world of warcraft
made by t0x1com

ToxiUI is a minimalistic edit of ElvUI!
It's best played at 1440p resolution!

For this UI to work at it's fullest potential, you will need these AddOns!
ElvUI Shadow & Light
ElvUI WindTools
ElvUI GlobalFadePersist (optional)
Details! Damage Meter
XIV Databar
Download XIV from the link above, not from curseforge!
Weak Auras
Masque (optional)
Masque: Squat (optional)

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Make a backup of your WTF folder just to be safe and not lose all your previous settings :)

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Huge thank you to these people for contributing to development!


Thanks to these people for supporting/inspiring me!
Redtuzk & his team
Todd H.
Daren M.
Andreas K.
Jake R.
Daniel A.
Juan H.
Michael C.

Version v4.4.0 (Jan 18th 2021)
-- General --
  • Will now detect if user is using the correct private profile and offer to update it if not
  • Fixes to XIV Databar not showing after leaving combat
  • Installer no longer removes profiles other than 'Default' from XIV Databar
  • We no longer need Skin All Icons WeakAura, added a warning if you still have it
  • WeakAuras progress bars now automatically have borders on them!
  • DBM/BW changes for positioning
  • Other misc. changes
-- ElvUI --
  • Changes to Party and Raid frames

Version v4.3.6 (Jan 14th 2021)
-- Misc. --
  • Focus power bar fix
  • Masque now selects Squat during installation
  • Installer for ToxiUI should show up on first-time launch
  • Plater quest icon bug fix
Version v4.3.5 (Jan 14th 2021)
-- ElvUI --
  • Disabled some announcements in WindTools
  • Moved Right Chat to be above Left Chat (still testing this)
  • Moved Battle.net toast
  • Moved Durability frame
  • Moved Tank/Assist frames
  • Moved Focus frame for DPS
  • Moved Alternative power for DPS
  • Moved Alternative power for Healer
  • Moved Party Frames for DPS because of Right Chat
  • Moved Raid Frames for DPS because of Right Chat
  • Moved Top container frames
  • Vehicle Exit button won't get lost in another planet
-- MISC --
  • Changelog now pops up after you finish updating via installer
  • Disabled XIV skin if AddOn is not loaded
  • Updated the URL of the Welcome message
  • Fixed an issue with UI scale
Version v4.3.0 (Jan 11th 2021)
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Changed the coloring of ToxiUI to reflect the logo
  • Added another button to the WeakAuras section of installer to remind you to get Skin All Icons WeakAuras
  • Misc. coloring changes throughout the whole ToxiUI AddOn
  • Disabled Plater pop-up showing up during installation
  • Added option to toggle XIV gradient fade
-- ElvUI --
  • General font size 14 -> 15
  • Tooltip font size 13 -> 14
  • Tooltip health font changed
  • Minimap Button Bar now shows 2 buttons per row to avoid overlap with Raid Markers
  • Changed Item Level font in Armory
  • Healer layout
  • Chat font size fixed
  • Disabled target castbar icon
-- Objective Tracker --
  • Header font size reduced to 22
  • Title font size reduced to 17
  • Info font size changed to 15
  • Removed Outline from Title
-- BigWigs --
  • Added Healer layout
  • Changed DPS layout
  • No longer overwrites your Statistics
-- DBM --
  • Added Healer layout
  • Changed DPS layout
-- Details --
  • Gap between windows
  • Auto-hide Title buttons
  • Misc. changes
Version v4.2.0 (Jan 9th 2021)
  • Fixed Details not properly applying profile
  • Changelog now features several Versions for comparing
  • Changes to Plater import logic. (similar to Details)
  • Added warning to installer if you have SharedMedia: ToxiUI
  • Added ToxiUI + version to the top of ElvUI panel
  • Removed the 1px border from ToxiUI texture
  • Changed login message link
  • Made Player castbar shorter
  • Moved Player castbar 1px to right
  • Pet and ToT frames now position correctly on all resolutions
  • Slight positioning/size adjustments for Details
  • XIV Bar color now has Gradient fade (need to change manually)
Version v4.1.1 (Jan 8th 2021)
  • This time really changed colors for Quest Tracker
  • Force enable Chat module
Version v4.1.0 (Jan 8th 2021)
  • ToxiUI panel now includes a changelog! (/ec -> ToxiUI)
  • Removed some fonts, added new ones
    (the new fonts are carefully picked with support for more languages)
  • Fixed messages/emphasized messages in Big Wigs
  • Re-did the DBM profile
  • Castbar font changes reverted
  • Installer now force disables Information Panel if you had it before on any unitframe
  • Changed colors for Quest Tracker
  • Absolutely new style for Details
  • Various misc. back-end changes for smoother sailing
Version v4.0.4 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Fixed old fonts still being in the UI

Version v4.0.3 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Renamed versions to avoid future nonsense
  • Fixed WoWUP linking ToxiUI to another UI addon.
Version v4.0 alpha-1.2 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Made a Force DB layout to fix an issue with WindTools
  • Updated .toc to hopefully make WoWUP react to the update aswell.
Version v4.0 alpha-1.1 (Jan 7th 2021)
  • Fixed a LUA error.
  • Fixed Plater mods pulling data from SharedMedia instead of ElvUI_ToxiUI

Version v4.0-alpha (Jan 6th 2021)
  • Uploaded the first alpha testing of ToxiUI!

The latest version of this addon is v4.4.0 and was uploaded on Jan 18, 2021 at 03:21.

This file was last downloaded on Jan 23, 2021 at 01:28 and has been downloaded 7988 times.


tahi Jan 20, 2021 at 18:27

I'm a huge fan of your interface!
I've been using Elvui for years and I've tested almost every available UI.
This one is really elegant and minimalist as I like it.

Again, congratulations for the work done!

Chris284678 Jan 20, 2021 at 01:57

Hey I am really enjoying your UI. Thank you for posting and working so hard on it. However, if I am using Vuhdo with the current iteration I get several Lua errors. Any help would be appreciated.

CodeConqueror Jan 16, 2021 at 19:25

Fantastic job man! Best UI I've ever used and I've used LOTS trying to find the perfect style and feature set for me. Donation sent, I know it's not much, but enjoy a beer or coffee on me. TY for your work!

Euphorisant Jan 13, 2021 at 11:49

Hello, i have install all setup interface have you make but, i have little problems, i don't have logo for panel covenant on my mini map, You know where active the logo ?

And nice interface i love it, is clean et beautiful !!
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