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ItemCount is an ElvUI datatext plugin that displays the current quantity of up to five specified items in your bags (does not include quantities held in the bank). When a counted item is gathered into your inventory, ItemCount will chime and display informational text.

This addon is useful for non-quest items you may be gathering for reputation turn-in, such as the Obsidian Warbeads, or the Fertile Spores, or the Dread Amber Shards; great for gathering materials like timber, Sumptuous Fur, ore, etc.; eliminates the need to keep opening your bags to see if you have reached the desired quantity.

The datatext displays current quantity of one item of your choice, and the datatext dropdown shows the status of all five items. An optional chime will sound when you've picked up the one item, and another sound of your choice will be played (optionally) when you have collected your goal quantity.

Use the ElvUI Config Panel to configure options:
  • change the tracked item (or Alt-RightClick an item in your bags)
  • track up to 5 different items in the tooltip (as yet, only one will provide an audible alert)
  • create a goal quantity and alert when reached
  • choose the alert sound from a list
  • share ItemCount profiles with other characters in your account
### v2.0.31 Nov 22 2022
  • turn off debugging so users don't get schmegged in chat frame
  • alt-click for adding a counted item from bags is STILL disabled. Bliz changed the API and it's too complicated for my puny intellect
  • including Ace3 libs now, because ElvUI apparently doesn't carry one that's needed here? I don't remember which one.
### v2.0.3 Nov 16 2022
  • bump 10.0.2
  • alt-click feature is disabled for debugging. To set counted items,
    use the main config interface
  • fixed various features that were broken by changes to called procedures, e.g. chiming when not supposed to (bag update without increase in count for counted item), and combat-text not appearing on reaching goal
### v2.0.2 Oct 26 2022
  • bump 10.0.0
  • fixed wrong string in config display
  • removed extraneous file
### v2.0.01 Aug 20 2022
  • bump TOC for 9.2.7
### v2.0 Jul 04 2022
  • each of the 5 counted items can have its own alert sound, and each may be configured to chime on collection or not
  • one of the 5 counted items can be "watched" by displaying in the datatext; all others will be displayed in the tooltip
### v1.5.1 Jan 29 2022
  • Fixed some spelling
### v1.5.0 Nov 10 2021
  • Bump TOC for 9.1.5
  • Moved repository to GitHub
  • Fixed issue where certain circumstances will cause a collection chime on login
  • Fixed issue where some interface sounds were still being addressed using string instead of ID
  • Added a bunch of new Goal sounds
### v1.4.3 Jun 28 2021
  • Bump TOC for 9.1.0
  • Reinstated the /ic shortcut to open config
  • Reorganized the Options Panel
### v1.4.2 Jun 20 2021
  • Bump TOC for 9.0.5
  • Fixed bug where left-click on datatext would not open config
  • Added counted item to floating combat text
  • Now relies on ElvUI for updated Ace libraries and LibElvUIPlugin library
### v1.4.1 Nov 25 2020
  • Update for 9.x: RegisterDatatext function requires additional argument; change in how internal sound files are played
### v1.3.3.3 Nov 30 2018
  • Bump TOC for 8.0
### v1.3.3.2 Nov 6 2016
  • Bump TOC for 7.1
### v1.3.3.1 Aug 15 2016
  • Corrected error with new Legion combat text setting. Your setting for "Combat Text Scrolling for Self" (on the Interface => Combat panel) will control whether ItemCount displays an alert using combat text.
### v1.3.3 Aug 4 2016
  • Added two more count slots, for a total of 5 counted items
  • Updated Ace Libs
  • Corrected reference to ElvUI config lib
### v1.3.2 Jul 19 2016
  • Bump TOC for 7.0 (may need to check Ace libs for updates...)
### v1.3.1.1 Sep 29 2015
  • Bump TOC for 6.2
### v1.3.1 Feb 25 2015
  • Bump TOC for 6.1
  • Attempted bug fix for not updating qty on hand when logging into an alt counting same item as previous login
### v1.3 Dec 17 2014
  • Save and copy Pattern Sets, similar to config profiles
  • A little cleanup on localizations; still need translations...
### v1.2 Dec 7 2014
  • Finally, left-click on datatext goes directly to the ItemCount config panel
  • Added 3 quick-switch item Patterns
  • Various changes to the tooltip content
  • Some code cleanup (please report any behavioral anomalies)
  • A little more work done on localizations (still need translations)
### v1.1.7 Nov 29 2014
  • Added option for bell chime when quantity increases for watched item
  • Fixed and updated the datatext right-click dropdown config menu
  • Fixed the formatting of the changelog file ;)
### v1.1.6 Oct 16 2014
  • Corrected TOC for pre-patch 6.0 (changed "60002" to "60000", harrumph)
  • Corrected problem loading AceConfig-3.0 and AceGUI-3.0
### v1.1.5 Oct 13 2014
  • Bump TOC for pre-patch 6.0
### v1.1.4 Sep 21 2013
  • Bug Fix (#2): now using AceHook-3.0 for capturing alt-rightclick event
### v1.1.3 Sep 20 2013
  • Bug Fix (#1): when ItemCount was not assigned to a datatext display location, opening config would throw an error.
  • Updated Ace libraries
### v1.1.2 Sep 10 2013
  • Bump TOC for 50400
### v1.1 Jul 8 2013
  • New Feature: Right-Click menu for selecting alert sound
  • Simplified the tooltip just a bit
  • Began work on support for localization
### v1.0 May 21 2013
  • New Feature: on left-click, opens config panel (still working on having the Item Count page appear automatically)
  • New Feature: Alt-Right-Click on an item in your bags to set the counted item
### v0.2 Apr 20 2013
  • Initial Version (release)

The latest version of this addon is 2.0.31 and was uploaded on Nov 22, 2022 at 16:38.

This file was last downloaded on Nov 28, 2022 at 15:53 and has been downloaded 3066 times.


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