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made by Luckyone

Minimalistic step-by-step ElvUI installer and plugin

• ElvUI layouts for DPS, Tanks and Healers
• Focus on high-end Mythic+ and Raiding
• Always up-to-date for the latest ElvUI changes
• Discord community for UI design and general ElvUI support

Custom features

• ElvUI Tags for detailed unit health information
• ElvUI Tags for healer mana and unit classification
• Options to disable rather annoying Blizzard features
• Clear useless AddOn cache to speed up your loading screens
• WeakAuras import strings for select specs and general utility

Custom AddOn profiles

• BossMods: BigWigs and LittleWigs
• NamePlates: ElvUI and Plater
• Other: Details and OmniCD
• Plugins: ProjectAzilroka and Shadow&Light

Chat commands

/luckyoneui config (Opens the LuckyoneUI ingame options)
/luckyoneui install (Re-Run the LuckyoneUI installer process)
/luckydebug on (For troubleshooting)
/vault or /weekly (Open your Great Vault)

Required AddOns

• The most recent ElvUI version
• Get it here: https://www.tukui.org/welcome.php

Luckyone's WeakAuras


See how it looks in action

• Twitch: Luckyone1996
• YouTube: Luckyone

Setup guide on Wowhead

• Wowhead: LuckyoneUI Setup Guide
- Version 2.05 [19-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Fixed installer for the latest ElvUI totemTracker changes
Fixed Raid frame positions for initial install (Healing layout)
Wrath Classic:
Minor tweaks for initial install (Pet frame color)

- Version 2.04 [12-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Hotfixes for new all-in-one ElvUI v12.85

- Version 2.03 [12-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
This ElvUI release adds RaidFrame reworks:
• I highly recommend using my ingame update button
• Raid and Raid40 are gone and replaced with Raid1, Raid2, Raid3
Updated NamePlate filters for Enemy Players (added TurtleBuffs)
Updated numGroups for raid to default to 5 now (was 4)
Updated UnitFrames to be slightly transparent again
Updates for the new all-in-one ElvUI v12.85
Wrath Classic:
Minor adjustments for initial layout install

- Version 2.02 [30-08-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Adjusted position of TopCenterContainerMover slightly
Minor color tweaks for the custom ActionBars DataText
Wrath Classic:
Some more fixes for pre patch release
Updated color themes to account for 'Color by Happiness' option

- Version 2.01 [26-08-2022]

All WoW Versions:
DBM profiles are back and updated for LuckyoneUI v2
Updated buttons have returned to the config panel
Updated Locales for enUS and deDE
Updated MiniMap custom DataText to not block mouse events for Minimap icons
Added profile for WarpDeplete (Mythic Plus Timer AddOn)
Disabled player frame in party for the main layout
Updated OmniCD spells list
Updated raid icon position and size for boss frames
WeakAuras section has returned but only cosmetic updates to fit in LuckyoneUI v2

- Version 2.00 [24-08-2022]

Introducing the first draft of LuckyoneUI v2 which will be updated
and maintained throughout Dragonflight. This includes reworks for both
ElvUI layouts, all AddOn profiles and (maybe) WeakAuras in the future
More information will be available in the Discord announcement
All WoW Versions:
Removed DBM profiles and support
Removed LuckyoneUI v1 from the installer. A copy of the "old" layouts
is available in the /luckyoneui config -> Archive section
Added optional ElvUI StyleFilter for the Shrouded affix enemies
Updated TOC for 9.2.7
Wrath Classic:
Updated and ready for the pre-patch

The latest version of this addon is 2.05 and was uploaded on Sep 19, 2022 at 06:47.

This file was last downloaded on Oct 03, 2022 at 14:03 and has been downloaded 99463 times.

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