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made by Azilroka
I compiled my other addons into a single addon so I won't have to update multiple projects.


Aura Reminder - Powerful Cooldown/Aura/Weapon Reminder
BrokerLDB - LDB Broker AddOn
Dragon Overlay - 'Provides an overlay on UnitFrames for Boss, Elite, Rare and RareElite'
Enhanced Friends List - 'Provides Friends List Customization'
Enhanced Shadows (Does not work in Shadow & Light) - 'Adds options for registered shadows'
Faster Loot - 'Helps Loot Faster'
iFilger - Powerful Aura Tracker / Cooldowns / Item Cooldowns
Movable Frames - 'Make Blizzard Frames Movable'
OzCooldowns - Player / Pet Cooldowns
stAddonManager - 'A simple and minimalistic addon to disable/enabled addons without logging out.'
Square Minimap Buttons/Bar - 'Minimap Button Bar / Minimap Button Skinning'
Quest Sounds - 'Gives Sounds when completing or progressing or Quests'
Target Sounds - Adds back Target/Focus Sounds that Default UI Provides in oUF Layouts.

Classic Specific:
Loot Confirm - Confirms BoP Items

Retail Specific:
BigButtons - 'A farm tool for Sunsong Ranch.'
Enhanced Pet Battle UI - Pet Battle Heads Up Display
Reputation Reward - 'Adds Reputation into Quest Log & Quest Frame.'

Not available in ElvUI:
Enhanced Config (Tukui Ace3 Config for all my projects)

You can enable / disable these addons in the ProjectAzilroka section in the config.

If it isn't in the list in the config then it's disabled automatically.
1.76: Some updates to EPBUI including a new pbuf:smartlevel tag that hides the level on max level pets, the tag formats for health, xp, power, speed, breed and name can now be set in options, the previously hardcoded tag values are simply the defaults now. When using ElvUI, the Health "healthclass" and "colorhealthbyvalue" options are supported, enemy pets receive the inverse of the class color.

Bug fixes:

* The cutaway health on the oUF pet battle frames is now parented to a clip frame similar to how ElvUI does it, preventing an issue where a cutaway texture appearing across the screen would appear whenever you were leveling pets and a level 1 took the place of a now level 25.
1.75: Fixed EnhancedPetBattleUI for 9.0.2 and PetTracker API updates.
1.60-1.65: Added: Aura Reminders, Mouseover Auras, iFilger, OzCooldowns
1.45: MovableFrames
1.44: RepuationReward / SMB
1.43: More ReputationReward Location Fixes
1.42: ReputationReward Location Fixes, stAM Profile Issue Fixed, QuestSounds and Enhanced Config updated.
1.41: Reputation Reward Typo
1.40: Reputation Reward Neutral Fix, stAM Updates
1.39: Fix a Typo.
1.38: Make PA use a Default Profile
1.37: Make PA Start in Default UI
1.36: Fix ElvUIGVC Channel
1.35: Code Cleanup & Reputation Reward
1.34: SMB & EFL
1.32 - 1.33: MovableFrames Updates
1.30 - 1.31: Rmoved: LootConfirm / Added: Faster Loot & Quest Sounds
1.29: MF, EFL, SMB : General Updates
1.27 - 1.28: SMB: Order Hall / Garrison Icon
1.25 - 1.26: MF
1.24: SMB Blizzard Buttons
1.23: SMB & EFL Updates
1.22: Add Profiles to Modules
1.21: More BFA Fixes
1.20: BFA Fixes
1.19: Fix FriendsGroup Error
1.18: stAddOnManager Updates / Locales
1.17: stAddOnManager Updates / MovableFrames / Locales
1.16: Locales / BigButtons / Remove LibAnim
1.14-1.15: SMB Update.
1.13: stAddOnManager added.
1.12: LibElvUIPlugin Tweaks / SMB Move Blizzard Buttons
1.11: Fix LibElvUIPlugin for Tukui Users
1.10: MovableFrame & EFL Updates / Fix Databases
1.09: EFL Textures Update / SMB & MovableFrames Fixes
1.08: Dragon Overlay
1.07: Dragon Overlay Fixes
1.06: SMB Bar Fix / Dragon Overlay
1.05: SMB Update
1.04: SMB Update
1.03: LC Error
1.02: Fixed another Config Issue
1.01: Fixed Config Issue
1.00: Initial Upload

The latest version of this addon is 1.76 and was uploaded on Apr 03, 2021 at 20:59.

This file was last downloaded on May 16, 2021 at 18:33 and has been downloaded 319424 times.

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