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made by Maximvs
Tukui My Own Edit

This is a really basic addon, hardly any code there, to start creating your own Tukui edit,

TukuiModification.toc -- to load this addon

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## Interface: 80000
## Author: Maximvs
## Version: 0.02
## Title: |cffFFFC01Tukui Modification|r
## Notes: Basic setup for modifications of Tukui externally.
## Dependencies: Tukui
## Thanks to: Tukz, Hydra, Darth Predator, Azilroka, Flyingboots and all other members of Tukui.org community.


TukuiModificationConfig.lua -- to create your own options for Tukui[

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local T, C, L = Tukui:unpack()

C["MyOwnOption"] = {
	["MyOwnOption01"] = false,
	["MyOwnOption02"] = false

TukuiModificationLocales.lua -- to make your own descriptions for added options

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local T, C, L = Tukui:unpack()

local MyOwnOption = {

		["MyOwnOption01"] = {
			["Name"] = "Option 01",
			["Desc"] = "Enable/Disable Option 01",

		["MyOwnOption02"] = {
			["Name"] = "Option 02",
			["Desc"] = "Enable/Disable Option 02",
TukuiConfig.enUS["MyOwnOption"] = MyOwnOption

TukuiModificationMedia.lua -- file for adding your own media like fonts or textures. You will need to add the textures and fonts as well.

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local T, C, L = Tukui:unpack()

TukuiMedia = T["Media"]
if not C["Medias"] then C["Medias"] = {} end
-- C["Medias"]["Font"] = [=[Interface\Addons\TukuiMaxUI\Medias\Fonts\MaxUI.ttf]=]

-- adding a font:

-- Maxui normal
local Maxui = CreateFont("MaxUI")
Maxui:SetFont("Interface\\AddOns\\TukuiModification\\Medias\\MaxUI.ttf", 12)
TukuiMedia:RegisterFont("MaxUI", "MaxUI")

-- MaxUI outlined
local MaxuiOutlined = CreateFont("MaxUIoutlined")
MaxuiOutlined:SetFont("Interface\\AddOns\\TukuiModification\\Medias\\MaxUI.ttf", 14, "OUTLINE")
TukuiMedia:RegisterFont("MaxUI OUTLINED", "MaxUIoutlined")

-- adding a texture:
TukuiMedia:RegisterTexture("Gloss", "Interface\\AddOns\\TukuiModification\\Medias\\Gloss.tga")

TukuiModification01.lua -- file for creating your own code

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local T, C, L = Tukui:unpack()
local Panels = T.Panels

-- panels
local function Enable()

	if C["MyOwnOption"]["MyOwnOption01"] == true then

hooksecurefunc(Panels, "Enable", Enable)

TukuiModification02.lua -- file for creating more of your own code

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local function Enable()

	if C["MyOwnOption"]["MyOwnOption02"] == true then

hooksecurefunc(Panels, "Enable", Enable)

TukuiModification -- v. 0.04
- update to match all other Tukui plugins styles

TukuiModification -- v. 0.03
- TOC Update Patch 8.1

TukuiModification -- v. 0.02
- TOC Update
- update for Tukui 18, BFA

TukuiModification -- v. 0.01
- Initial upload

The latest version of this addon is 0.04 and was uploaded on Jan 03, 2019 at 00:15.

This file was last downloaded on Aug 04, 2020 at 03:08 and has been downloaded 3026 times.


Maximvs Sep 03, 2017 at 06:49

@bstreet1967 : Found the code for altering the highlight procs on the actionbars, I uploaded it as a plugin, https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=57. Hope this helps.

bstreet1967 Aug 30, 2017 at 16:37

Yeah I was trying to make this similar to the older TukUI. The client wiped my old install out and I am starting from scratch. The older version let me set fonts all over since it replaced so much of the blizz objects. I'm panicking because the blizz objects are ok, but hard for me to read.

Maximvs Aug 30, 2017 at 14:13

There was an old tukui plugin Tukui Highlights but it had some issues with fps. Let me see if I have some of that old code lying around. Maybe you can ask on the forum. It wasnt my code or plugin.

Buffbar: you mean the auras at the top of the sceeen or thw auras on top of player and target frames? In both cases I dont have a immediate solution. Its probably doable but havent done anything like that atm.

bstreet1967 Aug 30, 2017 at 07:51

Thanks for the examples. I was able to update one of the fonts with no problem. Some remaining questions. I would like to change the buff bar to read from right to left and I would like to change how the UI shows a proc in the action bar. Currently it gets a faint yellow line around it, can we do something like change the color, the border thickness or make it blink? I'm old and need help :D

Maximvs Aug 30, 2017 at 02:24

This is an example of how you can start editing tukui on your own. It doesn't edit MaxUI.

You need some coding and Lua knowledge and kind of understand what the code above means.

Haven't had the time to create more information or add pointers or explanations. I suggest to read the above and take a look at the code of the other tukui plugins I posted to see how the lua code of tukui works.

Velcross Aug 29, 2017 at 21:46

im confused on what these are for/how to use them? if there so i could possibly make my own version of Max UI id love to know how to get going on that
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