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Shadow & Light is an external edit of ElvUI, which means it doesn't change ElvUI's files directly.
What does this mean to you?
It means that any time ElvUI gets updated, you will not have to worry about it overwriting our edited version of ElvUI. It also means if we push an update it will not mess with any ElvUI files. This addon can not be used without ElvUI installed and enabled.

Originally this project started as two personal edits of ElvUI by Darth Predator and I (Repooc). For technical support reasons and other reasons as well, we have moved to a combined effort on this external edit of the ElvUI. Shadow & Light does not disable or hinder the normal function of ElvUI but does add additional features that are not yet implemented or will not be added to ElvUI.
You'll find Shadow & Light options under it's own configuration category in ElvUI's config section by typing /ec

Suggestions/Concerns: Download Locations: Features:
  • Armory Mode Style Character & Inspect frame
  • Go afk in style with our Afk feature
  • Customize various texts including, Zone, Chat editbox, Mailbox
  • Add Coordinates on the Minimap
  • Show full values for Exp/Rep Bars
  • Customizable background panels.
  • Additional datatext panels for those tha want to display more info
  • Option to have S&L Handle Chat Datatext Panels to be docked below the chat windows
  • Customizable size of chat history stored
  • Customize Combat Icon position on player unitframe.
  • Equipment Manager for ability to swap equipment sets based on zone/instance/spec, can even display equipment set name on items in your bags.
  • Farmer Module for easier farm management.
  • LFR progression in Time Datatext.
  • Loot Announcer module adds ability to announce loot to selected channel
  • Misc Custom UI Button (Quickly access ElvUI Config, ReloadUI, Toggle Move Anchors, Boss mod config/options (DBM, DXE, or Bigwigs), Addons Manager (stAddOnManager or ACP)
  • Modified Installation Process (Includes settings that each of the authors play with and now includes Affinitii's UI.)
  • Movable Pet Battle Actionbar
  • Movable Raid Utility menu.
  • PvP Auto Release
  • Skinned Minimap buttons
  • Skinned Raid Marker Bar
  • And more!

  • Additional features for ElvUI skins:
  • Pet Battles
  • Objective Tracker
  • Merchant
Included Addons:
  • UI buttons idea by Swordyy
Did we forget anyone? O_o

Technical Support:
If you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear about it. You are welcome to post it via the Ticket System.

Darth Predator and I will do our best to address everyone's concern. We typically need some information from you other than the problem you are having. Before posting, PLEASE, make sure you are running the latest version of Shadow & Light as well as ElvUI and that you <b>DISABLE ALL</b> addons except for those two and try to reproduce the issue. It is important that you do that so we can narrow down what is causing the problem in the first place.

Information to provide when posting:
1.) Shadow & Light Version
2.) ElvUI Version
3.) Provide lua errors
4.) Provide a screenshot if possible
5.) Detailed description of the issue on when it happens, how it happens, whatever you did to reproduce it.
6.) Just to be clear, Disable ALL Addons except for ElvUI and Shadow & Light
With that said, happy gaming and enjoy the addon!
v4.20 [February 4, 2021]
- S&L Currency Datatext: Fixed error if not using ElvUI Bag module
- Character Armory: Fixed a major lag issue if you have certain options enabled/disabled at the same time
Reverted Changes:
- Reverted an undocumented change, you should have S&L List mode for merchant list with TSM enabled

v4.19 [February 1, 2021]
- Bags - Equipement Set Indicator default is now a lock
- Bags - Equipement Set Indicator: was rewritten to execute faster in hopes to avoid extra long load times to cause some time outs
- Location Panel: Fixed lua error when you do not have your hearth stone in your inventory
- Professions - Deconstruct Mode: Fixed lua error if you clicked the icon in your bags and didn't disable it before mousing over an item link like in chat
- Enhanced Shadows: Fixed the module not respecting if enabled or disabled via the global enable checkbox (mainly unitframes were effected)
- Skins - Merchant Frame: Fixed some buggy colors and such
- Equipement Manager - Block Button: Edited the button to not follow the other tabs like rep and currency
- S&L Currency Datatext: Added value of grays in bags
- S&L Currency Datatext: Added value of anima in bags
- Tooltip - Raid Progression: Added Castle Nathria (LFR Inidication broken atm)
- Equipement Manager: Added [warmode] as an option
- Blizzard - Moveable Blizzard frames now support Covenant Mission Frame
- Professions - Deconstruct Mode: Added new enchant quest item
- Location Panel: Added Sinstone
- Location Panel: Added Cypher of Relocation
- Armory Mode - Enchant String: Added ability to have strict matching which will match the whole string you set as original and replace it
- Removed the ability to set elvui actionbar button spacing to -4 as Darth nor I use it

v4.18 [December 7, 2020]
- Fix Rectangle Minimap in Torghast
- Fix Armory Enchant string replacement not working for all strings... maybe this will help
- Added Wormhole Generator to SL as well as Orbis Portal
- Added ability to move the SoulbindViewer frame
- Added ability to move the Covenant Sanctum frame
- Equipment Set text overlay has been removed in favor to a less clutter look of an icon indicator found in S&L Bags section
- Updated S&L Currency to be configured with ElvUI's "DataText Customization->Currency" in the DataTexts section
- Updated S&L Currency to display Custom Currencies added and use the "Display in Main Tooltip" option

v4.17 [November 23, 2020]
- Armory changes for some SL specific enachants
- Fixed Merchant skin

v4.16 [November 21, 2020]
- Fixed S&L Currency delete character function

v4.15 [November 17, 2020]
- Fixed a nil error in enhshadows
- Better fix for Talking head frame
- Fixed ilvl showing up when it was set not to in some classes
- Fixed a zone returning nil in the S&L Friends datatext
- Fixed some double avg ilvl text in the stat section
- Fixed some elements in the character/inspect frames not updaing when certain things were disabled
- Fixed S&L databar->Reputation increases were adding together when killing mobs instead of showing the value for that specific mob
- Darth did some updates to his profile to fine tune it for his needs

v4.14 [November 7, 2020]
- Fixed being able to move blizzard frames were broken
- Fixed Fishing Professions for easy cast fishing not working
- Fixed Shift+Left Clicking Location Panel to insert coords into chat... was displaying x coords 2 times
- Fixed where in some situations that if sharing a profile between different classes that enhanced shadows would show previous class color (if used class color)

v4.13 [November 6, 2020]
- Should be real fix for talking head frame

v4.12 [November 6, 2020]
- Fixed some issues with talking head frame option not keeping the mover hidden when its set to hide
- Help reduce possible error during afk screen
- Fixed Raid Control mover not showing up
- Add code to reduce possible errors with s&l databar repuation settings
- Fixed a variable being leaked to global namespace when not on purpose

v4.11 [November 2, 2020]
- Fixed error when using the advanced settings in S&L that overrides some defaults of elvui

v4.10 [November 1, 2020]
- Fixed not having version 12.07 due to simpy taking to long to push elvui update

v4.09 [November 1, 2020]
- Enhanced Shadows have been rewritten and if you use ProjectAzilroka, you will need to be using 1.73 or higher to be compatible!
- SubZone text offset seems to behave better now
- Fixed (for the most part) armory mode inspect when mousing over the transmog indicator not showing a tooltip of the appearence item
- Fixed not able to ctrl+left click to view inspected unit's transmog on yourself
- Fixed not able to shit+left click the inspected unit's transmog indicator to post in chat
- Fixed some errors upon switching profiles with spec switching
- Old option for pet level in bag section as the functionality was removed but the option was forgotten
- Removed obsolete option to change editbox text size due to ElvUI changes
- Removed 'Font Outline' option from the 'Gossip & Quest Frames Text' section due to it rendering really bad
- Removed 'Width' option from the 'Zone Text' sections due to it's lack of usefulness
- Misc code formatting & clean up
- Updated Enhanced Shadows and no settings besides the shadow color is transfered over.
- Enhanced Shadows now has the ability to add a shadow to a custom datatext
- Changed how shadows were applied to the micro bar since it has a new backdrop option in ElvUI
- Added ElvUI's Bottom Panel to Enhanced Shadows options
- Added ElvUI's Top Panel to Enhanced Shadows options

v4.08 [October 20, 2020]
- Fixed not able to invite Guild member via S&L Guild datatext
- Fixed not able to invite Friends via S&L Friends datatext
- Fixed not able to edit Officer Note via S&L Guild datatext
- Fixed error with objective tracker do to createbackdrop error
- Fixed missing crit not being in Darth's setup
- Added ability to right click enhanced vehicle bar which takes you to the options for it
- Added ability to right click raid marker bar which takes you to the options for it

v4.07 [October 15, 2020]
- Update LibProcessable which fixed some errors in deconstruction

v4.06 [October 14, 2020]
- Fix some professions buttons not showing like deconstruction

v4.05 [October 14, 2020]
- Fix Inspect Armory backdrop selection if you haven't inspected someone yet

v4.04 [October 14, 2020]
- Fix Merchant skin

v4.03 [October 13, 2020]
- Fix Raid Marker bar not displaying

v4.02 [October 13, 2020]
- Fix LibQTip error

v4.01 [October 13, 2020]
- Fix S&L Current DT error

v4.00 [October 13, 2020]
- SquareMinimapButtons (use ProjectAzilroka for now in case we change our mind and bring it back)
- Corruption on Character/Inspect as it is removed in wow
- Various fixes for wow api changes
- Been working on Enhanced Shadows, so somethings may be broken, or just not working as intended so just post a ticket if you do use the shadows and see an issue

The latest version of this addon is 4.20 and was uploaded on Feb 04, 2021 at 05:24.

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