world of warcraft
made by Maximvs

MaxUI 4 - Battle for Azeroth


This is a continuation of MaxUI and all its previous versions. The core and most of the visual elements and basic layouts are the same as the MaxUI 3 version. MaxUI 4 was created at the end of LEGION and is being maintained and updated as needed.
Now ready and compatible with Tukui 18 and Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth (8.0.0). MaxUI 4 changes the way Tukui looks and adds several different options and layouts.

- Tukz (for creating Tukui),
- Blazeflack (feedback and help with coding),
- Darth Predator (feedback),
- Azilroka (feedback and usage of several parts, scripts and addons),
- and all the other fantastic addon builders that are an inspiration.


Maximvs (Aszune)

Latest fixes, updates, new and/or added:

MaxUI 4.12:
Version 4.12, update for Tukui 18 and the Battle for Azeroth PrePatch, new UnitFrames and all kinds of tweaks!

Keep in mind that in the next couple of days/weeks, tweaks or fixes will be made as needed. I've released MaxUI as soon as possible for the prepatch launch.

Tukui 18:
Tukui 18 brings a lot of new stuff, some elements have had a redesign, some new textures better shadows and a 1px border system. Also the border color for Tukui has changed. I tried using those changes and adjust MaxUI to them.

Blizzard Changes:
Several elements have been changed by Blizzard, like the usage of SpellID's. If you want the RaidBuffTracker to work, you will need to install LibAuras to compensate for the changes to the SpellID's for now.

Also the way coordinates are being handled and the way the maps now work, enabling the coordinates for the locator is still possible but you wil notice a fluctuating memory usage for MaxUI. If this slows the game down too much, disable the coordinates in the config.

Check the Changelog for the full history and added functionality.

version 4.04, 7.3.5: link here

Installing MaxUI:

1. Make sure to have the latest version of World of Warcraft.
2. Update Tukui to the latest version.

3. Install MaxUI through the Tukui Client or manually by downloading, unzipping and copying it to the Addons Folder
Preferably do a clean install by removing Tukui folders within the WTF folder or a /tukui reset in game with tukui loaded.
Then restart with MaxUI enabled. After that you have to configure some parts to your own liking.

To do (manually):
- Adjust the chat frame by rightclicking on the first chat tab, unlocking it, move and resize as needed, then lock it.
- Set the datatexts you want displayed by using the command (/tukui dt) or the button in the Config.
- Go through the options Tukui and MaxUI provide by opening the Tukui config menu (/tukui c)


Fonts extended:
Font adjustments for all Blizzard/Warcraft frames in game:
- Go to the TukuiMaxUI folder within your Warcraft folder.
- Open the "Fonts to copy" folder and copy the style you would like to use (MaxUI or Comic)
- Paste it in your Warcraft folder (see screenshot) and name it "Fonts".


Raid markers adjusted:
In the TukuiMaxUI folder you installed or downloaded and unzipped, you'll find a folder RaidIconsExtra. It has some instructions on how to add custom raid markers to your interface. These are the markers used in the raid tool but when you copy the folders, they will also be applied to the Tukui/MaxUI unitframes and Nameplates if toggled on.

Small issues / good to know:
- Don't use SHIFT + minimize buttons on actionbar 2 and 3.
- Don't use Tukui_Markbar/Raidtools, Tukui_datatexts, Tukui_Shortcutmenu, Tukui_RaidIcons. These seperate addons are part of MaxUI and were made available as seperate addons.


If you are having trouble installing or are experiencing errors using MaxUI, first do some troubleshooting on your own before posting:

1. Is Tukui updated to the latest version?
2. Disable all addons except for Tukui and Tukui config, start World of Warcraft, is it working without errors?
3. Is MaxUI updated to the latest version?
4. Start World of Warcraft with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded, is it working without errors?

If there are no errors with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded some other addon is causing the problem.
If you have errors showing with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded, please make a screenshot and copy the error and post it here or send me these in a PM, i'll try to solve the issue.

5. Are you experiencing errors, and does the error frame show that the error is caused by MaxUI while having other addons loaded, report it in the same way as mentioned above, I'll try to solve the issue but this isn't always possible because of the other addons used.

NOTE: MaxUI is a project I maintain in my spare time, I will try to update or fix issues but have some patience.


During its developement, I added several different layouts while keeping most of the old ones. You can access them in game, go to the MaxUI Layouts options found in the Tukui Config.
They are based on two basic layouts, one more melee oriented, the other one more caster/healer oriented. You need one of 2 basic layouts activated and you can add one of the other layouts to further change it. Some examples and combinations below. With MaxUI 4 a new layout is available. Also the basic Tukui layout is available within MaxUI.

No Layout selected:
- Basic Tukui Layout now available within MaxUI.

insert new screenshot

- further stripping MaxUI by disabling it's options:

insert new screenshot

Basic Melee/Tank Layout:
- nothing else: First screenshot below
+ dps focused: Second screenshot below
+ single centered bar: Third screenshot below
+ double centered bar: Fourth screenshot below

insert new screenshot

Basic Healing Layout:
- nothing else: first screenshot below
+ dps focused: second screenshot below
+ single centered bar: third screenshot below
+ double centered bar: fourth screenshot below

insert new screenshot

Centered Chat Layout:
- nothing else: first screenshot below
+ dps focused: no change to the layout
+ single centered bar: second screenshot below
+ double centered bar: third screenshot below
+ Center Minimap (under Minimap options): fourth screenshot below

insert new screenshot

Profile management:

- Make sure the settings in the Tukui/MaxUI config are set to "use character settings".
- Have all your favorite setings on 1 or more characters set.
- log the character you want to copy a profile to.
- create a profile list in the chat with "/tukui profile list" or the button in the config.
- make note of the profile you would like to copy.
- set the profile for your current character with the command "/tukui profile #", # is the number of the profile you would like to copy from. After you hit enter a reload will start and Tukui/MaxUI will set the profile for you.


MaxUI4 has only 1 other addon it really depends on, Tukui 18.
Tukui -- won't work without this!

Highly recommended addons:
ProjectAzilroka -- needed for AddonSkins to work correctly through the Enhanced Config menu.

Check the interface Options/Enhanced Config for ProjectAzilroka, it adds a couple of other addons you may not want enabled (Dragon Overlay, Broker, ...)
I strongly recommend enabling stAddonManager and SquareMinimapButtons.


AddonSkins -- extending the look and feel of Tukui with other addons and blizzard frames. Needed for embedding Skada etc. If you're using AddonSkins you will also have to install ProjectAzilroka.

Tukui Dark Theme -- Works great with MaxUI. Brings back the Dark Theme on Unitframes that was removed with Tukui 18. Tip: Adjust the background color somewhat when using the portrait overlays.

LibAuras -- needed for the Raidbuff Tracker to get SpellID's. {Also available on WoWInterface link)

Lib Shared Media -- mediasharing mod, will share the MaxUI media with other addons.

Other Addons:
WeakAuras 2 -- for tracking all kinds of stuff, see strings below.
Deadly Boss Mods -- for all the boss abilities you want to know about.
Skada -- integrated in the right chatbox

optional addons:
Clique -- clickcast addon for unitframes
QuickSpec -- lightweight addon for quickly switching specs, make a macro with /qs!

Weakaura Strings:

I made some Weakaura's for personal use or adjusted onces from Wago.io, integrating them within my UI. I'm not giving any support or doing any requests to adjust them. If you like to check them out or use them, import the strings linked here:

will be updated soon...

Other Screenshots:

Idle/All UF's:

new Unitframes for MaxUI 4.12.

Combat Fade on several parts:

insert new screenshot


- Raid Tools, Game Menu and the new Raid Buff Tracker, the Config Menu is also movable.

MAXUI 4 - Battle for Azeroth (8.0.0)

- flyout buttons mouseover alpha adjustments? Can't figure this out....

05-08-2018 - MaxUI 4.12

- locales for Communities tool updated
- locales for tooltip ID adjusted
- all MaxUI added options colored light yellow for better distinction
- ID on tooltip edited
- added ThickOutlined MaxUI fonts, to experiment with.
- UIWidget with pvp status and suc relocated.
- reanchored the Vehicle Indicator
- reanchored Special Action Button
- fixed a minor bug with datatexts when the icons are disabled, mouseover error.

- all UF's changed to new style (matching raidframes).
- small adjustments to raidframes, removing lines
- redid party frames to match style of UF's
- role icons on all unitframes available (player, target, targetoftarget, focus, focustarget, party)
- shadows of the part and raidUF are now properly used for showing selected player (yellow), showing who is focused (green).

- did some minor rearranging witht he new UF's for all kinds of layout combinations
- adjusted the visible/invisible castbarline for center Chat layout and no layout
- adjusted actionbars when no layout is chosen
- small shift for the XP line for some layouts

-- adjusted all tukui unitframes positions when not using MaxUI UF's and layouts are active.


30-07-2018 - MaxUI 4.11

-- Player, Target and Party frame Portrait overlay nudged up 1 px.
-- edited uf/core for showing text on buffs/debuffs on player and target and not nameplate. still a wip.
-- added a simple communities tool/button next to the chat button.
-- rearranged the bufftracker classes, all known and in use raid wide buffs are on the bottom row, top row are class benefits from those classes. Remove the top row of buffs as they are not raid buffs?
-- rested experience was sometimes showing up when not rested. fixed that.
-- redisgn for raidframes so highlight for targetted player or focus works correct.
-- reworked threat feature on panel into a threatindicator for Player and Target,Raid, coloring shadow of health red, not really reliable and swift updates, same for Tukui alone.
-- BNToastframe adjustments so it anchors correct.
-- edited hide button on minimap, now mouseover
-- added a track button bottomright corner minimap, same as hide button mouseover.
-- fixed a small error in the questtracker
-- fixes and cleanup where needed/possible.


17-07-2018 - MaxUI 4.10 Battle for Azeroth prepatch launch

- some old init files adjusted, loading old lua files not there anymore.
- folder and file cleanup

- updated API where needed to adjust to the new scaling system.

- updated Tukui and MaxUI locales.
- added a second Maxui config locales file for added Unitframes options.

- set for the Max preferences for now, for testing purposes, reset to standard settings once done.
- reduced default font size on almost every setting from 14 to 12.
- added a Button Font for MaxUI Media so the config buttons can set to a different font
- updated, added, removed some options with all the new code and functions.

- tukuiMaxUIConfigMenu: renamed to ConfigMenu.lua, reanchored most frames, working on sizing the right frame, grouppages not sizing though...
- added description/explanation frames with each button on top of the config frame.
- added several grid sizes as options.
- copied and extended the config movable settings to the TukuiMaxUIConfig menu. You can drag and drop from the title bar or the credits bar.

- checked/edited all kinds of panels to show proper shadow effect when General: Shadow is enabled. Shadow is used for the basic tukui highlight on nameplate function for current target.
- added own shadowfunction to suit personal preferences, a somewhat smaller shadow then Tukui's.
- changed a lot of panels/lines to statusbars with option to show classcolor on them.
- added a classcolor shadow option.
- edited the new AFK mode with MaxUI logo and version on the right, and a Character info list on the left.

- updated and shortened scripts after tukui changes.
- changed the double centered healing layout, now it has truely 2 centered bars, 1 bar at the right side of the screen and two bottom 3x4 bars next to the chatframes.
- a bit more spacing between the bottom 3x4 bars in single centered bar healing layout. overlapping shadows are ugly!
- Created transparent buttons
- mousover single button for shapeshiftbar

- moved all the player and target buff and debuff options to the newly created options for those unitframes.


- edited the texture option description for the chat when MaxUI Backdrop is chosen.
- edited the code so the class icon is fully visible, background is a bit darker because of this.
- edited the non MaxUI chat to fit the MaxUI elements better.

- added option to set texture for class resources.
- edited the combopoints bar with the new 5 or 6 combopoints options.
- adjusted to the changes totembar code from tukui. Only Shaman has a Totembar in use now.

- added a Combatfade option for Buffs when Buffs are shown/enabled.
- added a CombatFade option for Debuffs when Debuffs are shown/enabled.
- added a CombatFade option for the new questtracker.
- added a CombatFade option for Player and target Buffs to hide when in combat.

- no changes.

- on what parts is the cd font used exactly?

- quest dt: what do I want with this. For now a open and close button!
- datatext fields extended to 25, the chat tool lines are reworked and each have 3 datatexts, the minimap border has 1 added datatext
- rewrote the whole datatext script, each datatext is fixed one, meaning the set datatext entry isn't moving to a different spot when hiding some of the lines and datatexts, it simply enables or disables the datatext on that post.
- Game Menu, Meters, Chat, Raid Tools UI Config, Raid Buff Tracker tools are now datatexts and you can set them where you'd like.
- added a option to show/hide a icon on MaxUI datatexts.

- testing, but seems to work.

- no new additions.
- center chat layout needs to be tested with all the changes, not using it atm.

- added an option to enable/disable coordinates.
- simplified the whole code for the locator, removing seperate coordinate panels, setting X and Y texts to the left and right end of the basic location panel.
- update function edited to minimize memory usage, need to tweak this even further, but memory usage now acceptable.

- art removed.
- options moved to general. Updated tooltip on what it does.


- moved the locator file to the minimap folder

- seperated files for experience bars and reputation bar.
- added proper shadow effects.
- removed artifact bar.
- replaced it with a azerite bar.
- edited code so it will show 3 bars when not having a artifact bar/azerite bar (low leveling characters)
- need to check if the artifact bar is needed at all...

- added a percentage option.
- added a Target highlight border for the current target.
- added size options for RaidIcon markers.
- adjusted anchor for the RaidIcon because of the percentage tag.
- switched level and classification and create a space to seperate level and rarity.
- added the anchorpoint TOP for the nameplate debuffs as an option.
- added a size option for the nameplate debuffs.

- Edited a lot of Party code stuff.
- Party Frames are now customizable like the other Unitframes, added options under Party, bar sizes, textures, fonts, ...

- to do... added option chat in config

- added a spacing option between quests.

- adjusted the roleicons to the new oUF code/file
- removed Elvui Roleicons, just maintaining my own icons

- make this tab useless by coding all textures in MaxUI and emptying texture tab. Don't like it.

- Raid Buff Tracker: need to install libauras to work with the new getspellid stuff. WIP.
- moved some files, GameMenu, RaidBuffTracker, RaidTools, Meters, UIConfig and Chat to new Tools folder.
- rewrote most of these tools to be movable frames, you can drag them by clicking the titlebars, you can change the default spot where it will show up by moving it with the /tukui move function and saving it to that spot.
- added a button size option for the tools using buttons.

-- spellID tooltip reworked, seperate file. Needs update not functioning. ANy use with SpellID being removed?
-- KeystoneTooltip seperate file. Needs update, not functioning.

- edited displaying buffs and debuffs on focus and focus target.
- adjusted a small error in setting fonts for the target hp value.
- added/edited the player and target buffs
- option to show timer for buffs and debuffs
- created seperate UnitFrame tabs with options.
- edited the anchoring and options for buffs and debuffs on player and target.
- player and target buffs are now movable.
- player and target debuffs are now movable.
- player and target buffs and debuffs have a option to show or hide the time left.
- player and target portrait scale with size of healthbar and powerbar combined.

- remove all unneeded options because of MaxUI coding?

MAXUI 4 - LEGION (7.3.5)

14-04-2018 - Maxui 4.03:

- actionbar mouseover and alpha fixed/adjusted for healing layouts.
- fixed/edited combobar visibility, now properly hiding when no combopoints are available.

10-04-2018 - Maxui 4.02:

target and player buffs and debuffs: (Auras)
- created options for the buffs and debuffs on target. you can now set a value for the size (big debuffs for instance!) and spacing.
- edited anchor and growth on target buffs and debuffs.
- added configurable (somewhat) player debuffs and buffs, mirroring the target buffs and debuffs
- edited the config entry for auras and descriptions.

- Hid the anchor line for the combobar, result combopoints are always shown.
- fixed a real small error with combobars when MaxUI was enabled and the tukui version wasn't.

- rested exp bar adjusted.

- created options for all actionbars to be mouseover enabled with separate alpha settings.
- fixed the mouseover left and right actionbar function not showing tooltip.
- Mousover options for Petbar.
- option to hide the cooldown bling.

- class coloring Health on Unitframes (Player for now)} added as an option instead of standard. WIP.

- editing all tukui standard descriptions to match maxui descriptions. If you don't like them, delete the file localesTukuiConfig.lua in the folder TukuiMaxUI/locales/. You will have the original Tukui descriptions back.
- edited the addons config part WIP.
- Added close button to the maxui config part.
- some small changes to version check code and locales.

- edited the chat function when going back to default settings/installing tukui/maxui. Chat will anchor correctly now for the basic layouts.

01-03-2018 - Maxui 4.01:

reapply/reinstall MaxUI 4.01

- fixed a combat hide option for exp bar, still showing the rested bar when available
- fix a partially visible bar under left chat when in flight (flight button left)
- added an option for target and playerframes to replace the mp/hp text with a percentage tag.
- fixed strata for resting icon when additional power is shown on player.

to do:
- anchoring and installing chat
- threat bar centered chat layout
- flight button centered chat layout
- ghost button centered chat layout

26-02-2018 - Maxui 4.01:

- all classes with a class resource bar, now have the option to combat show/out of combat hide the resource bar.
- some minor changes to class resources code.
- reagent bag anchor adjusted
- tukui raid frames are now sizable
- some code reorganized for easier read/access

24-02-2018 - Maxui 4.00:

- reorganised and rewrote actionbar code
- original tukui layout now available with MaxUI
- added an option to hide the actionbar lines
- adjusted the show/hide buttons matching the layout or removing them.
- added a pet actionbar option to enable the MaxUI style Pet bar, anchored to the Petframe's bottom at all times. Finally fixed it/found a way to anchor it!
- switched places for actionbar 1 and 4 in SINGLE and DOUBLE CENTERED BARS when in Melee Layout. This because of the actionbar paging for druids and rogues.

- added option to center the auras, standard for MaxUI, or else return to original state like Tukui

- rewrote Chatframes, you can now also use the Tukui chats frames with or without background with MaxUI
- adjusted the chat frames according to to datatexts shown with the bottomline shown or standard Tukui ones
- update chat bg for Battle of Azeroth when selected. Older bg's still available. Also changes the art in the Tukui/MaxUI config at the same time.

- nothing edited or new

- added an option for each class, for MaxUI enabled by default, you can turn of the MaxUI styled Class Resources
- added a combobar MaxUI style option to this section.
- moved the unlinked Combobar option from Layout to this section

- nothing new, code correction

- rewrote a lot of code to adjust to the old tukui style datatexts and the bottomline/topline datatexts and several options.
- added a raid tools datatext link opening the raidtools panel
- Created a replacement Game Menu bar instead of Datatext when hiding Bottomline and more. Also movable.

- nothing edited or new

- checked anchoring for several Chat layouts.

- no adjustments atm.

reworked a lot of anchoring and reorganised code in a more standard way so each layout is easier found in the code. Especially for Actionbars, Unitframes and panels.
- healing layout
- melee layout
- center chat layout (NEW LAYOUT)

+ DPS layout
+ SINGLE Centered bar
+ DOUBLE Centered bar (For the healing layout the )

- small code adjustments so it works better with new style datatexts
- added a mover to the tool, it's now movable.

- edited the overlay functions in 3 seperate overlays: Texture Button, handling the texture for buttons, Texture Tooltip, handling the texture backdrop for the tooltip, Texture Backdrop, handling some backdrop panels like the portrait backdrop.
- added 'minimalist' as a texture, set as standard UF texture, other textures still available.

- added an option to enable/disable the maxui styled minimap, the tukui original minimap is now also available within MaxUI.
- edited the embed in right chat option
- added the option to center the map between the centered chatpanels for the new layout.
- removed the squareminimapbuttonsbar code within MaxUI, install ProjectAzilroka and use the one from that.
- added new anchor points for the embedded chat right map and the center chat and map layout. If not centered it will anchor to the top right of the screen.

- added an option for the MaxUI styled rep exp etc. bars, you can now revert back to the original Tukui style when MaxUI parts are disabled. (WIP)
- edited the threatbar, reanchoring it to the bottom of the screen, simplifying the code.
- edited the alternative powerbar, reanchoring it to the top of the screen, simplifying the the code.
- adjusted the ghost bar, the in flight bar to all other changes.

- added an option for enabling/disabling MaxUI styled Nameplates.
- fixed an error with showing friendly nameplates in dungeons/raids, tainting.

- redid some castbarline options
- redid some panel code
- reorganized code and script

- added an option to enable/disable the MaxUI Styled party frames (TO DO)

- nothing edited or new.
- Quest DT still a wip.

- small fixes, cleanup.
- moved some media files to a different folder.
- edited code for Tukui style raidframes and maxui style raidframes, edited layout adjustments and loadouts for several layouts.

- edited the meters tab code, to a single script.
- edited the raidtools script, added a datatext link and making the panel moveable.
- UI Tools button/link now opens the tukui/maxui config instead of it's own frame with some options
- extended the options for the tukui/maxui config, added an Addons panel to see which Addons are active with possible shortcuts when clicking on the button.
- removed the addons shortcuts and the link to ACP, use the stAddonsManager from ProjectAzilroka.
- added height and width options for the Raidtools frame.
- added an option to show/hide the order hall bar.

- edited a lot of tooltips for the tukui/maxui config. Tooltips have a header, and spacing between different lines. Also mentioning the standard value for an option when possible.
- fixed some small tooltip anchors

- fixed a small difference in power font for Target.
- reworked Unitframes, the tukui UF's are now usable with MaxUI
- adjusted the code for both tukui UF and MaxUI UF
- added resting text and icon options
- added the portrait overlays for both UF Styles
- rewrote code for layouts for UF'same
- adjust combat feedback text for MaxUI styled UF, when enabled showing above health

- square minimap button anchoring from (Project Azilroka)

- tooltip anchor for the tukui/maxui config when mousing over the options in the right frame. sometimes overlapping the option itself because of extended info.
- further edit the exp rep bars to work for both MaxUI and TukUI, hook tooltip scripts, ....


11-02-2018 - version 3.82
- small fix for Friendly Nameplates tainting in dungeon.

24-12-2017 - version 3.82
- small fix for the combobar not showing correctly.

16-12-2017 - version 3.82
- Healing Layout + Double centered bar altered, bar 2 and 3 on the side only have 6 buttons each, button 7-12 are disabled
- Healing Layout + Double centered bar, adjusted unlocked castbar
- reanchored XP bar, Artifact bar, Rep bar, and added Honor bar in all layouts
- added ilevelitem option for dressing room/armory (thanks Tukz, Alhana)
- added option for advanced tooltip display for mythic+ affixes (thanks Alhana)
- added option for advanced tooltip display for buffs and debuffs, showing ID and caster (thanks Alhana)

10-11-2017 - version 3.81
by request: added options for a Combat Show functionality for most unitframes, mouseover when hidden isn't an option atm.
- Player, Target, Target of Target
- Party and Raid Frames
- Pet, Focus and target of Focus frames
- Boss and Arena frames NOT!
- some UI elements added with the same option and fucntionality.

26-10-2017 - version 3.80
Some great new features have been added.
- you can embed the minimap into the right chat frame
- you can resize the minimap through the tukui config
- you can resize the right chat frame in height and width
- you can resize the left chat frame in height and width
- you can resize the target and player HP bar in height and width
- you can resize the target and player MP bar in height and width
- reworked the right chat tools menu so it resizes correctly
- reworked the right chat raid tools so it resizes correctly
- all kinds of code cleanup, adjustments to go with these changes.

30-09-2017 - version 3.76
- fixed some problems with the raidframes not anchoring correctly in combat.
- added an option to Raid to show or hide raidframes when soloing.
- edited the way raidframes are sized and anchored.
- you can now set values in the Raid options to resize the Raidframes.

20-09-2017 - version 3.75
- fixed all kinds of small errors. Reinstall MaxUI.

19-09-2017 - version 3.75
- fixed all kinds of small errors. Reinstall MaxUI.

17-09-2017 - version 3.75
- reworked the Maxui menu and anchored it to the tukui config.

17-09-2017 - version 3.74
- small update to correct errors for certain classes.

13-09-2017 - version 3.74

Some 'BIG' changes were made, mostly to how FONTS are set and the CONFIG menu's layout.

- redid all the 'setfont' functions, fonts are now set through the config menu according to there respective part of the UI or with the MaxUI Media font option. Removed any hard coded fonts. Fonts are now more adjustable overall.
- added different font versions of the same type, in different fontsize and fontflag (+ = outlined)
- changed some config settings to handle the font changes.

- rearranged all MaxUI options and integrated them into Tukui categories or created new ones. The intention is to place options in a more logical category, and thus making customizing MaxUI to your own preferences, easier or more intuitive (although the Tukui Config does not really encourage that). Also more options are hopefully coming, so MaxUI is even more customizable in the future.

- Small changes to the Game Menu and Speed datatext
- added option to fixate or make the questtracker movable

10-09-2017 - version 3.73
- C stack overflow handled
- Combopoints error handled
- Map button bar error handled

03-09-2017 - version 3.72
- TOC update

20-08-2017 - version 3.71
- upload for Tukui website 2.0

17-07-2017 - version 3.71
- through the new menu you are now able to fade out several UI parts during combat.
- added options for the integrated Square Minimap Buttons addon (Azilroka) found in the Tukui Config Menu. Mouseover function, size and row settings.
- added a layout version for the Healing + double centered bar layout
- code cleanup
- removed some partially created stuff, masterlooter (not really needed anymore with personal loot, and not really functioning).
- ...

The latest version of this addon is 4.12 and was uploaded on Aug 04, 2018 at 18:28.

This file was last downloaded on Sep 18, 2018 at 15:01 and has been downloaded 5314 times.


Maximvs Aug 19, 2018 at 06:38

are you using the darktheme as an addition?
Is it because of the transparent portraits on top of the hp?

on top of the screen there is a tab 'services', you can upload a screenshot there, and then copy paste the link here.

Tweak94 Aug 18, 2018 at 21:45


Thanks for helping me fix the UI scale :) I'm on a 27" 1440p monitor so it was quite small lol under pixel perfection.

As far as the health thing is concerned, I'm talking about when my character or the target or even party/raid members lose health it's hard to tell where their health is at. Like when they're at 25% idk because I can't see their health bar depleting very well because of the background. I'm not sure how to post a screenshot.

Maximvs Aug 18, 2018 at 15:15


Not entirely sure with what you mean with the health backdrops being to light? You can set a different texture for the healthbars. Graphite or GLosswave are darker ones. To make them more clear you could also remove the portrait overlay for the target and player frames. Or is that not what you mean.

for the size of the UI, it is set to pixel perfection which is a smaller scale. Under general there are UI scale settings, but in my case it saves/remembers the one set and keeps it like that when I /rl. Can you post a screenshot of the settings? also sent me a screenshot after you enter /tukui status.

Tell me how to reproduce your issue and show some screenshots so I can advise you in a better way.

superknollo Jul 21, 2018 at 16:46

Ich habe zuerst Tuk UI installiert. Dort bei den Einstellungen "General Scaling" auf Large gestellt. Dann erst MaxUI inbstalliert.
Die Größe des UI wurde dann so übernommen. Auch nach Reload bleibt es. Genau so wollte ich das.

superknollo Jul 20, 2018 at 13:28

ok ich experimentiere noch etwas damit.
aber wie gesagt es hat ja mal funktioniert.

Maximvs Jul 20, 2018 at 11:37

Try to set the ui acale option under general with a different scale then pixel perfection. You will have to experiment with that. MAXUI is mostly written for 1920x1080.

Embedding skada isnt possible atm. You need projectazilroka and addonskins for that and those aren't updated for tukui yet.

superknollo Jul 20, 2018 at 04:57

ach und noch eine frage
wie kann ich skada usw einbinden das es im rechten fenster unten angezeigt wird

superknollo Jul 20, 2018 at 04:53

ich habe nach patch 8.0 alle addons erneuert. nun habe ich tuk ui und max ui auch neu installiert.
das interface ist mir aber sehr klein. ich habe ein monitor 21:9 mit 3440x1440. die beta von maxui da hatte ich eine einstellung gefunden um die größe des ui zu ändern.
dort hatte ich einfach die vorgegebene zahl etwas vergrößert. nun finde ich dieses aber nicht mehr.
das einstellen des ui interface von der standart einstellung von wow also den schieberegler ui skalierung geht zwar einmal aber beim reloading ist wieder alles sehr klein und der ursprung eingestellt.
wenn ich das nicht einstellen, ändern kann, muss max ui wieder raus. das ist mir zu klein
hoffe ihr könnt da helfen.

Maximvs Jul 19, 2018 at 18:46

press esc, go to Key Bindings, it uses the standard blizzard keybindings.

Ninjava Jul 19, 2018 at 17:36

How do you keybind on the actionbars? I can't find any options on how to do it.

Maximvs Jul 15, 2018 at 13:24

MaxUI - Battle for Azeroth

The addon will be ready for the PrePatch. Some minor updates and tweaks will probably follow but the core is ready for BFA.

I'll try to upload it as soon as Tukui 18 goes live and the PrePatch itself. Asuuming that the prepatch rwquires Tukui 18.

There will be a lots of newly added features,
- customize options for most unitframes and class resourcers
- new textures from Tukui 18
- shadow effects and more pixel perfect/1 pixel borders (Tukui changes)
- recreated and added datatexts, most tools are now a datatext you can set to your own liking
- recreated game menu, raid tools, a raidbufftracker (working but needs to be extended)
- all kinds of adjustments to go with the new tukui 18

At startup it will be configured like before but check out all the options and possible customizations. Post a screenshot of how you use MaxUI!

Excited to release it soon!

Maximvs Jul 04, 2018 at 16:33

@phshy0607 the ????? are characters that the maxui font doesn't support. You can fix that by replacing the font maxui.ttf within the medias/font folder with a font that supports characters used by your language/type of characters. Make sure you rename your font in exactly the same name I did for maxui. Capitals etc. Delete my font.. It's not something I can fix by coding I'm afraid but I will see if I can force to show english instead of chimese.

Your english is really clear and understandable. Not a native emglish speaker myself.

phshy0607 Jul 01, 2018 at 11:09

hi, I'm a player from China, I like your this UI a lot, but I do have some problems setting this up.
I only have tukui and maxui installed, cause I am in China server, therefore my ingame language is set to Chinese simplified. And every word(fonts i mean) turns in to ???(question marks).
I don't know how to fix it, can you help me?
sorry for my bad english xd. hope you could understand

Maximvs May 27, 2018 at 04:04

newer version for BETA and latest Tukui: https://www.tukui.org/download.php?user ... beta05.zip

Maximvs Apr 28, 2018 at 04:06

@Monitos, good to here! Have fun using MaxUI!
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