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made by oraibi
The [rp:tags] addon is a bridge between TotalRP3, a Mary Sue Protocol client, and ElvUI.

[rp:tags] adds a number of tags to ElvUI based on TotalRP3 fields, colors, and other qualities related to roleplaying. For example,

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[rp:statuscolor][rp:ooc][rp:npc] [rp:color][rp:name], [rp:gendercolor][rp:gender] [rp:race] [rp:class]
Which means:

* if the unit is an NPC, display [NPC] in a color reserved for NPCs (configurable in TRP3)
* if the unit is a PC and they're not in character, display [OOC] in your chosen out-of-character color
* display the character's name (or unitname as a fallback) in the color they have set on their TRP3 profile
* display the character's gender in the color you've chosen for that gender, e.g. pink for girls, blue for boys (change these please!)
* display the character's RP race, such as "Ren'dorei", as set in their TRP3/MSP profile
* display the character's RP class, such as "Void Dancer", as set in their TRP3/MSP profile

You need to have TRP3 installed in order to use this. Configuration is via TRP3.

If you want to chat about the addon, drop by the [rp:tags] Discord.

For a brief tutorial, see the Moon Guard wikia.
v. alpha 1:

Changed numbering, fixed old bugs, updated for WoW 9.0.2, currently works with ElvUI but not alone with RP:UnitFrames.

This is an alpha version, so be careful out there!


Updated for WoW 8.2.
Fixed bug.


Fixed several bugs


Added keybindings for RPTAGS help, RPTAGS options.
Added keybinding for "Open Mouseover Profile" in both MRP and TRP3.
Fixed a bug preventing the importation of RPTAGS options previously saved in Total RP 3's config system.


Fixed some bugs since the previous verison;
Re-added the reference menu in Options
Something else that slips my mind.

v0.940 beta 10:

Bug fixes;
Added more granular control over hiding rp:UnitFrames;
Styling of rp:UnitFrames status bar.

v0.940 beta 8:

Bug fixes for MyRolePlay support; removed TargetTarget frame; added [rp:target] tags.

v0.940 beta 2:

Major changes. Now includes rp:UnitFrames for running alongside ElvUI or without running ElvUI at all. New config system. More tags. Tag editor. More!


Updated for 8.1, changed a little about how wrapping and field size for glances work.


Fixed a bug related to updating frames when in a party or raid.


Fixed a bug where [rp:color] was actually displaying [rp:eyecolor].
Added [rp:statusicon] tag.


Some bug fixes, plus added pronoun tags. See /rptags pronouns for details.


Fixed a bug from yesterday's update that was causing the game to freeze for part of a second while updating unit frames.


Text Wrapping!

Also a bonus in-game "user manual" for people with trp3 Extended.


Labels! For most tags, you can add a -label flag onto it.

That does the following:

1. It puts a label, like "Age: " in front of the tag value.
2. It puts a newline after the tag value.
3. If the unit doesn't have the field to display, it puts nothing.

So you can do [rp:age-label][rp:alignment-label][rp:eyes-label] and let's say the target doesn't have an alignment custom field set. You'll see:

Age: 30ish
Eyes: Violet

Better control over field display sizes!

Use the sliders to set how big you want your fields to be, in characters, from 5 to 60. Or you can give a limit of 0 which means no limits at all.

Icons! (I think I kind of buried the lede...)

You can use icons for the following:

[rp:icon] -- the default icon
[rp:gendericon] -- an icon based on the unit's gender, colored according to your gender color settings
[rp:glance-icons] -- a horizontal row of unit's at-first-glance icons
[rp:icon-glance-2] -- the unit's second at-first-glance icon

... speaking of which ...

At first glance!

You can do the following now:

[rp:glance-2] -- the title of the second at-first-glance
[rp:glance-2-text] -- the text of the second at-first-glance
[rp:glance-2-icon] -- the icon (an alias for [rp:icon-glance-2]) for the second at-first-glance
[rp:glance-2-full] -- the icon, the title, and the text


[rp:years] -- This will say like "30 years", depending on the unit's age field
[rp:years-old] -- "30 years old"
[rp:years-ago] -- "30 years ago"

If the unit's age is set to something like "30ish", you'll instead see

[rp:years-old] -- "about 30 years old"

New Demo UI!

There's a new demo UI. It's ugly but that's okay, you can make a better one. 

Get to it through TRP3 -> Settings -> [rp:tags] settings -> Demo (at the bottom)

Click the button, copy the text (it says it's a url link, but it's not, don't worry about it), and then go to

ElvUI Config -> Profiles -> Import -> and paste in the messy text. Boom! You get a new demo UI to play with.

We Need Our Giant Face Pictures UIs!

Speaking of ElvUI, go to ElvUI Config -> [rp:tags] and there's a single checkbox that will let you break the normal limits on ElvUI's unit frames, at least the player and target frames. This way you can have a giant face that takes up half your screen.



Added more config options for maximum tag sizes

Added parsing of age, gender, height, and weight
Added support for non-binary and neuter genders (when parsed)
Added tag [rp:years] -- like [rp:age] but gives the parsed value
Added config options for comparative colors
Added comparative color tags [rp:agecolor], [rp:heightcolor], and [rp:weightcolor], relative to the player's values (when parsed)

The latest version of this addon is and was uploaded on Feb 19, 2021 at 23:11.

This file was last downloaded on Mar 03, 2021 at 03:07 and has been downloaded 6815 times.


Buran Nov 07, 2020 at 00:52

To resolve battle.net related Lua errors:

On line 160 of core\get.lua, change BNGetNumFriendGameAccounts to C_BattleNet.GetFriendNumGameAccounts

On line 163,

BNGetFriendGameAccountInfo to C_BattleNet.GetFriendGameAccountInfo

These are due to an API change in 9.0+.

gallifrey4ever Oct 15, 2020 at 21:40

Unfortunately, with the release of 9.0.1, the portraits have vanished. The name tags still work, but I prefer these portraits to the portraits with either ElvUI or Blizz standard.

Akoralah May 21, 2019 at 11:53

Thank you very much for this beautiful addon. I was able to figure out how to create the Nameplates to show the TRP names, but it seems as though my personal name plate is at my feet. Is this because of the new ElvUI nameplates? In any case, thank you again for such beautiful work. (If you ever feel like making this work with KUI nameplates I would definitely pay for a month of your WoW time. They're much easier for me to use on my tank)

oraibi Dec 17, 2018 at 11:48


Good question, I'll see what I can do.

Cirion333 Nov 27, 2018 at 14:31

Sorry for posting twice.
I guess I would love to implement these Datatexts in here for example:


Cirion333 Nov 27, 2018 at 12:21

Hey Oraibi,

I love this addon (keeps my UI clean and informative for RP purpose)

I guess one could actually push this even further if it would be possible to make the "first glance"-Text accessable by the datatext panels.
Do you know if that would be a possibility?
I just think it could be quite usefull if one could display them as Datatext infos and on mosover display the contents. I dont know however in how far Datatexts can access info that relies on target (distance seem to work atleast).
Would be great to get rid of the TRP-Frame in ELVUI and simply map these infos in shortened Datatexts that could be dormant/hidden when OOC/no PC or so. While still being a fixed part of the UI style and design.

What do you think?

oraibi Sep 15, 2018 at 00:28

Buran, good idea. I will work on that soon.

Buran Aug 20, 2018 at 14:21

I would love to see a tag for a player's guild name, which would return nothing for non-player units or players not in a guild. This would make it easy to add guild names to unitframes, which is something not currently offered by ElvUI.

Eshja Aug 11, 2018 at 12:08

Oh, no, I found it somewhere else, wiki or you twitter I guess, this one didn't work

oraibi Aug 10, 2018 at 23:42

Hi, Eshja, I'll see what I can do about putting the code up.

I see you on Discord, did the code work? I am not great at discord so I may need to generate a new invite code.

Eshja Aug 10, 2018 at 14:44

Hello! Thanks for creating this addon.
Frames you showed in screenshots are awesome, could you share code of this ui maybe?

Ps. Discord invite doesn't work.

oraibi Jun 29, 2018 at 05:05

Cryptexx, apologies. TRP3 changed some code that caused mine to break, and so I didn't get around to fixing it until just now.

CrYpTeXx May 26, 2018 at 13:40

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