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made by mltco78dhs
Mushroom-Core had been altered to use the Hekili addon for determining the next priority action (ability or on-use item).

By itself, it is relatively useless. With Hekili and a display addon (like Weak Auras) it allows for seamless communication of the Hekili top-priority action between the two. - 2022-10-01
- Initial Release - 2022-10-01
- Ooops. Some testing code slipped through. Fixed it. - 2022-10-14
- Removed unused variables
- Fixed nil on nil compare in SpellCharges function
- Added Focus support for Creature Type
- Added equipped item support (with appropriate event handling)
- Added cumulative ChangeLog.txt to deployment package
- Added utility function(ItemCDInfo(itemID) GCDBuffer())
- Updated ReadMe.txt file
- d.gcd changed to d.gcdID (conflicts with intuitive use of d.gcd as spell coodown data in plug-ins
- Changed event handling a tiny bit to stop an error that shows up when changing specs - 2022-10-28
- Many changes to incorporate the new talent system. See ChangeLog.txt for details. - 2022-10-30
- Corrupted upload. Fixed that.
- Added a function to make determining multi-target situations simpler. See ChangeLog.txt for details. - 2022-11-22
- Converted Mushroom-Core to use Hekili-generated action priorities.
- Removed plug-in handling module.
- Add in-game notice that plug-ins are no longer supported
- Updated ReadMe.txt file. - 2022-11-22
- Mornings are hard without coffee. I uploaded the wrong zip file. Fixed here. - 2022-11-23
- Left a removed support file reference in the TOC file. Wouldn't affect "update" installs, but would cause an error in fresh installs. Fixed.

The latest version of this addon is and was uploaded on Nov 23, 2022 at 16:33.

This file was last downloaded on Dec 05, 2022 at 03:59 and has been downloaded 1961 times.


mltco78dhs Nov 22, 2022 at 13:32

Mushroom-Core had been altered to remove plug-in usage.

Instead, it pulls the top rotational priority from Hekili and moves it (formatted as before) into Mushroom.Trigger/Mushroom.Untrigger (as appropriate).

It serves as a bridge addon between Hekili and whatever display addon you're using (such as Weak Auras).

See the ReadMe.txt file for details and the screen shot for an example of how to incorporate Mushroom.Trigger data into Weak Auras.

YdAssOpn Nov 01, 2022 at 15:52

How does this compare to other "rotation" helpers like ConRo, or MaxDps? I don't use rotation helpers for anything more than learning a new class and rotation. For the most part, they simply are not able to adapt, in real time, to sudden changes and predict the optimal ability that should be used as an encounter changes. Does your plugin do a better job of handling "situational awareness" and adjust accordingly? I'm really curious to check it out.

mltco78dhs Oct 28, 2022 at 15:38

Majik01 - this addon has no visual presence in the game at all. It is a data addon only. In my case I use the global Mushroom.Trigger to set "glow" on WeakAura representations of rotational abilities.

Anything I show you would be other addons using my addon, not my addon itself.

I'm available for a walkthru on how to use it with Weak Auras (and presumably any other addon you have) if you BattleTag friend me ingame and jump into my Discord long enough to do a short tutorial.


Majik01 Oct 26, 2022 at 12:32

Could you please show a picture of how the addon looks when it's running? I think I can almost see it in the background of your image, but it would be nice to know what it looks like before I download it.

mltco78dhs Oct 14, 2022 at 22:51

Sternwind - there is no need to configure it. Essentially this addon does nothing without a plug-in telling it what to do.

Download one of the samples (I have Hunter and Shaman uploaded and I can get you an all-spec Warrior sample if you'd like).

The meat of this is in the plug-in. Essentially you provide a structured table with an array of functions that are run in sequence until a non-false result is found. That function is supposed to pass back a trigger string. That string then becomes available through a Global table to all addons currently being run.


If you set your other addon (whatever you want to use this - I use Weak Auras) to look for (Mushroom and (Mushroom.Trigger == 'TRIGGER_<whatever you put here>')) you can then bypass much of the "condition" checking you'd otherwise need in Weak Auras (or other addon) to see if this is the "right now" ability/use item you need to prompt for.

I'm available in retail as Kaldara#11970. I can walk you through it.

Sternwind Oct 03, 2022 at 07:32

Looks cool would like to try have no idea how to install or use
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