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The installation frame will automatically open when you first log in, provided that the ElvUI installation has been completed on that character. If not then it will wait until you have completed the ElvUI installation. You can manually run the installation by clicking on the "Install" button in the CodeNameBlaze section of the ElvUI ingame config.

It is not necessary to go through the installation for this edit to function. If you only want the additional features of this edit without changing your settings, then simply skip the installation. It is recommended that you create a new profile before completing the installation, in case you do not want to keep the changes made by the installation of CodeNameBlaze.

If you want to report a bug or request a feature then please submit a ticket. Please try to reproduce the issue with only "ElvUI" and "ElvUI CodeNameBlaze" enabled.
If you need support then either create a forum post here or join the Tukui Discord server and ask your question there.

Recommended AddOns:

This edit should be compatible with most other edits and plugins. If you have any issues then please file a bug report, instructions for that outlined above.

  • ActionBars
    • Use Transparent template for ActionBar buttons.
    • Use Transparent template for ActionBar backdrops.
  • Bags
    • Use Transparent template for Bag buttons.
    • Use Transparent template for Bag backdrops.
  • Chat
    • Set Chat Editbox font and fontsize.
    • Show/Hide chat separators (thin lines to separate chat tabs or datatexts from chat messages).
    • Select how many messages are saved in the editbox history (in order to cycle through previous messages).
    • Set alpha on the Copy Chat button.
    • Toggle bracket on selected chat tab.
    • Toggle fade-out of non-selected chat tabs.
    • Set alpha on faded chat tabs.
    • Toggle faded chat tabs to be forced to show when flashing.
    • Toggle using custom colors on timestamps. If disabled, the timestamp will use the color of the message.
    • Set text and bracket color of timestamps.
    • Toggle brackets around the person who posts a message in chat.
  • Datatexts
    • Show/Hide Bottom Datatext Panel (extra panel).
    • Show/Hide Right Chat Tab Datatext Panel (extra panel).
    • Show/Hide chat datatext panel backgrounds (Clean Chat).
    • Set left minimap datatext panel size (and thereby the size of the right panel). Useful if you want to make room for a long datatext.
  • UnitFrames
    • Control position of unitframe aura duration and stack count text.
    • Set spacing between individual aura icons on chosen units.
  • Misc
    • Set color of Chat Bubble backdrop.
    • Actionbar 4 and Pet Bar will switch position depending on whether player has permanent pet or not (unless they have been moved or disabled).
    • Actionbar 4 will only show when holding down Ctrl while mousing over its position (either left or right of Pet Bar) but only if the CodeNameBlaze installation was completed.
    • The close button on various frames uses the original blizzard skin, but is desaturated to match the ElvUI theme. I think the original buttons look better than flat buttons.
    • Backdrop color of scrollbar thumbs are set to match ElvUI value color. This is done to increase visibility of scrollbar thumbs.
    • Through the Installation procedure, pre-configured profiles can be created for the following AddOns: DBM, MSBT, Skada.
    • Through the Installation procedure, pre-configured addon settings can be applied to AddOnSkins for the following addons: DBM, Skada.
    • Stack buttons have been added back to bank and bags.

Besides the tukui community I would like to give special credit to the following people, they either inspired me or helped me with code/debugging:
Azilroka, Benik, Darth Predator, Elv, Hydra, Repooc, Simpy, Tukz
1.82, January 17th 2020
  • Fixed error in bags due to a typo that was fixed in ElvUI.
1.81, October 16th 2019
  • Fixed error when trying to open install from the config.
1.80, September 1st 2019
  • Fixed error in bags.
  • Changed width of bank and bag frame in the install layout, along with button sizes.
1.79, July 21st 2019
  • Changes to skin for TalkingHeadFrame. Better code.
1.78, July 21st 2019
  • Fixed initialization error.
1.77, June 29th 2019
  • Fixed error regarding AceLocale.
  • Changed installer to now reset the profile before applying changes. This ensures the layout is configured as intended regardless of previous installers.
  • Updated toc.
1.76, April 7th 2019
  • Removed option to control when unitframe aura timers go into decimal form, as that is now in ElvUI.
  • Fixed incompatibility issue with ElvUI v11.07 and higher.
1.75, March 12th 2019
  • Removed legacy layouts from install.
  • Removed modification of 3rd party addons and AddOnSkins from install (need to re-do them eventually).
  • Fixed handling of the close button skin.
1.74, February 17th 2019
  • Fixed scrollbar thumb color issue with ElvUI v10.88 and higher.
  • Changed license to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported.
1.73, November 14th 2018
  • Fixed issue with missing quality borders on items in bags (#8).
  • Fixed error in install (#10).
1.72, August 19th 2018
  • Fixed issue which prevented the Azerite DataBar from having its width changed.
1.71, July 28th 2018
  • Updated and fixed .toc file.
1.70, July 18th 2018
  • Fixed error in the Chat Bubble Color setting.
  • Fixed error in DataBars, by replacing references to artifactBar with azeriteBar.
  • Fixed issue with some chat bubbles not using the assigned color.
1.69, April 20th 2018
  • Fixed issue which broke the Copy Chat Lines feature in ElvUI.
  • Added option to remove brackets around the player who posts in chat. (credit zbug)
1.68, October 4th 2017
  • Fixed error in layout regarding datatext panels.
  • Fixed error in the install script when applying the Legion layouts.
  • Fixed border settings in the install script for Legion layouts.
1.67, October 1st 2017
  • Renamed a variable to reflect changes in ElvUI v10.64.
1.66, August 23rd 2017
  • Updated .toc file.
1.65, August 20th 2017
  • Yet another toc update, sorry.
1.64, August 20th 2017
  • Another toc update.
1.63, August 20th 2017
  • Updated .toc file for Tukui AddOns section.
1.62, August 18th 2017
  • Added new ElvUI options to the install file.
  • Fixed position of auras on target unitframe in install file.
1.61, January 7th 2017
  • Fixed position of name on party frames in Legion Healing layout.
1.60, January 6th 2017
  • Fixed error in the install script regarding cvars.
  • Replaced Scrooge with Broker_Currencyflow in install.
  • Fixed error in the Chat Bubble Color option.
  • Added Boris Black Boxx font and Ferous Media 06 statusbar texture.
  • Converted installer to use the built in plugin installer from ElvUI.
  • Added new Legion Layouts to installer.
1.59, October 25th 2016
  • Fixed errors in installation script caused by recent changes in ElvUI and AddOnSkins.
1.58, October 25th 2016
  • Fixed localization error.
  • Fixed nil error in skins module.
  • Fixed transparent backdrop option for actionbar buttons.
  • Updated interface version for patch 7.1.
1.57, August 30th 2016
  • Added toggle option for use of original close button on frames.
  • Fixed position of Actionbar 2 and 3.
  • Fixed Skada profile in install.
  • Fixed c stack overflow in chat module.
1.56, July 24th 2016
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Shadow&Light option to display out-of-range indicator on the hotkey.
1.55, July 19th 2016
  • Updated for Legion.
1.54, May 15th 2016
  • Fixed capitalization mistake which caused an error when disabling aura spacing for unitframes.
1.53, March 5th 2016
  • Updated a few settings in install.
  • Simplified unitframe code to work with the code restructuring in ElvUI v9.00.
  • Added separate options for transparent backdrop and buttons for each actionbar.
  • Added aura spacing options for Tank/Assist frames.
  • Fixed error caused by certain hooks being executed too early. (Ticket #7)
  • Changed ElvUI version requirement to 9.00.
1.52, October 10th 2015
  • Disabled "Color By Type" in the DBM profile.
  • Remove code which sets datatext font on config button, it is no longer needed.
  • Updated to support the new unitframe aura sorting methods.
1.51, August 13th 2015
  • Fixed a nil error when using RaidDebuff Indicator on Party Frames.
  • Added options to disable transparent template on bag backdrop and buttons.
  • [UPD] Updated settings in installation script.
1.50, August 2nd 2015
  • Fixed the "Hide Chat Datatext BG" option, it was functioning in a weird way.
  • Added LICENSE.txt
1.49, August 2nd 2015
  • Added options which allow you to disable transparent template on actionbar buttons and backdrop.
1.48, July 26th 2015
  • Boss and Arena Frame growth direction options have been removed (now part of ElvUI).
  • Boss and Arena Frame spacing options have been removed (now part of ElvUI).
  • The font on Party Frame RaidDebuffs will now use the main unitframe font as well.
1.47, July 14th 2015
  • Lowered height of unitframe power bars by 1px.
  • Fixed the script that removes realm name from system messages.
  • Added default values for chat bubble font and font size to install.
1.46, February 25th 2015
  • Update ToC for patch 6.1
1.45, January 23rd 2015
  • Tweak bank frame position.
  • Attempt to prevent possible nil errors that were reported.
  • DBM uses its own profile system now, so create the CodeNameBlaze profile through that. The 3rd party addon DBM-Profiles is currently not supported.
1.44, December 31st 2014
  • Made it possible to choose a low resolution layout during installation.
1.43, December 14th 2014
  • Fix issue with aura spacing not working correctly on raid frames.
  • Fix issue with pet frame not staying hidden after a /reload when using combat fade.
1.42, December 7th 2014
  • Fix debuff position on party frames.
  • Fix issue with unitframe auras wrapping when using aura spacing and size override.
  • Fix a potential nil error in the aura spacing code.
1.41, December 3rd 2014
  • Fix a few errors caused by the cleanup.
1.40, December 3rd 2014
  • Add Unitframe Aura Spacing option.
  • Clean up code a bit.
1.39, November 2nd 2014
  • Add bank offsets to installation.
1.38, October 21st 2014
  • Fix potential error during CNB installation.
1.37, October 21st 2014
  • Add stack button to bank and re-add "Hold Shift:" functionality to both stack buttons.
1.36, October 21st 2014
  • Make sure single embed is disabled when enabling dual embed.
1.35, October 18th 2014
  • Add stack button to bag frame. Allows you to stack items without sorting.
1.34, October 18th 2014
  • Remove AffDots profile from Install. The AffDots AddOn has little use now.
1.33, October 14th 2014
  • [UPD] Update CodeNameBlaze for patch 6.0.2 and ElvUI v7.
1.32, September 4th 2014
  • Raid-10 position set during install for the DPS/Tank layout has been fixed.
1.31, September 2nd 2014
  • Issue with moving pet bar and bar4 has been fixed.
1.30, August 21st 2014
  • Update install. ElvUI AddOnSkins is now just 'AddOnSkins'.
1.29, August 16th 2014
  • Add options to control position of unitframe aura duration and stack count text.
1.28, August 16th 2014
  • Add option to control when unitframe aura timers go into decimal form.
1.27, June 5th 2014
  • Reposition Extra Action Button (Boss Button) and AltPowerBar for healing layout. They now use the same position for all layouts.
1.26, June 5th 2014
  • Fix copy paste error, move Totembar further to the right.
1.25, June 5th 2014
  • Custom text with group number has been added to 25 man raid frames (they were already added to 10 man frames).
  • 10 man raid frames are now in 2 rows in the DPS/Tank layout. This was partially done to make more room for other stuff, but also as a band-aid to an issue that messed up the frames when switching from dps to healing profile.
  • Reposition 'Totembar' (mushrooms, banners, totems etc.) so it doesn't overlap with the stance bar when a lot of stances are available.
  • Reposition Extra Action Button (Boss Button) and AltPowerBar since they now have more room.
  • Set vertical spacing to 3 on raid frames in healing layout.
1.24, June 4th 2014
  • Go back to hooking .AddMessage in order to have timestamps on all chat messages. Embed LibChatAnims to prevent the taints that this change might cause.
  • Fix an error when ElvUI Actionbars were disabled.
1.23, May 10th 2014
  • Option which allows the user to disable custom colors on timestamps has been added. If disabled, timestamps will use the color of the message.
1.22, May 9th 2014
  • Options which allows the user to choose text and bracket color for timestamps have been added.
  • Removed code which could cause taints. As a result prints no longer had timestamps. This was solved by adding a custom print handler.
1.21, May 8th 2014
  • Improve installation messages and print them to chat as well.
1.2, May 4th 2014
  • Option to force a faded chat tab to show when flashing has been added.
  • Removed threat warning from Skada profile.
  • Backdrop color on scrollbar thumbs has been changed to match ElvUI value color, in order to increase visibility of scrollbar thumbs.
1.12, April 29th 2014
  • Nil error in datatexts.lua has been fixed.
1.11, April 28th 2014
  • Nil error on first time load has been fixed.
1.1, April 28th 2014
  • Pre-configured profiles can now be created for the following addons in order to make them look how they appear in the screenshots: AffDots (With AffDotsPriest), Deadly Boss Mods, Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, Skada.
  • Pre-configured addon settings can now be applied to the ElvUI AddOnSkins settings for the following AddOns in order to make them look how they appear in the screenshots: Deadly Boss Mods, Skada.
  • An issue that caused the CodeNameBlaze Install to interfere with the ElvUI Install (and vice versa) has been fixed.
1.0, April 23rd 2014
  • Initial upload of first public release version.

The latest version of this addon is 1.82 and was uploaded on Jan 17, 2020 at 19:11.

This file was last downloaded on Feb 18, 2020 at 17:35 and has been downloaded 22522 times.


Blazeflack Mar 12, 2019 at 19:37

@sedate: That is correct, good catch. I will remove that line.

sedate Feb 22, 2019 at 01:30

Just wanted to verify that EverySecondCounts is built into ElvUI and is no longer needed as a recommended addon

Blazeflack Apr 20, 2018 at 08:56

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