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Tukui » ElvUI » Guides » [How To] Matching Hermes to ElvUI
  1. Challenger dakibby


    14 / 1337
    Posted 5 years ago - #1

    Here's a simple little guide to getting Hermes to match the ElvUI right action bar panel, as seen in the screenshot provided.

    First and foremost, you'll need Hermes in Config Mode to actually set this up. (Hermes Config -> General -> Config Mode)

    Now enable GridButtons view

    Hermes Config -> UI -> Container

    Set the scale of Hermes to 0.78 and Padding 9

    Hermes Config -> UI -> View Settings -> Window -> Scale
    Hermes Config -> UI -> View Settings -> Layout -> Padding

    Set the ElvUI actionbar (4 for me, may be different for you) to Button Size 31

    ElvUI Config -> ActionBars -> Bar 4 -> Button Size

    *NOTE: You may be able to find a different scale/size that works for you, but these two are the ones that lined up perfectly for me.

    Under Hermes Config, go to the Spells tab and check the abilities that you want to show up. If you want it to line up correctly with the ElvUI actionbar, you'll be stuck at having only 12 abilities show.

    Hermes Config -> Spells

    Now using the size corner (bottom right corner) of the cooldown tracker window, make it so there is only 1 column (completely vertical). Then drag the window so it overlays the ElvUI actionbar (as seen in the screenshot).

    Lock the window under the Hermes config.

    Hermes Config -> UI -> Lock Window

    And lastly, take Hermes out of config mode, and (optionally) set the ElvUI actionbar to only show while you're in a group to match the functionality of Hermes.

    Hermes Config -> General -> Config Mode

    ElvUI Config -> ActionBars -> Bar 4 -> Visibility State = [group] show; hide

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    1337 / 1337
    Posted 5 years ago - #2

    Thanks for the guide and for pointing me to Hermes itself. Will try them both a little later.

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  3. Gladiator Repooc


    1101 / 1337
    Posted 5 years ago - #3

    Hermes is awesome just has bugs that sucks if you go into LFR with it enabled.

  4. Challenger antonmb


    11 / 1337
    Posted 4 years ago - #4

    I prefer the GridBars view and have relatively gotten it to match ElvUI a bit, but the problem is there's no option for bar borders. Anybody know a quick way to hack Hermes to get ElvUI borders in there?

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