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world of warcraft
made by Tukz
A clean, lightweight, minimalist and popular user interface among the warcraft community since 2007. Grandfather of ElvUI. Designed for people that want a more modern user interface without bloated features. This is a great UI to start minimal and fresh, more or less like what Blizzard offer with their base UI. Add your prefered addons over this interface for extra functionality.

Bug report and request, please follow this link and don't forget to mention in your post that it is for classic.

Have fun.
- Translate the UI in other languages because there is too many changes for WoW Classic.
- Add enemy cast bar to nameplates and unitframes via LibClassicCasterino.
- Display real mobs health value instead of pourcent on tooltip and unitframes via LibClassicMobHealth-1.0.
- Add buttons over datatexts to land at the next available flight master if currently in flight.
- Add a raid & cc debuffs list to display on raid frames.
- NPC titles on nameplates as an option.
- Add bag sorting.
- Add Keys bag.
- Add PvP current status icon for PVE realms.

AUGUST 26, 2019 [1.01]
- Release for launch day which contain lots of minor fixes.
- You can now move chatframes with /tukui move.
- You can now move main action bar with /tukui move.
- You can now resize minimap.
- Add resting icon on player unitframe.
- Action Bar #5 (right) is now hidden by default.
- New command: /tukui chat reset

AUGUST 12, 2019 [1.00]
- Pre-release for Beta.

The latest version of this addon is 1.01 and was uploaded on Aug 22, 2019 at 04:15.

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