out-of-range values in E:GetColorTable.
    • Added protection against missing anchor point information in Buff Indicators.

Version 8.49 [January 18th 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option which allows you to toggle World Map Coordinates. (credit: Darth Predator)
    • Added a "Parent" option to the player classbar. This allows it to stay visible when the unitframe is hidden. (CustomTweaks ticket #68)
    • Added a "Hide" option to the LeaveVehicle button on the Minimap.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused detached power frames to stay visible during pet battles. (CustomTweaks ticket #68)
    • Fixed issue which caused some anchors to be mis-positioned when using Multi-Monitor setups.
    • Fixed code which caused quest reward buttons to be skinned over and over. This may have been the cause of lag experienced by some users after questing for a while.
    • Fixed a copy/paste error in the loot frame skin. A reference to LootFrame.AutoLootTable was broken.
    • Fixed a nil reference to a font in the Pet Battle skin.
    • Fixed issue which caused power offset to break on various unitframes.
    • Attempted to fix an issue which caused Nameplate threat transition color to always use the color of the same transition, regardless of whether you were gaining or losing threat. (ticket #917)
    • Fixed issue which caused user-added Buff Indicators to not respond to offset changes unless both offset options were changed at least once. (ticket #918)
    • Fixed issue which prevented Hunters from removing spells from Buff Indicator filters.
    • Fixed issue which caused bonus reward items to not be skinned in the LFG skin. (ticket #914)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Added support for another viewport addon: LightViewPorter. (credit: Darth Predator)
    • Changed E:FrameLocks to accept objects and not just global names.
    • Added rarity colored borders on caged battle pets. (credit: Merathilis)
    • Increased frame strata for the LeaveVehicle button on the Minimap.
    • Removed parchment from the Archaeology skin and tweaked text colors.
    • Moved code from the Greeting skin into the Quest skin. Greeting skin option has been removed.
    • Cached global references which may get called a lot in all skins.
    • Changed the Encounter Journal skin so it matches the rest of the UI. The search functionality is not skinned yet.
    • Added a reference to the parchment backdrop in the Spellbook skin for easy access.
    • Changed how Buff Indicators are stored. This is in preparation of the Export/Import feature. Previously they were stored as an array with no way to access a specific buff indicator unless you iterated through them all. They are now stored by spellID and any existing Buff Indicators will be converted automatically.

Version 8.48 [January 1st 2016]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed nil error when installing from a fresh profile, caused by the mover string conversion.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • German translation update by Merathilis.

Version 8.47 [December 29th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused mage arcane charges classbar to incorrectly show for specs other than Arcane.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Changed the delimiter in stored mover strings from the special character "�31" to a simple comma.
    • Added E.myspec constant, which stores the talent tree ID. The constant is updated by E:CheckRole() on spec change.

Version 8.46 [December 29th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which prevented arcane charge classbar from clearing when charges were used.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.45 [December 28th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option to disable "Enhanced PvP Messages". (credit: Nathan Staines)
    • Added a "Parent" option to Player and Target Power bars. Can be used to prevent the power bars from hiding with the unitframe.
    • The Copy Chat window can now be resized with the right mouse button.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a nil error when resetting anchors.
    • Fixed issue which caused unitframes to incorrectly show as out of range for certain classes.
    • Fixed issue which caused "Smart Raid Filter" to incorrectly modify max groups for frames that were hidden.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Increased Frame Strata of the skinned Blizzard Loot Window.
    • Increased Frame Level of MasterLooter frame so it appears above the Loot frame.
    • Added code to oUF range.lua which checks if range-check spells gets added successfully. It will retry up to 5 times if it fails.
    • Made the "Arcane Charges" class bar respect the "Auto-Hide" option. It would always hide before at 0 charges.
    • Changed E:Print to accept a variable amount of arguments. You can now use E:Print("message 1", "message 2") instead of concatenating the two messages into one.
    • Added group name identifier to the "Forcing maxGroups to:" print message.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.44 [December 7th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with word wrapping on nameplates. It was not taking effect properly, and it would overlap with auras.
    • Fixed issue which could cause a disconnection when mousing over the time datatext.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Moved pet battle ability tooltip to bottom right corner on low resolution setups.

Version 8.43 [November 27th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added a "Hide Cooldown Bling" setting to ActionBars.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused nameplate auras to behave irratically.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Simplified code which handles database conversion for boss aura filters and made it more robust.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.42 [November 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error in the database conversion of boss aura filters.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.41 [November 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added Buffs, Debuffs, Buff Indicator, RaidDebuff Indicator and Debuff Highlighting on Tank/Assist Frames. (ticket #38)
    • Changed Boss Frame auras to use friendly/enemy filters in support of future friendly bosses. (ticket #37)
    • Added a Scale option to the ExtraActionButton ("Boss Button" in ActionBars).

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with friend and guild datatext zone names in Outland versions of Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley. (ticket #861)
    • Fixed issue with the Loot Roll code which caused info about who rolled what to be lost if rolls on an item happened before the roll for that item appeared on the players screen (5+ items). (ticket #615)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Increased the width of input boxes on the ColorPicker frame.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.

Version 8.40 [November 16th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused the click function on Guild datatext to stop working.
    • Fixed issue which caused URL highlight and whisper/keyword alert to stop functioning in chat.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.39 [November 16th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • The option "Force Reaction Color" has now been extended to work on Assist/Tank Frames.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused "Wrap Name" on nameplates to stop functioning.
    • Fixed error which may have caused issues with filtering of dispellable auras on Aura Bars.
    • Fixed error which may have caused issues in the unitframe visibility code.
    • Fixed a potential nil error in the unitframe portrats code.
    • Fixed issue which caused Raid-40 Frames to appear instead of regular Raid Frames in a mythic raid, when Smart Raid Filter was enabled and there were more than 26 people in the raid group.
    • Fixed issue which caused the GPS Arrow to spin out of control.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented party/raid frames from appearing when enabled, if they were disabled while logging in.
    • Fixed a spelling error which may have prevented the Loot Frame from closing sometimes.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Fixed leaked globals in various files.
    • Cached lua functions, WoW API and other global variables throughout the UI, in an attempt to optimize performance. Hopefully it will benefit users with low-end computers.
    • Various changes to E:ShortValue for consistency. (credit: Lauri Tirkkonen)
      • Numbers from E:ShortValue now use SI prefixes for consistency (k,M,G).
      • E:ShortValue now handles negative values as well.
      • E:ShortValue now always returns a string.
      • We no longer remove 0 as a decimal, thus saving CPU cycles. (Before: 1.1m and 1m. Now: 1.1M and 1.0M)
      • Removed unnecessary format calls, thus saving CPU cycles.
    • Made the "Force Reaction Color" option depend on the "Class Health" option.
    • Moved code from all previous april fools pranks into their own collection file.

Version 8.38 [November 12th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused Assist/Tank Frames to re-appear in raids even when disabled.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Removed unused function E:StaticPopup_CombineTables.
    • Fixed leaked global in core.lua and distributor.lua.
    • Cached global variables in files from the config and core folders.

Version 8.37 [November 8th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added portraits to all the unitframes that previously did not have them (except Tank/Assist Frames). The more 3D models you have active the bigger of an impact it will have on performance. Disable some portraits if you experience performance issues.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue which caused the mastery datatext tooltip to only show up for some classes.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the player unitframe to be slightly higher than it should be.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the Boss Frame portrait to be positioned incorrectly when using "inset" power style.
    • Fixed an issue which caused the party raid role icon to be positioned incorrectly when using power offset.
    • Fixed a sizing issue with the player unitframe when using power offset.
    • Fixed an issue which caused some unitframes to be incorrectly sized due to power offset despite having power disabled.
    • Fixed issue which caused Buff Indicators to fail to update on profile change.
    • Fixed issue which caused party/raid frames to stay visible when changing to a profile where they were disabled.
    • Fixed error in the raid utility caused by trying to skin elements from a missing Blizzard AddOn.
    • Fixed issue with some labels on LFG frame not using the same font and not responding to font changes until a /reload. (ticket #882)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Loot Rolls now have a higher frame strata and level than unitframes.
    • Optimized the datatexts by making repeated global calls local.
    • The mastery datatext tooltip now shows the same info as the tooltip on the character stats panel.
    • Added code to the raid utility which warns if a needed Blizzard AddOn is disabled.
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.36 [October 11th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS whenever RAID_CLASS_COLORS is used (!ClassColors support).

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Debuff Highlight not disabling correctly.
    • Fixed issue with Debuff Highlight not enabling correctly on some unitframes.
    • Fixed issue which broke interrupt announcements in arenas.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.35 [October 10th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • You can now choose the sorting method for all unitframe buffs and debuffs. You can choose by Name, Time Remaining, or Duration (Defaulted to Time Remaining). (ticket #786)
    • You can now set the sort direction of the sorting method for all unitframe buffs and debuffs. (Defaulted to Descending).
    • Changed Debuff Highlighting option to allow the possibility of glowing unitframes by debuff color rather than filling their healthbars.
    • Added a new filter called Debuff Highlight, debuffs in this filter will allow you to add custom debuffs to be highlighted and even let you select the color and style specific to the debuff.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with afk screen faction logo for pandas who haven't chosen a faction yet. (ticket #867)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Changed SetText to SetFormattedText where appropriate.
    • Minimap icons will no longer be positioned/hidden if ElvUI Minimap is disabled.

Version 8.34 [October 4th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused RaidDebuff font options to stop working. (ticket #865)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.33 [September 30th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused the player class bar to incorrectly show for holy/disc priests.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.32 [September 26th 2015]
  • New Additions:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused the "equipped" border texture on actionbars to be missing when using Masque. (ticket #859)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Enabling a Masque Group will no longer enable Masque Support for that element in ElvUI, the user will have to do that manually. Disabling a group will still disable Masque Support in ElvUI and prompt the user to reload.
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.31 [September 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added a Coords datatext. (ticket #652)
    • Added an auto hide option to the player unitframe ClassBar. It only works for resources that do not auto-regenerate. (ticket #849)
    • Added Masque Support for the following elements: ActionBars, Pet Bar, Stance Bar, Buffs, Debuffs, Consolidated Buffs. (ticket #510)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused incorrect position of nameplates when using the addons "CT_Viewport" or "Btex". (ticket #856)
    • Fixed issue which caused elite/boss information to be lost on Nameplates.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Moved ElvUI keybindings into its own category in the Blizzard keybinding interface.

Version 8.30 [September 19th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added a word wrap option for DataTexts, which is disabled by default.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused the "!" mark to stay on quest items in bags after accepting the quest. (ticket #837)
    • Fixed issue which caused the Ace3 skin to sometimes look weird.
    • Fixed a potential nil error in the oUF masterlooter element. (ticket #841)
    • Fixed issue which prevented you from setting keybinds if tooltip was set to always hide on actionbars. (ticket #806)
    • Fixed issue which caused duration on unitframe auras to get out of sync if the unitframe was hidden.
    • Fixed issue which caused the chat toggle tooltip to show when typing a message. (ticket #848)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • NamePlates received some changes which should reduce the impact on the players FPS. (credit: TOM_RUS)
    • Re-enabled Health Format option for NamePlates. Until Blizzard fixes it on their end it will show percent only until you have moused over the nameplate at least once.

Version 8.29 [September 5th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option to reverse fill direction of Experience and Reputation bars.
    • Added GPS Arrow options to the Target and Focus unitframes. They still only work for players in your group. (ticket #17)
    • Added frame strata and frame level options to Player and Target power frames. (ticket #31)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed "Scenario Completed" alert skin. (ticket #238)
    • Fixed issue which caused ChatFrame1 to not update properly when receiving messages. (ticket #826)
    • Fixed issue with Stagger bar not showing after being enabled, if it was disabled while logging in. (ticket #526)
    • Fixed issue with Smart Aura Position which caused an error when a setting caused a conflicting anchor point.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Localization updates.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.28 [September 1st 2015]. This version works for patch 6.2.0 and 6.2.2.
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused health text to not appear on nameplates. Because of a change on Blizzards end we have to force the use of the "Percent" format for nameplate health text, at least for the time being.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.27 [August 30th 2015]. This version works for patch 6.2.0 and 6.2.2.
  • New Additions:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error which is caused by changes to the blizzard Nameplates for patch 6.2.2.
    • Fixed issue with quest tracking info disappearing from tooltips if it contained certain keywords.
    • Fixed issue which caused the chattab in the right chat frame to fade out when Lock Position was disabled.
    • Fixed issue which could cause an error if the "AuraBar Colors" filter contained an incorrect spellID.
    • Fixed issue which caused BN conversations to appear as channel 1, 2, 3 etc. in chat, instead of channel 11, 12, 13.
    • Fixed issue which caused the achievement icon and the "Track" checkbox to overlap.
    • Fixed issue with the StopWatch skin showing unskinned buttons and added custom textures. (ticket #81)
    • Fixed issue which could result in a division by 0 error in the RepBar. (ticket #194)
    • Fixed issue which caused an error when copying settings from one unitframe onto the Player unitframe. (ticket #800)
    • Fixed issue which caused the threat glow border to use incorrect size on the target unitframe. (ticket #804)
    • Fixed issue which caused spells from the "Whitelist (Strict)" filter to not show up on unitframes.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Blizzard updated Nameplates and added parentKeys to almost all elements. We now use those to reference the elements we need.
    • Removed Divine Hymn from the table of spell casts which gains extra ticks with haste. This is no longer the case.
    • Included LibChatAnims library to prevent taints when utilizing UIFrameFlash in the chat code.
    • We now use the built in AlertFlash for chat frames. This also re-enables the flash on the OverflowButton.
    • Re-enabled the flashing of the WoW client icon in the system taskbar when you receive whispers.
    • Decreased minimum font sizes to 4. (ticket #803)
    • Allow dynamically created datatexts to use the same OnEvent function by passing in the name of the datatext as self.name. (request 187)
    • Repositioned some elements in the ColorPicker frame so they no longer overlap. (ticket #766)
    • The "C" config button now uses the datatext font.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.26 [August 21st 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • A new option "Smart Aura Position" has been added to unitframes. This option allows you to automatically position Buffs in the Debuff position if there are no Debuffs active, or vice versa. (ticket #768)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a nil error in Nameplates when "Color By Raid Icon" is enabled and you try to set an incorrect raid icon (/tm 9). (ticket #780)
    • Fixed issue with Chat Tabs not fading on login/reload if "Lock Position" was disabled. (ticket #782)
    • Fixed issue with health text going outside the tooltip on small tooltips. (ticket #651)
    • Added protection to E:FramesOverlap in order to prevent rare nil errors.
    • Fixed issue with pet unitframe not fading like it should when you change any of its settings.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Check if object:IsForbidden() before we try to inject our API (sortokk).
    • Re-positioned and changed parent of the Barbershop Caption so the information no longer is hidden.
    • Added back the Tabard Emblem texture on the TabardFrame. (ticket #145)
    • Increased minimum chat height to 60, as using a value lower than 58 can cause error if the datatext panel is enabled.
    • Changed major version of our modified libraries in order to increase compatibility with other addons who need the libraries in their original state. This change may require you to make changes to your own addon if you rely on the libraries provided by ElvUI and you don't include them yourself.

      The following libraries have had their major version changed:
      • LibActionButton-1.0: Changed to "LibActionButton-1.0-ElvUI".
      • LibItemSearch-1.2: Changed to "LibItemSearch-1.2-ElvUI".
      • AceConfig-3.0: Changed to "AceConfig-3.0-ElvUI".
      • AceConfigCmd-3.0: Changed to "AceConfigCmd-3.0-ElvUI".
      • AceConfigDialog-3.0: Changed to "AceConfigDialog-3.0-ElvUI".
      • AceConfigRegistry-3.0: Changed to "AceConfigRegistry-3.0-ElvUI".

Version 8.25 [August 13th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option to disable keyword and whisper alert while in combat. (ticket #744)
    • Added new visibility options to Tooltip which allows you to hide it from bags and actionbars. (ticket #30, ticket #525)
    • The "AuraBar Colors" filter now allows you to use spell ID in addition to spell name. (ticket #43)
    • Added a "Custom Dead Backdrop" color option, which allows you to set a specific backdrop color for dead units. (ticket #140)
    • Re-added option to attach Target AuraBars to Player AuraBars. The option was lost by accident some time ago.
    • Added a "Uniform Threshold" option to AuraBars, which allows you to control how much time a bar should have left before it moves. (ticket #135)
    • Added options to disable unitframe role icons for specific roles. (ticket #213)
    • Added option to disable the combat icon on the Player Unitframe. (ticket #359)
    • Added 2 new unitframe tags: [realm] and [realm:dash]. (ticket #484)
    • Added option to control which modifier (if any) to use when blacklisting auras by right-clicking the icon. (ticket #505)
    • Added options to block clicks and mouse-over events on Datatexts while in combat. (ticket #516)
    • Added a "Target Alpha" option to Nameplates. (ticket #549)
    • Added font, font outline and font size settings to the Tooltip module. (ticket #622)
    • Added font, font outline, font size and font color options to the item count on items in bags.
    • Added option to color Nameplate health by Raid Icon (skull, square etc.). (ticket #729)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Make sure undocked chat tabs are faded properly even if "Lock Position" is disabled.
    • Fixed error which would sometimes occur when going from one filter to another.
    • Fixed issue with Death Runes showing as Blood Runes on first login. (ticket #411)
    • Fixed issue with missions in Garrison datatext sometimes showing as "Complete" at the wrong time.
    • Attempt to fix Actionbar taints. (ticket #551)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • The auto-repair message in chat now uses text instead of coins.
    • Removed remnants of the "Low Mana Threshold" option. Part of it was removed a long time ago.
    • Changed appearance of the "Whitelist (Strict)" filter to match the blacklist counterpart.
    • Increased max. width/height limit of exp/rep bars to your screens width/height. (ticket #302)
    • Split "Class Castbars" and "Reaction Castbars" into separate options. (ticket #414)
    • Removed Mirror Timer module (underwater breath etc.) and skinned the ones provided by Blizzard instead. (ticket #42)
    • Changed display format for CombatTime datatext from xx:yy:zz to xx:yy.zz (last 2 digits are decimals). (ticket #156)
    • Skinned the Role Icon on LFGListlnviteDialog. (ticket #195)
    • Made Death Knight rune backdrops a little lighter in color. (ticket #554)
    • Skinned some items from the System panel. (ticket #746)
    • The tooltip on the reputation frame will now spawn on the cursor, like it does for the experience frame.
    • Changed the template on HelpFrameHeader from Transparent to Default. (ticket #757)
    • Added tooltip explanation to the "Coloring" button found in some unitframe settings.
    • Removed a reference to "UIDROPDOWNMENU_DEFAULT_TEXT_HEIGHT" in fonts.lua.
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.24 [August 2nd 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Missions in the Garrison datatext are now sorted by time left in ascending order. (request #734)
    • A section for Naval missions has been added to the Garrison datatext, and it now displays amount of oil as well. (request #713)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with pet unitframe not hiding in pet battles. (ticket #740)
    • Fixed issue where the chat frame would not hide with the RightChatPanel, if the panel was moved away from the corner. (ticket #384)
    • Fixed issue which could prevent some actionbar flyout buttons from getting skinned.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Skinned a dropdown in the calendar create event frame. (ticket #736)
    • Enhanced detection of which chat frame belongs in the RightChatPanel. It should now be possible to move the RightChatPanel without causing issues.
    • ElvUI will no longer attempt to position chat windows every second. It now runs :PositionChat when it detects that a chat window has been moved.
    • German localization update by Merathilis.
    • Russian localization update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.23 [July 29th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which caused the chat tab of whisper windows to disappear when they were undocked.
    • Fixed issue with cooldown bling showing on hidden stancebar buttons. (ticket #735)
    • Hopefully fixed an issue where unitframes would always show as out of range for enemy units after a DC. (ticket #685)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Changed capitalization on 2 localization strings ("Bottom to Top" and "Top to Bottom").

Version 8.22 [July 26th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Restored the unitframe rangecheck on friendly units to how it used to work, but it now includes a UnitInPhase check to properly fade out units that are in other phases.
    • Fixed a possible nil issue with datatext function UpdateAllDimensions. (Darth Predator)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • German translation update by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation update by Darth Predator.

Version 8.21 [July 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Add option to Boss Frames to grow left and right.
    • Add option to Boss Frames for the spacing used in between frames.
    • Add option to Arena Frames to grow left and right.
    • Add option to Arena Frames for the spacing used in between frames.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • None

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.20 [July 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue which broke the "Multi Monitor" feature. (Reported by sortokk)
    • Fixed issue with unitframe range check on people who are phased into other realms during some fights.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Allow interrupt announcement when the interrupt comes from the player pet. (request #717)
    • Skinned a button in the LFG Panel. (Benik, ticket #720)
    • Increased the offset limits for bags.
    • Make Nameplates "Low Health Color" work while threat coloring is enabled. (Darth Predator)
    • Updated LibActionButton to v0.28.1 minor rev. 63.
    • Added support for the !ClassColors AddOn to modify class colors on player names in the ElvUI Chat.

Version 8.19 [July 2nd 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Garrison ship alert frames not being anchored correctly.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Tweaked the gbank skin. (Simpy)
    • Removed an Encounter Journal tutorial tooltip spawning on the micro bar.

Version 8.18 [June 26th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the player alternative power frame which caused an error on entering combat. (ticket #709)
    • Fixed a potential nil error in the gbank skin. (ticket #707)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.17 [June 25th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the PlayerPowerBarAlt frame not appearing when it should. This seems to cause a taint, which we should keep an eye on.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.16 [June 24th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Prevent a lua error Death Knights were experiencing when taking a portal or hearthing.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • None

Version 8.15 [June 24th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an error in the Garrison skin. The code that handled a few MasterPlan elements has been removed.
    • Cooldown bling animations have been disabled, as they are once again bugged and do not respect the alpha of the parent frame.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Updated the "RaidDebuffs" filter with debuffs from Hellfire Citadel (Credit: BuG).

Version 8.14 [June 24th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Updated LibActionButton. This should fix the issue with cooldown text not appearing on cooldowns with charges.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Updated LibItemSearch.

Version 8.13 [June 23rd 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • None

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Updated the Encounter Journal skin to handle the new suggestion elements.
    • Updated the Garrison skin to handle the new Naval stuff.
    • Various other minor skin tweaks.
    • Updated LibBodyguard-1.0 library.

Version 8.12 [June 18th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added /enableblizzard command which enables any Blizzard AddOn that may have been disabled in the past.
    • Added options to control Chat Bubble font and font-size.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with Custom Texts not updating properly on profile change. A reload is no longer necessary to update Custom Texts.
    • Fixed an issue with ElvUI trying to set up chat when changing profile, even though Chat was disabled. (ticket #688)
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with the AddOn "Geary" which broke the achievement skin. (ticket #687)
    • Fixed an issue with Datatext Style (Transparency) not updating properly when changing profile. (Darth Predator)
    • Fixed error in Auction House skin when the AddOn "Auctioneer" is enabled. (Shahar Hadas, ticket #689)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Fixed some leaked globals.
    • Removed obsolete/un-used code from loot module and guild skin.
    • Bodyguard Frame now follows the Player "Combat Fade" option. (Darth Predator)
    • Max height of the player unitframe classbar has been doubled.
    • The chat tab flash animation will now loop as intended.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.

Version 8.11 [May 30th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added an option to Buff Indicator which allows you to use a profile specific filter instead of the global filter. (request #28)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented other addons such as MyRolePlay from modifying chat messages. (ticket #675)
    • Fixed an issue that caused unitframe backdrop color to bleed through when the unit is out of range and when not using Transparent Health. (ticket #431)
    • Fixed an issue with the merged tradeskill cast showing a full castbar after the first craft.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Optimized the auctionhouse skin with code adopted from AddOnSkins.
    • Optimized and simplified the calendar skin with code adopted from AddOnSkins.
    • Optimized and simplified the achievement skin with code adopted from AddOnSkins.
    • Skinned a button in the AddOnManager.

Version 8.10 [May 7th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a rare "FrameXML/ChatFrame.lua:2882: Usage: GetPlayerInfoByGUID("playerGUID")" error while Chat History was enabled, caused by unexpected format of player GUID.

  • Misc. Changes:
    • Shadow will now be visible on text when outline is set to "None". Previously it had a low transparency which made it nearly invisible.

Version 8.09 [May 4th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • None

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an error triggered by Chat History and battlenet whispers. (ticket #667)

  • Misc. Changes:

Version 8.08 [May 4th 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added RaidDebuff Indicator to Party Frames. (request #106)
    • Added position and color options for RaidDebuff duration and stack text. (request #9)
    • Added alpha option for the ExtraActionButton (Boss Button) in ActionBars section. (Darth Predator)

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a potential issue with castbar showing non-interruptable color when the cast becomes interruptable.
    • Fixed issue with magnifying glass not showing on items when ElvUI Bags is enabled. (ticket #168)
    • Fixed issue with item level text on bag items not updating when profile was changed.
    • The "Auto Invite" feature will now properly hide some popups it didn't hide before when accepting invite. (Darth Predator)
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in the RightChatPanel using a slightly higher framelevel than LeftChatPanel. (ticket #662)
    • Fixed an error which was triggered by changing profile while the ElvUI Bags are disabled. (ticket #666)

  • Misc. Changes:
    • The time datatext will now keep flashing when there are events you haven't responded to. It stops when the Calendar is opened, but starts flashing again next session if needed.
    • The "RL / ML" icons now include an Assistant icon for people who have Raid Assist. (Darth Predator)
    • The "Chat History" feature is available once again.
    • Attempted to increase quality of the Blizzard Floating Combat Text font. Not sure if it had any effect at all.
    • The "Bling" texture when cooldown animation finishes is no longer bugged, and has been re-enabled.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.
    • Updated oUF castbar element.
    • Updated LibActionButton.
    • Updated LibItemSearch. The search term "usable" is now available, letting you find items you can equip or use.

Version 8.07 [April 14 2015]
  • New Additions:
    • Added option that allows you to disable the fading of chat tabs when panel backdrop is disabled.
    • Added some movement speed tags (speed:percent, speed:percent-moving, speed:percent-raw, speed:percent-moving-raw, speed:yardspersec, speed:yardspersec-moving, speed:yeardspersec-raw, speed:yardspersec-moving-raw).
    • Added a new tag [classificationcolor] (will change color of whatever comes after the tag. Rare/Elite is orange and RareElite/Boss is red).
    • Added position and size options for the "Leave Vehicle" button on the minimap.
    • The user is now able to choose which blizzard unitframes he wants disabled (based on work by Darth Predator).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Garrison april fools was still active for some users. It should now be disabled.
    • Fixed a unitframe spacing issue when power bar is disabled.
    • Fixed a power bar positioning issue when not using Pixel Perfect mode.
    • Fixed a spacing issue between raid groups when not using Pixel Perfect mode.
    • Fixed issue that prevented quest icons from showing on items in your bags (Darth Predator).
  • Misc. Changes:
    • Item level will no longer display on white items in your bags.
    • Attempt to update media files when a new media is registered through LSM. This helps fix issues where some fonts or textures revert to default values because the addon providing them is loading after ElvUI.
    • Russian translation updates by Darth Predator.
    • German translation updates by Merathilis.
    • Korean translation updates by Arstraea.
Version 8.06 [April 8 2015]
  • Fixed RaidDebuffs error. Hopefully for real this time.
Version 8.05 [April 7 2015]
  • Changed how the height of unitframe power bars are calculated. From now on the height chosen in the config will reflect the actual height of the power statusbar without borders. This was done to make power height consistent between power styles and across Pixel Perfect / non-Pixel Perfect mode and to fix a bug when using a height lower than 6px with non-Pixel Perfect mode. As a result you will notice your power bars are higher than what they were in version 8.04 (1px for Pixel Perfect, 5px for non-Pixel Perfect). The minimum height has been lowered to 1px, allowing you to keep the same look. You will need to adjust the height of your power bars.
  • Added a Pet Castbar.
  • Fixed an error in the RaidDebuffs module.
  • German localization update by Merathilis.
Version 8.04 [April 5 2015]
  • Fixed issue with itemlevel not displaying on items in bags for non-english clients. (Darth Predator)
  • Added item level threshold option to Bags. (Darth Predator)
  • Added stack threshold option to auras in the RaidDebuffs filter. Only the RaidDebuff Indicator will use this option. (Darth Predator)
  • Permanently disabled the Garrison April fools message.
  • Added item level font options to Bags.
  • French, German and Russian localization updates. (Alistanor, Merathilis, Darth Predator)
Version 8.03 [April 1 2015]
  • Thank you for participating in this years april fools day. If you are having issues restoring settings please read these notes.
  • Remove /aprilfools command.
  • Add /hellokitty command to re run the 2014/2015 april fools day joke. Run this first if you are having issues restoring settings.
  • Add /hellokittyfix command, run this if /hellokitty doesn't fix your settings.
  • Add /harlemshake command to run the 2013 april fools day joke.
  • Add bag option to display item level on container items.
Version 8.02 [April 1 2015]
  • More CPU fixes, less choppy frame rate inside raids.
Version 8.01 [April 1 2015]
  • Major CPU fixes
Version 8.00 [March 31 2015]
  • Fixed another issue with castbar not hiding properly when tradeskill cast fails.
  • Fixed error: 'ElvUI' tried to call the protected function 'CollectionsJournal:Hide().
  • Added "Game Menu" button to minimap micro menu (Darth Predator).
  • Fixed issue with mind flay tick number not updating correctly when you get the Enhanced Mind Flay perk.
  • Fixed issue with Buff Indicators not updating properly when changing settings (issue).
  • Fixed issue with Buff Indicator Text Threshold not working correctly (issue).
Version 7.99 [March 25 2015]
  • Fixed issue with Blizzard cooldown text appearing below the ElvUI cooldown text (again).
  • Fixed the auction house skin (filter and bid/buyout/close buttons). Skinned the WoW Token page and tutorial frame.
Version 7.98 [March 24 2015]
  • Fixed warning about missing Astrolabe library. Now we only try to utilize Astrolabe when Gatherer is enabled.
Version 7.97 [March 24 2015]
  • Fixed popup warning about disabled Blizzard_ AddOns. It now only warns about the one we use, and re-enables that one.
  • Fixed a taint that caused flyout button spells to only work once.
Version 7.96 [March 23 2015]
  • Fixed issue causing highlight to stay active on bag buttons when bags are closed (issue).
  • Fixed issue causing castbar to not hide like it should when a tradeskill cast fails (issue).
  • Added a "Raid Only" option to Interrupt Announce. This option will not default back to party if you are not in a raid.
  • Fixed issue with player unitframe being 1px too low when using detached classbar and not using Pixel Perfect.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed you to create custom texts with names that match existing elements for that frame (issue).
  • Made the Chat Copy frame movable (TOM_RUS).
  • Added Heroes of the Storm category to friends datatext (TOM_RUS).
  • Added "None" as a Pickup Action Key option, allowing you to effectively lock all your spells in place and prevent accidental moving (TOM_RUS).
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from using print screen on the ElvUI AFK screen.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blizzard cooldown text to appear below ElvUI cooldown text on action buttons (issue).
  • Added warning about disabled Blizzard_ AddOns. Also gives you the option to re-enable them (issue).
  • Fixed issue that caused cooldown swipe to be more transparent than usual, when the actionbar was below 100% alpha.
  • Added workaround for role icons on unitframes in battlegrounds. They should once again show up on your party/raid frames in BGs.
Version 7.95 [March 20 2015]
  • Fixed castbar tick positions for Evocation.
  • Added support for Mage 4P T17, adding 5 ticks to Arcane Missiles (Darth Predator).
  • Charge counter on action buttons will once again only show when the ability has 2 charges or more (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/612)
  • Anchors for Assist, Tank, Boss and RaidPet frames will once again show up when you use the "Raid" anchor filter.
  • Fixed a possible nil error with the Ready Check frame.
  • Added option to disable the fading of undocked chat tabs (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/616).
  • Patched Astrolabe library with user submitted fixes in order to fix various bugs (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/614).
  • German and Russian translations have been updated (Merathilis, Darth Predator).
Version 7.94 [March 17 2015]
  • Fixed issue that caused flyout button direction to reset (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/601)
  • Fixed EquipmentFlyoutFrame skin (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/600).
  • Skinned the Application Viewer frame (Custom Groups).
  • Re-worked localization files. Single quotes replaced by double quotes. Post in the forum if you notice any errors.
  • Updated German and Russian translations (Merathilis, Darth Predator).
Version 7.93 [March 16 2015]
  • Fixed issue with actionbutton keybind text not getting shortened.
Version 7.92 [March 16 2015]
  • Fixed issue with Bodyguard code that broke the unitframes.
  • Skinned the Death Recap frame.
Version 7.91 [March 16 2015]
  • Add a BodyGuard UnitFrame (Still Testing)
  • Updated libraries.
  • Updated german translation (Merathilis).
  • Fixed a possible nil error in the tooltip.
  • Fixed /fstack issue when the Deathknight Classbar was shown.
  • Fixed model clipping on the AFK screen.
Version 7.90 [March 11 2015]
  • Fixed compatibility issue with BigWigs that caused parts of ElvUI to never load.
Version 7.89 [March 10 2015]
  • Fixed issue with bag sorting not respecting ignored items when profession bags are equipped.
  • Made garrison report keybind work when icon is hidden (Zach, credit Phanx).
  • Fixed more elements that prevented use of the /fstack command.
  • Fixed issue that caused GMOTD to not show up in default chat frame on initial login.
Version 7.88 [February 28 2015]
  • Fixed unitframe filtering issue that prevented the priest "Insanity" aura from showing when Blacklist filter was active.
  • Fixed issue that prevented use of the /fstack command.
  • Added a 3rd tick to Penance channel if wearing 2 or more T17 items.
  • Added castbar ticks to Searing Insanity channels.
  • Added option to use wordwrap on nameplate names.
Version 7.87 [February 26 2015]
  • Disabled word wrap on nameplate names and aura bars spell names (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/563).
  • Skinned MasterPlan "Mission of Interest" tab (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/567)
  • Fixed text inset on auction house search editbox (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/566).
  • Removed code that tainted the toybox and prevented toys from being used directly from the toybox.
  • Fixed error when trying to open the config when ElvUI Config was disabled.
  • Disabled Bling texture on cooldowns temporarily until the animation is fixed on Blizzards end (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/565).
Version 7.86 [February 25 2015]
  • Fixed rare profile issue that could result in profile corruption when dualspec was enabled.
Version 7.85 [February 25 2015]
  • The leave vehicle button should now appear on a flight path. If clicked it will let you get off the flight path at the next destination.
Version 7.84 [February 25 2015]
  • Update ElvUI_Config wow version.
  • Fix mounts frame skin.
  • Fix Toybox frame skin.
  • Fix Pet Journal frame skin.
  • Add Heirlooms frame skin.
Version 7.83 [February 24 2015]
  • Fix mac client for 6.1
Version 7.82 [February 24 2015]
  • Blizzard options menu skin fixes for 6.1
Version 7.81 [February 24 2015]
  • Fix for twitter integration in chat. Hyperlinks weren't working.
Version 7.80 [February 24 2015]
  • Update for 6.1
  • Attempt to fix any remaining issues with creating or changing profile.
  • Various skin tweaks.
  • Fix error triggered when sorting bags while having a caged pet in the bags (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/404).
  • RaidDebuff filter updated with auras from Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry (Credit: FourOne and nittany).
Version 7.79 [February 9 2015]
  • Fix issue that could cause a specific error and cause a profile to reset (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/397)
  • Fix issue that messed up profiles when changing spec with dualspec enabled and the ElvUI profiles config open.
  • Add X and Y offsets to unitframe Portraits. These options allow you to position the model within the portrait.
Version 7.78 [2/3/2015]
  • Make sure nameplate auras are updated when mousing over the nameplate for the first time (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/529).
  • Various skin fixes.
  • Fix Mind Flay castbar ticks for priests with Enhanced Mind Flay using non-english clients.
  • Fix tooltip error when mousing over "unknown" units (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/520).
  • Fix tooltip issue when opening bags while mousing over a category in the ingame config (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/65).
  • Fix issue with nameplate aura icons not being removed correctly when the aura expires or is removed (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/55).
Version 7.77 [1/27/2015]
  • Bag searches now support LibItemSearch. A page with search syntax examples has been added to the Bags section.
  • Added unitframes option to force reaction colors on player controlled units (Marcus Isaksson).
  • Added Deepwind Gorge to Battleground datatext (Darth Predator).
  • Removed PvP Resilience and Power datatexts.
  • Various skin fixes, tickets: 284, 174, 456.
  • Fixed classbar error when doing a /reload while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed issue with combo points not showing in the last part of the Malygos fight (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/281).
  • Fixed issue with power offset on unitframes when style was set to "inset" (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/312).
  • Fixed error when viewing talent frame as beast master hunter (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/392).
  • AFK screen now closes bags when it activates (http://git.tukui.org/Elv/elvui/issues/471).
Version 7.76 [1/14/2015]
  • Fix syntax error.
Version 7.75 [1/14/2015]
  • Add option to use custom faction colors on tooltip.
  • Attempt to fix incorrect guild roster info when clicking the guild datatext while EPGP is enabled.
  • Fix missing objective mover when Dugi guides addon is installed (now it requires the addon is loaded before ElvUI hands over control).
Version 7.74 [1/2/2015]
  • Update License 2015, Happy New Year!
  • Fix Garrison Datatext Tooltip, was incorrectly updating.
  • Fix stance bar growth direction. It now uses Anchor Point to properly determine growth direction.
Version 7.73 [12/31/2014]
  • Tweak Garrison skin.
  • Fix [classification] and [shortclassification] tags. They were broken for rare elites.
  • Add option to position the bonus objective reward animation. Useful if you position your objective frame on the left edge of the screen.
  • Allow the 6th monk Chi to be colored through the ingame config.
  • Use class color on names that are shown when you mouse over "need", "greed" or "disenchant" buttons when rolling on items.
Version 7.72 [12/21/2014]
  • Add Garrison Report Datatext, set as default datatext.
  • Disable a couple skins by default.
  • Hide the Minimap garrison report button by default.
Version 7.71 [12/21/2014]
  • Fix work orders appearing below unitframes (Updated: Re-download ElvUI)
  • Fix Raid short channel in chat. (fgprodigal)
  • Remove duplicate entries from unitframe whitelist filter, preventing users from adding spells with the same name to the filter.
  • Add Garrison skin, handling all garrison elements. (mostly by fgprodigal)
Version 7.70 [12/20/2014]
  • Fix height issue on target health when using detached combo bar.
  • Fix bonus tick on castbar for certain spells (mainly mind flay) when chain channeling. (fgprodigal)
  • Add objective tracker frame height option. (Darth Predator)
  • Skin garrison alerts. (fgprodigal)
  • Fix Fritz Quadrata TT font issue on russian clients. (Darth Predator)
Version 7.69 [12/16/2014]
  • Really fix mind flay ticks on castbar when Enhanced Mind Flay is known.
Version 7.68 [12/16/2014]
  • Previous build broke mind flay ticks on castbar. Attempt to solve the issue of mind flay showing 3 ticks instead of 4 in a different way.
Version 7.67 [12/16/2014]
  • Attempt to fix issue with mind flay ticks not updating to 4 when Enhanced Mind Flay is known.
  • Fix issue with not being able to keybind any macro above number 36.
Version 7.66 [12/14/2014]
  • Fix the color picker frame strata issues for real this time.
Version 7.65 [12/14/2014]
  • Fix error when trying to keybind character specific macros.
  • Allow DugiGuides to control objective frame when loaded.
  • Change lower chat font size limit to 6.
  • Fix an issue causing the mail icon to ignore the scale config option.
  • Fix minimap location text not updating state right away when changed.
  • Update some Ace3 libs in an attempt to fix the frame strata issues with color picker.
Version 7.64 [12/4/2014]
  • Fix error.
Version 7.63 [12/3/2014]
  • Fix bug with group one inside raid/party frames. When health value is zero the backdrop color was incorrect.
  • Make a distinction between old Outland and new Draenor zones with same name in guild datatext
  • Fix odd raid positions inside bgs/flex raids.
  • Set Mind Flay ticks to 4 if Enhanced Mind Flay is known
Version 7.62 [11/24/2014]
  • Fix issue with not being able to split stacks in reagent bank.
  • Make sure a style is set when adding new spells to the Buff Indicator filter.
  • New datatexts: Multistrike, Versatility, Bonus Armor, Speed, Leech.
  • Fix issue with stagger bar becoming messed up when using detached power frame in combination with a style other than "Filled".
  • Currency chat messages will now appear in the right chat frame when installing ElvUI.
  • Allow the usage of itemlinks as Chat keywords. When a message is posted containing one of the items the alert sound will go off.
  • Add option to reverse the Consolidated Buff icon style. When enabled active buff icons will light up instead of becoming dark.
Version 7.61 [11/20/2014]
  • Prevent raid frame mover frames from resizing while inside battlegrounds. (Should help with frames moving around incorrectly).
  • Add option to disable the resizing of the large world map under general options.
  • If you login with the experience or reputation bar when their width and height is greater than 100 then it will reset their size to the default settings.
Version 7.6 [11/19/2014]
  • Fix issue with raid-40 frames becoming displayed inside non 40-man battlegrounds.
  • Skin Draenor ability button.
Version 7.59 [11/19/2014]
  • Add scale option to minimap buttons.
  • Fix issue with border showing the wrong color on equipped items.
Version 7.58 [11/17/2014]
  • Add offset options to minimap icons and allow to set position of more icons.
Version 7.57 [11/16/2014]
  • Don't show party frame custom text objects on child frames (party pets/targets).
  • Add options to show/hide and set position of garrison and calendar icons on the minimap.
Version 7.56 [11/15/2014]
  • Prevent possible (but rare) nil error with alert frames.
Version 7.55 [11/15/2014]
  • Fix alert anchor position for garrison related alerts along with loot upgrade alerts.
Version 7.54 [11/12/2014]
  • Last minute tweak to the experience bar code. Should guarantee that the experience bar becomes shown when the expansion officially starts.
Version 7.53 [11/09/2014]
  • Fix cooldown swipe size on bars with sizes different than normal.
  • Make sure cooldown swipe is properly hidden on pet and stancebar.
  • Make sure the bright line on the cooldown sweep animation is disabled.
Version 7.52 [11/08/2014]
  • Fix issue with combo bar being shown while disabled, if Auto-Hide was not enabled.
Version 7.51 [11/08/2014]
  • Fix error with stancebar mouseover.
  • Remove GCD "bling" on hidden bars.
Version 7.50 [11/07/2014]
  • Fix error on pet actionbar mouseover.
Version 7.49 [11/07/2014]
  • Add a Default button to the color picker frame. When this button is pressed it will reset the color back to the options' default value.
Version 7.48 [11/07/2014]
  • Add combo point color option under class resources.
  • Apply workaround fix for Blizzard bug with cooldown spirals not inheriting their parents' transparency.
  • Castbar text length should now be correct for UTF8 characters.
Version 7.47 [11/05/2014]
  • Add separate name options for party pets and party targets.
Version 7.46 [11/05/2014]
  • Decrease lower limit on value length for ldb datatexts.
  • Add short channel back to AFKMode.
Version 7.45 [11/03/2014]
  • Fix issue where part of an emote would get cut out in chat (when people did /flee to you).
  • Fix issue where the combo bar would keep showing even though Auto Hide is enabled.
Version 7.44 [11/03/2014]
  • Add a simple chat frame to the AFKMode feature that displays guild, whispers, battle.net messages.
  • Add new set of 'health' tags without the status attached
Version 7.43 [11/03/2014]
  • Fix 'statustimer' tag to only appear when unit is a player and also fix a status update issue when going directly from one status to another.
  • Fix error caused by combo point update while target frame is disabled.
  • Fix combo bar visibility logic: disabling auto hide will no longer keep showing the combo bar when you don't have a target.
Version 7.42 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix nameplate aura issues on some WoW client localizations.
Version 7.41 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix error caused by leftover code, take 2.
Version 7.40 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix error caused by leftover code.
Version 7.39 [11/02/2014]
  • Adjust scrollbar thumb colors to use a light gray.
  • Remove debug messages.
Version 7.38 [11/01/2014]
  • Fix scrollbar thumb color on Ace3 skin.
  • Fix world map coordinates moving outside the world map when zooming.
  • Fix stancebar style 'Darken Inactive' for druids.
Version 7.37 [11/01/2014]
  • Make scrollbar thumbs use value color in order to make them move visible.
  • Add a new set of 'mana' tags. They work just like the regular power tags, but only show text for units with mana.
  • Add experimental 'statustimer' tag. If a unit is AFK, DND, Dead or Offline then it will return this status along with a timer.
Version 7.36 [10/31/2014]
  • Fix bug with raid frame positions being changed incorrectly when the maximum number of groups changes. The direction of which this grows is now determined by the growth direction option.
Version 7.35 [10/27/2014]
  • Skin a button on PvP scoreboard.
  • Remove unused commands "/enable" and "/disable".
  • Add options to show/hide name and level on nameplates.
Version 7.34 [10/26/2014]
  • Update astrolabe library, should fix GPS arrow issues.
  • Only show the out of date popup when you are five or more revisions of ElvUI out of date.
  • Fix the out of date popup becoming auto focus'd when it is shown.
  • Fix friendly units range issue on warriors. Now should be set to ~40 yards for out of range.
Version 7.33 [10/25/2014]
  • Fix width of detached combo bar.
Version 7.32 [10/25/2014]
  • Add option to use separate size options for the right chat panel.
  • AFK Screen: Fix issue with logo being behind borders when not using pixel perfect. Hide left and right border on bottom panel.
  • Add option to use the new money formats in the gold datatext.
Version 7.31 [10/25/2014]
  • Change the item count options into a single option that controls how both types of item counts are shown (Bags Only, Bank Only, Both, None).
Version 7.30 [10/25/2014]
  • Fix vertical spacing issues between item counts in tooltip.
Version 7.29 [10/25/2014]
  • Add money text formatting option to Bags. Allows you to use various formatting styles and toggle the use of coin icons instead of colored text.
  • Add option that allows a user to disable the replacement of blizzard fonts in various panels. If replacement is disabled it will affect any elements that inherits from the fonts ElvUI usually replace.
  • Add option to display item count from bank in tooltips. This count includes regular and reagent bank.
Version 7.28 [10/22/2014]
  • AFK Camera will rotate but it will no longer adjust any view after you exit.
  • Add a faction icon to AFKMode
  • Change font to inherit ElvUI default font in AFKMode
  • Attempt to fix model scaling issue
Version 7.27 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix an issue with AFKMode, LFG popups were unable to be seen. If a LFG popup occurs AFKMode should now exit.
Version 7.26 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix camera issue. If you are having issues, enter AFKMode once and exit it.
Version 7.25 [10/22/2014]
  • Add a few checks to AFKMode for insurance. (Can't run in combat, only attempt to reset the camera if you were actually in AFKMode).
Version 7.24 [10/22/2014]
  • Tweak to raid frame code, had an unneeded check.
  • Add an AFKMode option (still work in progress)
Version 7.23 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix bag offset conversion. Check your bag offsets if your bags are gone. (Blazeflack says sorry)
Version 7.22 [10/21/2014]
  • More raid frame fixes. Getting there...
Version 7.21 [10/21/2014]
  • Fix for raid frame visibility and raid size settings using smart raid filter option.
  • Add stancebar style option
  • Add option so users can move the consolidated buff bar to the left or right of the minimap.
  • Separate bank and bags position options and set their min/max values to 1000.
Version 7.2 [10/21/2014]
  • Blizzard updated on Twitter how to work around the combopoint issue. I'm going to keep the combopoint on the target frame for now, however if you wish to move it to the player frame, select detach frame frame in the target > combopoint settings.
Version 7.19 [10/21/2014]
  • Reverse all recent changes to the combopoint bar. A limitation is within Blizzard's API that doesn't allow us to get combo point information without a target unit existing.
  • Fix a bug that made it impossible to deposit items to reagent bank by right clicking the item.
  • Re-add stance style option.
Version 7.18 [10/20/2014]
  • Resolve a crashing issue with the 32bit client when you open the void storage frame.
  • Void storage skin updated and should now have colored border icons by item quality once again.
Version 7.17 [10/20/2014]
  • Move the combo point bar to the player frame for all classes. The frame will only show when you have combo points.
  • Add anticipation support to the combo point bar, the individual combo points will be animated if you have anticipation.
  • Add support for druids to the combo point bar so it is dynamically shown. EclipseBar > Combo Points > Shapeshift Mana Bar, with the exceptions made in some shapeshift forms. Bears can't see combopoints, etc..
  • Add coloring options for the combo bar.
  • Nameplate combopoint option has been defaulted to "Off".
  • Remove the Anticipation bar.
  • Remove Enhance Raid Browser option. It is no longer needed with Blizzards new raid system.
Version 7.16 [10/19/2014]
  • Fix for healer health bars showing incorrect data.
  • Fix PetJournal skin. Will now show favorite icon.
Version 7.15 [10/19/2014]
  • [classpower] tags should now update a lot more frequently (good for moonkins)
  • Issues with opening/closing bags should be fixed (for real this time)
Version 7.14 [10/19/2014]
  • Fix "Block Raid Buffs" filtering option.
Version 7.13 [10/18/2014]
  • Fix error when using reagent bank items.
Version 7.12 [10/18/2014]
  • Properly fix issue with opening bags after closing them with the "X" close button.
  • Cosmetic fix on Consolidate Buffs frame.
  • Typo in config.
Version 7.11 [10/18/2014]
  • Revert the removal of combopoints on the nameplates change. It is still useful for PVPers.
Version 7.10 [10/17/2014]
  • Revert code changes to raidframes that could possibly cause lag. Raid frame visibility might be bugged again with this change, it will be fixed later.
Version 7.09 [10/17/2014]
  • Fix a lua error.
Version 7.08 [10/17/2014]
  • Remove a developer command.
  • Attempt to fix more issues with raid visibility.
Version 7.07 [10/16/2014]
  • Fix issue with raid frames not displaying correctly while joining BGs.
  • Re-add raid40 configuration when doing the installation process for healers.
Version 7.06 [10/16/2014]
  • Fix issue with aura filters not correctly reporting a unit as friendly. This may of caused auras not to appear.
Version 7.05 [10/15/2014]
  • Fix player debuffs being grayed out. (Super For-Realsies)
  • Fix sound files for ElvUI, files have to be .ogg format now. (Credit Repooc)
Version 7.04 [10/15/2014]
  • Fix the bank frame's container frame. Had invalid bag slot IDs.
  • Fix random case of aura icons being grayed out.
Version 7.03 [10/15/2014]
  • Added back the loot frame from previous versions of ElvUI, it seems the bug that was experienced on the beta servers was fixed.
  • Correct Eternal Flame spellID on for the buff indicator frames.
  • The main actionbar should now change with stances for warriors.
  • Eclipse bar should now update more rapidly.
  • Reverse the cooldown spiral on unitframe auras.
  • Fix Smart Visibility option for raid frames.
Version 7.02 [10/14/2014]
  • Quick fix for mythic raid difficulty Raid40 and Raid frames both displaying. Will explore better options after raid testing tonight.
Version 7.01 [10/14/2014]
  • Raid-10 and Raid-25 have been condensed into one raid group due to how raids now work. The result of this is raid settings have been reset.
  • Added an 'Anticipation' bar for rogues that appears on the player frame.
  • Buttons on the bag frame have been redesigned to be a little easier to understand.
  • ElvUI installation has been somewhat more simplified.
  • Add option to control the maximum amount of aurabars that can appear on a frame for the Player, Target, Focus frames.
  • Updated Blizzard frame skins for patch.
  • The loot frame is no longer handled by ElvUI, instead re-skin the Blizzard one.
  • New items in bags should now have a pulsing glow colored by their rarity.
  • Reputation / Experience bars are re-sized and re-positioned to be on the sides of the chat frames, they are also vertical now instead of horizontal.
  • Removed hit / expertise datatexts, stats no longer in use.
  • Vengeance datatext switched to 'Resolve' datatext.