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made by Benik
ElvUI Nuts & Bolts is a compilation of my addons hosted at tukui.org/Twitch plus some features that are moved from BenikUI. Specifically:
◆ LocationLite adds player location/coords frames.
◆ DatabarColors can alter the color of any of the default ElvUI Databars (XP, Rep, etc).
◆ ElvUIPanels adds the ability to change ElvUI Top and Bottom Panels size and transparency.
◆ DatatextColors can change all ElvUI DataText colors.
◆ BagsCountPosition can change the Bag item count number position.
◆ Objective Tracker Hider can toggle the Objective Tracker when in instance. (NEW)

Install as any addon. Requires ElvUI 10+.

I made this compilation because is much easier to maintain all those addons and add new ones.
Have in mind that if Location Lite or ElvUI Datatext Colors addons are used, they must be disabled. This can be done either manually through WoW addon list or via Nuts & Bolts options. Also, their settings have been reset and they are no longer be available either on Tukui.org or Twitch.

Find me in Tukui Discord Server or in BenikUI Discord Server
Report any issues or ask for more Nuts + Bolts by creating a ticket in Git Ticket Tracker.

Enjoy :)
*toc update for patch 8.2

*Fixed CreateShadow

*toc update for patch 8.1

*correct toc update for patch 8.1

*toc update for patch 8.1
*Disable Objective Tracker by default
*Prevent the Objective Tracker from being hidden/shown while taxi flying

*New module: Objective Frame hider
*Enable some modules by default
*Top Panel will use the new 'Under' style. It will show better with BenikUI dev version
*Toggle Top and Bottom Panels via N&B options

Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 1.15 and was uploaded on Jun 27, 2019 at 20:56.

This file was last downloaded on Sep 17, 2019 at 01:15 and has been downloaded 81803 times.

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