world of warcraft
made by Gennoken
GennUI is an external edit for ElvUI, designed to cover the needs of any spec or role or activity without switching profiles.

• Easy to use installer that set things automatically.
• Adds custom texture and font.
• 2 Themes available through the installer: Dark and Class Colored.
• Available Tweaks: Clean Boss Button, Easy Delete, Tooltip Icons.
• Layout designed to avoid switching profiles for different activities or characters.
• Nameplates and Unitframes Buffs/Debuffs favour TurtleBuffs/CCDebuffs for PvP purposes (BigDebuffs & flyPlateBuffs inspired).
• Install will set supported addons automatically, matching the UI.

• The UI is optimized for 1920x1080 resolution and 0.7 UIScale, if you have different settings you may want to move some things around.
• Please consider backup any addons settings thay you may want to keep.

For bug reports and/or requests please visit GennUI's Git Repo
For any question please visit GennUI's topic on ElvUI forums

Required Addons

Highly Recommanded Addons
Shadow and Light

• GennUI installation should pop automatically upon login, follow the on screen instructions.
• Enjoy.

Supported Addons Profiles
• AddOnSkins
• Arena Team Tracker
• BattleGround Eenemies
• BigWigs
• Capping
• Deadly Boss Mods
• Details
• Diminish
• Gladius
• GottaGoFast
• Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
• Nameplate Cooldowns
• OmniCD
• Plater
• Skada

Special Thanks/Credits
• Skullflower for inspiration.
• Blazeflack and Benik for the great help and assistance/coding.
• Blinkii & Skullflower for the awesome textures.
• Tweaks credits: Blazeflack, Kesava, Resike

v2.27 [06/03/2020]
• Various fixes related to changes to ElvUI

v2.26 [16/01/2020]
• Fix nil error related to ElvUI 11.291
• Updated for 8.3

v2.25 [01/01/2020]
• Fix nil error during fresh install

v2.24 [10/11/2019]
• Updated for ElvUI 11.25 and SLE 3.60

v2.23 [08/10/2019]
• Remove CleanBossButton module, part of ElvUI 11.24+ now
• Re-using [name:abbrev] tag as ElvUI 11.24+ got it back now.

v2.22 [25/09/2019]
• Name Abbreviation fix to match ElvUI changes.

v2.21 [23/08/2019]
• Corrected an outline issue in quest text related to S&L settings.

v2.20 [20/08/2019]
• New texture: GennUI Skullflower, old texture still available: GennUI Blinkii
• New font, old font still available.
• A lot of changes to the UI (Unit Frames/Action Bars/Nameplates/Dark Theme Backdrop) but the whole feel of the UI is still the same.
• Many Addons Profiles have been updated to reflect changes.
• Addons profiles added: Plater, Arena Team Tracker, OmniCD, GottaGoFast.
• GennUI will now prompt installation/update process if older version is detected.
• All screenshots have been updated.

v2.17 [27/06/2019]
• Patch 8.2 update.
• GennUI now on Git Repo for better bug reports or suggestions.
• Minor changes.

v2.16 [07/04/2019]
• More Nameplates settings in the installer, to keep up with the new additions in ElvUI 11.07.
• Minor changes.

v2.15 [13/03/2019]
• Misc changes and update for ElvUI 11+ and the new Nameplates settings.
• Now uses Class Mode by default and a fixed 0.7 UIScale
• NameplateCooldowns and Diminish Profile update

v2.14 [24/02/2019]
• Misc changes and update for ElvUI 10.88.

v2.13 [23/01/2019]
• New texture, thanks to Blinkii.
• New tweaks: Easy Delete and Tooltip Icons.
• Minor UI changes and code cleanup.
• BattleGround Enemies profile updated.

v2.12 [21/12/2018]
• Code cleanup and reorganisation in preparation for future modules.
• Boss/Zone Ability texture removal is now a separate module and can be enabled/disabled in GennUI options.
• Name abbreviation is now Short rather than Medium to prevent text overlapping.

v2.11 [13/12/2018]
• Updated for patch 8.1
• Some files restructuring and code cleanup.

v2.1 [08/12/2018]
• Added Custom Tags and Clean Boss/Zone Ability button. (Thanks to Blazeflack)
• New font.
• 2 Themes available through the installer: Dark and Class Colored.
• Many adjustment to the entire UI.
• Installer and Addons Profiles code cleanup.
• New Logo.

v2.02 [19/09/2018]
• Minor changes.
• NamePlates Cooldown addon profile updated.
• BigWigs and Skada profiles added.

v2.0 [17/09/2018]
• Complete overhaul of the UI, more minimalistic and dark/grey themed.
• New Texture/Font
• Party/Raid frames adjustment.
• Addons profiles updated to reflect the new theme
• Cleaned installer code

v1.1 [30/08/2018]
• Minor changes to some movers/priority filters

v1.0 [04/08/2018]
• Updated for BfA
• Now uses own font and textures
• Small adjustments
• Cleaned up installer code.

v0.3 [11/03/2018]
• Updated for patch 7.3.5
• Major changes to the UI (fonts/texture/movers..etc)
• Now uses ElvUI build-in installation system.
• Addons profiles included in the installer
• Logo added

v0.2 [06/03/2018]
• Updated for patch 7.3
• Now uses dark theme. (you can still change this in ElvUI settings if you like class colors)
• Many changes to the uniteframes (specially Target,Party,Raid)

v0.1 [01/03/2018]
• Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 2.27 and was uploaded on Mar 06, 2020 at 10:53.

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