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made by kringel
This small addon adds media to all addons compatible with SharedMedia and some custom tags to ElvUI specifically. Also includes a batch file to update the media library to let you add or remove media more easily.

Exo (6 fontweights)
Future X (3 fontweights)
Kanit (6 fontweights)
Metropolis (7 fontweights)
Montserrat (6 fontweights)
Rubik (3 fontweights)
SpartanMB (5 fontweights)
Objectivity (5 fontweights)
Saira SemiCondensed (6 fontweights)

Statusbar Textures
18 statusbar textures for healthbars. Most have a similar style but different shades.

Jaina - Beware (Long, Short & Short(reverb))
Saurfang - Don't die
Sylvanas - For The Horde
Anduin - For the Alliance
Anduin - Stand as One
Anduin - Long (Stand as one + For the Alliance)
That's incredible
Ragnaros - By Fire Be Purged
Bwonsamdi - I See Dead People
Illidan - You Are Not Prepared (bored)
Marrowgar - Bonestorm
Ashbringer - Kill them all
Budd - Ahoy
Dark Iron Dwarf (male) - For the Alliance
Garrosh - Watch your clever mouth, bitch!
Lich King - Apocalypse

Name length can be adjusted by replacing 'long' with 'medium', 'short' or 'veryshort'
[kmt-deficit:name-long] - Shows the unitname at full health and health deficit (i.e. -25k) otherwise
[kmt-deficit:name-long:nostatus] - Sames as above but will not show "Dead", "Ghost" or "Offline" status but unitname instead
[kmt-pheal:long] - Shows the unitname at full health. Switches to health deficit otherwise and shows your incoming heals on the unit (e.g. Kringel -> -25k -> -25k | +4k)
[kmt-heal:long] - Same as above but will include incoming heals from all sources
[kmt-manaper:hidefull] - Shows mana in percent if below 100%, otherwise hides it
[kmt-health:absorb] - Shows unithealth, including absorbs
[kmt-health:current:percent-hidefull] - Shows current health at full HP and currenthealth + healthpercent below full HP i.e.: 120k -> 100k | 85%
[kmt-health:current2:percent-hidefull] - Same as above but current health & healthpercent change position i.e.: 120k -> 85% | 100k
[kmt-percent:name-long] - Shows the unitname at fullhealth and healthpercent otherwise i.e.: Kringel -> 84%
[kmt-status:name-long] - Shows the unitname or the unitstatus (Dead, Ghost, Offline)

For questions, suggestions, bugs and everything else please contact me on discord Kringel#7348 or on the TukUI Discord Server
07/12/2018 v0.5
+2 fonts
+5 sounds
+1 tag

04/12/2018 v0.4b
* fixed "Could not load.." error on reload
* fixed font name used in my UI

04/12/2018 v0.4
+ added a batch file to update the media library. this will allow users to remove unwanted media more easily.
+4 statusbar textures: preview
+6 fonts with additional weights (see description for previews)
+1 tag
+4 sounds

30/11/2018 v0.3
+ 2 statusbar textures
+ 5 fonts
+ 2 custom tags

29/11/2018 v0.2
+ [kmt-health:absorb]
+ Anduin Sounds

29/11/2018 v0.1
first release

The latest version of this addon is 0.5 and was uploaded on Dec 07, 2018 at 11:15.

This file was last downloaded on Dec 10, 2018 at 22:58 and has been downloaded 191 times.


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