world of warcraft
made by Klix
What does the plugin do?
KlixUI is an external mod for ElvUI. Adding different frame styles, interchangeable actionsbars, new textures and fonts.

Before installing this UI please go to /ec -> profiles and create a new profile, if you don't this UI will overrite the settings of the current selected profile.
For installation of this addon please type /kui in the chatwindow. This will bring up the KlixUI config, please press the "Install" button under the KlixUI Logo.
Please go through every install step and press the finish button when your done customizing the UI.
If you want the default ElvUI settings back you'll have to disable this addon completly from the addons tab.

I am no LUA expert and therefore I will try my best to maintain and add new stuffs for the UI in the future.

If you have some suggestions or experience any kind of errors with the UI please feel free to contact me on the Support forum.

Requires atleast ElvUI 10.00+
WoW patch 7.3+

Essential addons:
If you use Masque this is the perfect addon to match with your KlixUI edit: Masque: KlixUI skin

Recommended addons:

Optional addons::

Different UI layouts available through the installer.
Many of the Frames are now movable. E.g. CharacterFrame, LFG Frame, GameMenu etc
Custom healthtext for player and target frame
Custom texture pack included
AddonProfiles included for: AddOnSkins, Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs Bossmods, Details! Damage Meter, Shadow&Light, XIV_Databar and ProjectAzilroka(EnhancedFriendsLists, SquareMinimapButtons & stAddonManager).
Many more features included through the installer :)

Many thanks to both Benik and Merathilis for their help and apporval of letting me use some of their features from their own addons in this UI.
Also thanks to Darth Predator and the rest of the ElvUI community.
Special thanks to RZ_Digital for designing the awesome Logo :D

If you wish to support this project (you don't really have to), feel free to press the "Donate" button above, thanks alot! :)
v1.56 - 23/05/19
Added shadow overlay for for many different frames!
Small fixes here and there.

v1.55 - 23/04/19
Added button styling to alot of missing icons!
Added autoinvite module.
Added color and alpha settings to cursor trail.
Added cruicible of storms to raid progress and autolog.
Added 2 new chat commands /klix & klixui.
Added klixui tag visiblity in config.

v1.545 - 14/04/19
Added styling for the reminder icons.
Added 1 more cursor flash option, to only show in combat.
Fixed a copy&paste error in the button styling config.

v1.54 - 13/04/19
Added WeakAura icons styling!
Added cursor trail.
Added finishing move glow(Rogue & Druids), just like the AB glow.
Added enemy cooldown icons.
Added Emoticon frame, you can toggle this by clicking the 'A' chat button.
Added more crates/bags to the auto open module, thanks Wilzor!
Added an option to state a custom sound for the FlightMaster Whistle.
Removed Raise Dead from the Reminder module.

v1.53 - 08/04/19
Added announcement module.
Added skip azerite animation feature.
Added world map scaling and added reveal.
Added already known module.
Added rightclick chat enhanements.
Added dimising returns module.
Updated quest announce module..
Updated shadow overlay.
Updated toolrip realm info.
Updated itemselect module.
Updated Baggins skin.
Removed auraicontext module, its now in ElvUI.
Skin updates and adjustments.

v1.52 - 17/03/19
Added QuestXP module back again.
Added Discord button to in my addon.
Added styling for different frames.
Updated Bloodlust module to print comply with faction BL/Hero.
Fixed missing role textures.
Fixed dialog sound which kepts enabling.
Skin fixes and adjustments.

v1.515 - 13/03/19
Small fixes here and there!

v1.51 - 13/03/19
Added nameplate install step for new elvui nameplates.
Added the abilityn to move and save position for blizzard frames.
Added Enhanced Vehicle Bar.
Added BonusRollPreview module (only works in older content for now).
Added autobuy auction feature.
Removed some settings not compatible with 8.1.5
Skin fixes and adjustments.

v1.50 - 26/02/19
Added bag itemselect feature.
Added alerts, WIP!
Reformed the Information tab and added the rest of the country locale files.
Disabled auto hearthstone deletion by default.

v1.49 - 24/02/19
Added a minimap button, WIP.
Added button styling to the UI.
Added afk pet module feature.
Added an attack/credit icon to the target frame.
Added an automatizaion tab for various tweaks.
Added profession datatext module.
Added random hearthstone creation module.
Added ExtraQuestButton module.
Added a quick mark module.
Added member info to the LFG tooltip.
Updated the KlixUI armory mode to look sick!
Updated the Name Hover to accomodate level, race etc.
Updated the character stat panel to accomodate custom strings.
Fixed an issue with the Autolog and Easy Curve module and many other modules!
Removed durability checker, caused alot of taints!
Alot of Skin updates and fixes.

v1.481 - 04/02/19
Fixed an error with the new combat text module!

v1.48 - 04/02/19
Added my own combat text module.
Added the profession module back for goooood now :)
Added 3 new static popups to the auto confirm module.
Updated the DT bars height so the text is centered.
Updated Raid progress and Easy Curve module for BoD.

v1.47 - 30/01/19
Added invasion and time played datatext to the Klixui time DT.
Removed Profession module again.
Updated some compatiblity checks.
Updated LS_Toasts skin.
Added BoD to the Autolog module.
Fixed spelling mistake in the recommended stats pane.
Skin updates and fixes.

v1.461 - 16/01/19
Fixed an error causing the UI to break, thanks @Aurielli

v1.46 - 16/01/19
Added PvP and profession module back.
Added EliteIcon for the target.
Added NameHover to mouseover target units.
Added a durability checker which alerts when low gear and entering a dungeon.
Added an option to disable glow on currently selected quests.
Added 4 passenger seat indicator for Hivemind mount.
Added option to change vehicle seat indicator size.
Added a recommended stat panel on top of character frame.
Updated armory mode to include gradient color, missing enchant & socket indicators.
Skin updates and fixes.

v1.45 - 04/01/19
Added Item Level on scrap items.
Added more key levels to the auto log module.
Added animated glow on spec&equip bar and Talents.
Added a sound which plays when you become the group leader.
Updated notification module to now again include Soical Que popup.
Updated the minimap blink style.
Skin updates and fixes.

v1.44 - 30/12/18
Added Scrap Button and some option to auto pull items from bags.
Added Masque support, for my Masque_KlixUI skin.
Added an option to change the rested xp color of the databar.
Added auto gossip feature for the ships, so the workorder start instant.
Added styling support for simulationcraft addon.
Added pixel glow border to missing raidbuffs.
Added an option to change the fonts of the category and statspane in the armory.
Added seal currency check for the auto pilot feature.
Updated Talent profile module to work on PvP talents aswell.
Fixed some errors with different modules.
Skin updates and fixes.

v1.43 - 14/12/18
Bumped .toc for 8.1.
Added 2 fonts: Century Gothic Bold and Days.
Changed some compatibility checks.
Skin updates and fixes.

v1.422 - 12/12/18
Some classcolor error fix.

v1.421 - 12/12/18
Some more skin fixes, much more stable now!

v1.42 - 12/12/18
Update for 8.1!
Some features have been disabled for the time being, due to breakage in 8.1!"
For full changelog navigate to my discord!

v1.41 - 27/11/18
Added back Cooldown Flash module, by request.
Added custom actionbar glow option.
Added Hearthstone order for the relocating menu in the LocPanel.
Updated Realm tooltip info.
Updated S&L profile.
Updated Auto Open Container feature.
Fixed Keystone tooltip info, displaying double affix.
Fixed error with the armory, databars and realm tooltip feature.
Removed Fog Clear module, please use my ElvUI_FogRemover addon.
Removed Zygor skin, causing too many erors.
Skin updates and adjustments!!

v1.401 - 21/11/18
A fix which broke the UI entirely.

v1.40 - 20/11/18
Added minimap buttons to the UI!
Added Realm Info Tooltip.
Added BonusRoll Filter module.
Added Auto Confirm Static popups
Added some color to the reputations in the character frame window.
Added FlightQueue Module.
Made some changes to the AutoLog module.
Updated the AzeriteTooltip.
Updated currency Datatext.
Removed some unusued modules.
Fixed various issue posted on discord.
Skin updates and adjustments!!

v1.39 - 13/10/18
Added Talent Profile module, you can now store various talents in KlixUI.
Added an option to hide the TalkingHeadFrame.
Added an annoying sound when opening loot containers etc.
Added an option to display the closets Flight Master Whistle location on WM.
Added Scrap support, now display Scrap junk icon in ElvUI Bags.
Added AutoLog Feature.
Added CardinalPoints on the minimap.
Added German locales, Thanks Kringel!
Removed SplitBags and Transparent bag slots from the UI.
Seperated the Skills/Combat announcer.
Fixed various issue posted on discord.
Skin updates and adjustments!!

v1.38 - 05/10/18
Added Easy Curve, a frame will popup when signing for dungeons to auto send AotC achievement.
Added Enhanced Friends list and stAddonManager to the UI, Credits: Azilroka <3.
Added Quest Announce module to the chat frame.
Added illidan and custom sound feature to the BloodLust Annnouncer.
Added healer profile for the BigWigs, you need to select yourself in BW profiles.
AutoMark and Auto open containers are now disabled by default.
Raid disabler for the Notification module.
Updated CooldownFlash module.
Added Flight Masters Whistle sound :)
Fixed various issue posted on discord.
Skin updates and adjustments!!

v1.37 - 26/09/18
Added Specific Debuff unitframe highlighting, add your spellID and see the magic!
Added Azerite tooltip when hovering over azerite gear.
Added keystone info to the tooltip.
Updated KUI time datatext.
Updated Smart Quest Tracker options.
Updated BfA mission Datatext.
Updated LS_Toast skin.
Updated Baggins skin.
Fixed various issue posted on discord.
Skin updates and adjustments!!

v1.36 - 21/09/18
Added SmartQuestTracker to the UI.
Added an option to auto open various containers, treasures etc.
Added Added an option to play a custom sound and announce in chat when BL is popped.
Added Added an option to AutoMark tanks/healers when you enter a dungeon.
Added Added an option to auto accept role checks and role confirms in dungeons.
Added an option to auto accept role checks and role confirms in dungeons.
Added an Fog of War to the UI, this makes all undiscovered areas visible.
You change Datatexts on the fly by pressing CTLR + ALT + right click on a DT.
Added a LocationBar ontop of minimap and an option to hide Minimap in combat.
Added a mouseover option for the Spec&EquipBar.
Updated BfA mission Datatext.
Updated Raidprogressing tooltip to accomodate Uldir.
Updated Bags will open automatically when visiting AH doing trades etc.
Updated Scrap items will now get deleted automatiaclly from your bags when they get full.
Updated Added a skin for XIV_DataBar and Baggins (WIP).
Updated Fixed various issue posted on discord.
Updated Skin updates and adjustments.

v1.351 - 15/09/18
Now it's finally fixed :P!

v1.35 - 15/09/18
Alot of Lua Error should be fixed now, my bad guys, i fucked up!
Added Cinematic Sound Enabler.

v1.34 - 14/09/18
Added color options to the DataBars.
Added an option to change the castbar texture and text color.
Added QuestXP overlay to the experiencebar, credits: Caedis.
Updated the aromory, it now has a character stat pane and AzertieGear shortcuts.
Updated the MiniMap Garrison button and coordinates.
Added an option to change the size of the KlixUI Time DT.
Added an option to automatically set the keystone in the keystonewindow.
Added NoSound feature for the notification toasts.
Added a mouseover option for the RaidMarker bar.
Added War-Scrolls to the RaidBuffReminderBar and fixed the ID for BfA flasks.
Removed profession options.
Added some more compatibility checks.
Skin adjustments and updates.

v1.33 - 06/09/18
Added a compatiblity check file.
Added some profession settings.
Added option to remove the styling on DT panels when backdrop is hidden.
Fixed various lua errors, posted on discord.
Added keybinding show/hide for Embed window.
Alot of layout option changes, in the KlixUI config.
Skin adjustments and updates.

v1.32 - 02/09/18
Consolidated all the different KlixUI features into a module dropdown.
Consolidated Spec and EquipBar into one file and made some options for it.
Added Splitbags to the UI.
Added some movers, can be found under toggle anchors KlixUI
Added Value Color updates to many of the UI elements.
Updated the Armory mode options a bit.
Added styling for some S&L frames and DTBars2 addon.
Skin addition and adjustments.

v1.31 - 25/08/18
Added alot of Quest Automatiozations.
Added black powerbar backdrops instead of default color.
Added BfA Mission Datatext, need UI reinstall for this to take place.
BfA augementation rune added to RaidBuffReminder bar.
Alot of Lua Errors reported on discord is now fixed for various modules.
Some options have been moved to different locations, check KlixUI Tab.
Skin changes and adjustments

v1.30 - 22/08/18
Added a Notification toast, all credits to Merathilis <3.
Added support for Ls_Toast and skinned it, thanks Merathilis.
Added alot of new options for the RaidBuffReminder Bar.
Added new options for the LocationPanel.
Added an option to hide the Voicemenu and Socialbutton.
Created an own category for KlixUI in the Toggle Anchors.
Changed the Naked Button postion and it can now be toggled off.
Fixed the Spec/Equipbar location when using Layout v2 as druid.
Fixed Questtracker not working correctly.
ClassHall DT removed and added BfA missions as default (needs UI reinstall).
Some skin changes and skin updates.

v1.29 - 15/08/18
Fixed the ExperienceBar placement, reinstall the UI for this change to take place.
Fixed the Azerite skin and added ScrappingMachine skin.
Added lobtouris back, LocationPanel tooltip has been updated again.
Added new mage portals to the LocationPanel aswell
Styled the ElvUI MirroTimers
When S&L is installed the merchant skin dosent bug out.

v1.28 - 13/08/18
Huge Installation Setup changes, it is now way easier to customize your UI.
Added alot of settings to the MicroBar color change and highlight toggle.
Added option to change the ReadyCheck Icons.
Added Interchangeable RoleIcons.
Added Currency Datatext.
Added a Middle Datatext panel and easy toggle through chatbutton 'L'
Addded Chat Brackets.
Tooltip apperance changes.
Disabled cinemtaic killer by default
Some option cleanup
Skin updates/changes

v1.27 - 09/08/18
Added 4 new icons to the MicroBar and added alot of settings to it aswell.
Added Bloodlust/Heroism chat announcer, still needs feedback!
Added Cooldown Flash to the UI.
Added some minimap settings.
Added 1 window merchant frame instead of pages, thanks Darth.
Class specific RaidBuffs on the Raidbuffreminder bar added.
More changes to SMB addonprofile.
Fixed the Game Menu Screen not disabling correctly
Fixed an issue with [power:percent-kui] tag.
Skin fixes and changes.
Removed Libtourist for now.

v1.26 - 29/07/18
The LocationPanel Coords should now work properly.
Added a Raid Buff Reminder bar at the top of the screen.
Added a tweak to the chat, which expand/compress it by pressing the G button.
Added an option to buy max stack at a merchant with altclick.
Added a new set of RaidMarker Icons, can be changed in the Raid Marker settings.
Fixed an issue with the Media settings giving an error.
Some minor skinning and UI settings changes.

v1.25 - 26/07/18
Reworked alot of skins should now work flawless.
Added a ShadowOverlay for the entire screen, credits: Merathilis.
Added a toggle option for the Spec&EquipBar toggled through the DT button.
Toggle option for the Guild&Communities frame through DT button.
TextColor change of the GameMenu in the DT button added.
The LocationPanel now has an option for NoBackdrop.
Updated coords for the LocationPanel due to ElvUI recent changes.
AFK Screen random stat speed is now normalized.
Raidprogress info (shift+mousehover) is now available again.

v1.24 - 20/07/18
Fixed a copy&paste error with the DTcolors
Added a Show/Hide option for the spec&equipbar in the "V" chatbutton.

v1.23 - 20/07/18
Much more stable for patch 8.0 many errors should have been fixed
Changed the AFK and splachscreen.
PvP modules is now working correctly, Thanks Darth Predator
Many skin updates!
TankHealth module removed.
Color option for dataTexts and a Titles DataText added.
Added an Entering/Leave combat text announcer. Credts: Merathilis

v1.22 - 18/07/18
Update for Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0
Full changelog here: https://git.tukui.org/Klix/KlixUI/commits/development

v1.21 - 14/07/18
Fixed an error with the SpecSwitch datatext.
Removed the volume datatext for now.
Added an option to hide the coords on the location panel.
Added an option to enable/disable the KlixUI powerbar mod.
Added some more PvP settings, thanks S&L.

v1.20 - 01/07/18
Added a Bagfilter bar/button on the bagframe.
Added an option to change the texture of the powerbar and groupframes individually.
Changed the Itemlevel datatext.
Fixed an error with the Gossip skin frame.
Added a customtag for powerpercent showing no decimals.

v1.19 - 28/05/18
Added EverySecondCounts to the UI, Thanks Blazeflack!
Locationpanel and MicroBar can now be hidden in PetBattles only.
Updated AFK Screen.
The QuestText is now white and not black, Thanks Merathilis.
Small changes and adjustments here and there.

v1.18 - 23/04/18
Added alot of skinning to the UI, thanks Mera <3.
Added new ReadycheckIcons. Credit: Benik
Added Guild/Friend text to the MicroBar Menu, Thanks Mera.
Added 2 x Datatexts to the LocPanel + a Tooltip.
Added a Volume DataTexts.
PEEEEPE added to the GameMenu screen! Credit: Mera

v1.17 - 13/04/18
WIP: Added a Styling function to the UI, thanks Merathilis.
Added Guild/Friends numbers to the microbar, thanks to Merathilis.
Added an option to disable all in-game cinematics.
Added a small tweak which removes the the delete field when deleting an item.
Updated the visual of the Changelog abit.
Small adjustments here and there.

v1.16 - 08/04/18
stupid me, forgot commit blabla.
Added speedyloot to the UI.

v1.15 - 08/04/18
Added Tank Health Pred. which will display the pot. heal of certain tank abilities.
The GMOTD now moves to a separate window if updated, thanks Merathilis.
Updated the dataTexts options, panels are now available at ElvUI DT options.
Different FontSettings can be done to the ObjectiveTracker, Thanks Mera & S&L.
Added Tranparent Bag/BankSlots, thanks S&L
Changed the default statusbar to a less brighter one.
Many option adjustments for better visual and easyness.
New Logo again, thanks RZ_Digital!

v1.14 - 02/04/18
Additions: QuestTracker, Durability and itemlevel text on CharWin, Raidprogress tooltip, RoleIcons, Camera Zoom Slider.
Adjusted the DataTexts options.
Correctly placed the chat frame in AFKmode.
Threatbar is now visible in the KlixUI chat.
Toggle option for the GameMenu Button.

v1.13 - 30/03/18
New Logo!
Added a SlpashScreen to the UI, thanks Benik for this :)
Added DataTexts to the Right + Left ChatTab and added mail Datatext.
Many miscellaneous implemented: MoverTransparency, PvP Autorelease, Select QuestReward, Automatic Reputation Change.
Fixed an issue with the Equip Manager not printing correct error in chat.
Fixed the MicroBar so the buttons correctly hides in combat, thanks Merathilis for this.
Removed the alpha version of the higher resolution settings in the install.lua file.

v1.12 - 25/03/18
Implemented CleanBossButton in the UI, a toggle option is found under actionbars.
Added Equipment Manager into KlixUI, thanks Drath Predator for this.
Square Party/Raidframes available again through the installer.
Added SpeedyLoad to the UI.

v1.11 - 16/03/18
Added a LocationPanel, microBar, specBar and EquipBar, thx. Merathilis.
Added AuraIconSpacing and AuraIconText option, thx. Blazeflack and Merathilis.
Added better profile creation for AddOnSkins and ProjectAzilroka(SQM, EFL & stAM).
Added ShiftClick Toggle for ActionBar4-5 in ChatButton 'L' and 'G'.

v1.10 - 09/03/18
Total overhaul of the UI settings.
Many new features implemented in the UI e.g. Chat, Actionbars, AFK sceen and many more.
Many supported Addon profiles have been changed and adjusted.
Added profile support for AddOnSkins.

v1.02 - 30/01/18
Added customtags to the UI.
Made many adjustments here and there (height changes, anchor fixing etc.)

v1.01 - 26/01/18
Added new layouts(added Boxed Party/Raidframes), redid the installframe and many small tweaks here and there.
Changed the width/height of many frames.
Changed the alpha backdrop slightly.
Updated the clock size.

v1.00 - 21/01/18
Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 1.56 and was uploaded on May 23, 2019 at 16:39.

This file was last downloaded on May 26, 2019 at 10:20 and has been downloaded 15686 times.

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