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made by Klix

What does the plugin do?
Skullflower UI is an external mod for ElvUI. Adding different frame styles, interchangeable actionsbars, new textures and fonts.

For installation of this addon please type /sf or /skullflower in the chatwindow. This will bring up a menu for installation at the top of your screen,
To modify the installation please press the customize button next to the install button, there you find different premade layouts of the UI elements.
When you are done with the customization please press the finish button and the UI will reload and ready for use.
Before making any custom changes to the UI i recommend making a whole new profile under the profiles tab in the ElvUI Config and copying form the default profile "Skullflower" on every character. This will prevent the UI to reset if you accidently press any of the skullflowers installation buttons.
If you want the default ElvUI settings back you'll have to disable this addon completly from the addons tab.

Since the creator, Skullflower has abandon this project and the former person, who updatet it for legion launch has vanished, i will now take over and update this addon in the next upcomming expansions.
I am no LUA expert and therefore I will try my best to maintain and add new stuffs for the UI in the future.

If you have some suggestions or experience any kind of errors with the UI please feel free to contact me on the Support forum.

Requires atleast ElvUI 10.00+
WoW patch 7.3

Recommended addons:
Shadow&Light or ElvUI Enhanced

Different UI layouts available through the installer(Customize button)
Many of the Frames are now movable. E.g. CharacterFrame, LFG Frame, GameMenu etc
Custom healthtext for player and target frame
Custom texture pack included
AddonProfiles included for: Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs Bossmods, Details! Damage Meter, Skada Damage Meter, Shadow&Light, XIV_Databar, ElvUI_VisualAuraTimers, ElvUI_EverySecondCounts, ProjectAzilroka(EnhancedFriendsLists & SquareMinimapButtons), xCT+, Miks Scolling Combat Text and Compact Runes.
Many more features included through the installer :)

All credits go to the creator of this addon, Skullflower and of course the whole Elv/Tukz Community for always nice help<3

If you wish to support this project (you don't really have to), feel free to press the "Donate" button above, thanks alot! :)

Additional Screenshots:

Old UI style


Healer Layout


Boxed Unitframes


Vertical Unitframes

v1.73 - 13.03.19
Updated installer for new NamePlates.

v1.72 - 05.02.19
Fixed an issue with the specswitch datatext causing an error.

v1.71 - 14.12.18
Bumped .toc for 8.1.

v1.70 - 22.11.18
Fixed some errors, causing the UI not to install properly.
Updated time datatext to match the ElvUI one.

v1.69 - 29.07.18
Fixed an issue with the UNIT_POWER tag

v1.68 - 21.07.18
Fixed an issue with the time datatext

v1.67 - 18.07.18
Updated for Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0

v1.66 - 30.01.18
Fixed two broken AddonProfiles from the ProjectAzilroka
Removed AddonProfile support for xCT+ and Mikscrollingcombattext.
Changed the alpha backdrop of the UI.

v1.65 - 21.01.18
Added 3 new textures (SkullflowerGradient, SkullflowerGradient1 and SkullflowerNeon)
Redid the math.lua file so the healthtext only displays 1 decimal as default instead of 2 decimals
Fixed an issue where the logo where ontop of the customize option buttons in the SFUI install frame.
Set the Out of range alpha (OOR alpha) to 0.35 as default when installing the UI.

v1.64 - 02.01.18
The logo has changed again (back to normal)
Added 2 pixel border mod (available by toggle of "Thin border theme" in the ElvUI config)
Made some small adjustments to the stAddonManager profile to comply with the latest commit.

v1.63 - 30.12.17
The logo has changed (Happy New Year Edition).
Added profile for NameplateSCT and stAddonManager (projectazilroka).
Updated CVars settings.
Fixed some math.lua errors.
Fixed an issue where the tooltip were ontop of the Skada window when Skada was enabled.

v1.62 - 18.12.17
The logo has changed (Feast of Winter Veil Edition).
Updated the Locationtext font.
Changed the default position of the ExperienceBar once again.

v1.61 - 12.12.17
Updated the Skullflower installation menu.
Made several changes to all the addon profiles so the comply with the updated installation menu.
Updated the profile for Ehanced Friends List due to change of the addon settings.
Relocated the Bossbutton when choosing the "Healer Layout" so it wont interfere with DBM/BW bars.

v1.60 - 06.12.17
Removed/disabled the chat expander (bar above the chat).
Updated the AFK Screen.
Made some small changes to the BigWigs profile.

v1.59 - 20.11.17
Made some tweaks and adjustments to the already existing premade layout profiles (e.g. Classbar/XP bar placement when Aurabars are enabled etc.)

v1.58 - 08.11.17
Added support for the following addons: Recount, Is_Toasts (Will not function without Is_Toasts_Rehok) and MaxCam
Chat and CVars settings are back, condensed into the "Install" button.
New option available at the "Cutomize" button: "DTexts Minimap" which will display the datatexts panel under minimap with Friends and Guild sat as default.
New tag added: "[Health:deficit:sfui]" and are available under the "customize" button as "Alt. UFTexts"
Some small modifications made to the other sfui tags as well.

v1.57 - 02.11.17
Minor UI adjustments.
Changed the name Again, didn't like the "new" one (sorry for all the confusion)

v1.56 - 02.11.17
Changed the name of the addon.

v1.55 - 01.11.17
I have condensed the SF installation Again, making it "easier" to use (Removed the buttons: Addons and Chat Again, maybe they will come back? who knows :D)
New datatext added: "Time (SFUI)" this is now enabled as default in the UI. (Thanks to Merathilis)
Custom untiframe tags added: "[health:current-sfui]" that shows 2 decimals instead of 1 and [power:current-sfui] which will display 0 when no power instead of hiding it. These new datatexts are premade set through the installer by clicking on: "Alt. UFTexts"
Added custom addonprofiles for: XIV_Databar, VisualAuraTimers, EverySecondCounts and EnhancedFriendsLists
Reworked the profile for SquareMinimapButtons (The author condensed all his addon into one: ProjectAzilroka)

v1.52 - 26.10.17
By requests, the old UI colors/style have been added back as an option through the installer.

v1.51 - 24.10.17
Some small adjustments in the default UI
Changed the Logo slightly

v1.50 - 16.10.17
Minor adjustments here and there in the default UI.
Reworked the chat settings.
Added support for SquareMiniMapButtons
Made some changes to the Details! profile
Fixed White halo around the logo under the /sf installation menu

v1.45 - 11.10.17
Fixed an issue with the custom profile for DBM not displaying properly.
Added the "Addons" button back into the SF installation menu, now you have to press this button in order to setup all the addons profiles.
Added the "Chat" button back into the SF installation menu, it is optional but you can install some predefined chat Windows by pressing this button. (You can skip this if you like will not affect the UI whatsoever)

v1.40 - 09.10.17
Custom profile for Details! added
Small UI changes (e.g. Actionbar placement for default profile and extraactionbar customization)

v1.35 - 06.10.17
Custom AFK Frame added and is enabled at default
Fixed some small issues with the UI here and there.

v1.30 - 02.10.17
Premade profile for extra datatexts added through the installer
New font included (BebasNeue)
Tweaked the classbar and the experiencebar anchor points
Small UI adjustments (texture settings and player/target frame anchor points)

v1.20 - 23.09.17
Added alternative layout for the databars through the installer
5 new statusbar textures included (Klix1-5)
BigWigs countdown soundpacks included

v1.10 - 19.09.17
Logo changed slightly
The unit interface have been cleaned up a bit (e.g. anchor points)
Added new premade layouts (see description) available through the installer (Healer Layout, Boxed Unitframes and Vertical Unitframes)

v1.0 - 14.09.17
Updatet for patch 7.3
Initial release on the new webpage

The latest version of this addon is 1.73 and was uploaded on Mar 13, 2019 at 16:55.

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