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made by mltco78dhs
A simple slash command reports on who may have taken Ten of Towers or Lumbering Form (the never-take ones) and Ever-Beating Heart (the always-take one).

This is not automatic or multiple people with the addon would spam the living crap out of raid chat.


All four of those work. - 7 November 2021 - Initial release. - 9 November 2021 - Corrected a misspelled variable name that was preventing notification for Ever-Beating Heart to be sent. - 12 November 2021 - Added the correct filter ("MAW") to pick up Anima powers correctly. - 17 November 2021 - No REALLY this time . . . . (sheesh). - 18 November 2021 - Added some new "advice" for Ten of Towers and removed some testing diagnostic code. - 19 November 2021 - Under certain circumstances only one report of Ever-Beating Heart was being made. Fixed this and restructured things a bit to make it more clear.

The latest version of this addon is and was uploaded on Nov 22, 2021 at 18:11.

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