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Version 7.99 [March 25 2015]

  • Fixed issue with Blizzard cooldown text appearing below the ElvUI cooldown text (again).
  • Fixed the auction house skin (filter and bid/buyout/close buttons). Skinned the WoW Token page and tutorial frame.
Version 7.98 [March 24 2015]
  • Fixed warning about missing Astrolabe library. Now we only try to utilize Astrolabe when Gatherer is enabled.
Version 7.97 [March 24 2015]
  • Fixed popup warning about disabled Blizzard_ AddOns. It now only warns about the one we use, and re-enables that one.
  • Fixed a taint that caused flyout button spells to only work once.
Version 7.96 [March 23 2015]
  • Fixed issue causing highlight to stay active on bag buttons when bags are closed (issue).
  • Fixed issue causing castbar to not hide like it should when a tradeskill cast fails (issue).
  • Added a "Raid Only" option to Interrupt Announce. This option will not default back to party if you are not in a raid.
  • Fixed issue with player unitframe being 1px too low when using detached classbar and not using Pixel Perfect.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed you to create custom texts with names that match existing elements for that frame (issue).
  • Made the Chat Copy frame movable (TOM_RUS).
  • Added Heroes of the Storm category to friends datatext (TOM_RUS).
  • Added "None" as a Pickup Action Key option, allowing you to effectively lock all your spells in place and prevent accidental moving (TOM_RUS).
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from using print screen on the ElvUI AFK screen.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blizzard cooldown text to appear below ElvUI cooldown text on action buttons (issue).
  • Added warning about disabled Blizzard_ AddOns. Also gives you the option to re-enable them (issue).
  • Fixed issue that caused cooldown swipe to be more transparent than usual, when the actionbar was below 100% alpha.
  • Added workaround for role icons on unitframes in battlegrounds. They should once again show up on your party/raid frames in BGs.
Version 7.95 [March 20 2015]
  • Fixed castbar tick positions for Evocation.
  • Added support for Mage 4P T17, adding 5 ticks to Arcane Missiles (Darth Predator).
  • Charge counter on action buttons will once again only show when the ability has 2 charges or more (
  • Anchors for Assist, Tank, Boss and RaidPet frames will once again show up when you use the "Raid" anchor filter.
  • Fixed a possible nil error with the Ready Check frame.
  • Added option to disable the fading of undocked chat tabs (
  • Patched Astrolabe library with user submitted fixes in order to fix various bugs (
  • German and Russian translations have been updated (Merathilis, Darth Predator).
Version 7.94 [March 17 2015]
  • Fixed issue that caused flyout button direction to reset (
  • Fixed EquipmentFlyoutFrame skin (
  • Skinned the Application Viewer frame (Custom Groups).
  • Re-worked localization files. Single quotes replaced by double quotes. Post in the forum if you notice any errors.
  • Updated German and Russian translations (Merathilis, Darth Predator).
Version 7.93 [March 16 2015]
  • Fixed issue with actionbutton keybind text not getting shortened.
Version 7.92 [March 16 2015]
  • Fixed issue with Bodyguard code that broke the unitframes.
  • Skinned the Death Recap frame.
Version 7.91 [March 16 2015]
  • Add a BodyGuard UnitFrame (Still Testing)
  • Updated libraries.
  • Updated german translation (Merathilis).
  • Fixed a possible nil error in the tooltip.
  • Fixed /fstack issue when the Deathknight Classbar was shown.
  • Fixed model clipping on the AFK screen.
Version 7.90 [March 11 2015]
  • Fixed compatibility issue with BigWigs that caused parts of ElvUI to never load.
Version 7.89 [March 10 2015]
  • Fixed issue with bag sorting not respecting ignored items when profession bags are equipped.
  • Made garrison report keybind work when icon is hidden (Zach, credit Phanx).
  • Fixed more elements that prevented use of the /fstack command.
  • Fixed issue that caused GMOTD to not show up in default chat frame on initial login.
Version 7.88 [February 28 2015]
  • Fixed unitframe filtering issue that prevented the priest "Insanity" aura from showing when Blacklist filter was active.
  • Fixed issue that prevented use of the /fstack command.
  • Added a 3rd tick to Penance channel if wearing 2 or more T17 items.
  • Added castbar ticks to Searing Insanity channels.
  • Added option to use wordwrap on nameplate names.
Version 7.87 [February 26 2015]
  • Disabled word wrap on nameplate names and aura bars spell names (
  • Skinned MasterPlan "Mission of Interest" tab (
  • Fixed text inset on auction house search editbox (
  • Removed code that tainted the toybox and prevented toys from being used directly from the toybox.
  • Fixed error when trying to open the config when ElvUI Config was disabled.
  • Disabled Bling texture on cooldowns temporarily until the animation is fixed on Blizzards end (
Version 7.86 [February 25 2015]
  • Fixed rare profile issue that could result in profile corruption when dualspec was enabled.
Version 7.85 [February 25 2015]
  • The leave vehicle button should now appear on a flight path. If clicked it will let you get off the flight path at the next destination.
Version 7.84 [February 25 2015]
  • Update ElvUI_Config wow version.
  • Fix mounts frame skin.
  • Fix Toybox frame skin.
  • Fix Pet Journal frame skin.
  • Add Heirlooms frame skin.
Version 7.83 [February 24 2015]
  • Fix mac client for 6.1
Version 7.82 [February 24 2015]
  • Blizzard options menu skin fixes for 6.1
Version 7.81 [February 24 2015]
  • Fix for twitter integration in chat. Hyperlinks weren't working.
Version 7.80 [February 24 2015]
  • Update for 6.1
  • Attempt to fix any remaining issues with creating or changing profile.
  • Various skin tweaks.
  • Fix error triggered when sorting bags while having a caged pet in the bags (
  • RaidDebuff filter updated with auras from Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry (Credit: FourOne and nittany).
Version 7.79 [February 9 2015]
  • Fix issue that could cause a specific error and cause a profile to reset (
  • Fix issue that messed up profiles when changing spec with dualspec enabled and the ElvUI profiles config open.
  • Add X and Y offsets to unitframe Portraits. These options allow you to position the model within the portrait.
Version 7.78 [2/3/2015]
  • Make sure nameplate auras are updated when mousing over the nameplate for the first time (
  • Various skin fixes.
  • Fix Mind Flay castbar ticks for priests with Enhanced Mind Flay using non-english clients.
  • Fix tooltip error when mousing over "unknown" units (
  • Fix tooltip issue when opening bags while mousing over a category in the ingame config (
  • Fix issue with nameplate aura icons not being removed correctly when the aura expires or is removed (
Version 7.77 [1/27/2015]
  • Bag searches now support LibItemSearch. A page with search syntax examples has been added to the Bags section.
  • Added unitframes option to force reaction colors on player controlled units (Marcus Isaksson).
  • Added Deepwind Gorge to Battleground datatext (Darth Predator).
  • Removed PvP Resilience and Power datatexts.
  • Various skin fixes, tickets: 284, 174, 456.
  • Fixed classbar error when doing a /reload while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed issue with combo points not showing in the last part of the Malygos fight (
  • Fixed issue with power offset on unitframes when style was set to "inset" (
  • Fixed error when viewing talent frame as beast master hunter (
  • AFK screen now closes bags when it activates (
Version 7.76 [1/14/2015]
  • Fix syntax error.
Version 7.75 [1/14/2015]
  • Add option to use custom faction colors on tooltip.
  • Attempt to fix incorrect guild roster info when clicking the guild datatext while EPGP is enabled.
  • Fix missing objective mover when Dugi guides addon is installed (now it requires the addon is loaded before ElvUI hands over control).
Version 7.74 [1/2/2015]
  • Update License 2015, Happy New Year!
  • Fix Garrison Datatext Tooltip, was incorrectly updating.
  • Fix stance bar growth direction. It now uses Anchor Point to properly determine growth direction.
Version 7.73 [12/31/2014]
  • Tweak Garrison skin.
  • Fix [classification] and [shortclassification] tags. They were broken for rare elites.
  • Add option to position the bonus objective reward animation. Useful if you position your objective frame on the left edge of the screen.
  • Allow the 6th monk Chi to be colored through the ingame config.
  • Use class color on names that are shown when you mouse over "need", "greed" or "disenchant" buttons when rolling on items.
Version 7.72 [12/21/2014]
  • Add Garrison Report Datatext, set as default datatext.
  • Disable a couple skins by default.
  • Hide the Minimap garrison report button by default.
Version 7.71 [12/21/2014]
  • Fix work orders appearing below unitframes (Updated: Re-download ElvUI)
  • Fix Raid short channel in chat. (fgprodigal)
  • Remove duplicate entries from unitframe whitelist filter, preventing users from adding spells with the same name to the filter.
  • Add Garrison skin, handling all garrison elements. (mostly by fgprodigal)
Version 7.70 [12/20/2014]
  • Fix height issue on target health when using detached combo bar.
  • Fix bonus tick on castbar for certain spells (mainly mind flay) when chain channeling. (fgprodigal)
  • Add objective tracker frame height option. (Darth Predator)
  • Skin garrison alerts. (fgprodigal)
  • Fix Fritz Quadrata TT font issue on russian clients. (Darth Predator)
Version 7.69 [12/16/2014]
  • Really fix mind flay ticks on castbar when Enhanced Mind Flay is known.
Version 7.68 [12/16/2014]
  • Previous build broke mind flay ticks on castbar. Attempt to solve the issue of mind flay showing 3 ticks instead of 4 in a different way.
Version 7.67 [12/16/2014]
  • Attempt to fix issue with mind flay ticks not updating to 4 when Enhanced Mind Flay is known.
  • Fix issue with not being able to keybind any macro above number 36.
Version 7.66 [12/14/2014]
  • Fix the color picker frame strata issues for real this time.
Version 7.65 [12/14/2014]
  • Fix error when trying to keybind character specific macros.
  • Allow DugiGuides to control objective frame when loaded.
  • Change lower chat font size limit to 6.
  • Fix an issue causing the mail icon to ignore the scale config option.
  • Fix minimap location text not updating state right away when changed.
  • Update some Ace3 libs in an attempt to fix the frame strata issues with color picker.
Version 7.64 [12/4/2014]
  • Fix error.
Version 7.63 [12/3/2014]
  • Fix bug with group one inside raid/party frames. When health value is zero the backdrop color was incorrect.
  • Make a distinction between old Outland and new Draenor zones with same name in guild datatext
  • Fix odd raid positions inside bgs/flex raids.
  • Set Mind Flay ticks to 4 if Enhanced Mind Flay is known
Version 7.62 [11/24/2014]
  • Fix issue with not being able to split stacks in reagent bank.
  • Make sure a style is set when adding new spells to the Buff Indicator filter.
  • New datatexts: Multistrike, Versatility, Bonus Armor, Speed, Leech.
  • Fix issue with stagger bar becoming messed up when using detached power frame in combination with a style other than "Filled".
  • Currency chat messages will now appear in the right chat frame when installing ElvUI.
  • Allow the usage of itemlinks as Chat keywords. When a message is posted containing one of the items the alert sound will go off.
  • Add option to reverse the Consolidated Buff icon style. When enabled active buff icons will light up instead of becoming dark.
Version 7.61 [11/20/2014]
  • Prevent raid frame mover frames from resizing while inside battlegrounds. (Should help with frames moving around incorrectly).
  • Add option to disable the resizing of the large world map under general options.
  • If you login with the experience or reputation bar when their width and height is greater than 100 then it will reset their size to the default settings.
Version 7.6 [11/19/2014]
  • Fix issue with raid-40 frames becoming displayed inside non 40-man battlegrounds.
  • Skin Draenor ability button.
Version 7.59 [11/19/2014]
  • Add scale option to minimap buttons.
  • Fix issue with border showing the wrong color on equipped items.
Version 7.58 [11/17/2014]
  • Add offset options to minimap icons and allow to set position of more icons.
Version 7.57 [11/16/2014]
  • Don't show party frame custom text objects on child frames (party pets/targets).
  • Add options to show/hide and set position of garrison and calendar icons on the minimap.
Version 7.56 [11/15/2014]
  • Prevent possible (but rare) nil error with alert frames.
Version 7.55 [11/15/2014]
  • Fix alert anchor position for garrison related alerts along with loot upgrade alerts.
Version 7.54 [11/12/2014]
  • Last minute tweak to the experience bar code. Should guarantee that the experience bar becomes shown when the expansion officially starts.
Version 7.53 [11/09/2014]
  • Fix cooldown swipe size on bars with sizes different than normal.
  • Make sure cooldown swipe is properly hidden on pet and stancebar.
  • Make sure the bright line on the cooldown sweep animation is disabled.
Version 7.52 [11/08/2014]
  • Fix issue with combo bar being shown while disabled, if Auto-Hide was not enabled.
Version 7.51 [11/08/2014]
  • Fix error with stancebar mouseover.
  • Remove GCD "bling" on hidden bars.
Version 7.50 [11/07/2014]
  • Fix error on pet actionbar mouseover.
Version 7.49 [11/07/2014]
  • Add a Default button to the color picker frame. When this button is pressed it will reset the color back to the options' default value.
Version 7.48 [11/07/2014]
  • Add combo point color option under class resources.
  • Apply workaround fix for Blizzard bug with cooldown spirals not inheriting their parents' transparency.
  • Castbar text length should now be correct for UTF8 characters.
Version 7.47 [11/05/2014]
  • Add separate name options for party pets and party targets.
Version 7.46 [11/05/2014]
  • Decrease lower limit on value length for ldb datatexts.
  • Add short channel back to AFKMode.
Version 7.45 [11/03/2014]
  • Fix issue where part of an emote would get cut out in chat (when people did /flee to you).
  • Fix issue where the combo bar would keep showing even though Auto Hide is enabled.
Version 7.44 [11/03/2014]
  • Add a simple chat frame to the AFKMode feature that displays guild, whispers, messages.
  • Add new set of 'health' tags without the status attached
Version 7.43 [11/03/2014]
  • Fix 'statustimer' tag to only appear when unit is a player and also fix a status update issue when going directly from one status to another.
  • Fix error caused by combo point update while target frame is disabled.
  • Fix combo bar visibility logic: disabling auto hide will no longer keep showing the combo bar when you don't have a target.
Version 7.42 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix nameplate aura issues on some WoW client localizations.
Version 7.41 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix error caused by leftover code, take 2.
Version 7.40 [11/02/2014]
  • Fix error caused by leftover code.
Version 7.39 [11/02/2014]
  • Adjust scrollbar thumb colors to use a light gray.
  • Remove debug messages.
Version 7.38 [11/01/2014]
  • Fix scrollbar thumb color on Ace3 skin.
  • Fix world map coordinates moving outside the world map when zooming.
  • Fix stancebar style 'Darken Inactive' for druids.
Version 7.37 [11/01/2014]
  • Make scrollbar thumbs use value color in order to make them move visible.
  • Add a new set of 'mana' tags. They work just like the regular power tags, but only show text for units with mana.
  • Add experimental 'statustimer' tag. If a unit is AFK, DND, Dead or Offline then it will return this status along with a timer.
Version 7.36 [10/31/2014]
  • Fix bug with raid frame positions being changed incorrectly when the maximum number of groups changes. The direction of which this grows is now determined by the growth direction option.
Version 7.35 [10/27/2014]
  • Skin a button on PvP scoreboard.
  • Remove unused commands "/enable" and "/disable".
  • Add options to show/hide name and level on nameplates.
Version 7.34 [10/26/2014]
  • Update astrolabe library, should fix GPS arrow issues.
  • Only show the out of date popup when you are five or more revisions of ElvUI out of date.
  • Fix the out of date popup becoming auto focus'd when it is shown.
  • Fix friendly units range issue on warriors. Now should be set to ~40 yards for out of range.
Version 7.33 [10/25/2014]
  • Fix width of detached combo bar.
Version 7.32 [10/25/2014]
  • Add option to use separate size options for the right chat panel.
  • AFK Screen: Fix issue with logo being behind borders when not using pixel perfect. Hide left and right border on bottom panel.
  • Add option to use the new money formats in the gold datatext.
Version 7.31 [10/25/2014]
  • Change the item count options into a single option that controls how both types of item counts are shown (Bags Only, Bank Only, Both, None).
Version 7.30 [10/25/2014]
  • Fix vertical spacing issues between item counts in tooltip.
Version 7.29 [10/25/2014]
  • Add money text formatting option to Bags. Allows you to use various formatting styles and toggle the use of coin icons instead of colored text.
  • Add option that allows a user to disable the replacement of blizzard fonts in various panels. If replacement is disabled it will affect any elements that inherits from the fonts ElvUI usually replace.
  • Add option to display item count from bank in tooltips. This count includes regular and reagent bank.
Version 7.28 [10/22/2014]
  • AFK Camera will rotate but it will no longer adjust any view after you exit.
  • Add a faction icon to AFKMode
  • Change font to inherit ElvUI default font in AFKMode
  • Attempt to fix model scaling issue
Version 7.27 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix an issue with AFKMode, LFG popups were unable to be seen. If a LFG popup occurs AFKMode should now exit.
Version 7.26 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix camera issue. If you are having issues, enter AFKMode once and exit it.
Version 7.25 [10/22/2014]
  • Add a few checks to AFKMode for insurance. (Can't run in combat, only attempt to reset the camera if you were actually in AFKMode).
Version 7.24 [10/22/2014]
  • Tweak to raid frame code, had an unneeded check.
  • Add an AFKMode option (still work in progress)
Version 7.23 [10/22/2014]
  • Fix bag offset conversion. Check your bag offsets if your bags are gone. (Blazeflack says sorry)
Version 7.22 [10/21/2014]
  • More raid frame fixes. Getting there...
Version 7.21 [10/21/2014]
  • Fix for raid frame visibility and raid size settings using smart raid filter option.
  • Add stancebar style option
  • Add option so users can move the consolidated buff bar to the left or right of the minimap.
  • Separate bank and bags position options and set their min/max values to 1000.
Version 7.2 [10/21/2014]
  • Blizzard updated on Twitter how to work around the combopoint issue. I'm going to keep the combopoint on the target frame for now, however if you wish to move it to the player frame, select detach frame frame in the target > combopoint settings.
Version 7.19 [10/21/2014]
  • Reverse all recent changes to the combopoint bar. A limitation is within Blizzard's API that doesn't allow us to get combo point information without a target unit existing.
  • Fix a bug that made it impossible to deposit items to reagent bank by right clicking the item.
  • Re-add stance style option.
Version 7.18 [10/20/2014]
  • Resolve a crashing issue with the 32bit client when you open the void storage frame.
  • Void storage skin updated and should now have colored border icons by item quality once again.
Version 7.17 [10/20/2014]
  • Move the combo point bar to the player frame for all classes. The frame will only show when you have combo points.
  • Add anticipation support to the combo point bar, the individual combo points will be animated if you have anticipation.
  • Add support for druids to the combo point bar so it is dynamically shown. EclipseBar > Combo Points > Shapeshift Mana Bar, with the exceptions made in some shapeshift forms. Bears can't see combopoints, etc..
  • Add coloring options for the combo bar.
  • Nameplate combopoint option has been defaulted to "Off".
  • Remove the Anticipation bar.
  • Remove Enhance Raid Browser option. It is no longer needed with Blizzards new raid system.
Version 7.16 [10/19/2014]
  • Fix for healer health bars showing incorrect data.
  • Fix PetJournal skin. Will now show favorite icon.
Version 7.15 [10/19/2014]
  • [classpower] tags should now update a lot more frequently (good for moonkins)
  • Issues with opening/closing bags should be fixed (for real this time)
Version 7.14 [10/19/2014]
  • Fix "Block Raid Buffs" filtering option.
Version 7.13 [10/18/2014]
  • Fix error when using reagent bank items.
Version 7.12 [10/18/2014]
  • Properly fix issue with opening bags after closing them with the "X" close button.
  • Cosmetic fix on Consolidate Buffs frame.
  • Typo in config.
Version 7.11 [10/18/2014]
  • Revert the removal of combopoints on the nameplates change. It is still useful for PVPers.
Version 7.10 [10/17/2014]
  • Revert code changes to raidframes that could possibly cause lag. Raid frame visibility might be bugged again with this change, it will be fixed later.
Version 7.09 [10/17/2014]
  • Fix a lua error.
Version 7.08 [10/17/2014]
  • Remove a developer command.
  • Attempt to fix more issues with raid visibility.
Version 7.07 [10/16/2014]
  • Fix issue with raid frames not displaying correctly while joining BGs.
  • Re-add raid40 configuration when doing the installation process for healers.
Version 7.06 [10/16/2014]
  • Fix issue with aura filters not correctly reporting a unit as friendly. This may of caused auras not to appear.
Version 7.05 [10/15/2014]
  • Fix player debuffs being grayed out. (Super For-Realsies)
  • Fix sound files for ElvUI, files have to be .ogg format now. (Credit Repooc)
Version 7.04 [10/15/2014]
  • Fix the bank frame's container frame. Had invalid bag slot IDs.
  • Fix random case of aura icons being grayed out.
Version 7.03 [10/15/2014]
  • Added back the loot frame from previous versions of ElvUI, it seems the bug that was experienced on the beta servers was fixed.
  • Correct Eternal Flame spellID on for the buff indicator frames.
  • The main actionbar should now change with stances for warriors.
  • Eclipse bar should now update more rapidly.
  • Reverse the cooldown spiral on unitframe auras.
  • Fix Smart Visibility option for raid frames.
Version 7.02 [10/14/2014]
  • Quick fix for mythic raid difficulty Raid40 and Raid frames both displaying. Will explore better options after raid testing tonight.
Version 7.01 [10/14/2014]
  • Raid-10 and Raid-25 have been condensed into one raid group due to how raids now work. The result of this is raid settings have been reset.
  • Added an 'Anticipation' bar for rogues that appears on the player frame.
  • Buttons on the bag frame have been redesigned to be a little easier to understand.
  • ElvUI installation has been somewhat more simplified.
  • Add option to control the maximum amount of aurabars that can appear on a frame for the Player, Target, Focus frames.
  • Updated Blizzard frame skins for patch.
  • The loot frame is no longer handled by ElvUI, instead re-skin the Blizzard one.
  • New items in bags should now have a pulsing glow colored by their rarity.
  • Reputation / Experience bars are re-sized and re-positioned to be on the sides of the chat frames, they are also vertical now instead of horizontal.
  • Removed hit / expertise datatexts, stats no longer in use.
  • Vengeance datatext switched to 'Resolve' datatext.