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made by mltco78dhs
Uses an unpacked version of ElvUI at runtime to alter, across all toons using ElvUI's nameplates, the reaction and threat colors to high-contrast (by tone) variants that I (a severely colorblind person on two axes) have found to effectively communicate tagged/friendly/neutral/enemy status and tanked/general threat level status (using Blizzards mechanism for good, good transition, bad transition, bad).

There is no configuation - this plug-in is either turned on or turned off at the add-on level.

The code in it is pretty accessible, though, so if you don't like my color choices, you can make your own with the benefit of it then applying itself to ALL of you characters using ElvUI's nameplates (instead of having to export/import across toons).

Feel free to comment at my KaldaraWorks page or you can occasionally reach me in-game as Kaldara#11970 - just BT friend me and we can chat about any issues.

I have other add-ons coming, but this one is ready now.
20180412 - 1.0.0 - Initial release
20180413 - 1.0.1 - Minor restructuring and corrections of the readme.txt file only no functional changes.
20180415 - - Corrected a problem with my zip file contents only - no change in code.
20180416 - - Corrected a problem with the ViewMe.png file - no chang in code.
20180419 - - Corrected a (matched) file name error (*toc file agreed with *lua file, but the name was wrong - I fixed it. No functional code change other than that. If the TukUI installer leaves ElvUI_ColorblindHelpler.lua behind (note extra and erroneous "l"), feel free to manually delete it from the addon folder.
20180720 - 1.0.2 - TOC file update only (to 80000).
20190312 - - Updated to match new nameplate color file structure. Changed to a new version numbering system to sync with WoW release IDs. Updated TOC file.

The latest version of this addon is and was uploaded on Mar 13, 2019 at 03:28.

This file was last downloaded on May 24, 2022 at 16:57 and has been downloaded 7047 times.


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