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Eltruism is an ElvUI plugin that offers a DPS/Tank Profile along with a Healer profile. 
Both are designed for 16:9 displays, and were tested in 4K , 1440p and 1080p.

This plugin requires the following addons:
Addon Profiles

The installation will offer profiles for the following addons: And the following addons are highly recommended:

Eltruism includes many features and all can be turned off if the user wants. Included features in this plugin:

  • Custom Glows, supporting both player and pet action bars.
  • Show item icons in chat, based on Chat Loot Icons by Stanzilla
  • Inactivity Fader using ElvUI's Chat setting
  • Combat Hide
  • Class colored rolls
  • Sounds can be played if a player rolls a 1 or a 100
  • Colored system messages
  • Hide using Mouse Over
  • Cast Cursor, showing current castbar
  • GCD Cursor, showing your current GCD
  • Combat Cursor, showing in combat but can also be toggled to show always
  • Cast, GCD and Combat cursors are a fork of CastCursor by michaelsp and Cooldown a fork of CooldownToGo by mitchnull (credits in the Licenses folder)
  • Nameplate Power Bar, and advanced power bar above the target nameplate that includes spell costs and incoming resource gains
  • Wide Debuffs and Buffs on Nameplates
  • Glow on Expiring Debuffs on Nameplates
  • Class themed gradient Nameplate Texture, Border, and Glow
  • Show Friendly Nameplates inside instances with only names or hide them
  • Dynamically show enemy level when you are below max level, hiding when max level
  • Dynamically show a glowing spellsteal on nameplates when the enemy has spellstealable buffs and you are playing a mage
  • Dark Mode and Light Mode, with Light mode featuring class textures
  • Automatically use class based textures
  • Automatically hide Unitframes and/or Arena frames when in PvP, allowing more compatibility when using addons for PvP
  • Dynamically show enemy player buffs in PvP, hide in PvE
  • Adds shadows to frames
  • Show a stealth overlay when in stealth
  • Wider Transmog Window for Retail
  • Reskinned Character Panel for Retail, featuring expanded character art, class icon and class colors
  • Reskinned Character Panel for TBC and Classic, featuring ilvl, class icon and class colors
  • Add a Level Up Toast frame for TBC and Classic
  • Add item levels to Character Panel in TBC/Classic, which is a fork of Simple Item levels by Kemayo
  • Expanded Talent Trees for TBC/Classic
  • Add borders to frames, which can be customized in style and size/color
  • Expanded Stables, showing all hunter pets in one window. This module is a fork of Improved Stable Frame by Cybeloras. License information in the Licenses folder
  • Customize the castbar spark
  • Skin the Quest Log, adding class colors
  • Change the default cursor size
  • Play custom music when in combat, simply put your mp3 inside the addons folder and set the music in Eltruism settings
  • Automatically take a screenshot when an achievement is earned or when you level up
  • Custom WeakAuras anchors, allowing WAs to be attached to them and be moved using /moveui, alongside with
  • them automatically following unitframe visibility settings
  • Hide Quests during Boss Encounters or in PvP
  • Hide the Minimap while in combat
  • Adds a time to arrive to your waypoints
  • Adds a /way command accepting coordinates
  • LootText, showing items and gold you have looted. This module is a fork of SLoTe by xavjer, credits in Licenses folder.
  • Automatic Improved Ammo Datatext for TBC/Classic when playing a Warlock or Hunter
  • Play a sound when someone in your Party or Raid dies
  • Play racial or class based music when going AFK
  • Improved font replacing function, allowing all ElvUI texts to be changed with your custom font
  • Rogue Order Hall, which will automatically open the Rogue Class Hall Door. This module is a fork of Rogue Door Opener by Burzolog and licensed under GNU GPLv3
  • Instant Loot, yet another fast loot module to attempt to make looting items faster
  • Automatically show the experience bar when below max level
  • Different Aura filter settings, allowing all debuffs to be shown if the user desires
  • Automatically set font outlines and movers based on game resolution
  • Hide the world quest talking head
  • Custom Buff/Debuff filters for Classic and TBC, with premade settings to show all debuffs if the user wants to
  • Customize different CVar settings that are set whenever the player loads in
And more!


The first time you load into the game with Eltruism enabled the install prompt that will guide you will appear. It is recommended to backup your settings (WTF folder inside World of Warcraft\_retail_\) regularly, the installation will warn you of any options that might overwrite your settings.



This plugin was based in LuckyoneUI and credits go to him for allowing its use.
### 3.6.2 Complete Changelog
Added Quest Count to Retail Objective Frame (only shows up when quest log is near full)
Added shadows to Objective Frame Quest Item
Added a few models to portrait fix
Added Archeology Mover to Retail
Updated Nameplate Debuff Glow with more checks for Debuffs not having timers
Updated Dynamic Cam profile with missing raid camera reset in Retail
Updated Bonus Objective text color in the Quests Skin in Retail
Updated AFK function to show class icon instead of faction
Updated !key and !keys command to remove the covenant info
Updated Boss debuffs to remove personal debuffs
Updated ElvUI Bags to split the reagent bag
Updated German locale by Dlarge
Updated WindTools profile
Updated fonts functions
Fixed Unitframe castbar not correctly using unitframe skin when gradient was enabled
Fixed an issue with the Windtools message not properly going away in one case
Fixed Pandaria Scenarios missing the Blocks Skin
Fixed power shadows when using detached power

The latest version of this addon is 3.6.2 and was uploaded on Nov 28, 2022 at 00:22.

This file was last downloaded on Nov 28, 2022 at 16:07 and has been downloaded 21996 times.


eltreum Aug 25, 2022 at 04:01

@niora, check both ElvUI > General > Cosmetic for the glow there and also Eltruism > Custom Glow

The default glow is the Blizzard Glow (on base Blizzard UI), i use Pixel Glow and you can customize either one on those tabs

niora Aug 24, 2022 at 01:14


First of all amazing plugin thanks for it.

The only thing I dont get used to is the Custom action (spell) glow when procs comes up, how do I disable the pixel circling the spell i tried disabling custom glow .

I'm just to used for the default glow for proc spells.

Thanks again

eltreum Jan 17, 2022 at 18:34


Strange i had set the link to never expire, guess discord decided to do it. New invite link added

Boldboy Jan 07, 2022 at 15:57

Seems the Discord link isn't working anymore! Can you post a new one?

eltreum Dec 06, 2021 at 13:40

@gogos324, there is a discord link in the description. Please join as i only check this page when uploading new versions really, rarely otherwise

gogos324 Dec 02, 2021 at 21:21

Hallo Sir

I have downloaded the addon and not install apprear.
Please share discord info for providing photos evidence.
Thank you.

eltreum Oct 04, 2021 at 18:22

You delete the folder ElvUI_EltreumUI inside your addons folder and extract the new one into the addons folder, settings for all addons are saved in the WTF folder, not the addon folder.

Also I dont visit this page very often, please use the discord instead if you want faster answers

aaronjames1692 Sep 16, 2021 at 21:03

How do I update the addon? Just drag into the addons folder again? Will it override any profile edits?
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