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world of warcraft
made by Tukz
A clean, lightweight, minimalist and popular user interface among the warcraft community since 2007. Grandfather of ElvUI. Designed for people that want a more modern user interface without bloated features. This is a great UI to start minimal and fresh, more or less like what Blizzard offer with their base UI. Add your prefered addons over this interface for extra functionality.

Bug report and request, please follow this link and don't forget to mention in your post that it is for classic.

Have fun.
JULY 08, 2020 [1.38]
- Fix white nameplate statusbar background.
- Fix action bar #4 not moving with actionbar #1 when drag.
- Add Threat Bar and an option in the GUI to enable/disable it.

JULY 07, 2020 [1.37]
- Some UI fixes reported by users on GIT again.
- Health and Power background opacity changes.
- New option in UnitFrames to set background opacity to Health and Power.
- Update LibHealComm, LibClassicDusations and LibClassicCasterino libraries.
- Enhance /tukui move, moving something (like action bar 2) will not move others elements from the UI.

APRIL 05, 2020 [1.36]
Please note: Restart your game after this update, a simple /rl after updating won't be ok for this new version
- Some UI fixes reported by users on GIT again.
- "FPS/MS" and "Memory" datatexts are gone. Replaced by System. Please use "/tukui dt" to replace them or use "/tukui dt reset" to restore default active datatexts.

MARCH 23, 2020 [1.35]
- Some UI fixes reported by users on GIT.

MARCH 23, 2020 [1.34]
- Fixes for bugs introduced in 1.33.

MARCH 21, 2020 [1.33]
- Update some libraries.
- Fix some minor bugs.
- Pet and ToT now have auras.
- Fix chat install/setup (and reset: /tukui chat reset) sometime not working properly.
- Fix a bug where you could not hear your character warning after a casting error (example: cast on cooldown)
- DataTexts can now be class colored.
- Add a display option for auras in raid GUI.

JANUARY 17, 2020 [1.32 / 1.321]
- Added Back Shaman Totem Bar
- Update some libraries.

DECEMBER 16, 2019 [1.31]
- Add keys container slots to bags
- Update some libraries.
- Add ressurect icon on raid frames.
- Fixed some minor text display issues.
- Disable Blizzard Battleground static popup for entering BG, add our own notification to enter BG. This should bypass the blizzard taint error until Blizzard fix it.

DECEMBER 10, 2019 [1.30]
- Various minor bug fixes.
- Update healcomm library.
- Remove GetTotemInfo API / Shaman Totem Bar

NOVEMBER 11, 2019 [1.29]
- Various minor bug fixes.
- Fix compare tooltip sometime being show while holding shift on unitframes.
- New datatext request, character stats, set it with /tukui dt
- Update healcomm library.

OCTOBER 28, 2019 [1.28]
- New loot frames for greed, pass, need.
- COD:MW will be displayed in friends datatext.
- Libraries updates.
- Master looter mode is now available on Tukui loot.
- Party/Raid unit range check is now 40 yards instead of 28.
- You can now change raid icons size in config.
- Default setting for player unit frame auras is now OFF. This info is already available around minimap for player. Go in config if you wish to restore them.

OCTOBER 24, 2019 [1.27]
- Fix Tukui popups button #2 (cancel) not working as intented.
- Add a confirmation popup when user /tukui reset
- Enhance nameplates, party, raid highlight system.
- Fix a healcomm lua error with healing touch on druid.
- Update LibClassicDurations.
- Restore Blizzard stopwatch. Available from micromenu or by doing /sw, /stopwatch, /timer
- No need to display percentage when total power is 100 (example, rogue power)
- For editors, you can now set oUF_EnergyManaRegen to vertical orientation.

OCTOBER 21, 2019 [1.26]
- [EXPERIMENTAL] Add HealComm4 support. If you have an issue with it, disable it in config.
- Fix bug where mage evocation was firing power mp5 indicator delay, which should not.
- Fix a bug where shaman totem bar was misaligned when portrait were enabled.
- Fix a lua error with player aura statusbar disabled and totembar enabled on shaman.
- Player and Target will now also display health current pourcentage.

OCTOBER 21, 2019 [1.25]
- Add an option to disable shaman totem class bar.
- Various minor fixes reported on our ticket tracker.

OCTOBER 20, 2019 [1.24]
- Fix a minimap scaling issue with other addons icons.
- Add a totem class bar for shamans.
- Fix an issue where some buffs/debuffs timers were displayed with 0 text.
- Enhance Mp5 ticker. Mp5 delay is now displayed reverse with a yellow spark.
- Players buffs/debuffs is now displayed with statusbars timers by default. You can disable in GUI.
- Update some libs again.

OCTOBER 16, 2019 [1.23]
- You can now track your server WoW friends on our friends datatext. (other than BNET)
- You can move your player and target auras above the unit frame.
- Add an option to display power on target and on party frames.

OCTOBER 15, 2019 [1.22]
- Fix objective tracker toggle button being show even if no quest were tracked.
- Coords datatext, instead of displaying "0, 0", will display instance name while in instance.
- Minimap Coords box will not show anymore if you are in instance.
- Mp5 ticker on power was added for mana classes.
- Guild panel will now display online nicknames in class colors.
- Keybinding mode added, toggle it by typing: /tukui kb
- Fix lua errors with T.FormatTime function and latest version of LibClassicDurations.

OCTOBER 07, 2019 [1.21]
- Fix pet bar background acting clunky when we toggle bar 5.
- Add pet frames for party group layout.
- Auto-repair equipment when visiting vendor.
- Add chat fading option.
- Afk screen time can be set to 24hn format.
- Add a 2D portrait option for unitframes.
- You can now change width and height of raid frames.
- Update some libraries.
- Placeholder spell icon will now show a questionmark instead of didier samwise icon.
- Fix a bug where tooltip on reputation bar was not showing values for neutral, hostile, hated.
- Fix shaman dispellable debuffs filter.
- You can now set chat background opacity in the GUI.
- Add a toggle button to objective tracker.
- Mind control should now display enemy spells in pet bar.
- Bags items slots will now match default blizzard slots and should improve sorting.

SEPTEMBER 08, 2019 [1.20]
- Found a workaround to restore range check on party/unit frames.
- Fix Energy Ticker option not working
- Fix a bug where pets wasn't show in party.
- Update some libraries.

SEPTEMBER 06, 2019 [1.19]
- Fix items quest exclamation display issue while sorting.
- Fix tooltip border color acting strange on units.
- Energy Ticker is now always show, stealth or not, full energy or not.
- if you move World Map somewhere, it will preserve his position over other play sessions.
- Update some libraries.
- Left and right chat can now be toggle. Button are located each side of the chatframes on mouseover.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2019 [1.18]
- Fix tooltip not displayed on unitframes while mouseover option was enabled.
- Fix a lua error while mouseover pet xp bar.
- Fix druid mana in cat form displayed over world map.
- Forgot to remove a "coding mode" thing in raid unit frames, which was always showing a debuff.
- Player unitframe SCT now display + combat, - Combat.
- Allow user to display their pet and player name/level in GUI options while out of combat.
- Fix an important action bar taint/bug issue for class with pets. I really recommend updating asap.
- Pet unitframe display mana/hp by default instead of name/level.
- Fix a bug where right action bar was not saving total number of buttons display you had set.
- Bunch of other stupid fixes that I introduced in 1.17 yesterday. Not a good idea to push a new version at 3am and being very tired.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2019 [1.17]
- Bag items for quest have now an exclamation mark indicator on their icon.
- Player unitframe now always display mana.
- Player unitframe health and mana values format changed. It now display current / total.
- You can now click quest title on objective tracker, it will show the questlog window.
- XP bar on the right chat will now display hunter pet experience if a pet is active.
- Raid frames now display pets.
- Various bugs sent by users on our discord/website/gitlab was fixed.

SEPTEMBER 01, 2019 [1.16]
- Fix some anchoring bug that was introduced with 1.15. Sorry guys. (Stance, tooltips, etc)
- Forgot to disable grid raid frames being show while playing solo. Sorry again!

SEPTEMBER 01, 2019 [1.15]
- You can now resize left and right chat frames in GUI/CHAT.
- Fix an annoying bug where tooltip was displayed on nameplates debuffs.
- Allow user to disable right chat text alignment to right in GUI/CHAT.
- Add a protection around other addons rewriting UnitHealth and UnitHealthMax, which sometime was causing lua errors.

SEPTEMBER 01, 2019 [1.14]
- Fix enemy target magic buff indicator not blinking for priest and shaman, for purge & dispel.
- Item compare tooltips are now colored according to item quality.
- Compare tooltips are now always displayed by default. (without holding shift) Can be disabled in GUI.
- Bags code optimization, there was too much useless updates/executions fired.
- Tooltip now hide when you mouseover bags icons, this bug was annoying as fuck when tooltip was over bag. Peace.
- Fix a bug where sometime tooltip health values was not updating correctly.
- Raid frames now display buffs you cast on them.
- You can now change the font of the objective tracker.

AUGUST 31, 2019 [1.13]
- Fix an annoying lua error (taint) bug in instance.
- You can set the pet bar horizontal, ESC - GUI, click pet bar arrow.
- World font (damage/heal in world) is back to what it was before 1.12 version)

AUGUST 31, 2019 [1.12]
- Add a power energy ticker for rogue and druid.
- You can now disable nameplate cast bar.

AUGUST 31, 2019 [1.11] [This update need a client restart]
- Party frames is now disabled by default, if you want them back, enable them in GUI.
- Dispellable debuffs are now displayed on our raid frames.
- Exit at nearest flight path button is now under minimap instead of over datatexts.
- Add a minimalistic scrolling combat text in GUI/UNITFRAMES. Off by default.
- Our popular original damage font is back.
- Mobs health values are now saved between play sessions.
- New command, /tukui mh

AUGUST 31, 2019 [1.10]
- Add an option in MISC to disable our custom world map.
- XP and Rep bars can now be moved.
- Bag have now it's own "bags container" toggle button instead of right-clicking bag close button [X].
- Sort button on bag have an icon instead of sort text.
- Minimap tracking button is now skinned.
- Shaman and Priest class colors are now brighter.
- Fix npcID lua error we are getting sometime on enemy cast bar.
- Disabling short channel should now also disable shrinking on General, Trade, etc.
- Other esthetic minor bug fixes.

AUGUST 30, 2019 [1.09]
- Add a search item box feature to bags.
- Add sorting button to bags. If Bank open, it sort bank, if just bags open, it sort bags.
- Fix a bug with /tukui profile command.
- Unitframes combat feedback is now ON by default.
- Quest items (borders) are now colored yellow in your bank and bag.
- Add a button on world map to allow user to drag it around the UI while playing.
- Fix a bug where you could not ESC on world map.
- GUI settings are now stored in a new global table instead of a per-character table. This will allow users to copy GUI profiles over other characters. If you changed some gui settings before this change, it should transfer over automatically just fine, if not, then i'm sorry.

AUGUST 29, 2019 [1.08]
- Better world map, added an option to resize (General), added an option to fade while moving. (Misc)
- World map is now movable. Just hold left click over-top world map and drag.
- At buttons over datatexts to land at the next flight master available when flying.
- Fix hunter pet focus power color.
- Auto sell junk popup is removed, useless. It now sell junk automatically by default. Can be turned off.

AUGUST 28, 2019 [1.07]
- Our scrolling combat text font doesn't render well on screen at the moment, using default for now.
- Fix right chat disappearing after returning from an afk when afk screensaver is enabled.
- Hunter pet name is now colored according to current pet happiness.
- Fix pet happiness health color not updating after feeding.
- Chat bubbles are now off by default.

AUGUST 27, 2019 [1.06]
- Add an option to disable selling junk popup when visiting vendors.
- Update friends datatext, it now display who's on classic, who's on retail.
- Fix cast bar not being stoped when cancelling a cast.
- Some other minor fixes.

AUGUST 27, 2019 [1.05]
- Fix reputation bar being under xp bar.
- Fix action bars toggle buttons not being hidden when pressing ESC on GUI.
- Fix right reputation bar being show when right chat is removed.

AUGUST 27, 2019 [1.04]
- Fix target/nameplates cast bar not displaying spell cast name.
- Fix lua errors in party or raid.
- Other minor fixes.

AUGUST 26, 2019 [1.03]
- Add cast bar on nameplates.
- Fix right chat background box not being show on first login on Tukui 18 theme.

AUGUST 26, 2019 [1.02]
- Add enemy cast bar on target. (Nameplates will follow in 1.03)
- Add mob health on tooltip and target.
- Fix an annoying lua error on tooltip.

AUGUST 26, 2019 [1.01]
- Release for launch day which contain lots of minor fixes.
- You can now move chatframes with /tukui move.
- You can now move main action bar with /tukui move.
- You can now resize minimap.
- Add resting icon on player unitframe.
- Action Bar #5 (right) is now hidden by default.
- New command: /tukui chat reset

AUGUST 12, 2019 [1.00]
- Pre-release for Beta.

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