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made by Benik

The installer will run the first time you enable the addon or after ElvUI install ends. You can run the installer anytime, by clicking the Install button in BenikUI options.
Any install step can be avoided, thus keeping your current settings.

BenikUI looks better with ThinBorder Theme enabled and 1920x1080 resolution.
BenikUI can also be downloaded from CurseForge.com
WoW Classic version: https://www.tukui.org/classic-addons.php?id=13
WoW Classic WotLK version: https://www.tukui.org/classic-wotlk-addons.php?id=13


Find me in Tukui Discord Server
Report any issues by creating a ticket in GitHub Ticket Tracker. Please try to reproduce any issues with only ElvUI, ElvUI_Options, ElvUI_BenikUI enabled.
Download forthcoming beta versions (for testing only): BenikUI development branch. Also download ElvUI development branch, since BenikUI follows ElvUI changes. Avoid using a dev branch with a released version.

Requires ElvUI v12.55+, WoW patch 9.15

Recommended addons:
AddOnSkins so that your addons fit with ElvUI and BenikUI style.
LocationPlus for player location frames and moar datatexts.
ElvUI Nuts and Bolts for some cool features.
ProjectAzilroka Square Minimap Bar/Buttons to show the minimap buttons in a neat, movable bar.

Works fine with most of ElvUI plugins that I could test.

Decors all ElvUI and Blizzard frames.
Shadows on all ui elements, including Nameplates, AuraBars. Also on DBM and BigWigs bars.
The decor can be Enabled/Disabled/Recolored. Different colors can be applied in Actionbars decor.
Includes 3 Unitframe and 3 Actionbar layouts. Can be applied and combined with the install routine. (The 3d layout is available through BenikUI install)
Party profiles for both layouts.
3 frame color themes plus the default ElvUI. 'Diablo' (dark red), 'Mists' (dark green), 'Hearthstone' (dark blue).
Option to enable shadows on all frames (beta stage).
Options to apply different texture on Powerbars, Castbars and Information Panels.
Option for Vertical Powerbar texture (Player/Target).
System Dashboard that shows ms, fps, memory, durability, volume. Volume can be adjusted by left/right click - mouseover the speaker icon.
Tokens Dashboard.
Professions Dashboard.
NEW! Reputations Dashboard.
NEW! Custom Panels.
Unique AFK Mode.
Unique FlightMode.
Missions, Mail, Achievement, Renown datatexts
Detached portraits - player and target. (Credit: Blazeflack)
Buttons beside the chat datatexts, that can show Addons - LFG (left chat) and Game menu - ElvUI options (right side). Shift and mouse over the cornered buttons, will show an arrow to hide the chat (like ElvUI does).
2 Small mouseovered buttons on the actionbar decor (bar 1 or 2), that can show/hide bar 3 and 5
"Request Stop" button that appears while on flight path.
"Notifiers" add a small arrow and percentage beside the vertical xp/rep statusbars.
Options to change XP/Rep bar colors.
Includes fonts and textures.
Profiles for Skada, Recount, Details, DBM, ElvUI VisualAuraTimers, AddOnSkins, MSBT, Pawn.
Decors to fit with BenikUI: S&L, LocationPlus, Roject Azilroka, Recount, Skada, TinyDPS, DBM, BigWigs, ZygorGuides, Clique, Decursive, oRA3. Many more to come. Just poke me :)
All options are in light blue color inside ElvUI options; currently in actionbars, unitframes, player and target portraits.

Elv, Tukz, Blazeflack, Azilroka, Simpy, Sinaris, Darth Predator, Dandruff, Hydra, Merathilis, NihilisticPandemonium, Repooc, Kringel, thurin

Become a Patron
thurin, cry1n, Beleynn, Rezzurect, Frances H.

If you wish to support this project (you don't really have to), feel free to press the "Donate" button above. Your name will be added in BenikUI donors, shown at in game options.

Top Donator:
◆ CHRONiC Thank you very much :)
The Layouts

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3 (available through BenikUI install)

Edited AFK Mode


What you can do with detached portraits


Flight Mode

4.19 (Sep 12th, 2022)
Update raid movers in installer
Fixed PlayerChoice style
Donators, Patrons and Nitros
Fixed ShapeShift texture glitch
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev_yeet' into development
Fixed the Texture hooks for health/power
Remove class hover
Installer for new raid frames and more clenup
Initial changes for new raid frames
Remove bui style for guild bank tabs, only shadows now
Style tabs on Character, Spellbook, Friends, PVE frames

4.18 (Aug 18th, 2022)
*Big thanks to thurin for the updates <3
*Follow ElvUI aurabar changes
*Update toc
*Hide RareTracker in Flightmode
*Style WoW-Pro
*Style RareTracker
*Style Hekili buttons
*Fix power offset in party frames due to missing UF in threat

4.17 (Jun 1st, 2022)
*toc update for patch 9.2.5
*PlayerReportFrame is now ReportFrame (credit: thurin)
*Boss Frames are now 8 (credit: Merathilis)

4.16 (Apr 5, 2022)
*Move the Objective Tracker quest icon a bit for Roxanne :P
*Added option for Statusbar height for all Dashboards
*Reputation Dashboard: Added Paragon bag icon with glow and check
*Reputation Dashboard: It can now utilize ElvUI Custom Faction Color options
*Reputation Dashboard: Fixed Paragon rep not showing on mouseover and on tooltip
*Styled the BuyDialog frame in Auctions
*Fixed Reputation Dashboard error, when a rep gets disabled with Shift Right Click
*Styled OutfitDetailsPanel

4.15 (Feb 26, 2021)
*Minor Install fix
*Fixed WorldMap Style
*toc update for patch 9.2
*Update Aurabars shadows

4.14 (Jan 24, 2021)
*Fixed notifiers error during install
*Minor install adjustments

4.13 (Jan 23, 2021)
*fix GuildBankTab button style error - Thurin
*Changed the default Currencies to Shadowlands
*Update donators

4.12 (Nov 25, 2021)
*Fixed Simpy's flower
*Updated Donors/Patrons list
*Fixed the options error
*Popup Style needs a delay. This should fix it
*Fixed Static Popup styling
*Fixed Bliz Splash Frame

4.11 (Nov 2, 2021)
*Fixed Ace3 Tooltip error
*Remove the Store from the game menu
*Remove an outdated event
*Prevent Static popup error
*Bump toc version
*Updated GitHub links
*Updated issues link
*Update Donators list with David <3

4.10 (Aug 17, 2021)
*Fixed all unitframes, following ElvUI changes

4.09 (Aug 4, 2021)
*Hardcode Renown DT max to 80
*Style CovenantRenown frame
*Followed Azils fixes for DBM Bar icons
*Added shadows on Nameplate buff/debuff icons
*Fix buff/debuff border color
*Style animaDiversionUI

4.08 (Jul 18, 2021)
*Fixed broken options
*Fixed Install Chat step not moving the Loot/Trade tab to the left chat panel
*Set min ElvUI version to 12.35

4.07 (Jul 11, 2021)
*More backdrop fixes
*Updated Donators/Patrons
*Fixed ClassTactics style
*Screen size var update (Simpy)

4.06 (Jun 29, 2021)
*More backdrop fixes
*Achievements frame still has a backdrop
*Fixed Actionbar errors
*toc update for patch 9.1
*Credits update
*Removed all .backdrop from skins
*Updated Patrons/Donators list
*I thought I added Blom in the list. Getting old...
*Prevent CT style
*Style ClassTactics
*Disable BigWigs profile till I permanently delete it. Fed up with it

4.05 (Apr 4, 2021)
*Added a Dashboard like statusbar on the Objective Tracker
*Added option to toggle Objective Tracker edit
*Prevent an error in Immersion, when AddonSkins Shadows are disabled
*Fixed DBM Skin by following AddonSkins changes
*Renamed the Style function to avoid conflicts.
*Added Maw bar. Peeked on Mera's module :P
*Fixed AfkMode statusbar frame level
*Added new Widget Bar options. Maw bar will be there, along with Half Bar skin for Mirror Timers and Alternative Power bar
*Style the Sell frame and cleaned up the bags module, making all its functions local
*Cleared the CovenantMissionFrame skin from Blizz stuff

4.04 (Mar 9, 2021)
*toc update for patch 9.05
*Fixed Tokens Dashboard hiding bug, when a currency with zero amount is selected

4.03 (Mar 4, 2021)
*Added option to toggle style on Chat Panels. Injected in ElvUI Chat - Panels options
*Added shadow overlay in afkMode
*Fixed Castbar shadow frame level
*Added option to enable/disable ElvUI Options buttons and tabs coloring
*Added back style on Mera's top/bottom panels
*Styled the ugly Micro bar

4.02 (Feb 2, 2021)
*Fixed chat datatexts losing their style after a reload
*Custom Panels: Added style color options
*Prevent a rep error
*Added 'shortvalue' on the health custom texts, in the install
*Set minimum ElvUI version to 12.18

4.011 (Jan 25, 2021)
*Prevent a ProjectAzilroka error

4.00 (Jan 24, 2021)
*Dashboards: Added option for Profession Icons to be placed Left or Right
*Dashboards: Added option for Token Icons to be placed Left or Right
*Dashboards: Added option for Reputations to align the text left/right/center
*Styled some missing Communities frames
*Custom Panels: Added Clone option
*Custom Panels: Delete a panel without a reload
*Added Covenant colors in the game menu
*Added Covenant Color Style option
*Added icons on Chat DTs buttons
*Added Renown datatext
*Added FiraBold font
*Added Rezzurect in the Patrons list <3
*Added Kullerkeks in the Nitro Boosters <3
*Mission DT menu fix. Credit: Azilroka
*Prevent an Immersion error, when shadows are disabled
*Fixed ElvUI Top/Bottom panel strata after a Pet Battle
*Fixed Middle Datatext creation during install
*Changed options colors to orange
*Removed Archeology from Tokens
*Create Currencies db on the fly
*Hide Decursive during flightMode
*Missions DT: Left Click for Covenant, Right click for the "Garrison" menu

3.981 (Dec 23, 2020)
*Fixed a ZoneAbility frame error during flightMode
*Add Elkano's Buff Bars to Flightmode (thurin)

3.98 (Dec 22, 2020)
*Added Stygia to Tokens Dashboard (thurin)
*Hide the ZoneAbility buttons while on flightMode
*Custom Panel minimum height changed to 1
*Missions DT: Don't show "Research Time" for SL
*Hide SMB during flightMode for good this time
*Added Apostolis in the donators list
*Enable AB4 during install
*Added Sinstone Fragments and Grateful Offering to Tokens Dashboard (thurin)
*Added Shadow Alpha option for ticket #133 request
*Added Kaliels Tracker Buttons to flight mode (thurin)
*Fixed Actionbar visibility state after exiting flightMode
*Using the Scroll Wheel in Volume dashboard will now +/- the volume in increments of 1 (Credit: viperous). Having Shift pressed the increments will be 10, as it was before.
*Categorize Reputation Dashboard options by Expansion
*Added Guild as a category in Rep Dashboard options
*Right click on Dashboards except System, will bring up BenikUI options.
*Fixed Rep options for Neutral faction Pandas
*Custom panels minimum width/height is now 2
*Custom Panels: Added Top/Bottom style option
*Added Geert-Jan in the Donators list <3
*Corrected ElvUI compatibility version message
*Custom Panels: Improved the style shadow, when placed on bottom.
*Prevent an Install error if ElvUI Actionbars are disabled. This will close #128
*Fixed the missions in progress counting, in Missions datatext
*Utilized ElvUI feature on Dashboards and Custom Panels, when in ToggleUI mode, right clicking a frame, opens its options
*Updated BigWigs Shadows
*BigWigs profile cleanup
*Fix Custom Panels losing their strata after exiting Pet Battle
*Fixed completed missions info
*Added Covenant Crests in AFKmode
*Added the player covenant in the AFKmode text at the bottom

3.971 (Nov 28, 2020)
*Added Honor Currency
*Hide ElvUI Chat Datatexts shadows when their backdrop is disabled
*NEW: Added Achievement points Datatext
*Fixed Missions datatext
*Fixed ExtraAB shadows
*Added Shadows on the ChatBubbles
*Removed the Quest Frame transparency
*Add new Zygor Action Bar to flight mode (thurin)

3.97 (Nov 23, 2020)
*Don't edit the ObjectiveTracker if KalielsTracker is enabled
*Load KalielsTracker profile on the fly
*Re enable Help frame style
*toc update for WoW 9.02

3.962 (Nov 18, 2020)
*Comment out the HelpFrame style till SL launch
*Prevent an error in tokens
*Fix the tokens showing when currency has been spend

3.961 (Nov 4, 2020)
*Let ElvUI deal with the font size
*Don't open the game menu while in combat, to prevent errors (Bliz limitation)
*Kaliels Tracker style can now be disabled regardless if AddonSkins is loaded
*Style TinyInspect via AddonSkins
*Style ArkInventory via AddonSkins

3.96 (Nov 2, 2020)
*Fixed a Calendar error when AddonSkins is loaded. This will close ticket #120
*Fixed Missions datatext mouseover
*Add ptBR translation. Credit: Cara
*Fixed Objective Tracker quest counting
*Fixed locales not showing during install
*Fixed Immersion Style
*Added Style for AllTheThings
*Toggle AllTheThings frames while on flightMode. Update ticket #109
*Changed the options from tabs to tree
*Added an Orange option color
*Added Mouse over option on the System Dashboard
*Fixed Reputations bar color
*Updated donators and patreons list
*Added profile and style on KalielsTracker. The profile must be loaded manually
*Bring my font settings back
*Followed the Movement Speed dt rename
*Fixed Friend standing label in the Reputations Dashboard
*Hide KalielsTracker frame during flightMode
*Fixed Chat Datatext font not following ElvUI Datatext font attributes
*Fixed Reputations Dashboard font update

3.952 (Oct 18, 2020)
*Disable Storyline skin till the addon is fixed
*Disable Quest counting on Objective Tracker when KalielsTracker is enabled
*Avoid errors when creating a new profile while BenikUI style is disabled
*Adjusted the install to the new backdrop spacing
*Fix 24h format & local time option on AFK Mode (Merathilis)
*Donators update. Thanks JackedNerd, Jaxx and Nightwalker559 <3

3.951 (Oct 15, 2020)
*Prevent a rare Keybind popup frame error
*Removed Decursive skin. Was buggy
*Added bazooka in the donators list <3

3.95 (Oct 13, 2020)
*Release for Shadowlands prepatch and ElvUI 12.00
*Lots of changes to comply with WoW v9 and ElvUI 12.00
*IMPORTANT: Deleting the previous BenikUI version from the AddOns folder is a must. New files have been added/removed. Settings will stay intact.
*NEW: Reputations Dashboard. Track multiple rep for factions.
*NEW: Title bars on the Custom Panels.
*NEW: Added a new Outlined Arrow, so that all Databars can now show their Notifiers on Top and Bottom, along with Left and Right.
*Middle Datatext is now an ElvUI Custom Datatext.
*Renamed 'Loot / Trade' to 'L / T' during install.
*Added option to toggle BenikUI style on the Alternative Power Bar. Can be found in ElvUI Alternative Power settings.

3.94 (Oct 5, 2020)
*Let ElvUI handle the Middle Datatext
*Fixed FlightMode and Dashboard ToggleAllBags. (thurin)
*Fixed WorldMap toggle during flightMode
*Added a "Restore Defaults" button in Middle Datatext options
*Added AddonsToHide table for FlightMode. Add special support for VuhDo hiding. (thurin)
*Keep the flightMode enabled when logging out/in
*Fixed the customPanels not exporting
*Added WeakAuras, HeroRotation and more WorldQuestFrames to Flightmode. (thurin)
*Blacklisted one more spot in Argus
*Prevent for a rare error in config styling
*Fixed Chat Editbox positioning when BenikUI datatexts are disabled
*Fixed elements that show during flightMode after a Pet Battle
*Updated donators/patreons

3.93 (Aug 28, 2020)
*Fixed Datatexts borders not properly hiding
*Fixed Minimap Panel Width
*Added buttons that go to ElvUI Datatexts Panels, to set their values
*Added Pristie in the Coders list for the French translation <3
*Runew0lf has his own category :D
*Fixed not styling the blacklisted frames. Credit: Simpy
*Trigger UpdatePanelInfo for each panels on PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD. Credit: Simpy
*Fixed Custom Datatexts style toggle
*Disable Custom Datatexts style option when BenikUI style is disabled
*Change Shadow size on the fly (without a reload)
*Style Ace3 Popup
*Prevent an error if Minimap is disabled
*Added missing locales

3.921 (Aug 8, 2020)
*The Professions dashboard will now show in a tooltip the Skill Name, e.g. KulTiran Alchemy, etc
*Fixed Flyout buttons shadow error. This should close #116
*Added French locales. Credits: Pristie

3.92 (Jul 29, 2020)
*Create a Custom Panel on the fly (without a reload)
*A new Custom Panel will now show to the left upon creation
*Fixed Custom Panels Style shadow toggle
*Fixed a shadow error during flightMode
*Make the option for Role Icons on UF work again. (Merathilis)
*Fixed Mission timer in mission Datatext
*Fixed the chat datatexts toggle
*Fixed the Threat toggle
*Removed Adibags style
*Added Sumidian in the donors list. Thank you <3

3.911 (Jul 18, 2020)
*Avoid another chat glitch after leaving flightMode
*Added a clickThrough option in Custom Panels

3.91 (Jul 18, 2020)
*Added custom visibility option for the Custom Panels
*Fixed Custom Panels creation
*Fixed Chat strata issue after leaving flightMode
*Fixed Chat EditBox when assigned on the Middle Datatext
*Blacklisted some DTs that shouldn't be styled
*Removed my own BfA Missions, OrderHall and Garrison datatexts
*Added Missions (BenikUI) datatext. It's an edited ElvUI version and has the previous looks
*Install and profile adjustments after altering BenikUI Missions datatexts
*Fixed a datatext error when Style is disabled
*Fixed ElvUI Chat Datatext glitch when leaving flightMode
*Fixed chat datatext style error

3.9 (Jul 9, 2020)
*Fix Role Icons
*Added my favorite Kringel texture. Credit: Kringel <3 - under permission
*Added an Enable/disable option for Info Panel colors/textures
*Since it's a pain (or even impossible) to grab the group unit class, Infopanel color options have been separated. They still share the same texture. This will close #17.
*Make the power statusbar option more flexible
*Fixed Castbar Icon position
*Fixed parchment remover option
*Added some textures I really like
*Fixed a tiny mini ace3 error
*Fixed DataText tooltip Style
*Removed BenikUI version from Status Report main frame. It's now in the plugins frame
*Adding options in Custom Datatexts works fine now. Thanks @Simpy for the addition <3
*Added BenikUI Style in the Custom Datatext options
*Removed S&L and DTBars_2 datatext styling
*Followed LocationPlus dt renaming
*Added option to change the datatext points to the Middle Datatext. Not sure if I'm gonna keep it tho :P
*Removed rep autotrack. It's part of ElvUI now
*Fixed LocationPlus defaults in the installer
*Fixed dt points while resizing the Middle Datatext
*Made BenikUI Datatexts names more friendly (and nice looking)
*Replaced the A and C button arrows with texture
*Fixed Chat EditBox
*Update BenikUI datatexts

3.812 (May 7, 2020)
*Missed a rename (Repooc)
*Styled StatusFrame.PluginFrame
*Fixed an error when shift+Click to hide Left or Right chat panels
*Added our mvp Kringel in Credits <3
*Added Patron info. Thanks Ric and thurin
*Update datatexts creation
*Missed another rename. Thanks David. ticket #101

3.811 (Apr 30, 2020)
*Follow the overnight ElvUI Datatext changes. Credit: Repooc
*Fix statusreport. Credit: Repooc
*Set min ElvUI version to 11.40

3.81 (Apr 29, 2020)
*Added a popup that will show when BenikUI Retail version is installed on WoW Classic
*Various fixes. Credit: Repooc
*Follow ElvUI "threat.glow" and logo renaming.
*Set Elvui min version to 11.38

3.801 (Apr 20, 2020)
*Fixed Style not correctly hiding from tooltip
*Prevent an unconfirmed error when the tooltip has no statusbar. This should deal with #97

3.80 (Apr 18, 2020)
*Added '/buierror on' and '/buierror off' commands
*Eliminate the chances of error when the System Dashboard is disabled
*Fixed chat messages when applying addon profiles
*Fixed enabling Chat Datatexts during install. This should deal with #96
*Fixed the /estatus report. Thanks @Repooc
*Fixed Tooltip Statusbar Shadow not showing.
*The tooltip style will now hide if the tooltip statusbar is placed on top
*Style shadow should obey to the shadow size option

3.791 (Apr 8, 2020)
*Better handling on Chat Datatexts toggle

3.79 (Apr 7, 2020)
*Hide undocked Chat tabs while in FlightMode
*Disable Custom Panels options when the selected panel is not Enabled
*Fixed an error when entering/leaving battlegrounds
*Fixed Castbar shadow not showing when not attached on the uf. Also tweaked the icon position to pop its shadow
*Dashboard Bags module will now get red text when above 90% full (was 80%)
*Prevent a Custom Panels error when BenikUI Style is disabled
*Don't create Aura shadows when Style is disabled

3.781 (Mar 30, 2020)
*Fixed Custom Panels not keeping their size after a reload

3.78 (Mar 30, 2020)
*NEW: Custom Panels. Create as many movable, resizable, etc panels as you want.
*German locales update. Credit: Merathilis
*Fixed War Resources not showing for Horde
*Added Shadow Size option
*Set default Shadow size to 4 (was 3 by default)
*Fixed Castbar to use ElvUI strata level
*Improved per char tokens saving
*Tokens options tooltip will now show the currency ammount

3.77 (Mar 19, 2020)
*Fix ilevel update after a Timewalking dungeon
*Added 'Echoes of Ny'alotha' in the Tokens Dashboard. Also 'War Resources' will show only for Alliance and 'War Supplies' for Horde
*Use one OnClick for both frames and icon Profession Dashboard
*Permanently fixed clicking the professions dashboard
*Prevent a skin error
*Fixed Volume up/down mouseover

3.76 (Mar 1, 2020)
*Follow ElvUI Datatext changes
*Added Conquest currency in Tokens dashboard (PvP)
*Added option in FlightMode, to toggle BenikUI logo or show WoW logo instead
*Re arranged the misc options a bit
*Make sure that BenikUI Portrait options are always after ElvUI ones
*Fixed detached portrait backdrops for focus, targettarget and pet
*Fixed individualUnits Portrait options
*Fixed LibDBIcon-1.0 tooltip style
*Prevent movers error, when the user installs BenikUI without going through ElvUI install steps first.
*Fixed Auction House style
*Added options to toggle separately the chat datatexts. Default setting is to Show Both. User request #87
*Transparent buttons don't look that nice at the options
*Fixed the /benikuisetup command and simplified when BenikUI install will pop

3.75 (Feb 6, 2020)
*Set min ElvUI version to 11.351
*Changed the options tabs and buttons a bit
*Fix up these options to the latest ElvUI changes (NihilisticPandemonium)
*Fixed shadows not hiding when disabling dashboard backdrop
*Don't style the tooltip when TinyTooltip is loaded
*Added shadows on Actionbar Buttons

3.74 (Jan 21, 2020)
*Removed the Sanity tentacles from ElvUI AltPowerBar
*Styled the QuestModelScene frame
*Fixed the tooltip style strata for corrupted and azerite items
*Styled the ItemInteraction frame
*Set middle datatext max width to screen resolution width
*Disable 'Show InfoPanel text' by default
*Fixed an error in Decursive skin
*Fixed the portraits
*Set ElvUI min version to 11.312

3.73 (Jan 16, 2020)
*Fix LeaveVehicleButton eror
*Set ElvUI min version to 11.301

3.72 (Jan 15, 2020)
*Bump toc for patch 8.3
*Added the new 8.3 Currencies on Tokens Dashboard
*Prevent a Totem Bar error
*Fix HelpFrame error
*Removed 'Overlayed Portraits Alpha' option. It's in ElvUI now
*Remove outdated stuff
*Updated the sound-low texture. It looks better, if it placed in the middle. (Merathilis)

*Fix incompatibility with SLE Armory. This should deal with #84
*Removed ExtraActionbars addon support and enable styling for 10 ElvUI Actionbars

*BenikUI Options are now at the very bottom of ElvUI Options.
*Fix install for UnitFrames castbar: insideInfoPanel = > overlayOnFrame = "InfoPanel"
*Aurabars fix (dirty)
*Removed VisualAuraTimers profile
*Added ElvUI compatibility check. Min ElvUI version is 11.25
*Removed Style Auras option
*Added Auras Statusbar shadow
*Removed all Castbar Text edits (offset, color, etc). They are all part of ElvUI now

*toc update for 8.2.5
*Fixed 8.2.5 errors
*Control the tooltip update

*Added Backdrop toggle option for Detached Portraits (Player/Target). This will close #41
*fix bg dt error: invalid format (width or precision too long)

*Remove the broken fade animation from Chat Edit Box. This will fix #75
*Properly hide the SplashScreen
*Remove Transparent Actionbars option. It's in ElvUI now
*Added the Transparency setting in the installer
*The Chat Edit box can now also be positioned on Middle Datatext or under Actionbar1 or Actionbar2 backdrops. By user request
*Donor and coder list update

*Modules are back for good. (Credit: Nihilistic)

*Reverted the module changes. The incompatibilities with some addons are just overhelming. Will see it again tho.

*Fixed the install errors triggered by incorrect module calls

3.64 - Files/Modules have been changed. Don't update while in game
*Removed outdated code
*Don't Style ElvUI Config frame when the Ace skin is disabled
*Styled the ColorPicker frame
*Adopted the latest LibAnim changes
*Styled the Ace3 Tooltip
*Moved the module init/reg to their own file
*Removed WeakAuras Shadows, since it's not supported by AddonSkins
*BenikUI now creates it's own modules.
*Fix a bug that can show up when ElvUI bags are disabled. (Credits Nihilistic)
*Updated donor list. Thank you Ahmed and Christopher <3

*Fixed detached portrait transparency.
*Updated donor list. Thank you Max and Kevin
*Compatibility changes for patch 8.2 (Credits: Merathilis, Nihilistic)
*Added Prismatic Manapearl at the Tokens Dashboard

*Fix the portrait health issue #73. Also the 'Overlayed Portraits Alpha' BenikUI option won't apply if ElvUI 'Full Overlay' Portrait option is enabled.
*Added Valentina K. in the donor list. Thank you

*Fixed an error with portrait style color
*Better portrait styling

*Fixed a potential error in buffs/debuffs shadows.
*Fixed AuraBars Shadows.
*Update locales to take account to the ElvUI Config language. (Credit: Merathilis)
*ToggleConfig has been renamed to ToggleOptionsUI. (Credit: NihilisticPandemonium)

Fixed a potential error in buffs/debuffs shadows.
Fixed AuraBars Shadows.
Update locales to take account to the ElvUI Config language. (Credit: Merathilis)
ToggleConfig has been renamed to ToggleOptionsUI. (Credit: NihilisticPandemonium)

Revert latest locales changes.

*Added Shadow on Flyout buttons
*Fixed Bank Bags not getting styled on first load
*Enable Castbar Backdrop Color option by default
*Locale updates. Credit Merathilis
*Moved Garrison Style function to Blizzard style file to avoid errors with low level players
*Applied a fix that will reduce cpu usage
*Prevent a rare AddonSkin tooltip error

*Followed latest ElvUI dev changes regarding auras. This will also fix a .text error
*Keep BenikUI close button for the decline buttons
*Updated donors list. Thank you Joseph :)
*Styled the mythic keystone frame
*minor tweaks

*Shadow creation tweaks
*Various install fixes for layout v2 and v1
*Fixed Tooltip Style color
*Update donor list. Thank you Shannon :)

*Fixed the portrait error

*A lot of adjustments in the installer, to comply with the new ui scale and ElvUI's new Nameplates.
*Fixed Middle Datatext backdrop toggle leaves the shadow (if enabled) visible.
*Disable Portrait Alpha setting if Shadow & Light is loaded. This should fix #64.

What's New:
*Removed the show Voice Chat functionality from the 'V' button. It's now reverted as it was before, opening the addon frame and it also now has the 'A' letter.
*The 'L' button (LFG) got a right click functionality by toggling the Adventure Guide.
*Changed 'Encounter Journal' to 'Adventure Guide' in the game menu list ('G' button).
*Styled ElvUI config frame. Cheers to Simpy for the global name.
*Ready for patch 8.1.5 and ElvUI 11.

*Updated donators. Thank you Robert :)
*Removed all the arrow edits. It's in ElvUI now
*Minor fixes to comply with ElvUI changes

*Style AdiBags
*Adopted latest AddonSkins dev changes on BigWigs
*Update Talking Head Frame
*Fixed Player/Target Castbar Y-Offset
*Prevent a BigWigs new profile error

*Group Archy tokens by expansion
*Show the new Service Medal token for the correct faction only
*Categorized the Tokens by expansion
*Added patch 8.1 currencies
*toc update for patch 8.1

*correct toc update for patch 8.1

*toc update for patch 8.1
*Fixed various errors from patch 8.1
*AddOnSkins & ProjectAzilroka Profiles
*Styled AddOnSkins Immersion
*Updated Details Profile
*Prevent an error when ElvUI Actionbars are disabled. This should fix #56

*Prevent an error with WA shadows

*Fixed AddOnSkins WeakAura shadows
*Hide Zygor frames during flightMode
*Fixed InfoPanel texture color not saving correctly
*Reskined Check Boxes. Credit: Merathilis <3 [ElvUI (v10.83+)]
*Added the latest RightClick to options ElvUI (v10.83+) feature for all BenikUI movable frames. Also added a seperate BenikUI group in the movers, so it will show only BenikUI movable frames.
*Hide the reputation notifier when Exalted is reached
*Zygor guides styling is back, since it's re added in AddonSkins
*Skinned the ScrollThumb
*Replaced the default ElvUI arrows. Will work with ElvUI v10.83
*Remaked and moved the the new Close button to its own file, along with minimize/maximize button changes
*Removed First Aid from Professions Dashboard and made Fishing clickable. This should deal with #54
*Added shadows in the Timer frame
*Changed the 'Under' Style a bit
*Fixed Top/Bottom panel strata that was messing with the chat datatexts

*Removed all the stuff that was moved in Nuts & Bolts
*Joerg is added in the in donators list. Thank you :)
*Added Island Expeditions in BenikUI BfA Missions datatext
*Prevented lua error in databars
*Fixed Honor Databar Notifier not updating when the player is not max level
*Change max width for dashboards to 520.
*Added Castbar Backdrop Color options. It may be needed for v4. Disabled by default. Credit: Blazeflack
*Added a Discord button in the last step of BenikUI install. Credit: Merathilis
*Updated BigWigs and MSBT profiles
*The Game Menu is now sorted alphabetically
*Fixed TopOverlay texture for the rest of the tooltips
*Styled some missing frames

*Missed a Dashboard line

*Fixed Professions and Tokens dashboards not resizing correclty after updating. This will fix #48
*Followed a recent AddonSkins change to avoid a BigWigs error
*Avoid a rare lua error with BigWigs Profile. Thanks @Shadowcrit
*Style InFlight when flightMode is disabled, otherwise use flightMode looks. Also added an option to disable InFlight styling
*In the Objective Tracker, the quest totals will go red when there are 5 quests to reach max quests accepted
*Removing InFlight flight times. InFlight doesn't use profiles, so user discovered flight times will be overwritten everytime the profile applies

*Removed styling for RareCoordinator. It's outdated.
*Skinned InFlight to fit with flightMode. Also made some minor changes in the profile that are needed for the skin looks
*BfA Mission datatext: Mission label will now become green when there are only completed missions in the mission report.
*Updated the game menu to show 'Missions' rather than Order Hall
*Added BfA Missions Datatext. Also added it in the Install
*Updated donor list. Thanks to Jason and Louis
*Added #Quests on the Objective Tracker title. Credit: Merathilis
*Added shadow at the ObjectiveTracker actionButton
*Revamped the TalkingHead skin. Credit: Azilroka
*Styled and added in the install the altPowerBar
*Added the new TopCenterContainerMover in the Install and cleaned some of the rest movers
*Styled the MissionFrame
*Fixed Neck iLevel overlapping with Artifact Level.
*Fixed tooltip azerite texture overlapping with tooltip Styling
*Added a check for Microbar shadows to avoid a possible lua error
*Styled ScrappingMachine
*Removed Level from Azerite bar Notifier
*Styled AzeriteUI

*Added BfA Currency for Token Dashboard
*Fixed maxRank for Professions
*Styled the ChatChannels frame

*Fixed BattlefieldMapFrame styling
*Enable Shadows only on v3 layout. v2 has some visual glitches
*The Contribution tooltip don't exist anymore. This fixes #40 (Merathilis)
*Added Shadows in microbar
*Fixed Databar visual glitch with shadows in the databar button
*Safety check for AddonSkins Styling when BenikUI style is disabled
*Disable 3d party Addon styling options when BenikUI style is disabled
*Added safety for textOffset. Also removed the Artifact bar file
*Added Azerite Bar (not tested)
*Adopted latest AddonSkins changes for BigWigs
*Fixed an error in PA SquareMinimapButtons profile that was popping in case S&L was also loaded. This will close #25
*Fixed a print statement that was using the older profileString
*Fixed when disabling auras styling was also removing shadows on buffs/debuffs. This will close #18
*Fixed Player infoPanel glitch. This will close #26. Credit @zephyrs
*Removed STAGGER_WIDTH from threat glow. Doesn't exist anymore. This will fix #37
*Added full InFlight database
*Changed the way BenikUI addon profiles apply. They are now per character. These can be applied by running the Install again and applying the Addons step only.

*Fix Benik/ElvUI_BenikUI#36 (Merathilis)
*Updated donator list
*Removed the hardcoded buffs/debuffs spacing. It's a pain to embed it. This will close #23
*Added shadows for Totems
*Updated BenikUI links

*Fixed a LFguild styling error
*Fixed GarrisonUI and OrderHallUI styling errors
*Styled PvpTalentFrame.TalentList
*Styled CommunitiesGuildLogFrame
*Fixed a typo that disabled the collectables styling
*Re enabled WorldMap styling
*Added a frame check in the Communities skin, to avoid a lua error
*Updated the G button menu entries
*AfkMode: Fixed Stats timer. This will deal with #31
*Added back the Tukui Client info in the toc file. Thanks @Clutch
*Fixed flightMode showing when getting teleported in Argus by adding a missing mapID

*Updated and re enabled Honor bar edit
*Donator list update. Thank you all :)
*Cleaned the toc file. This will finally fix #15 and #30
*flightMode: Added a fail check for SquareMinimapButtonBar. This should fix #32
*Styled the Communities skin
*AfkMode: Changed Legion logo with BfA logo
*Changed the A button to V. Left click to show the Voice chat, Right click to show the Addon List, ShiftClick to ToggleChat

*Fixed a bunch of errors. Should be more stable now.

8.0.1 Compatibily Patch
For a full changelog have a look at: https://git.tukui.org/Benik/ElvUI_Benik ... evelopment
-- Merathilis

Fixed a lua error if DBM is not loaded.
Fixed Player frame shadows when the classBar is not detached.
Fixed shadow classBars for all classes.
Fixed objective tracker icon shadow showing while the icon doesn't exist.
Fixed BigWigs shadows not showing.
Fixed aura icons not applying shadows.
Removed LibUIDropdown styling till I have time.

Added checks and options to toggle shadows for DBM and BigWigs.
Added several checks in unitframe shadow creation.
Enable Shadows by default.

*Shadows added on all ElvUI elements, including AuraBars and Nameplates. Also on DBM, BigWigs and WeakAuras (AddonSkins is required).
*Removed the Memory module from the Dashboards. Addon memory can be now shown in a tolltip by hovering the FPS Dashboard.
*Added Bags dashboard to fill the removed Memory module gap.
*Added Class Color option in Dashboard statusbars. Enabled by default.
*Dashboards creation has been re written in a way that creating new Dashboards will be a breeze. This won't harm any user settings.

*Fixed a typo that affected profile creation amongst others
*Correctly position the chat frame in afkMode
*Show the SplashScreen only once, per char/per day

*Styled the afkMode to fit with flightMode new style
*Changed the flightMode style. a bit :)
*Changed the way other addons are checked if they are loaded
*Fixed a ProjectAzilroka SquareMinimapButtonBar error in flightMode while S&L is loaded
*Tokens flash was never working as intended. Removing
*Token Dashboard frames are now sorted alphabeticaly.

*Added support for all WoW locales
*Better way to apply AddOnSkins, stAddOnManager and SquareMinimapButtons profiles

*Fixed an error that popped when AddOnSkins embed system is not enabled
*Removed a nobodyUsedThatUneededOption in flightMode. Also added an option to disable afkMode edit
*iLevel has its own module now. Also has an option to place the ilvl text Outside the item slot.
*Styled the AlliedRaces frame, also fixed the fonts.
*Zygor guides skin has been removed from Addonskins. Removed styling
*Added InFlight addon profile
*Fixed reputation autotraking

*Edited the new ElvUI StatusReport frame
*Style WarboardUI
*Added profile for stAddOnManager
*Update donators/testers list
*Added bar Yoffset at the DBM profile
*Fixed "SLE_RaidMarkBar" styling
*Lots of minor fixes/adjustments

*Hide the mouseover toolitp when clicking on SpecSwitch datatext, so it doesn't overlap the menu shown after clicking
*Added support for ProjectAzilroka (SquareMinimapButtons)
*Shift+RightClick the Order Hall Datatext will show Garrison report
*Added option for toggling minimap styling. Option in ElvUI Minimap options
*Added Transparency, Backdrop and Style toggle on all Dashboards
*Rearranged the dashboard options a bit
*Update german locale
*Added hint at the Tokens tooltip
*Use the same check function for requestStop and flightMode, so they both hide on Argus teleports
*Fixed the incorrect glow coloring. It now also update when the Value Color is updated
*Added Binding option for the Game Menu (button G)
*Fixed tooltip error, when shadows enabled and ElvUI tooltip skinning disabled.

*Fixed an aura error when shadows enabled.
*Hide XIV_Databar when in flighMode

*Style the cinematic dialog
*Added BigWigs profile. Feature request. ticket #6
*Professions Dashboard: click on the icon or the frame will bring up the corresponding Profession frame. This will take care of #2
*Removed Argus Waystone token
*Styled and tweaked the Crucible frame
*Prevend a divide by zero error at the reputation notifier
*Style the new PetAlert frame
*Fix error when a group has successfully formed while on flightMode
*Fix flightMode showing when using Argus teleports
*Various tweaks

*Added Veiled Argunite token and set it as default

*toc update for 7.3
*Remove the dressup frame scaling. It's in Blizz ui now
*Fixed OprderHall datatext for patch 7.3
*Added 7.3 currencies
*Fixed the sound file issues
*Fixed the old site links
*Implement the new logo
*Changed the Target infoPanel texture color behaviour. It's now always class colored. Idea: Merathilis the Ultimate
*Tons of adjustments for the new profile
*Added a new profile (v3)
*BenikUI now also uses the plugin installer.

*Fix Orderhall datatext (Merathilis)
*Update readycheck to the oUF update (Merathilis)

*Followed ElvUI oUF changes (Merathilis)

*Fixed the wrong value at the Paragon Reputation Notifier

*Made selecting Tokens and Professions in their Dashboards, per char as they should be. This will avoid losing tokens (mostly) selections on a maxed level char, after loading a low level char, that hasn't of course discovered the high level tokens yet. This will reset the tokens and the professions on all chars, since from now on they are going to be saved per character.
*Changed the WorldMap emissary quests faction font, to ElvUI default. I think now I've done them all. Yey :)

*Added compatibility between Toggle worldmap while in flightMode and addons that add overlays on the map, like World Quest Tracker
*Update german locales (Merathilis)
*Fixed Bank frame not getting styled on first load
*Added option to toggle Aura styling. Enabled by default
*Styled the new Contribution frame and ReputationParagon tooltip
*Removed 7.1.5 compatibility

toc update for patch 7.2

*Added missing Legion and patch 7.2 new currencies
*Added 7.2 compatibility for Reputation notifier
*Added 7.2 compatibility for Artifact notifier
*Fixed tooltip style overlapping the statusbar. This should deal with #73
*Added option to Hide the frame Styling, in order to use Shadows in a more efficient way, because shadows need BenikUI Style enabled.
*To make #70 request results perfect, I've added seperate castbar text yOffset and text color, for player and target. Also changed the option group name from 'Castbar' to 'Castbar Text'.
*Castbar text yOffset can now have positive values and can be applied even if the castbar is not inside the Information Panel. This should fulfill request #70
*Added Shadow option (beta). Aurabars not yet done.
*Force ElvUI default font at the buttons in the Adventure Guide and in lfg premade group tab buttons
*Fixed actionbar styling not applying on ElvUI_ExtraActionBars
*Updated the afkMode Random stats list
*Minor fixes and improvements

*Added Discord link button in Information tab
*Updated the Donations list in Information tab, by adding Justin. Thank you very much :)
*Overhauled AddOnSkins profile (credit: Merathilis)
*Added button options to re apply addon profiles seperately (AddOn option)
*Fixed the chat micro buttons not getting colored on the fly. This should deal with ticket #69
*Fixed an error when ShiftClicking the config button (C)
*Added rightClick functionality on the config button (C), to toggle embedded window, if AddOnSkins is loaded
*The profile creation message will now show in the install frame (addons step) and not in chat
*Fixed the roleIcons on group frames not updating SVUI icons
*Fixed a typo that prevented Petbar and Stancebar styles from getting colored

*Prevent an error in afkMode when BenikUI style is disabled
*Reworked the install.lua file by creating a seperate file for each addon profile. This will avoid cluttering in the install file. Also made some functions local.

*Disable DressUp frame edit when some 3d party addons are loaded
*Complete overhaul on Style coloring. Now transparent style is also an option.
*Style coloring option can now be applied without a reload
*Changed the way Style is colored
*Styled the GhostFrame. Yes, I died
*Fixed Castbar text position when the icon is enabled
*Added Autotrack faction option in reputation databar by user request, ticket: #67. Credit: Feraldin
*Moved the Castbar texture option to the Texture options, so it will have power and health company. Aaaand this will reset Castbar texture :P
*Added option in Health Texture option that ignores ElvUI Health transparency option
*Fixed Actionbar Switch buttons that broke on v3.16. Also added BenikUI style requirement

*Prevent an error when ElvUI_ExtraActionbars is not loaded

*Fixed ElvUI transparency on uf elements: health, power, castbar that was breaking after using BenikUI uf texture options
*Moved ElvUI Bags bar styling from actionbars.lua to bags lua. Also added transparency to it
*Changed the way the Actionbar style color is registered
*Added option to toggle style for each Actionbar. Also moved BenikUI Actionbar options from ElvUI Ab's. They now have their own group
*Added Detached portrait option on Focus frame by user request
*Fixed the click function for mining, skinning and herbalism dashboard icon.
*Added toggle buttons from ElvUI databars to BenikUI databars and vice versa
*Added text yOffset option on all ElvUI DataBars
*Added new readyCheck icons (Code: Merathilis - Darth)
*Added option for Pet detached portrait by user request
*Added a theme color edit option by user request
*Changed the Monk crest in AFK mode

*Fixed the alert frames styling not updating correctly.
*Fixed an error with the ObjectiveTracker button.

*Added French and Russian locale files. Any help on translating will be much appreciated.
*NEW: Change style colors on the fly, without a reload.
*Removed the Objective tracker button skin. It's been done in ElvUI for ages. Just kept the font.
*Chg: Blizzard frames styling overhaul (Internal change - Blizzard frames style creation)
*Added more Blizzard replacement fonts (Merathilis)
*Added Strata option for player/target/targettarget detached portrait. Default to "Medium".
*Added option for the Artifact databar notifier, to show at the bag bar
*Added Styling and mini profile for Pawn
*Added a simple check for Buff-/Debuff Styling if Masque Support is enabled (Merathilis)
*Added option for BenikUI Style for Auras (Merathilis)
*Added the font used in XIV_Databar
*Chg: Professions Dashboard: Store profession ids rather than names, so it will work for all locales during install. This will reset the profession settings.
*Chg: Tokens Dashboard: Store token ids rather than the names so it will work for all locales during install. This will reset the token settings.
*Fix: Prevent flightMode to enable and requestStop button to show, when in an instance e.g. Old Hillsbrad Foothills
*Minor fixes, frames styling, clenup, German locale updates.

*Fixed a lua error during install, that was caused by a VAT setting that Blaze removed and I missed.

*Added mouseover feature for Professions Dashboard by user request. Disabled by default.
*Added mouseover feature for the Tokens dashboard by user request. Disabled by default.
*ScrollingMessageFrame in AFK mode sometimes was showing 1.5 lines. Replaced with text.
*Empty tab cleanup. (Merathilis)
*Update AFK Mode to use wow api for "race" and "localizedClass" so it works with non-english clients too. (Merathilis)
*Added TargetTarget detached portrait option by user request
*Tokens Dashboard: The token tooltip will show only when mouse overing the icon
*Tokens Dashboard: token can be disabled by Shift+Right click on it's icon, straight from the dashboard.
*Added spec and ilvl in afkMode
*Styled the WardrobeEdit frames and made the DressUp frame bigger
*Fixed FlightMap tooltips not getting styled when zoom in the area

*Fixed iLevel still showing even if there is no item in the slot
*Added Lingering Soul Fragment in tokens dashboard
*Removed AddOnSkins version check in install and in flightMode
*Changed AddOnSkins Embed Strata to fix a visual glitch with bags
*Fixed detached portraits position for large resolutions, during install
*Styled caged battlepet tooltip
*Prevent an error in Garrison+ datatext, if the character doesn't have a Garrison
*Missed some old AddOnSkins settings that broke Skada/Recount styling
*Removed wow build check from iLevel
*Fixed WorldMap tooltips not getting styled
*Got rid of Bliz font in MissionUI bonus chance and followers names

*toc update for wow patch 7.1
*Temporary disable iLevel in wow 7.03 till 7.1 goes live
*New AddOnSkins defaults per addon. Due to AddOnSkins profile changes, BenikUI install must run again in order to apply embedds.
*Revampet the afkMode timers. It's gonna show a simple 30mins logoff timer now. Also removed the mouse movement check.
*Apply Recount profile on the fly
*Apply MSBT profile on the fly
*Added Details profile
*Added profile for SquareMinimap Buttons
*iLevel issues should be fixed by using the new GetDetailedItemLevelInfo api
*Fixed detached portrait position during install
*Styled some missing alert frames

*Added support for LocationPlus & LocationLite feature to hide Bliz Zonetext
*Unitframe position fixes during install
*Actionbar position fixes during install
*Updated datatext positions during install
*Changed tokens defaults
*Fixed Power text position for Uintframes-2 layout
*Fixed the transmog frame style
*Prevent a map lua error in wow 7.1
*Guard against a skin error. This sould fix #52. Also added styling safety check on all Alert frames
*Follow ElvUI portrait changes
*Set Mission level font to ElvUI default font

*Fixed detached portrait style height and also lowered the minimum height option from 4 to 3
*Added Order Hall Datatext. This will show missions instead
*Removed Roadway font. Merathilis has his own ui now :P
*Guard against a rare lua error in the experience databar notifier
*Fixed max player level for Honor Databar. This should deal with #51
*AFK mode: Added backdrops under XP remaining string
*Game Menu: Added Talents, Specialization, PvP Talents
*Clicking the Honor button will show the PvP Talents frame
*Added fps in FlightMode
*Databar buttons now have their own backdrop option
*Adopted ElvUI beta oUF changes
*Added tab chat flash
*Changed the default castbar texture to a non transparent one, so that the interrupt casts color shows
*Fixed a copy/paste error in experience databar. This should fix #50
*Disable OrdeHall styling when GarrisonCommander addon is loaded. This should fix #47
*Styled all order hall mission tooltips
*Fixed World Quest tooltips style
*Updated donor list
*Prevent tooltip style to go off screen
*Fixed code to prevent a HonorBar error
*Added option on System Dashboard to show World or Home Latency. Default is World. Also added tooltip.
*Styled Obliterum Forge Frame, Garrison Talent AlertFrame, Bonus Roll frame, Guild Invite frame

*Fixed a honorbar lua error
*BenikUI Style for the BattlePet Ability Tooltip
*Added checks to prevent lua error when the unitframe is disabled via ElvUI options
*Change BenikUI style for Battlepet tooltip

*Fixed styling for OrderHall Mission frame

*Proper styling for OrderHall Mission frame
*Bag changes in ElvUI break flightMode. Releasing with a temp fix before ElvUI.

*Fixed Professions and Tokens Dashboards movers
*Replace Blizzard font in the Artifact frame - weapon name
*Styled the Adventure map dialog
*OrderHall Mission frame styled

*Updated max profession level
*Proper way to show/hide the ArticaftFrame. (Merathilis)
*Added option to Enable/Disable camera rotation during FlightMode. Disabled by default.
*Alert frames skin styling
*Fixed the flightMode Game Menu
*Fixed Professions Dashboard not showing when a char learns a new profession
*Fixed Tokens Dashboard not showing when a new char discovers a token
*Fixed Clock not getting styled
*Fixed Collections frame not getting styled
*Changed BenikUI color in the character select AddOn Manager. (Merathilis)
*Automatically set the Skada profile in install. (Merathilis)
*Style for the LFDRoleCheckPopup. (Merathilis)
*Raid frames install fixes

*Don't update the Dashboard Memory module while in combat
*Talking Head frame styled
*Used a unique name in the iLevel scanning tooltip
*Added Honor bar options (Color, Notifier)
*Added Honor bar in the install
*Added seperate option to enable/disable styling on Databars
*Fixed Professions Dashboard size and position
*Added all Legion currencies. Removed Honor and Conquest points from tokens
*Styled the PVPRewardTooltip

*Make sure that databar custom colors doesn't revert randomly to default. This will fix #27
*Fixed and re-enabled Garrison+ datatext
*Style the Alert frames
*Bliz ElvUI skins and BenikUI style now enable/disable together. This will fix #32
*Update BenikUI styles for SLE. This will fix #35
*Removed BenikUI Game menu button since ElvUI button is there
*Changed Dashboards strata level. This will fix #29
*Updated Tokens with Legion currencies. Ref #30
*minor fixes

*Update for Legion pre-patch

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