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What does this Plugin do?
MerathilisUI is an external ElvUI Mod. It adds some usefull and probably not some usefull (lol) additions to ElvUI.

The Installer will run on the first time you enable it or after the ElvUI Installation is complete. You can ran the Installer anytime by clicking the Install Button in the MerathilisUI Options.
You can skip every install steps to keep your current ElvUI Settings.

  1. Install ElvUI
  2. Install MerathilisUI
You need to do the install steps from ElvUI, otherwise it can cause errors during my install.

My LUA Knowledgement is very limited, so i will take my time to fix and add new stuff ;)
Layout Changes: if you want always my latest layout, you'll have to run the installer again. This will overwrite any changes you made.

Chat Commands:
/mui = Options

Report any issue or suggestion on the Ticket Tracker by creating a Ticket. Please give me as much Information you can get. Try to reproduce the Issue with only ElvUI, ElvUI_OptionsUI and MerathilisUI enable.
You can see the latest changes here: MerathilisUI Dev branch

If you have simple questions or suggestions please post in this forum thread: [Plugin]MerathilisUI | Suggestions/Questions

ElvUI 12.30+

Recommended Addons: Additional Download:
You can download cool Icon replacements from Simpy here: https://git.tukui.org/Simpy/Interface

  • Styled and animated GameMenu.
  • Tooltip Icons for Items/Spells/Achievements.
  • Rewrote almost every ElvUI Skin.
  • Own RaidManger.
  • Notifications for Rare Mobs/New Mails ...
  • Own ActionBar overlay glow.
  • And many more...
Many Features can be disabled in the MerathilisUI Options.

A big big thanks goes to Benik who make this possible. He helped me so much, give him some Love <3
Elv, Simpy <3, DarthPredator, Blazeflack, Azilroka and all AddOn Authors who inspired me and for their amazing work.

A special thank to: RZ_DIGITAL for making the Logo.

Additional Screenshots:

Game Menu


AFK Screen


Enhanced Display Character Info

v4.78, 16.09.2021
  • Add more openable items to the AutoButtons
  • Update Venture Plan skin
  • Use Blizzard API instead of ElvUI function for some sizes

    v4.77, 06.08.2021
    • Take account for the latest ElvUI Tags + Aura changes
    • Take account for new Chat Bubble changes
    • Add more openable items to AutoButtons

      v4.76, 09.07.2021
      • Fix Chat install.
      • Updated BigWigs Profile (Codewise)
      v4.75, 02.07.2021
      • Removed the Parchment from some Quest Windows again
      • Fix some skin errors introduced with 9.1
      • Fix an error with the Armory Stat Options
      v4.74 for 9.1, 30.06.2021
      • Added Shadows around the most frames (WIP)
      • Added Grappling Growth to the Vignette Blacklist
      • Remove Talent Set Manager, there will be an own AddOn in the future
      • Updated some skins
      v4.73, 10.03.2021
      • Added an OmniCD Profile
      • Added a Talent Set Manager. Credits fang2hou <3
      • Added an option to toggle the shadow on the MicroBar
      • Added an option to toggle my right chat DataText Panel -.-
      • Updated VenturePlan skin
      v4.72, 04.02.2021
      • AutoButtons: Add more openable items
      • Armory: Fix enchants for strength and agi classes
      • LFG Info: Reskin the role icons
      v4.71, xx.01.2021
      • LocPanel: Add Cypher of Relocation to port items
      • AFK/FlightMode: Added a covenant texture
      • Skins: Various updates
      • Misc: Replace the Maw Threat Widget with a simple StatusBar
      • AutoButtons: Add openable items
      • AutoButtons: Added 2 more Bars in total now of 5
      • Armory: Added an indicator to show missing enchants/gems
      • Fonts: Replace GothamNarrow fonts with a newer one
      • MicroBar: Added a Shadow
      • GameMenu: Added some new NPC from Shadowlands
      • RaidBuffReminder: Added a Weapon enchant indicator
      • Chat: Added an option to disable the custom "Come online.." message
      v4.70, 21.12.2020
      • Take account for the new skin api in BigWigs
      • Layout: Update the position for Bags/Bank
      v4.69, 20.12.2020
      • Updated GarrisonUI Skin
      • Updated CovenantRenown Skin
      • Added back the Quick Join messages to my notification
      • Updated some utility items for the AutoButtons
      • Update my item alerts
      • Added right click to EncounterJournal Button on the MicroBar to open Weekly Rewards
      • Added some hearthstones to the MicroBar and LocPanel
      • Updated ChatLinks
      • Updated some reminders
      v4.68, 05.12.2020
      • AutoButtons: Added a new category: FOODVENDOR
      • Added some more vignettes to be ignored. Thx isp
      • Updated Garrison skin
      • Updated PlayerChoice skin
      • Added an own BigWigs Queue Timers
      • Added some hearthstones to MicroBar
      v4.67, 29.11.2020
      • AutoButtons: Added/Updated Shadowlands Pots/Flasks
      • LocPanel: Updated Teleport Items
      • Updated Rectangle Minimap to work in Torghast
      • Added some vignettes to my blacklist in the Notifications
      • Removed iFilger Profile
      v4.66, 23.11.2020
      • Added an option to adjust the waypoints
      • Fixed the backdrop from the Minimap if S&L is enabled
      • Fixed Time DataText
      • Removed GuildBest from the Mythic Keystone frame
      • Reworked Instance Difficulty
      • Fixed border color on the Merchant frame
      • Added some new hearthstones/flasks/food/pots for Shadowlands
      v4.65 for Shadowland PrePatch, 18.11.2020
      • Fixed a typo.. whoops, thx Kringel
      • Replaced the AFK Time with a Logout timer
      v4.64 for Shadowland PrePatch, 18.11.2020
      • The AutoButtons will now hide in Pet Battle
      • Dont force the spacing on UnitFrames Buffs/Debuffs
      • Added an notification icon on the MicroBar Guild button. Thx fang2hou <3
      v4.63 for Shadowland PrePatch, 08.11.2020
      • MicroBar: Added a Game Menu Button
      • Reposition Wowheadlinks on the WorldMap
      • Updated Cooldown Flash
      • Fixed an option error on Rectangle Minimap/LocPanel
      • Added Zhadar to the Patreon list <3
      v4.62 for Shadowland PrePatch, 03.11.2020
      • Fixed an install whoopsi
      • Small code updates
      • Added Deezyl to the Patreon list <3
      v4.61 for Shadowland PrePatch, 02.11.2020
      • Changed the option layout a bit
      • Style the LocationPanel again
      • Fixed Paragon Reputation Notification
      • Updated deDE locales from Dlarge & Rav
      • Updated the Rectangle Minimap Code -- Credits: Windtools
      • Updated/Fixed some skins
      • MicroBar: Added 2 new Buttons: Professions & Volume
      • MicroBar: Fixed an issue on initial load with Heartstones
      • Prevent errors on AFK Mode (hopefully)
      • Added: Patrons & Donator List to: Information
      v4.60 for Shadowland PrePatch, 24.10.2020
      • Added a skin for the AddOn WarPlan
      • Fixed an install whoopsi for the position on AB3 >.>
      • Added a frame on the MailBox SendMail Frame, to easy send mail to contacts
      • The Keybinds for the AutoButtons now finally works
      • Added a custom fade option if you use mouseOver on AutoButtons
      • Add a right click function for MicroBar: Collection & Toybox Buttons
      • Small tweaks and skin upates
      v4.59 for Shadowland PrePatch, 22.10.2020
      • Fix a green icon on my RaidManager. I remove by accident a texture
      • More updates to the MicroBar: Fix stuttering/lags
      • The MicroBar also shows now the time datatext from ElvUI
      • Updated my AutoButtons
      • Updated the ChatBar
      • Added a mover for the Buff Reminder
      v4.58 for Shadowland PrePatch, 17.10.2020
      • More fixes/updates to my new MicroBar -> own Option-Category
      • Fixed an error with the ActionBarProfile skin
      • Added some more frames to the blacklist on the FlightMode
      v4.57 for Shadowland PrePatch, 17.10.2020
      • Updated my DPS Layout due to some backdrop changes in ElvUI
      • Fixed an error in LFG Info
      • Updated my MicroBar, its now more customizable
      • Due to the updated MicroBar, i've also deleted my middle DataText Panel
      • Updated my Minimap Ping
      • Removed RaidCD, use a WeakAura instead or w/e
      v4.56 for Shadowland PrePatch, 14.10.2020
      • Adjusted QuestInfo skin to show colored progress again.
      • Fix my skin for ClassColored ScrollBars. >.>
      • Adjust the backdrop for AutoBar.
      • Commented out new HearthStones for SL, it broke the LocPanel.
      v4.55 for Shadowland PrePatch, 13.10.2020
      • **YOU NEED ELVUI 12.00**
      • Added an own FlightMode (inspired by Benik's)
      • Updated/Added a lot of skins due to Shadowland code changes.
      • Added an options for my Top-/Bottom Panel to change the height.
      • Maybe a lot of other changes i already forgot.. lol.
      v4.54, 27.08.2020
      • Fixed an incompatibility error, which errors out my Plugin
      v4.53, 27.08.2020
      • Added Holographic Digitalization to the LocPanel Hearthstones
      • Updated the logo for my SplashScreen
      • Don't hide some textures from the ObjectiveTracker
      • Changed my AFK screen
      • Added an option to adjust the Style Panel Width
      • Take account to the ElvUI Healprediction changes
      • Adjust the frame strata for my right Chat Datatext
      • Added a new font "Gotham Narrow Ultra"
      • Some code cleanup and misc changes
      v4.52, 16.07.2020
      • Take account for the new Aura Color Option from ElvUI.
      • Don't force settings anymore if you enable the rectangle Minimap.
      • Fix AzeriteTooltip Icons to display correct now.
      • Code cleanup.
      v4.51, 12.07.2020
      • Prevent an error which cause that the Export Profile didnt work.
      • My chat seperators now take account of the Chat Panel Backdrop Settings.
      • Simplify my Tooltip Icons.
      • UNDER INVESTIGATION: Added back Item Level Links. See in game Changelog for infos.
      v4.50, 09.07.2020
      • Try to prevent an error with my ChatButton.
      • Add an additional check if you enable the rectangle minimap.
      v4.49, 08.07.2020
      • Take account for the latest DataTexts update from ElvUI.
      • NOTE: If you want my new DataTexts, you need to do the install step for DataTexts.
      • Added own custom DataTexts via the new ElvUI option.
      • Fixed Heal-Layout UnitFrames position.
      • Use a new texture. (Do the install to get it :P)
      • Some skin updates & small code changes.
      • Updated the Combat Alert (Enter/Leave Combat message).
      • WIP: Added rectangle Minimap.
      v4.48, 30.04.2020
      • Take account for the latest DataTexts update from ElvUI.
      v4.47, 29.04.2020
      • Fixed MicroBar Styling.
      • Removed the ActionBar toggle buttons.
      • Updated Tags and use new Tags from ElvUI.
      • Removed some bad installer settings. THX Simpy.
      • Tweak/Cleanup my Armory Module.
      • Added CorruptionsTooltip: All Credits belong Anayanka (Defias Brotherhood - EU)
      • Added an option to change Minimap Blip textures.
      • Some skin/code tweaks.
      • Renamed some movers. You might need to reposition some elements.
      v4.46, 16.02.2020
      • Updated some skins.
      • Changed the texture on BigWigs/Details.
      • Changed the Vehicle Exit Button texture. #82
      • Added option for the MicroBar to change the backdrop. #75
      • Use different Role Icons on the UnitFrames. Thx Peri
      • Updated TooltipIcons.
      v4.45, 10.02.2020
      • Fix errors on install, if ElvUI install is not finished:
        always make sure you finish first the ElvUI install!!
      v4.44, 08.02.2020
      • Add '/muierrors on' and '/muierrors off' commands to quickly disable/enable only ElvUI + my AddOn.
      • Try to fix a talent skin error.
      • Some Options color update.
      v4.43, 05.02.2020
      • Take account to the new ElvUI Options update.
      • Added a chat alert for placed items.
      • Cleanup/Update my install file.
      • Try to fix an lua error in HealPrediction.
      • Remove Mover Transparency options.
      v4.42, 19.01.2020
      • Fixed Aura positions in my Install.
      • Fixed a quest lua error. Damn tables >.<
      v4.41, 18.01.2020
      • Change the default position from the "new" Vehicle Exit Button.
      • Enable "Swap to AltPower" on Party Frames.
      • Create a new Options for my Panels: .. Modules - Panels. You can now individually enable/disable them.
      • Split the Quest Options. #78
      • Small Layout tweaks.
      v4.40 for Patch 8.3, 15.01.2020
      • Code update/fixes for Patch 8.3.
      • Small Layout updates.
      • Added a Killing Blow feature. Credits: Shadow & Light.
      • Added a friend counter on the Friends Frame.
      • Readd compatibility code. Credits: NihilisticPandemonium.
      • Updated GothamNarrow Font.
      • Added a CVar options.
      • Added a random toy macro. See misc options.
      • Change the guild rank color in tooltip, if someone is in another guild.
      v4.39, 18.12.2019
      • Added styles on UnitFrames i missed.
      • The DashBoard is now disabled by default.
      • Updated skins.
      • Fixed RaidCD font option.
      • Added two buttons on the Talent Frame with Codex and Tome Items.
      • Fixed an install error.
      v4.38, 06.12.2019
      • Small Tweaks to the DPS Layout.
      • Added a chat fade feature. Thanks to fgprodigal <3
      • Added right click function to my RaidManager to open RaidPanel.
      • Hide Coords will now also hide the Backdrop fron the LocPanel Coords.
      • Added Color Option to GCD/Swing-Bar.
      • Added wowhead links on World Frame & Achievement Frame.
      • Added a System DashBoard to show FPS, MS and control Volume.
      v4.37, 26.11.2019
      • DPS LAYOUT UPDATE: If you want it, do the install process again!!
      • Added some animated stuff to gossip/quest frames.
      • Updated Heal Prediction.
      • Updated GCD Bar (disabled by default).
      • Added a Swing Bar (disabled by default).
      • AutoButtons can now use the Global Fade Transparency.
      • Options cleanup.
      v4.36, 14.11.2019
      • Changed some settings via install, which is now needed with the upcoming ElvUI update.
      • Removed DBM skin. You can still get my style via AddOnSkins.
      • Disable my Heal Prediction by default. Must figure out, why it dont work for some people.
      v4.35, 12.11.2019
      • Removed the compatibility checks, i don't want to deal with it.
      v4.34.1, 10.11.2019
      • Don't load my Armory if S&L is loaded. For now.
      v4.34, 10.11.2019
      • Fix some errors if you are using dual profiles. Thanks to fgprodigal <3
      • Changed my MicroBar Tooltip instance lockout.
      • Fixed my Clique Skin, it newer worked. lol
      • Removed CleanBossButton Code, its now default in ElvUI.
      • Tweak a bit the RaidManager Code.
      • Added an own glow for Actionbar procs.
      • Added my Tags to the Available Tags option in ElvUI.
      • Updated Minimap Buttons, the Buttons will now stay visible, if you click them.
      • Added an "Undress Button" to the DressUpFrame.
      • Removed the Aura Icon Spacing code for the UnitFrames.
      • Updated/Added some Skin.
      • Added a shadow around UnitFrames & NamePlates Debuffs that the debuff color is more visible.
      v4.33 for 8.2.5, 25.09.2019
      • The Chat Menu now dont force a fix Chat Height.
      • Removed Raider.IO skinning support. Grab AddOnSkins.
      • Completly redesigned my Minimap Buttons. Not for users with a lot of buttons!!
      • Hopefully fix MicroBar Invasion Timers. >.>
      • Take account for the changed tags in ElvUI.
      • Added AzeriteEssence Skin.
      • 8.2.5 changes.
      • Added an own Raid Manager and hide the ElvUI Raid Control.
      v4.32, 15.09.2019
      • Fixed EncounterJournal Tab backdrop.
      • Fixed AutoButton Usable Button color options.
      • Added an own Minimap Difficulty Indicator => Text.
      • Added combat hide option for Minimap Buttons.
      • Added own Durability DataText = > MUI Durability
      • Added new Style Panels under my existing Panels.
      • Code cleanup, you dont need to apply twice the install step for ActionBars/UnitFrames.
      v4.31, 06.09.2019
      • Removed my own ProgressBar. Was a good idea, but nah.
      • Remove transparent options for Bags/ActionBars. Now in ElvUI.
      • Enhance AutoButtons.
      • Hide the progress Tooltip if Raider.IO is loaded.
      • Updated some Skins.
      • Code cleanup. And hopefully fix some nil errors.
      • Added back TradeSkillTabs.
      • Added FPS and Latency to my MicroButton Time Tooltip.
      v4.30, 19.08.2019
      • More code cleanup.
      • Fixed an issue, which can happen with BenikUI FlightMode.
      • Added a description for my Tags in the UnitFrame options.
      • Added option to change the Paragon Bar Color and Text Style.
      • Added a notification for Paragon Rewards.
      v4.29, 18.08.2019
      • Code Cleanup.
      • Fixed an error in Notifications.
      • Updated Community skin.
      • Updated ObjectiveTracker skin.
      • Fixed some backdrops on my skins.
      • Fixed the border from AutoButtons.
      • Removed the NP Castbar Target.
      • Updated BW/Details Profiles.
      • Removed OzCooldowns Profile.
      • Added iFilger Profile.
      • Layout Updates. See inGame changelog info!!
      • Added an own ProgressBar over the Minimap.
      v4.28, 05.08.2019
      • Added Pawn Skin, needs AddOnSkins to work.
      • Adjust some install settings.
      • Added a Paragon Reputation feature.
      • Finally fixed a db error if AAP + HandyNotes are enabled. Big thanks to NihilisticPandemonium <3
      v4.27, 29.07.2019
      • Update some skins.
      • Update Azerite Armor Tooltip.
      • Hide the RaidManager during Pet Battles.
      • Removed WeakAuras Skin.
      v4.26, 23.07.2019
      • Added Eternal Palace to Raid Progress on Tooltip.
      • Changed Layout due to removal from Masque.
      • Added S&L Merchant skin incompatibility check.
      • Enable Cutaway Health on Player-/Target Frame.
      • RaiderIO skin fix.
      v4.25, 15.07.2019
      • Fixed a GMOTD PlaySoundFile.
      • Fixed Enable Options for RaidCD.
      • Removed SLE Armory Incompatibility check.
      v4.24, 04.07.2019
      • Removed Talent Manager. Caused too many errors.
      • Added new Wormhole Generators to LocPanel.
      • Added PVPMatchUI skin.
      • IMPORTANT: Updated my Layout to not block certain World Quest.
      • Fixed some bugs with compatibility code -- Thx Nihilist
      • Fixed Nameplate Castbar Shield option.
      v4.23, 26.06.2019
      • Added new Flask to my RaidBuffReminder module.
      • Added new Hearthstones to LocPanel.
      • Updated Code with 8.2 changes.
      v4.22, 06.06.2019
      • Updated compatibility with ElvUI_NihilisUI.
      • Updated Enhanced Nameplate Auras to display the Player Name on CC Buffs, with help from Nihili <3
      • Added new Font Expressway Bold and use it. (You need to run the Installer again)
      • Small Layout update. (You need to run the Installer again) if you want it.
      v4.21, 01.06.2019
      • Added new Tag: 'name:abbrev-translit'
      • Return of the Enhanced Nameplate Auras. All Credits belong to: NihilisticPandemonium.
      • Take account to the latest ElvUI_OptionsUI changes.
      v4.20, 22.05.2019
      • Change the load order in the TOC file, hopefully this will fix the nil errors.
      • Update the size for my changelog in game.
      • Adjust nameplate settings in my install.
      v4.19, 18.05.2019
      • Code improvements for Notifications.
      • Disabled Call To Arms alert by default.
      • Take account to the new ElvUI locales.
      • Removed NSCT & CombatFeedBack.
      • Removed a function from chat, which will prevent the Chat Editbox to flash.
      • Overhaul my media section. I hope this will prevent some lua errors.
      v4.18, 15.05.2019
      • Added a shield icon to Nameplate Castbar for non interruptible casts.
      • Added an Advanced Merchant Frame (for Vendors). Credits S&L
      • Attempt to prevent a nil error in itemLevel.
      • Added an GCD spark below the Player UnitFrames.
      • Added a Call to Arms Alert.
      • Added right click functionality to my MerathilisUI Panels to temp hide the Middle Datatext.
      • Added a RaidCD Module. Credits Klix.
      • Added RaiderIO Styling support.
      v4.17, 22.04.2019
      • Add some hidden alerts. Muhahaha.
      • Updateded options for Minimap Buttons.
      • Added incompatibility popups for ElvUI_WindTools & ElvUI_LivvenUI.
      v4.16a, 19.04.2019
      • Fix lua errors in AutoButton. >.>
      v4.16, 19.04.2019
      • Rename the movers for AutoButtons.
      • Added Masque support for the AutoButtons.
      • Rename Bindingtext for AutoButtons.
      • Override ElvUI's min scale for Aura's.
      • Enable Crucible of the Storm in Progress.
      v4.15a, 14.04.2019
      • Fixed a lua error. >.>
      v4.15, 14.04.2019
      • Added an Emoticon Frame to the chat.
      • Fixed some lua errors if you use Dual Profiles.
      • Added Target Name to the ElvUI Nameplate Castbars.
      • Added a Talent Manager, where you can save different presets.
      • Added back my chatBar. Disabled by default.
      • Added Raid Progress Info to the Tooltip (hold shift).
      v4.14, 07.04.2019
      • Prevent a lua error in Reminder Module.
      • Alot of more Nameplate settings in my install.
      • Update the appearance for my FlightPoints frame.
      • Added Azerite Item Tooltip back.
      • Minor tweaks to Unitframe install.
      • Add Guildbest Frame on the LFG Frame > Mythic Keystones.
      • Chinese Locals from Simon@ciki <3.
      v4.13, 12.03.2019
      • Remove my own System DataText i use now the ElvUI Datatext.
      • Removed Chat Menu, i never used it.
      • Removed Chat Buttons.
      • Adjust the Layout due to the new Voice Chat Buttons.
      • Add new Nameplate settings to my Layout/CVar Install steps.
      • Small UnitFrame settings update.
      v4.12, 25.02.2019
      • Adjust my ActionBar appereance. Looks nice with my new Masque skin.
      • Take account the the new ItemLevel Font changes.
      v4.11, 24.02.2019
      • Forgot to change a tag in the Healer Layout.
      v4.10, 24.02.2019
      • Changed the Armory Mode to work with the new Character Info from ElvUI.
      • Many Skin updates.
      • Added a MicroBar Tooltip.
      • Added a Community Chat Hider. Credits Nnogga.
      • Added NamePlate Scrolling Text.Credits Mpstark
      v4.09, 26.01.2019
      • Dont load the AzeriteButtons if the ElvUI Character Skin is disabled.
      • Add a waring texture for missing gems.
      • Update ls_Toast skin and profile.
      v4.08, 21.01.2019
      • Remove some code from the Collection Skin to prevent a taint.
      • Remove RealmInfo from the Tooltip. Go away...
      • Added back the Media section to change some additional fonts.
      • More work on my Armory. Slot Gradiation, socket links, etc.
      v4.07, 11.01.2019
      • Fixed an error with CombatFeedBack Text if UnitFrames are disabled.
      • Fixed an error with LSM calls.
      • Some NamePlateAuras fine tuning.
      • The Notification dont show now if you are in a dungeon/raid etc.
      • Added an own Armory (light) Mode.
      • Updated some skins.
      v4.06, 08.01.2019
      • Fixed an error in ItemSocketing skin.
      • Added back my ShadowOverlay.
      • Adjust font size for ScrappingMachine & FlyoutButton iLvL.
      • Update the Minimap Glow appearance.
      • Update RealmInfo.
      • Simplify the NamePlate Auras.
      • Change the default position for the Combat State.
      v4.05, 27.12.2018
      • Various skin adjustments & fixes.
      • Use a nice glow around RaidBuffReminder & Buff Reminder.
      • Update Minimap Coords Position.
      • Removed my ShadowOverlay.
      • Added a CombatFeedBack Text to the UF's.
      v4.04, 13.12.2018
      • Fixed an error in the LFGList skin.
      • Updated SpellBook skin.
      • Use my arrows on the StackSplitFrame again.
      • Disable my ShadowOverlay by default for now.
      v4.03, 11.12.2018
      • Update new ChatBar position and size.
      • Removed Enhanced FriendsList. Get ProjectAzilroka.
      • Fix Keystone Info tooltip.
      • Added iLvL on ScrappingMachine & EquipFlyout Buttons.
      • Added Buff Reminder Module.
      v4.02, 21.11.2018
      • Fixed an error in one of my ClassColor function. #38
      • Fixed an error with DeJaCharacterStats. #39
      v4.01, 20.11.2018
      • Small DPS/Tank Layout adjustments.
      • Take account to the new ElvUI functions. (aborb etc.)
      • Added new Hearthstone spells to the LocPanel.
      • Updated the Undress Button on the CharacterFrame.
      • Added a ChatBar with quick buttons.
      • Added a Quest Notifier.
      • A lot of skin updates.
      v4.00, 05.10.2018
      • New Layout for DPS/Tank Profile.
      • Updated BigWigs/Details/Masque Profile.
      • Updated my buttonColector to be like SMB.
      • Added mouseover options for EquipBar & SpecBar.
      • A lot skin updates.
      v3.41.1, 18.09.2018
      • Fix a nil error on the NamePlate Auras.
      v3.41, 18.09.2018
      • Added a check for the ScrappingMachine if the ElvUI bags are disabled.
      • Adjust a bit the ArenaFrame position.
      • Maybe a fix for a nil error on vignetteInfo.
      • More NPCs on my GameMenu. ;)
      • A lot skin updates.
      v3.40, 14.09.2018
      • Code updates to NamePlate Auras.
      • Added WarScrolls to the RaidBuffs.
      • Update ProjectAzilroka compatibily.
      • Added back DBM skin. I only touch the Range/Info Frame.
      • Fixed an error in the RaidUI skin.
      • Added back the install steps for the AddOns.
      • A lot of skin updates.
      v3.39, 08.09.2018
      • Remove the BenikUI incompatibility checks. Sorry for this.
      • Fixed an error in Enhanced Namplateaura if the Player NamePlate was enabled. #27
      • Comment out the DBM skin for now (again). Will work on it more.
      • Some new skinning function for the MailFrame Checkboxes.
      v3.38, 07.09.2018
      • Some major code improvements by Whiro. Thanks for this:
        -> Compatibily with other Plugins/AddOns
        Some modules from me or other Plugins/AddOns gets disabled if there is any incompatibility.
        If this happens the first time, there will be a print in the chat.
        -> Add db conversations if updating/switching/delete profiles. So my modules take account to this.
      • Updated BigWigs profile and add a BigWigs Heal Profile.
      • Some skin updates.
      v3.37, 03.09.2018
      • Added a split bag feature. Which allows you to split the All In One Bag. Credits: SMRTL
      • Updated ProjectAzilroka profile.
      • Fixed an error in my DataText options. No one have discovered it yet. :>
      • Added an compatibily feature. My modules will gets disabled if a specific
        AddOn is Loaded. Many thanks to Whiro.
      • Added a second layout to my install => Heal Layout. Needs feedback!!
      v3.36, 31.08.2018
      • Register my modules to an own function.
      • You are now able, to change the most of my stuff to use the Value Color from ElvUI.
        No more forced to use ClassColor (if you don't want to).
      • Overhaul my complete Options.
      • Add a new install step to choose a profile where you want to apply my settings.
      v3.35, 29.08.2018
      • Skin extra CharacterStatsPane from S&L Armory Mode.
      • Updated LocPanel & MicroBar combat hide options.
      • Show/hide the bags if the ScrappingMachine Frame is shown. Thx Whiro
      • Fix a possible error if the panels table doesn't exist. Thx Whiro
      • Added BfA Augementation Rune to the RaidBuffs.
      • A lot of skin updates.
      v3.34, 22.08.2018
      • Fixed an issue that the Changelog wasn't showing on version bumb.
      • Added the option back to hide the Coords on the LocPanel.
      • Ajust some DataTexts in my install.
      • Add some frames to the E.FrameLocks. This will hide correctly some frames in Pet Battles.
      • Some skin adjustments.
      v3.33, 20.08.2018
      • Update EFL.
      • Reskinned the ScrappingMachine.
      • Reskinned GarrisonUI.
      • Updated Azerite Skin.
      • Change the FrameStrata for the ObjectiveTracker.
      • Added an option to enable/disable the skin for the BossButton.
      • Added custom emojis :salt: :monkaomega:
      v3.32, 13.08.2018
      • Added a scale option for the MicroBar.
      • Added a show/hide option for the friends/guild text on the MicroBar.
      • Add back the default QuickJoinToastButton and skinned it.
      • Removed the QuickJoinNotifications. We use the blizz default now.
      • Fixed an issue in the DBM skin which not allow to resize the bars.
      • Added a text overlay to the Minimap which will show who pinged.
      • Added back CooldownFlash!!
      • Added a text option for the MicroBar.
      • A lot of skin updates.
      v3.31, 30.07.2018
      • Fix the WorldMap Title Frame.
      • Updated the Talent skin.
      • Added back my time datatext.
      • Fix the LFGListInviteDialog Role Icons.
      v3.30, 29.07.2018
      • Added a panel to the chat to place the Voice Buttons.
      • -> You have to do the setup for Chat & ActionBars again.
      • Fixed some skin related issues/errors.
      • Use the new ElvUI MapInfo Table to get coords. Thx Simpy <3.
      • Remove the Raid Buff Reminder.
      v3.29, 18.07.2018
      • Fix a nil error with linking Mythic Keystones.
      v3.28, 18.07.2018
      • Prevent some rare nil errors with coords.
      v3.27, 17.07.2018 v3.26, 16.04.2018
      • Prevent a rare nil error in my Styling function.
      • Add a frame to display missing Flask, Food, Runes. Thx Exeil for the idea. <3
      • Styled the ElvUI Databars.
      • Fix an install error. *derp*
      • Move the WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame a bit down, so it donts overlaps elements.
      • Adjust the position for the Boss Frames and ObjectiveTracker.
      • Add a DeadlyBossMods Profile and Skin.
      v3.25, 10.04.2018
      • Remove the UIButton module.
      • Create own UIButtons attached on the Left Chat Panel.
      • The MicroBar hides now also in Pet Battle, if Combat hide is selected.
      • Remove the right click function from the MicroBar.
      • Add a "NoBackdrop" option to the Location Panel.
      • Small Layout adjustments.
      v3.24, 07.04.2018
      • Follow the recent BigWigs API changes and BigWigs Skin update.
      • Add chat commands: /cleanboa = Remove Heirlooms from your bag.
      • /repop, /release = Release spirit if the dialog doesn't show up.
      • Adjust the pet Frame position.
      • Let the minimap border blink, if you have new mail/invites. :>
      • Create a button glow animation.
      • Adjust the Style Panel size for bigger resolutions.
      v3.23, 01.04.2018
      • Removed a global string which broke other AddOns.
      v3.22, 01.04.2018
      • Change the right and left ActionBar layout.
      • Prevent a nil error with the recent S&L changes for the Minimap buttons.
      • Create an own Minimap Button bar.
      • Update the BigWigs Profile.
      • Add an shadowoverlay to my UI. Which makes the UI darker. I love it!!
      v3.21, 29.03.2018
      • Dont set the ls_Skin automatic.
      • Removed cargBags_Nivaya from the package.
      • The SplashScreen now shows only once a day per char.
      • Update the Garrison Capacitive Skin.
      • Update the Party Layout. You have to do the install step for UnitFrames again.
      • Prevent some lua errors if you click the MicroBar Buttons in combat.
      v3.20, 23.03.2018
      • Add an itemlevel link feature. Shows the slot/item level on linked items in chat.
      • Update a lot of skins.
      • Change the default position for the WorldMap.
      • Add the ls_Toast skin to my Plugin.
      • Add my logo on the ElvUI config.
      • Remove the custom Minimap blip textures.
      • Remove my Expressway font.
      • Remove the move Blizz function.
      • The Teleport menu will now only show one of general "Hearthstone" items.
      • Included an edited version of cargBags_Nivaya.
      v3.19, 30.01.2018
      • Add an EquipSet Bar. Thx Azilroka for this <3
      • Fix Party/Raid position for high resolutions.
      • Update BigWigs Skin. No Half-Bar anymore.
      • Replace the Quest button with a Talent button in the MicroBar.
      • Don't hide the AFK options if BenikUI is loaded.
      • Add new font settings for S&L (its not live yet), will error out.
      • Fixed the option for the MerchantItemLevel.
      v3.18, 26.01.2018
      • Changed the middle Datatext framestrata.
      • Add an option to disable the Infotexts style.
      • Show the option to disable my AFK Screen.
      • Correctly disable the Orderhall Commandbar, if the skin is disabled.
      v3.17, 23.01.2018
      • Add an ObjectiveTracker collapse function on Raid Bosses.
      • Fix Chat Button, it will now get the actual size from the chat height.
      • Update many skins.
      • Update BigWigs and Details profiles.
      • Create a mover for the SpecBar.
      • Add an own MicroBar with right click functionality from the LocPanel.
      • Update the skinning function for buttons to be transparent. Thx Simpy <3
      • Readd the custom MiniMap textures.
      • Update the AFK Frame. =)
      • Layout Update.
      v3.16, 29.12.2017
      • Add a mouseover name feature. To display the unit name on the mouse.
      • Update gmotd.
      • Fix for chat size after reload (hardcoded!!).
      • Create an own AltPowerBar.
      • Add skinning support/ profile for ProjectAzilroka.
      • Rewrote the Blizzard Error handling.
      • Add a SpecBar.
      • Remove ObjectiveTracker hider.
      • Update some skins.
      v3.15, 05.12.2017
      • Fix an error in UnitFrame install.
      v3.14, 04.12.2017
      • Remove detached portrait feature. Let it be Benik's baby <3
      • Color the mail label in the notifications.
      • Fix WeakAura skin.
      v3.13, 03.12.2017
      • Add a "EasyChat" function, which allows you to press tab and select a channel.
      • Account for changes with ElvUI (settings for combat indicator)
      • IMPORTANT: Remove v1 of my Layout.
      • Update the GameMenu. ;)
      • Remove EncounterJournalInfo. Causes too much errors.
      • Added more frames to be movable.
      • Small code adjustments.
      v3.12, 12.11.2017
      • Update/Added a lot of skins.
      • Updated the EFL icons.
      • Updated my Layout v2 + new texture.
      • Add an ObjectiveTracker Hider.
      • Added a chat button to increase the chat size.
      • Add an own style for the close buttons.
      • Prevent a rar nil error in FlightPoint.
      v3.11, 27.10.2017
      • Fix the UnitFrame tags for v1.
      • Updated my skinning function for stripes/gradient.
      v3.10, 27.10.2017
      • Change the frame strata for the locPanel & Notifications.
      • Add QuickJoinNotifications to my Notifications.
      • Add SpeedyLoad.
      • Massive Cleanup.
      • Added some new skins & updated some skins.
      • Add new tag: mUI-resting.
      • Updated Expressway & Roboto-Black font.
      • Small layout adjustments for v2.
      • Use an own texture for the MailIcon.
      v3.09, 01.10.2017
      • Fix a lua error after reload in the BigWigs skin.
      • Add korean locale file.
      • Adjust Orderhall Commandbar skin.
      • Update ObjectiveTracker skin.
      • Update filterPriority in install.
      • Add a skin for the RaidFrame.
      • Add a new tags "health-current-mUI" shows 2 diggets; "power:current-mUI" shows power if 0 instead of hiding it.
      • Adjust the size for the Notifications frame.
      • Remove OzCooldowns, since the original AddOn is working now.
      v3.08, 06.09.2017
      • Add new filterPriority to install.
      • Add a new texture.
      • Add some spell to OzCooldowns.
      • Fix spellRewards frame in Quest skin.
      • Update SplashScreen Logo.
      v3.07, 31.08.2017
      • Update install with new filterPriority.
      • Add the possibility to change the duration text on the Nameplate auras.
      • Fix errors with PlaySound API.
      • Increase the size of the Orderhall Commandbar.
      v3.06, 29.08.2017
      • Implement OzCooldowns - Credits Infinitron
      • Add a new Logo. Thx RZ_Digital
      • Some layout adjustments.
      • Add Namplateaura Filter - Credits Infinitron.
      • Fix a error in AFK screen.
      • Works with Patch 7.2.5 & 7.3.
      v3.05, 17.08.2017
      • Remove the texture from the ObjectiveTracker Skin.
      • Fix an error in WeakAura Skin.
      • Some layout adjustments.
      • Add a style for the ActionBars Buttons (Like Masque) -- Credits Infinitron for the code permission.
      • Add compatibily with or without ParchementRemover from AddOnSkins.
      • Add a QuestCounter on the WorldMap.
      v3.04, 09.08.2017
      • Set the font in the install step messages.
      • Change the S&L Datatext (Friend, Guild) to use text instead of the icon.
      • Fix Pet castbar position.
      • Change the castbar to be default, not transparent.
      • Fix a error with version check if the SplashScreen is disabled.
      v3.03, 07.08.2017
      • Add some checks to tooltips. :IsForbidden()
      • Update a lot of skins.
      • Remove the ExtraActionButton Texture -- Credits Blazeflack (CleanBossButton)
      • Adds an Player Model to the tooltip. Disabled by default.
      • Update Changelog to show after the splashScreen.
      • Add UnitFrame option for "AuraSpacing" and "AuraIconText" -- Credits CustomTweaks by Blazeflack
      • Fix a lua error with Auctineer.
      • Fix a lua error if the ElvUI Actionbars are not enabled.
      • Add a new Layout v2 (Still some things to do).
      v3.02, 24.06.2017
      • Pimp my AFK Screen. Should be compatible with BenikUI.
      • Add an autoscreenshot function on achievements and legendary item drops.
      • Update/Add a lot of skins.
      • Fix an error in the questinfo skin.
      • Add a media section to adjust some fonts. Will be disabled if S&L is loaded.
      • Remove the RoleIcons from the Tooltip.
      • Add an extern EncounterJournalInfo Frame.
      v3.01, 19.06.2017
      • Fix an error in the Orderhall skin. Update the Chromie Talent skin. Thx Simpy <3
      • Fix an error in the PvP skin that the tooltips won't show.
      • Update a lot of skins.
      • Create an option to disable the decorative Stripes.
      • Add own detached portraits for Player/Target. The options are disabled if BenikUI is loaded. -- Credits Benik
      • Add own options for transparent Actionbar Backdrop. The options are disabled if BenikUI is loaded. -- Credits Benik.
      v3.00, 12.06.2017
      • Add a skin for Premade Group Filter
      • Updated and edit a lot of skins
      • Remove some code to position the AlwaysUpFrame
      • Update BigWigs skin (now half-bar)
      • Hide the Notifications if you are in combat
      • Use the new method from ElvUI to register modules
      • Add bindings for the RaidMarkBar
      • The tabs from ElvUI are now transparent
      • Fix a rar nil error in CoolDownFlash with Dual Profiles enabled
      • Update profile creation for the AddOns. It now uses char specific profiles.

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