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made by Maximvs
Tukui Nameplate Features

thanks Innervasion for (and still) collaborating on this project!

A small plugin which adds several new features to the Tukui nameplates.

Health Percentage tag
You can add a percentage for the remaining health to the nametag with this option. For now coloring according to difficulty indication.

Health Prediction BETA
Incoming heals and Absorbs are shown on the nameplate just like the player, needs some testing.

Nameplate size when targeted
You can enable and set the size for the targeted mob's nameplate, increasing it's size in comparison to the other nameplates on your screen.

Nameplate Alpha when targeted/not targeted
You can set an alpha value for the nameplates on your screen, the mob you are targetting (standard value 1.0) as well as for the non targeted mobs (standard value 0.5)

Threat indicator or Threat on Health -- BETA!

Note: This part will only show up when you are in a group or raid, just like the threatbar Tukui has! The screenshot has been fixed to show what it does.

green = no/low threat
yellow low to medium threat
orange = medium to high threat
red = 100% threat = you have aggro!

Enable a 'threat indicator', (a circle) to the right of the nameplate coloring according to the threat you have on the mob, works like the tukui threatbar when enabled.

Enable the 'threat on health' feature to color nameplate health according to the threat you have on the mob, this is still experimental and not completely working. The color of the health isn't resetting to standard/normal colors after leaving combat.

Enable a 'threat glow' using the shadow to color according to threat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Still some parts in test phase. Testing stability.

You can leave your feedback or suggestions below. In some cases we can use that and improve the plugin.

latest changes:
- initial upload
Tukui_NameplateFeatures v1.02 BETA -- 05-01-2019
- added a glow feature for threat using the shadows of the Nameplate
- added a inc heal and absorb prediction BETA

Tukui_NameplateFeatures v1.01 BETA -- 03-01-2019
- Small improvements
- added a options to disable parts or not to run events that aren't needed.

Tukui_NameplateFeatures v1.00 BETA -- 03-01-2019
- Toc update Patch 8.1

The latest version of this addon is 1.02 and was uploaded on Jan 06, 2019 at 11:27.

This file was last downloaded on Dec 05, 2022 at 05:38 and has been downloaded 41493 times.


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