world of warcraft
made by ThreeLeos
Made on 1920X1080 Resolution - Can be modified for other sizes via Plugin Menu

I have been working on this addon since 2009. Now it is set up in ElvUI (not included) and as of V10 all graphics can be re-sized and also re-colored.
There are two layouts included with this. Version 1 is a more graphical layout with all the art on the bottom of the screen.
Version 2 is a more minimalistic layout which is what I personally use. More suited for healers or if you want to immerse yourself in the world!
  • You must also install ElvUI Retail version as it is required for this addon to work.
  • ElvUI Retail Version - LINK
  • Masque - Now included with custom buttons for OrkoUI
  • SimpleRareElite - Now included and working as of Shadowlands
  • Skada - Now included
  • Just copy the INTERFACE folder into your World of Warcraft Retail installation folder.
  • I recommend skipping the ELVUI Installation Process by pressing Continue until it is finished.
  • The OrkoUI Layout Install will run after the ElvUI Installer is complete.
  • Select Version 1 or Version 2 layouts.
Note As of now, you can NOT freely swap between the two layouts and keep changes you make to them. I will fix this some day when I have time.
I do not get donations or get paid for this so any requests or fixes will happen when I feel like it.

v10 5/7/2022
New overhaul of code and included two layouts.
Version 1 Layout is a graphical style
Version 2 Layout is a minimalistic style
All frames on both versions can be adjusted in size and position and color!
Still need to install a way to save custom panel sizes in case you flip to a different layout version


Version 1.0a Release

Little update to fix ClassColorProfile.lau error


Version 1.0 Release
(This UI has been around since Wotlk, hence the version 9. Changed it to version 1 now since being ported to ElvUI)
Changed some things in the structure of the layout. Moved and seperated the profiles into their own folder.
Added the Top Bar back and moved the Location, Guild and Friend Data Texts there
Changed how the layout swap happens. Now you are forced to ReloadUI to clear excessive panels from building up.
Added new logo
Changed version number back to 1.0 since being new to ElvUI.


Version 9.1 B Release

Packaged into one folder. Client issues should be gone. Fixed panels from turning off in vehicle ui.


Version 9.1 a Release

Trying to fix client install issues


Version 9.1 Release

Changed the art panel to new style.
Created and added my own plugin for the panels. It is required for this addon
Added class color panels as a new layout choice.
Added a healer layout to make room for raid frames. Recommend using VudDo for the healer layout
Reputation Bar is now next to chat window (vertical)
Honor Bar is next to Damage meter (vertical)


8- 12 - 18
Ver9 Release A

Updated folder structure to fix Tukui Client errors
Removed a few addon profiles until I can get them working correctly.

Known Issues
Data Text Bars 2 throws an error when installing profile. Not sure why but it does not carry over once the setup is complete.


8 - 11 - 18
Ver9 Release 1.0b

fixed the way the folders were arranged
Adjusted target/player frame height
Changed the way the layouts are loaded and handled


Ver 9 Release 1.0A

Fixed Class Bar not being attached to Player Frame. Caused issue with player frame panels.
Need to fix some of the pre-loaded Addon profiles or will remove completely until I can.


Ver: 9 Release
BfA 8.0.1

Initial Release on TukUI.org


The latest version of this addon is 10.5 and was uploaded on May 07, 2022 at 18:08.

This file was last downloaded on May 24, 2022 at 05:39 and has been downloaded 6564 times.


tasmurf May 19, 2022 at 00:36

I really like this UI! Been having some trouble getting it to fit my resolution but hopefully I can get it to fit.
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