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You will be able to position bars everywhere on screen.
Also this will add a width option, that in combination with ElvUI's height option will create a powerful tool to configure aurabars to your liking.

To detach bars you need to go to the frame you want those moved for and check "Detach From Frame" option.

Other options are available even for not detached bars. They are inside normal options for Aura Bars. Have fun.

Support is provided via Ticket System and not in the comments due to the fact I don't really have time to monitor those very often.
- Now handles pet aura bars as well.

- Patch 8.0.1 bump

- Patch 7.3 bump for reals

- Patch 7.3 bump
- Fixed selecting some attach options for target to prevent bars from appearing ever again
- Fixed first aura for player frame sometimes having wrong width

- Patch 7.2 bump

- Fixed errors on ElvUI Unitframes updating
- Patch 7.1 ready

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