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made by starksprings
Guild Revenue Agent is a minimal addon used to manage guild taxes. Must be installed by every guild member that pays tax.

Loot, quest rewards and auction house revenue (attention: including WoW Token) is taxed. Tax percentage can be configured globally with exceptions for individual members. The guild info should contain a text like tax=10% (or whatever percentage you want) to set the global tax; officer notes on individual members can also contain tax=10% to set individual tax percentages.

Tax is deposited automatically when a guild member opens the guild bank (including mobile banking)

Officers can audit the utilization of the addon by typing !graaudit in the guild chat or whispering !graaudit to a guild member

See /gra help for more details
1.12 Updated to 9.1.5; added ability to suppress guild chat messages when depositing money. Use an exclamation mark after the % sign in the guild info (i.e. tax=10%!)
1.11 More fixes for autodeposit timing issues:
- Added /gra prompt command to enable interactive deposits; when a user opens the guild bank a prompt pops us before depositing, which should give enough time to sync; use /gra auto to revert to auto deposit
- In autodeposit mode, delay 2 seconds after the guild bank opens before attempting to deposit; thish should give more time for the WoW client to sync with the server and start accepting deposits
- Added interface options panel to maintain auto/prompt and quiet/verbose flags
1.10 Updated for patch 9.1.0
1.9 Use GUILDBANKBAGSLOTS_CHANGED event instead of GUILDBANKFRAME_OPENED to prevent timing issues (thanks to KnuffelpandaTV)
1.8 Updated to 9.0.5
1.7 Added /gra quiet command to disable messages when tax is calculated (/gra verbose to re-enable)

The latest version of this addon is 1.12 and was uploaded on Dec 21, 2021 at 04:31.

This file was last downloaded on Nov 28, 2022 at 13:20 and has been downloaded 6522 times.


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