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MOGUI is a project of my own design using ElvUI as the base program for simple and easy customization. It is made for all classes and roles with the idea in mind that a UI doesn't have to be over the top to be usable. Sometimes, simple is best.


Required Addons:
-ElvUI - Acquired from the www.tukui.org website
-AddOnSkins - Acquired from the www.tukui.org website
-ElvUI_WindTools - Acquired from www.curseforge.com
-Miks Scrolling Battle Text - Can get it from the Curse Client

Recommended Addons:
-DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) - Can get from Curse Client
-BigWigs - Can get from Curse Client

(Pick One)
-Details - Can get it from Curse Client
-Skada - Can get it from Curse Client


Go through and complete the original ElvUI Installer and then you literally follow the steps of the MOGUI installer to ensure your UI is installed correctly.

The command /mogui will also bring up the installer in case you delete a profile or close the installer. There is also a button within the ElvUI menus to bring up the installer.

For New Changes you can use the installer, if it doesn't pop up already, and overwrite the current profile selected, or make a new one. Either way, the changes are now easier to apply than ever before.


The installer will apply settings based on the currently selected profile. I recommend making a new profile if you want to have dual layouts for healers or if you main a healer, tanks/dps. You will need to run the install a second time to apply settings to the second profile. I highly recommend enabling the Spec Based Profiles under Profiles and choosing the Healer layout you created for your healer specializations. It will then move everything accordingly without having to reload the UI or anything too crazy.


Enjoy the UI and please make me aware of any bugs by posting on wowinterface, tukui, or curse. You can also email bugs to me at thinktankui@gmail.com I am committed to helping anyone fix their problems as long as it is in my power to do it. Thanks again for the support of MOGUI and good luck out there!


Elv, Tukz, Gallahead, Dandruff, Aldarana, Redtukz, Tojaso, Tonyleila, Mave 99, Zarnivoop, Cladhaire, Azilroka, Nibelheim, Darth Predator, Blazeflack, Merathilis, and Simpy. and the entire ElvUI Community who puts forth amazing effort to make this game a success by showcasing some amazing talent.
Version 3.64
-Moved DBM Timer Bars due to to Overlapping the Target's Nameplate.
-Added coding to set the UI Scale for 1920x1080 in case you use the Auto Scale Function of the Default Installer.

Version 3.63
-Moved the buffs and debuffs on the player and target frames upwards so they wouldn't override on to the frames.
-Readjusted the size of the Talking Head Frame and put it in a new location for both layouts.
-Minor Bug fixes

Version 3.62
-Removed Support for Raven due to ElvUI finally being caught up in their buffs/debuff settings
-Removed Location Plus Support
-Added ElvUI WindTools to the semi-required addons
-General Revamp of the Layout

Version 3.61
-Adjusted the height of the chat frames as it was overriding the xp and honor bars.

Version 3.6
-Shadowlands Update
-Changed the order of creation for Raven
-Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.5
-With the ElvUI update, I had to re-code some things in the installer to work properly.
-Fixed raven to show your long buffs (more than 2 minutes) by the minimap and the short buffs (less than 2 minutes) over the player frame.
-Removed the raid buff bar because it is now integrated with the Raven buff bar.
-Adjusted the width of both Skada and Details in the right chat window.
-Fixed some font size issues in the UI.
-Tooltips got changed so I had to adjust those.
-Fixed issues with the nameplates (i.e. the mob quest icons were doing some weird overlapping)
-Lastly, some minor changes to the healing layout. Moved the role icons so it isn't taking up space on the party frames.

Version 3.4
-Actually fixed the installer to run when I post major updates.
-Rewrote the coding of all the addonprofiles. Doesn't change much but should work better.
-Somewhat fixed the chat commands. /mogui will bring up the table for elvui where you can install my UI from the table.

Version 3.39
-Fixed the text color in Raven. (White time text, with yellow as the stack color). It was all green for some reason.
-Also fixed the layout for BIgwigs. I seemed to have forgotten it in the previous version.
-Minor bug fixes

Version 3.38 (skipped 3.37 due to how big this is)
-Reworked the entire UI, Unitframes, fonts, layout, ect... Nothing is the same except Raven mostly.
-Added a profile installer that will also help update in the future.
-Reworked all addon profiles for the UI
-The old layouts will be coming back in the future as an extra bonus maybe but I really like this setup much better
-Hopefully I didn't break anything

The latest version of this addon is 3.64 and was uploaded on Dec 11, 2020 at 02:14.

This file was last downloaded on Dec 05, 2022 at 04:40 and has been downloaded 10505 times.


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