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made by Simpy
This Plugin will allow you to have Combat Feedback Text or Floating Combat Text on UnitFrames and/or Nameplates in ElvUI.

Credits: Simpy (plugin, config, fade mode, etc) & LS- (animations).
Issues: https://git.tukui.org/Simpy/ElvUI_FCT/issues
Version 1.15:
  • Patch 9.1
  • Listed as up-to-date on TBC and Classic.
Version 1.14: Patch 9.0.5
Version 1.13: Patch 9.0.2
Version 1.12: Patch 9.0.1
Version 1.11: API updated.
Version 1.10: Optimizations.
Version 1.09: Title changed.
Version 1.08: Fixed boss frames not displaying text.
Version 1.07: Added Number Styles: Percent and Blizzard Text.
Version 1.06: Patch 8.3
Version 1.05: Don't mess with Blizzard's Combat Text.
Version 1.04:
  • Patch 8.2.5
  • Disabled Blizzard's Floating Combat Text.
  • Added Critical Font settings and Critical Prefix (Thanks @fgprodigal).
Version 1.03:
  • Patch 8.2
  • Fixed error when playing with settings.
Version 1.02:
  • Fixed error on load.
  • Changed the option header colors to blue.
Version 1.01: Initial release version.

The latest version of this addon is 1.15 and was uploaded on Jun 29, 2021 at 22:43.

This file was last downloaded on Sep 27, 2021 at 06:52 and has been downloaded 199640 times.


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