world of warcraft
made by Klix
What does the plugin do?
KlixUI is an external mod for ElvUI. Adding different frame styles, interchangeable actionsbars, new textures and fonts.

Before installing this UI please go to /ec -> profiles and create a new profile, if you don't this UI will overrite the settings of the current selected profile.
For installation of this addon please type /kui in the chatwindow. This will bring up the KlixUI config, please press the "Install" button under the KlixUI Logo.
Please go through every install step and press the finish button when your done customizing the UI.
If you want the default ElvUI settings back you'll have to disable this addon completly from the addons tab.

I am no LUA expert and therefore I will try my best to maintain and add new stuffs for the UI in the future.

If you have some suggestions or experience any kind of errors with the UI please feel free to contact me on the Support forum.

Requires atleast ElvUI 10.00+
WoW patch 7.3+

Recommended addons:
Shadow&Light or ElvUI Enhanced

Different UI layouts available through the installer.
Many of the Frames are now movable. E.g. CharacterFrame, LFG Frame, GameMenu etc
Custom healthtext for player and target frame
Custom texture pack included
AddonProfiles included for: AddOnSkins, Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs Bossmods, Details! Damage Meter, Shadow&Light, XIV_Databar and ProjectAzilroka(EnhancedFriendsLists, SquareMinimapButtons & stAddonManager).
Many more features included through the installer :)

Many thanks to both Benik and Merathilis for their help and apporval of letting me use some of their features from their own addons in this UI.
Also thanks to Darth Predator and the rest of the ElvUI community.
Special thanks to RZ_Digital for designing the awesome Logo :D

If you wish to support this project (you don't really have to), feel free to press the "Donate" button above, thanks alot! :)
v1.22 - 18/07/18
Update for Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0
Full changelog here: https://git.tukui.org/Klix/KlixUI/commits/development

v1.21 - 14/07/18
Fixed an error with the SpecSwitch datatext.
Removed the volume datatext for now.
Added an option to hide the coords on the location panel.
Added an option to enable/disable the KlixUI powerbar mod.
Added some more PvP settings, thanks S&L.

v1.20 - 01/07/18
Added a Bagfilter bar/button on the bagframe.
Added an option to change the texture of the powerbar and groupframes individually.
Changed the Itemlevel datatext.
Fixed an error with the Gossip skin frame.
Added a customtag for powerpercent showing no decimals.

v1.19 - 28/05/18
Added EverySecondCounts to the UI, Thanks Blazeflack!
Locationpanel and MicroBar can now be hidden in PetBattles only.
Updated AFK Screen.
The QuestText is now white and not black, Thanks Merathilis.
Small changes and adjustments here and there.

v1.18 - 23/04/18
Added alot of skinning to the UI, thanks Mera <3.
Added new ReadycheckIcons. Credit: Benik
Added Guild/Friend text to the MicroBar Menu, Thanks Mera.
Added 2 x Datatexts to the LocPanel + a Tooltip.
Added a Volume DataTexts.
PEEEEPE added to the GameMenu screen! Credit: Mera

v1.17 - 13/04/18
WIP: Added a Styling function to the UI, thanks Merathilis.
Added Guild/Friends numbers to the microbar, thanks to Merathilis.
Added an option to disable all in-game cinematics.
Added a small tweak which removes the the delete field when deleting an item.
Updated the visual of the Changelog abit.
Small adjustments here and there.

v1.16 - 08/04/18
stupid me, forgot commit blabla.
Added speedyloot to the UI.

v1.15 - 08/04/18
Added Tank Health Pred. which will display the pot. heal of certain tank abilities.
The GMOTD now moves to a separate window if updated, thanks Merathilis.
Updated the dataTexts options, panels are now available at ElvUI DT options.
Different FontSettings can be done to the ObjectiveTracker, Thanks Mera & S&L.
Added Tranparent Bag/BankSlots, thanks S&L
Changed the default statusbar to a less brighter one.
Many option adjustments for better visual and easyness.
New Logo again, thanks RZ_Digital!

v1.14 - 02/04/18
Additions: QuestTracker, Durability and itemlevel text on CharWin, Raidprogress tooltip, RoleIcons, Camera Zoom Slider.
Adjusted the DataTexts options.
Correctly placed the chat frame in AFKmode.
Threatbar is now visible in the KlixUI chat.
Toggle option for the GameMenu Button.

v1.13 - 30/03/18
New Logo!
Added a SlpashScreen to the UI, thanks Benik for this :)
Added DataTexts to the Right + Left ChatTab and added mail Datatext.
Many miscellaneous implemented: MoverTransparency, PvP Autorelease, Select QuestReward, Automatic Reputation Change.
Fixed an issue with the Equip Manager not printing correct error in chat.
Fixed the MicroBar so the buttons correctly hides in combat, thanks Merathilis for this.
Removed the alpha version of the higher resolution settings in the install.lua file.

v1.12 - 25/03/18
Implemented CleanBossButton in the UI, a toggle option is found under actionbars.
Added Equipment Manager into KlixUI, thanks Drath Predator for this.
Square Party/Raidframes available again through the installer.
Added SpeedyLoad to the UI.

v1.11 - 16/03/18
Added a LocationPanel, microBar, specBar and EquipBar, thx. Merathilis.
Added AuraIconSpacing and AuraIconText option, thx. Blazeflack and Merathilis.
Added better profile creation for AddOnSkins and ProjectAzilroka(SQM, EFL & stAM).
Added ShiftClick Toggle for ActionBar4-5 in ChatButton 'L' and 'G'.

v1.10 - 09/03/18
Total overhaul of the UI settings.
Many new features implemented in the UI e.g. Chat, Actionbars, AFK sceen and many more.
Many supported Addon profiles have been changed and adjusted.
Added profile support for AddOnSkins.

v1.02 - 30/01/18
Added customtags to the UI.
Made many adjustments here and there (height changes, anchor fixing etc.)

v1.01 - 26/01/18
Added new layouts(added Boxed Party/Raidframes), redid the installframe and many small tweaks here and there.
Changed the width/height of many frames.
Changed the alpha backdrop slightly.
Updated the clock size.

v1.00 - 21/01/18
Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 1.22 and was uploaded on Jul 18, 2018 at 08:53.

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