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made by Benik

Introducing BenikUI for WoW Classic version.
Full description, at the retail version.
Report any issues by creating a ticket or join BenikUI Discord Server.
Big thanks to BenikUI Discord members that helped testing. I really appreciate it <3

Enjoy :)
v1.18 - Apr 4 2021
*Fixed Actionbar button shadows

v1.17 - Mar 3 2021
*Added Custom Panels from retail
*Bump game version

v1.16 - Oct 25 2020
*Fixed Chat Datatexts not updating correctly on login
*Remove Combat Font. credit burzum and kringel
*Fixed Databars errors

v1.151 - Sep 9 2020
*Fixed Chat Datatexts not updating correctly on login

v1.15 - Sep 8 2020
*Followed ElvUI databars changes
*Tuned the install
*Tuned Databars options

v1.142 - Aug 8 2020
*Really fixed the shadow error during flightMode

v1.141 - Jul 29 2020
*Fixed a shadow error during flightMode

v1.14 - Jul 18 2020
*Fixed Chat strata issue after leaving flightMode
*Fixed Chat EditBox when assigned on the Middle Datatext
*Ported `/buierror on` from retail
*Blacklisted some DTs that shouldn't be styled
*Fixed Datatext options errors
*Fixed Chat Datatexts toggle
*Fixed the ParchmentRemover error during Install
*Fixed a datatext error when Style is disabled

v1.13 - Jul 12 2020
*Adopt ElvUI DataText changes
*Fixed an AfkMode error
*Fixed the Status Report
*A bunch of fixes taken from retail
*Fixed a tiny mini ace3 error
*Fixed icon desaturation on auras

v1.12 - Mar 19 2020
*Fixed Volume up/down mouseover

v1.11 - Feb 24 2020
*Complied to latest ElvUI options changes
*Update and clean Dashboard options
*Set min ElvUI version to 1.22

v1.10 - Jan 31 2020
*Fixed portrait errors
*Set ElvUI min version to 1.211
*License update

v1.09 - Jan 16 2020
*Fix a tooltip error
*Comment out START_TIMER. It may cause errors
*Set ElvUI min version to 1.20

v1.08 - Dec 14 2019
*Follow ElvUI fixes for Battleground errors
*toc update for the new patch
*Set min ElvUI version to 1.19

*Remove outdated stuff
*Style 10 Actionbars

*Remove VAT profile
*Disable itemQualityBorderColor during install
*Style/Skin Spy addon
*dirty Aurabars fix
*Fix OpenMailFrame style
*Set ElvUI min compatible version to 1.15

*Fixed mailframe style/shadow glitch
*Fixed issue #10 - chat toggle will work even when shift is pressed while hovering over button
*Fixed the tooltip error for good this time
*Fps tweaks
*Control the tooltip update

*Better button behavior (shift+Click). Credit: Demonik. This may also fix #10
*Fix Mail Datatext. Credit: Runew0lf
*Better Zygor skinning
*Updated donor list. Thank you Joerg <3
*Removed Overlayed Portraits Alpha option. It's in ElvUI now
*Added the overlayAlpha setting in the install
*Default settings cleanup
*Added Backdrop toggle option for Detached Portraits (Player/Target)
*Added XToLevel skin/style
*Prevent an error from popping in WorldStateScoreFrame.backdrop

*Styled the QuestTimerFrame
*Removed AddonSkins BugReportFrame styling
*Enabled FlightMode (thurin)
*Support for the forthcoming Nuts & Bolts Classic
*Disable tooltip mods if TinyTooltip is enabled
*Added Zygor skin/style (thurin)
*Add additional check for frame.backdrop's (Merathilis)
*New: The Chat Edit box can now also be positioned either under Actionbar1 or Actionbar2 backdrops. (user request)
*Enabled Professions Dashboard. Click on professions is currently disabled
*Various frame styling fixes
*Install adjustments

*Fixed BenikUI Shadows that caused issues on Unitframes. (Credit: Azilroka)
*Updated the donor list. Thank you Christian <3

*Since ElvUI 1.06 has enabled skins, BenikUI tried to style them all again.
*Removed more skins/styles/mods that are not in WoW Classic.
*Fixed target buffs/debuffs timers
*Added the Talent frame in the Game Menu

*Fixed BigWigs profile (thurin)
*BenikUI Classic where needed (thurin)
*Fixed and re enabled BenikUI Close button
*Removed the broken fade animation from Chat Edit Box
*Replaced the LFG button (L) with the (S - Status) button. Includes: AFK, DND and Reload ui (while Shift pressed just in case)
*Added support Location Plus Classic

*Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 1.18 and was uploaded on Apr 15, 2021 at 07:58.

This file was last downloaded on Sep 26, 2021 at 19:41 and has been downloaded 71849 times.

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