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made by ahak
Syne's Thesia
Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.
Syne's Thesia is an external edit of ElvUI based on the original Syne's Edit of TukUI.

This isn't 1:1 recreation of the Syne's Edit, since there has been ton of new features added and some old features removed from the game over the years compared to the era of the original Syne's Edit, but I have tried my best to keep the core features and preserve the style of the original UI by reading the original UI's code like Devil reads the Bible and cross-referencing screenshots and counting pixels for hours. Even with all this work put into this project, I couldn't add all of the features the way they were in the original. I also added few small quality of life -changes here and there that weren't in the original edit, but I felt weren't too invading to the spirit of the original.


Most of these are from Syne's Edit and few of them are my own edits.

  • Should pop-up if/after ElvUI install has been completed
  • Create style matching (more or less) profiles for DBM, Recount and InFlight
  • Setup AddOnSkins for DBM and Recount
  • Tank/DPS- and Healer-layouts with all the unit frames styled properly
  • You can change between the styles with slash-commands /dps and /heal
Layout User-config:
  • Hardcoded layouts only affect some of the options for Party, Raid, Raid-40 and Raid Pet unit frames but I still wanted you to have as much control as possible over your UI so I made the "Layout User-config" -feature
  • You can type your own changes to the parts of the layout otherwise hardcoded
  • On layout change Syne's Thesia will parse them after the hardcoded changes has been applied first
Unit frames:
  • Low mana -warning for Player with configurable threshold level
  • Combat Feedback on Player and Target frames
  • You can change the ElvUI role icons into Syne's Edit -styled colored squares
  • You can select between two different aura styles for Target unit frame
  • Player and Target cast bars can be either embedded to the unit frame or detached to be placed anywhere on the screen
  • While in Healing-layout, you can replace the Party frames with Raid frames by enabling Grid only -mode
  • You can change the scale of the Grid styled Raid frames
Name plates:
  • All the name plates are styled, even friendly ones for those who want to enable them outside of the instances
Data texts:
  • 8 new data text panels under the action bars
Action bars:
  • Up to 3 bottom action bars with side action bars (limited to 2 bottom action bars with side action bars enabled)
  • Side action bars at the bottom of the screen
  • Possibility to replace the 12 button bottom actions bars with up to 2 wide action bars with 22 buttons each
  • Possibility to enable extra action bar in the middle of the screen (exact position is user place able)
  • Possibility to align the timestamps on the right side of the chat on Right Chat -window
  • Buff reminder if you are missing your own buff while in combat
  • Undress-button in Dress Up Frame
  • Stack items in/to -buttons in Bags and Bank
  • Fix to my personal problem where ElvUI and AddOnSkins with auto hide embedded AddOns would make Recount stay invisible
Also at least bags and bank, data bars, mirror bars, tooltips, threat bar and some of the fonts in the UI have been styled to match the Syne's Edit.

Layout User-config

I liked the idea of fast and easy layout changes with slash-command and pre-hardcoded settings, but I still wanted for the user to have almost full control over the UI. My solution to this was this feature where you can set your own edits to the UI and on layout change Syne's Thesia will evaluate your changes for the selected layout after applying the hardcoded changes first.

The feature consists of two editboxes, one for Tank/DPS-layout and the other for Healer-layout, under the Syne's Thesia -section of ElvUI-config where you can paste your own personalised settings. I know this feature sounds pretty advanced compared to the primitive implementation and isn't exactly newbie-friendly, but I assumed most of the users of the external edits either have some knowledge and understanding how this works or don't care about this feature.

1. First edit the group unit frames to your liking through UnitFrames-section under ElvUI-config.
2. Export your profile in "Plugin"-format (Profiles-section under ElvUI-config) and find the settings you changed and discard the rest.
3. Paste the changes into the right layout's editbox. If the changes doesn't validate, there is most likely an error, typo or missing character in your paste.
4. If you want to position the frames, you can use the SY:SetMoverPosition()-function with the frames Mover.
- Use it like :SetPoint()-method with Mover's global name added as first argument.
5. If the changes validates, reapply the layout with slash-command to confirm the wanted results.
6. Repeat from the beginning if needed.

N.B.: If the editbox's content doesn't validate, Syne's Thesia won't parse your changes on layout change!


Code: Select all

E.db.unitframe.units.party.buffs.sizeOverride = 44
E.db.unitframe.units.party.debuffs.enable = false
E.db["unitframe"]["units"]["party"]["name"]["text_format"] = "[difficultycolor][level] [namecolor][name:long]"
SY:SetMoverPosition("ElvUF_PartyMover", "TOPLEFT", E.UIParent, "TOPLEFT", 100, -100)
N.B.: Remember, the layout changes only affects parts of the Party, Raid, Raid-40 and Raid Pet unit frames settings of the UI. All other changes you made to the UI with ElvUI-config won't be touched when changing layouts and can be omitted!

Known issues

These are the issues I'm aware of, if you have any idea what causes them or how to fix them, don't hesitate to contact me!

New chat-tabs opened while in CombatLockdown causes an error

This bug happens when you are in combat lockdown and receive first (opening a new chat-tab) whisper or BN-whisper from someone. The later whispers received from same user doesn't cause any additional errors, but any whispers from other users will cause the same error to fire for every first whisper.

This bug has probably something to do with improper API-calls inside the WoW Restricted Environment when setting up new chat-tab leading to a taint?

Collapsing empty space reserved for auras on Target unit frame

If you use the primary style for auras on unit frames, the UI reserves huge amount of screen space for debuffs pushing the aura bars really high if there are only few debuffs. In an ideal world the AddOn could collapse the empty rows of aura icon or having different aura styles for friendly and hostile targets making the aura bars come way down when all the lines aren't fully populated.

This was one of the reasons I created the alternative-style, but it has its limitations on how many buffs it can show which is a shame when targeting friendly target.

Hunter with Nameplates, FriendlyNameplates, Tooltip, PetBat and styled Recount
Paladin with Healer Party frames
Paladin with Healer Raid Grid frames with scale 1.2
Rogue with embedded Castbars
Hunter with FriendlyNamePlates targeting NPC
Rogue with 3 normal bottom ActionBars
Rogue with DPS Raid frames and Boss frames
1.6 - Fix colors getting overwritten during the layout selection and fix the "Loot" -chatframe (installation step for this has been broken probably since 9.0)
1.5 - Fix the DT bar related errors during installation
1.4 - Fix the error on the "LOW MANA" -text on player frame.

The latest version of this addon is 1.6 and was uploaded on Sep 20, 2021 at 14:18.

This file was last downloaded on Oct 16, 2021 at 14:57 and has been downloaded 337 times.


ahak Sep 20, 2021 at 14:22

@Rinkashirukito You were correct, I lazily just overwrote the colors during the layout selection, but the color selection should persist now. Also thanks for pointing out the chatframe issue with the "Loot / Trade" -chatframe, this had been probably broken for new installations since 9.0, but has gone totally unnoticed by me and should be now fixed. This TTS-thing also explains why I have been having issues with other addons I have been working on.

Rinkashirukito Sep 20, 2021 at 05:10

Yeah Installer works now, but for example the chat setup is all weird where it creates 2 loot channels (left chat panel just says loot, right panel says loot/trade) but none of the 2 are actual loot channels, the left one is basically a chat window with all channels unchecked and the right one is actually a text2speech one i cant remove :/ The layout part also overwrites the previous colour scheme selection, if i choose dark, then click on a layout it gets reset to a weird mix between classic and dark

ahak Sep 19, 2021 at 21:27

@Rinkashirukito I think I managed to fix the error, let me know if you find any other errors.

Rinkashirukito Sep 18, 2021 at 10:49

Message: Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua:1512: attempt to index field 'SynesBottomGradientDataText' (a nil value)
Time: Sat Sep 18 12:48:07 2021
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua:1512: attempt to index field 'SynesBottomGradientDataText' (a nil value)
[string "=[C]"]: ?
[string "@Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua"]:1512: in function <Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua:1077>
[string "@Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua"]:2713: in function <Interface\AddOns\SynesThesia\core\install.lua:2713>


thats with the latest version

ahak Sep 17, 2021 at 20:07

Either the error was related to the bug that was fixed in version 1.4 or I need more information since I can't get any errors during installer in version 1.4. If the error still persists, let me know (with the error message if possible)!

ahak Sep 17, 2021 at 15:34

Sorry, didn't notice your comment until now, I'll look into this asap!

Rinkashirukito Sep 09, 2021 at 09:44

Just wanted to let you know that the installer is currently throwing LUA errors during the layout step of the setup.
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