world of warcraft
made by t0x1com
Project is on maintenance mode. This means for the time being there will not be any feature updates.

ToxiUI is a minimalistic edit of ElvUI by Toxi & Nawuko!
It's best played at 1440p resolution!
  • Very easy installation process
  • Modern & customisable data panel - WunderBar
  • Constant updates
  • Lots of extra built-in plugins for Quality of Life
  • DPS & Healer layouts
  • 3 themes to choose from
  • Easily customisable gradient colors
Required AddOns: Installation:
  • Make a backup of your WTF folder - it is recommended to install ToxiUI on a clean profile
  • Install the required addons - we recommend using wowup.io for that
  • Enter game & make sure that all of the AddOns are loaded correctly
  • Once you load up your character, the ToxiUI installer will pop-up
  • Simply follow the installers instructions very closely
  • If you have any problems or issues at any step, please visit our discord server for support!
  • Hekili for help with coding the first version of installer framework
  • Releaf for those lovely icons
  • v0dKa for supporting heavily in the early days - real MVP
  • Redtuzk & his team for the inspiration
  • PayPal & Patreon supporters! You guys are the best!

If you're having any problems or just wanna chat with us, please join our discord server!

Version 5.4.3 (June 1st 2022)
Skipped version 5.4.2 cause I'm dumb
  • Update for patch 9.2.5

Version 5.4.1 (May 15th 2022)
  • Fix ElvUI WindTools LUA error during installation

Version 5.4.0 (May 9th 2022)
  • Improve Luxthos WA Link (now you will get a generated link that's appropriate for your class)
  • Fix chat badges
  • Update Discord link
  • Add YouTube link
  • ElvUI required version bump

Version 5.3.9 (April 4th 2022)
  • This time actually add Broker Translocation Matrix to WunderBar hearthstone list

Version 5.3.8 (April 3rd 2022)
  • Add Broker Translocation Matrix to WunderBar hearthstone list

Version 5.3.7 (February 23rd 2022)
  • Version bump for Eternity's End
  • ElvUI required version bump
  • Shadow & Light vehicle bar conflict fix

Version 5.3.6 (November 4rd 2021)
  • LUA error fix for experimental Theme

Version 5.3.5 (November 3rd 2021)
  • Updated for Patch 9.1.5

Version 5.3.4 (August 17th 2021)
  • Fixed ToxiUI WA Anchor

Version v5.3.3 (August 3rd 2021)
  • Fix Target buffs growth direction

Version v5.3.2 (July 9th 2021)
  • WindTools: Disable Blizzard and ElvUI skins since we provide our own
  • ElvUI: Enable transparent actionbars
  • ElvUI: Enable Parchment Remover
  • Armory: Increase the default alpha % for background
  • WunderBar: Fix LUA error
  • AFK: Fix LUA error

Version v5.3.1 (June 29th 2021)
  • Updated for Chains of Domination
  • WunderBar: Fixed incorrect Hearthstone data

Version v5.3.0 (June 15th 2021)
  • Custom Theme for ElvUI [BETA]
  • WindTools: Enabled Raid Marker bar
  • Plater: Cast Bar colors for Interrupt
  • Armory: Option to abbreviate enchant strings
  • Armory: Option to change colors
  • Armory: Options to position Header text
  • VehicleBar: Added mover anchor
  • Icon Skin: Option to change the shape for WeakAuras
  • General: Now auto-hides during Pet Battles
  • Time: Format options added
  • MicroMenu: Retail-only filter for Social button

Version v5.2.2 (May 5th 2021)
  • GameMenu: Disabling the module now actually disables the button
  • Armory: Now displays missing enchant string for dual-wield
  • Deconstruct: Fixed LUA error if ElvUI bags are disabled
  • WunderBar: Fixed a bug related to changing profiles or disabling/enabling WB

Version v5.2.1 (May 2nd 2021)
  • Armory: Fixed an error with non-english clients
  • WindTools: Enable BlizzMoveFrames module
  • ActionBarFade: Changed description for the module

Version v5.2.0 (May 1st 2021)
  • Armory: Character Sheet module stylised for ToxiUI
  • VehicleBar: A fork of the S&L Vehicle bar
  • MiniMapCoords: Display Coordinates on the Minimap
  • RoleIcons: New module for custom Role Icons with updated icons
  • RoleIcons: ToxiUI icons in chat
  • Badges: ToxiUI Chat badges for special people
  • Changelog: Ability to see more versions of changelog via dropdown menu
  • GameMenuButton: Add button in the Game Menu (ESC) for ToxiUI
  • Icons: Dead & Offline icon indicators
  • Plater: Added M+ Colored Mobs mod
  • Deconstruct: Button in your bags for easy disenchanting, prospecting, milling
  • Internal: Animation Library forked, all animations changed to new API
  • Options: Restructured ToxiUI options for easier navigation
  • Information: Re-structure Credits, add more people to Credits
  • ActionBarFade: Now has different modes to change the hide/show behavior
  • ActionBarFade: ElvUI Keybind mode will now force display action bars
  • DarkMode: Added configurable alpha value for the background transparency
  • GradientMode: New dynamic Gradient system, you can now customize the colors to your liking
  • Chat: Message for new ToxiUI updates available
  • ElvUI: BNet Toast moved
  • ElvUI: Minimap button bar reduced spacing
  • ElvUI: Enabled Contact list when sending mail
  • ElvUI: Fixed an issue with Debuffs anchoring in the wrong place
  • ElvUI: Removed Outline from Castbar text
  • Plater: Removed Outline from Castbar text
  • AFKMode: Player will now perform random emotes
  • AFKMode: Added option to disable camera turning
  • BigWigs: Visual changes to fit more with the whole ToxiUI theme
  • Icon Color Option: Enables you to customize Icon Color seperate from Font Color
  • Guild: Right-click functionality
  • Durability: Show average/equipped ilvl on durability tooltip
  • Profession: Can now display secondary professions
  • Time: Fix midnight for 12-hr format
  • Hearthstone: Vulpera Racial and Necrolord Soulbind added
  • Hearthstone: Functionality for Mage portals via Shift-click
  • Hearthstone: Class-only teleports via Shift-click

Version v5.1.1 (Mar 10th 2021)
  • TOC update for Patch 9.0.5

Version v5.1.0 (Mar 6th 2021)
  • Black dead backdrop
  • Red dead backdrop for Dark mode
  • Moved the Lady Inerva widget
  • Support for LDB [BETA]
  • SpecSwitch: Now has more options to display specs in different ways
  • Currency: Old Gold module with more options and the ability to display currencies
  • Durability: Now has an option to show ItemLevel next to durability (and inside the Tooltip)
  • Durability: Reworked tooltip to prevent ElvUI error
  • Hearthstone: Now cycles between cooldowns if more than 1 hearthstone is on cooldown
  • Hearthstone: Allow showing additional cooldowns in the Tooltip via Options
  • MicroMenu: Allow displaying Blizzard MicroMenu Tooltips; Button names are now localized
  • MicroMenu: Some buttons are now accessible during combat
  • Time: Allows you to cycle information in an additional info text
  • Volume: New module in the style of XIV - replaces ElvUI Volume module
  • DataBar: New module in the style of XIV for Experience & Reputation
  • Support for custom background textures
  • Proper support for cyrillic characters
  • Two LUA fixes for WB
  • Fixed WA Icon Skin issue with transparent icons
  • Separate Transparent backdrop module for Dark Mode
  • Reset button in Options; added `/tx reset` command
  • Added a Status dialog accessed by `/tx status`
  • WunderBar now activates on other characters when the same Profile is used
  • Updated installer dialog

Version v5.0.1 (Feb 21st 2021)
  • LUA error fix for non-english clients

Version v5.0.0 (Feb 21st 2021)
New Features
  • AFK Mode
  • Font Scaling
  • WunderBar
  • Fix conflict between Dark Mode and Gradient Mode
  • Force /reload after closing installer with changes made
  • Fix a bug with WA icon skins
  • Disable AddOnSkins embed settings
  • Raid Frame changes across both layouts
  • Fixes for Action Bars fonts
  • Changed Absorb color
  • More buffs show up, prioritise others' buffs
  • New rest icon by Releaf
  • New combat icon by Releaf
  • New Role icons by Toxi
  • New Dead icon by Toxi
  • New Disconnected icon by Toxi
  • Changed "Disconnected" unitframe color
  • Force disable Parchment Remover
  • Fix Bag items font
  • Reverted Chat to how it was before v4.3.5
  • Disable Chat Link in WindTools
  • M:SS Threshold increased to 5min
  • Macro text enabled for Bar 1
  • Blizz UI Widgets moved
  • Arena frame tweaks
  • Fix Pet/ToT frames anchors after toggling Dark Mode
  • Enabled Dead backdrop
  • Fixed Quest tracker fonts
  • Fixed castbar alignment on 1440p
  • Smaller font size
  • Gradient castbar
BigWigs & DBM
  • Changes to DPS layout

Version v4.6.0 (Feb 3rd 2021)
  • Force CVars like ElvUI installer does
  • Added a command to force Chat settings
  • Changes to the whole Options menu of ToxiUI
  • Installer now automatically goes to the next step after applying a profile
  • Weak Aura skinning option to replace Masque BETA
  • Fixed Pet/ToT frames name inconsistency
  • Disabled Minimap shadow backdrop
  • Force disable Masque for Action Bars
  • Enabled range fading for Target UnitFrame
  • Gradient mode
  • Raid now shows 20 people (raid40 still shows everyone else)
  • Action Bar fixes that hopefully won't break again
  • Changed Health% font
  • Moved Health% to Top Right
  • Disabled percent sign from Health%
  • Health% shows only in combat
  • Moved Quest icon to avoid overlap with Health%
  • Nameplate now remains the same size in combat
  • Gradient mode
  • Gradient mode
  • Swapped range frame circle with list
  • Gradient mode

  • Gradient mode

Version v4.5.2 (Feb 2nd 2021)
  • This time really fixed action bars

Version v4.5.1 (Feb 2nd 2021)
  • Fixed ElvUI latest update shenanigans with Action Bars and Health format
  • Fixed Focus frame Y offset

Version v4.5.0 (Jan 29th 2021)
  • Dark Mode beta phase
  • Fixed an issue with overwriting certain parts of existing profiles during installation
  • Fixed Abbreviation script for non-english clients
  • Disabled Power for Player & Target frames
  • Second window is now locked
  • Title bar smaller, outline removed
  • Integrate ElvUI_GlobalFadePersist functionality inside ToxiUI
  • Fixed double Welcome message
  • Global Fade now hides bars 2 - 10 inside vehicle/taxi

Version v4.4.0 (Jan 18th 2021)
  • Will now detect if user is using the correct private profile and offer to update it if not
  • Fixes to XIV Databar not showing after leaving combat
  • Installer no longer removes profiles other than 'Default' from XIV Databar
  • We no longer need Skin All Icons WeakAura, added a warning if you still have it
  • WeakAuras progress bars now automatically have borders on them!
  • DBM/BW changes for positioning
  • Other misc. changes
  • Changes to Party and Raid frames

Version v4.3.6 (Jan 14th 2021)
  • Focus power bar fix
  • Masque now selects Squat during installation
  • Installer for ToxiUI should show up on first-time launch
  • Plater quest icon bug fix

Version v4.3.5 (Jan 14th 2021)
  • Disabled some announcements in WindTools
  • Moved Right Chat to be above Left Chat (still testing this)
  • Moved Battle.net toast
  • Moved Durability frame
  • Moved Tank/Assist frames
  • Moved Focus frame for DPS
  • Moved Alternative power for DPS
  • Moved Alternative power for Healer
  • Moved Party Frames for DPS because of Right Chat
  • Moved Raid Frames for DPS because of Right Chat
  • Moved Top container frames
  • Vehicle Exit button won't get lost in another planet
  • Changelog now pops up after you finish updating via installer
  • Disabled XIV skin if AddOn is not loaded
  • Updated the URL of the Welcome message
  • Fixed an issue with UI scale

Version v4.3.0 (Jan 11th 2021)
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Changed the coloring of ToxiUI to reflect the logo
  • Added another button to the WeakAuras section of installer to remind you to get Skin All Icons WeakAuras
  • Misc. coloring changes throughout the whole ToxiUI AddOn
  • Disabled Plater pop-up showing up during installation
  • Added option to toggle XIV gradient fade
  • General font size 14 -> 15
  • Tooltip font size 13 -> 14
  • Tooltip health font changed
  • Minimap Button Bar now shows 2 buttons per row to avoid overlap with Raid Markers
  • Changed Item Level font in Armory
  • Healer layout
  • Chat font size fixed
  • Disabled target castbar icon
Objective Tracker
  • Header font size reduced to 22
  • Title font size reduced to 17
  • Info font size changed to 15
  • Removed Outline from Title
  • Added Healer layout
  • Changed DPS layout
  • No longer overwrites your Statistics
  • Added Healer layout
  • Changed DPS layout
  • Gap between windows
  • Auto-hide Title buttons
  • Misc. changes

Version v4.2.0 (Jan 9th 2021)
  • Fixed Details not properly applying profile
  • Changelog now features several Versions for comparing
  • Changes to Plater import logic. (similar to Details)
  • Added warning to installer if you have SharedMedia: ToxiUI
  • Added ToxiUI + version to the top of ElvUI panel
  • Removed the 1px border from ToxiUI texture
  • Changed login message link
  • Made Player castbar shorter
  • Moved Player castbar 1px to right
  • Pet and ToT frames now position correctly on all resolutions
  • Slight positioning/size adjustments for Details
  • XIV Bar color now has Gradient fade (need to change manually)

Version v4.1.1 (Jan 8th 2021)
  • This time really changed colors for Quest Tracker
  • Force enable Chat module

Version v4.1.0 (Jan 8th 2021)
  • ToxiUI panel now includes a changelog! (/ec -> ToxiUI)
  • Removed some fonts, added new ones
    (the new fonts are carefully picked with support for more languages)
  • Fixed messages/emphasized messages in Big Wigs
  • Re-did the DBM profile
  • Castbar font changes reverted
  • Installer now force disables Information Panel if you had it before on any unitframe
  • Changed colors for Quest Tracker
  • Absolutely new style for Details
  • Various misc. back-end changes for smoother sailing

Version v4.0.4 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Fixed old fonts still being in the UI

Version v4.0.3 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Renamed versions to avoid future nonsense
  • Fixed WoWUP linking ToxiUI to another UI addon.

Version v4.0 alpha-1.2 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Made a Force DB layout to fix an issue with WindTools
  • Updated .toc to hopefully make WoWUP react to the update aswell.

Version v4.0 alpha-1.1 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Fixed a LUA error.
  • Fixed Plater mods pulling data from SharedMedia instead of ElvUI_ToxiUI

Version v4.0-alpha (Jan 6th 2021)
  • Uploaded the first alpha testing of ToxiUI!

The latest version of this addon is 5.4.3 and was uploaded on Jun 01, 2022 at 13:21.

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