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This is a heads up display for Pet Battles and can be used as frames or as an Pet Battle UI replacement.

It features color bordering and various custom textures.

Red Border - Not Owned

Yellow Border - Upgrade (Higher Level/Same Quality)

Orange Border - Upgrade (Based on Quality)

Added Revive/Bandage Battle Pets if any pet in your collection is below 50% health, or 60% after fighting wild pets.

Hovering over the Icon on the Enemy Frame will show your other pet(s) level and stats.

Enemy Tooltip has been improved and able to pull from PetJournal Enhanced/PetTracker for Stat Breakdowns & BreedID from Battle Pet BreedID. Both are available from Curse/WoWInterface.

To move: Toggle Anchors for ElvUI and for Tukui just drag with Left click.

This HUD is integrated into ElvUI/Enhanced Config Options. /ec
This HUD will disable itself for player combat and will enable itself after player combat has ended.

Report Issue's Here: http://git.tukui.org/NihilisticPandemon ... eui/issues
EPBUI ally frames can now be used to select a pet during the "Select Pet" rounds, and the normal selection frames will be hidden when HideBlizzard is set.
- Note this does not work when PetTracker_Switcher is loaded.

Added a new 3D Portrait option enabled by default.

Reworked how aura tooltips work to try to eliminate all of the DATA ERROR errors.
When using ElvUI dev or versions higher than 11.18 the auras will use a new .forceCreate setting that should allow EPB to show its auras without having the 10 unnecessary test icons showing.
Changed the base healing percentage to 50% instead of 30%.
Fixed a lua error in the style filter when instanceType doesn't exist.

Fix a typo when resetting nameplates after a pet battle.
Don't attempt to cache guids outside of a pet battle.

Added names to the revive and bandage buttons so they can be clicked using macros if you so choose. (/click EPBReviveButton)
Added support for showing Rematch Pet Cards when hovering over a pet frame. Clicking the pet frame will lock the card, clicking again will unlock it.
Added custom nameplate style triggers when using ElvUI. While this will work with the current ElvUI version, I recommend using it with the dev version, or any version higher than 11.18.
The custon nameplate style triggers are two unit conditions: Is Battle Pet, Is Not Battle Pet, which use guids to determine if a nameplate belongs to a battle pet inside a pet battle; and
an instance type: pet battle, which activates when doing a pet battle.
Nameplate Occluded Alpha Mult is now forced to 1 inside a pet battle so pet nameplates dont appear alpha'd out. It is reset back to its original value after the battle.
Fixed a bug preventing the pet type tooltip from working correctly.
Reworked the nameplate xp bar a bit to make it more resilient and less brittle.

Fixed a lua error you could get mousing over an enemy pet icon.
Hide the turns remaining text on nameplate auras for permanent auras.
Misc bug fixes.

Pet Buffs and Debuffs, up to a limit of 5 each, will now show on nameplates.

Fixed BUI/MER styling that was broken in 4.00
Optimized the way the nameplate detects guids to reduce performance losses.
Fixed a lua error that occurred when you selected an option.
Made auto starting trainer battles optional, disabled by default.
Fixed the cooldown on the healing button not showing in 4.00+.

Bug fixes.

Bug fixes.

Completely reorganized the addon splitting the original monolithic file into many smaller ones to make it easier to maintain and update.
Added Trainer Battle Auto Start, Quest Auto Accept, Quest Auto Complete, based on original work in Auto Safari Hat.

Added optional BreedID (using BattlePetBreedID) to nameplates.
Our options now sports the green Pet Battle world quest icon to make it stand out more.
Fixed team auras showing the wrong values.

Rewrote how pet GUIDs are detected to make it much more reliable.
Rewrote the nameplate updates to pull data from the pet using its data rather than having values directly supplied.
EnhancedShadows have returned to the pet unit frames.

Fix a bug with the UNIT_HEALTH event registration.
Attempt to fix caching pet guids again.

Added a yellow border color for pets that are higher level but same quality.
No border will show for pets that are higher level but lower quality than what you own.
Added prevention for a lua error under certain conditions.


Add BenikUI styling to the pet unit frames.
New method for detecting pet guids.
The Pet XP Bar will not be hidden for max level player pets and all enemy pets.
Fixed a bug where the border colors were not being reset properly.
Fixed an error when you ended up with lots of auras (from Frostbite for example).


Try to use the pets hp and maxHP to try to find the right nameplate for a pet.
Fixed a taint the revive bar could cause.
Rewrote how the heal detection works to use the debuff to forbid showing the Revive Bar.


Bumped the TOC to 8.0
Fixed a typo in the revive button.


Reorganized and cleaned up the code some.
Added support for pet nameplates, with some issues.
Added the rest of the pet battle challenge dungeons as locations where you cannt heal.
Added MerathilisUI styling to the pet unit frames.

The latest version of this addon is 4.13 and was uploaded on Jan 11, 2020 at 06:38.

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