world of warcraft
made by Gennoken
GennUI is an external edit for ElvUI, designed to cover the needs of any spec or role or activity without switching profiles.

• Easy to use installer that set things automatically.
• Adds custom tag, textures and fonts.
• Themes: Dark and Class Colored.
• Tweaks: Easy Delete, TooltipIcons.
• Layout designed to avoid switching profiles for different activities or characters.
• Set up supported AddOns automatically, matching the UI.

• The UI is optimized for 1920x1080 resolution and 0.7 UIScale, if you have different settings you may way to move some things around.
• Please consider backup any AddOns settings that you may want to keep.

For bug reports, requests or questions please visit GennUI's topic on ElvUI forums

Required Addons

Highly Recommanded Addons
Shadow and Light

• GennUI installation should pop automatically upon login, follow the on screen instructions.
• Enjoy.

Supported Addons Profiles
• AddOnSkins
• Arena Team Tracker
• BattleGround Eenemies
• BigWigs
• Capping
• Deadly Boss Mods
• Details
• Diminish
• Gladius
• GottaGoFast
• Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
• Nameplate Cooldowns
• OmniCD
• Plater
• Skada

Special Thanks/Credits
• Skullflower & Naowh for inspiration.
• Blazeflack and Benik for the great help and assistance/coding.
• Blinkii & Skullflower for the awesome textures.
• Tweaks credits: Blazeflack, Kesava, Resike

v2.52 [10/07/2020]
• Fixes to keep up with ElvUI and SLE update changes.

v2.51 [02/06/2020]
• CustomTags module is back, only one tag for now, many will be added later as needed.
• [gnuihmana] customtag added: Show mana percent of healers, hide at full.
• Updated chat settings and windows
• Re-enabled Player/Target power bars.
• NameplateCooldowns profile updated.
• Miner tweaks/adjustements.

v2.50 [31/05/2020]
• UI remade from scratch (same layout but inspired by Naowh). See screenshots.
• New texture and font.
• Code cleanup in preparation for Shadowlands.
• All AddOns profiles either remade from scratch or updated.
• GottaGoFast AddOn now changes theme based on class.

v2.27 [06/03/2020]
• Various fixes related to changes to ElvUI

v2.26 [16/01/2020]
• Fix nil error related to ElvUI 11.291
• Updated for 8.3

v2.25 [01/01/2020]
• Fix nil error during fresh install

v2.24 [10/11/2019]
• Updated for ElvUI 11.25 and SLE 3.60

v2.23 [08/10/2019]
• Remove CleanBossButton module, part of ElvUI 11.24+ now
• Re-using [name:abbrev] tag as ElvUI 11.24+ got it back now.

v2.22 [25/09/2019]
• Name Abbreviation fix to match ElvUI changes.

v2.21 [23/08/2019]
• Corrected an outline issue in quest text related to S&L settings.

v2.20 [20/08/2019]
• New texture: GennUI Skullflower, old texture still available: GennUI Blinkii
• New font, old font still available.
• A lot of changes to the UI (Unit Frames/Action Bars/Nameplates/Dark Theme Backdrop) but the whole feel of the UI is still the same.
• Many Addons Profiles have been updated to reflect changes.
• Addons profiles added: Plater, Arena Team Tracker, OmniCD, GottaGoFast.
• GennUI will now prompt installation/update process if older version is detected.
• All screenshots have been updated.

v2.17 [27/06/2019]
• Patch 8.2 update.
• GennUI now on Git Repo for better bug reports or suggestions.
• Minor changes.

v2.16 [07/04/2019]
• More Nameplates settings in the installer, to keep up with the new additions in ElvUI 11.07.
• Minor changes.

v2.15 [13/03/2019]
• Misc changes and update for ElvUI 11+ and the new Nameplates settings.
• Now uses Class Mode by default and a fixed 0.7 UIScale
• NameplateCooldowns and Diminish Profile update

v2.14 [24/02/2019]
• Misc changes and update for ElvUI 10.88.

v2.13 [23/01/2019]
• New texture, thanks to Blinkii.
• New tweaks: Easy Delete and Tooltip Icons.
• Minor UI changes and code cleanup.
• BattleGround Enemies profile updated.

v2.12 [21/12/2018]
• Code cleanup and reorganisation in preparation for future modules.
• Boss/Zone Ability texture removal is now a separate module and can be enabled/disabled in GennUI options.
• Name abbreviation is now Short rather than Medium to prevent text overlapping.

v2.11 [13/12/2018]
• Updated for patch 8.1
• Some files restructuring and code cleanup.

v2.1 [08/12/2018]
• Added Custom Tags and Clean Boss/Zone Ability button. (Thanks to Blazeflack)
• New font.
• 2 Themes available through the installer: Dark and Class Colored.
• Many adjustment to the entire UI.
• Installer and Addons Profiles code cleanup.
• New Logo.

v2.02 [19/09/2018]
• Minor changes.
• NamePlates Cooldown addon profile updated.
• BigWigs and Skada profiles added.

v2.0 [17/09/2018]
• Complete overhaul of the UI, more minimalistic and dark/grey themed.
• New Texture/Font
• Party/Raid frames adjustment.
• Addons profiles updated to reflect the new theme
• Cleaned installer code

v1.1 [30/08/2018]
• Minor changes to some movers/priority filters

v1.0 [04/08/2018]
• Updated for BfA
• Now uses own font and textures
• Small adjustments
• Cleaned up installer code.

v0.3 [11/03/2018]
• Updated for patch 7.3.5
• Major changes to the UI (fonts/texture/movers..etc)
• Now uses ElvUI build-in installation system.
• Addons profiles included in the installer
• Logo added

v0.2 [06/03/2018]
• Updated for patch 7.3
• Now uses dark theme. (you can still change this in ElvUI settings if you like class colors)
• Many changes to the uniteframes (specially Target,Party,Raid)

v0.1 [01/03/2018]
• Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 2.52 and was uploaded on Jul 10, 2020 at 00:18.

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