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• What is it?

vUI is a visual interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It restyles the default interface, while adding many useful features. This is not a plugin for tukui or ElvUI.

It requires no setup, and is configurable in-game via the command /vui

Designed for use at 1920x1080, and best run in full-screen mode!

• New features

• Features

vUI includes many custom UI elements which can be enabled or disabled, and configured as desired.

Some of the features that you can expect:
• Action Bars
• Auras
• Chat
• Experience and Reputation Bars
• Mini Map
• Name Plates (including casting bars)
• Unit, Party and Raid frames
• Tooltips
• Auto vendor grey quality items
• Auto repair equipped items
• Movable UI elements
• In-game settings window (/vui)
• Supports SharedMedia
• Supports Plugins
• Profile import/export

• Commands

These commands can be entered into chat to perform certain actions     

/vUI  - Toggle the settings window
/vUI move - Drag UI elements around the screen
/vUI movereset - Reposition all movers to their default locations
/vUI keybind - Toggle mouseover keybinding
/vUI reset - Reset all stored UI information and settings
/vUI help - Output this list of commands into the chat window

• Community & Support

Whether you have a support question, feature suggestion, or would just like to come and hang out with others, you can join the Discord community by clicking the button at the top of the description! This is the proper place to get support for my projects.

• Enjoying vUI?

If you enjoy my work and would like to help support further development or simply show appreciation, you can do so using PayPal by clicking the button at the top of the description! Subscribing to my YouTube channel is also a great and helpful way to show your support for free!
- 1.0058
"/vui keybind" now allows mouse buttons to be bound, and hitting "Escape" over an action will clear its bindings completely

- 1.0057
Fixed item tooltip backdrops
Fixed paragon reputation error
Moved the garrison minimap button

- 1.0056
Fixed compatibility with certain addon tooltips
Fixed objective tracker using the incorrect font for headers

- 1.0054
Moved "Only Show Player Debuffs" setting from the "Player" section, to "Target"
New max opacity settings for the micro bar and bag buttons, while visiblity is set to "Mouseover"
Added a larger nameplate target indicator choice

- 1.0053
Fixed cast bar sizes not saving

- 1.0051
Testing an action bar adjustment

- 1.0050
Added setting to display guild ranks in tooltip (/vui -> Tooltips -> Display Guild Rank)
Fixed monk error when using the Ascension talent
Fixed objective tracker item borders being behind the backdrop

- 1.0049
Added more fixes to the minimap button bar
Reputation bar will now support friendships, and paragon reputation
Increased maximum objective tracker height

- 1.0048
Fixed Objective Tracker error

- 1.0047
Add minimap button bar
Fix error with coordinates data text

- 1.0046
Clicking the reputation bar will now toggle the reputation frame
Clicking the azerite bar will now toggle the azerite UI
Corrected the information in the azerite bar tooltip

- 1.0044
Language additions and changes
Resetting movers will now prompt a popup to verify you want to reset

- 1.0043
Added language files, ready for translation. If you would like to contribute translations for any language feel free to contact me!

- 1.0042
Objective tracker fixes
Key binding adjustments

- 1.0041
Fixed chat tooltip error

- 1.0040
Added setting to display tooltips on chat links (/vui -> Chat -> Show Link Tooltips)

- 1.0039
Fixed objective tracker popup frame not being clickable

- 1.0038
Added new objective tracker module

- 1.0037
More action bar error protection
Added setting to enable boss unit frames. styling settings will come soon

- 1.0036
Initial upload on tukui

The latest version of this addon is 1.0058 and was uploaded on Sep 18, 2020 at 15:45.

This file was last downloaded on Sep 20, 2020 at 17:13 and has been downloaded 2306 times.

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