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made by Benik

Introducing BenikUI for WoW Classic version.
Full description, at the retail version.
Report any issues by creating a ticket or join BenikUI Discord Server.
Big thanks to BenikUI Discord members that helped testing. I really appreciate it <3

Enjoy :)
v2.01 - Oct 2, 2022
Applied ElvUI changes that were not released yet

v2.00 - Oct 2, 2022
AiO version for Wrath and Classic
Fixed InfoPanel color feature
Disable Actionbar step during install, when ElvUI Actionbars are disabled
Define game version
Fixed double shadow on castbar
Print the correct link
Fixed UFs
Fixed the dropmenu table

v1.23 - Nov 25 2021
*Updated the GitHub links
*Updated Donors/Patrons list
*Unitframes update
*flightMode cleanup
*Yet another obsolete code that breaks flightMode

v1.22 - Nov 23 2021
*Removed outdated stuff that was breaking Actionbar backdrops
*Fixed the Game Menu button, when firing the Talent Frame
*Fixed Talent Frame error

v1.21 - Nov 17 2021
*Fixed Custom Datatexts Styling not applying after a reload
*Avoid a Zygor skin error

v1.20 - Nov 14 2021
*Fixed Style -> BuiStyle mass renaming issues

v1.19 - Noe 13 2021
*Updated for ElvUI v1.50

v1.18 - Apr 4 2021
*Fixed Actionbar button shadows

v1.17 - Mar 3 2021
*Added Custom Panels from retail
*Bump game version

v1.16 - Oct 25 2020
*Fixed Chat Datatexts not updating correctly on login
*Remove Combat Font. credit burzum and kringel
*Fixed Databars errors

v1.151 - Sep 9 2020
*Fixed Chat Datatexts not updating correctly on login

v1.15 - Sep 8 2020
*Followed ElvUI databars changes
*Tuned the install
*Tuned Databars options

v1.142 - Aug 8 2020
*Really fixed the shadow error during flightMode

v1.141 - Jul 29 2020
*Fixed a shadow error during flightMode

v1.14 - Jul 18 2020
*Fixed Chat strata issue after leaving flightMode
*Fixed Chat EditBox when assigned on the Middle Datatext
*Ported `/buierror on` from retail
*Blacklisted some DTs that shouldn't be styled
*Fixed Datatext options errors
*Fixed Chat Datatexts toggle
*Fixed the ParchmentRemover error during Install
*Fixed a datatext error when Style is disabled

v1.13 - Jul 12 2020
*Adopt ElvUI DataText changes
*Fixed an AfkMode error
*Fixed the Status Report
*A bunch of fixes taken from retail
*Fixed a tiny mini ace3 error
*Fixed icon desaturation on auras

v1.12 - Mar 19 2020
*Fixed Volume up/down mouseover

v1.11 - Feb 24 2020
*Complied to latest ElvUI options changes
*Update and clean Dashboard options
*Set min ElvUI version to 1.22

v1.10 - Jan 31 2020
*Fixed portrait errors
*Set ElvUI min version to 1.211
*License update

v1.09 - Jan 16 2020
*Fix a tooltip error
*Comment out START_TIMER. It may cause errors
*Set ElvUI min version to 1.20

v1.08 - Dec 14 2019
*Follow ElvUI fixes for Battleground errors
*toc update for the new patch
*Set min ElvUI version to 1.19

*Remove outdated stuff
*Style 10 Actionbars

*Remove VAT profile
*Disable itemQualityBorderColor during install
*Style/Skin Spy addon
*dirty Aurabars fix
*Fix OpenMailFrame style
*Set ElvUI min compatible version to 1.15

*Fixed mailframe style/shadow glitch
*Fixed issue #10 - chat toggle will work even when shift is pressed while hovering over button
*Fixed the tooltip error for good this time
*Fps tweaks
*Control the tooltip update

*Better button behavior (shift+Click). Credit: Demonik. This may also fix #10
*Fix Mail Datatext. Credit: Runew0lf
*Better Zygor skinning
*Updated donor list. Thank you Joerg <3
*Removed Overlayed Portraits Alpha option. It's in ElvUI now
*Added the overlayAlpha setting in the install
*Default settings cleanup
*Added Backdrop toggle option for Detached Portraits (Player/Target)
*Added XToLevel skin/style
*Prevent an error from popping in WorldStateScoreFrame.backdrop

*Styled the QuestTimerFrame
*Removed AddonSkins BugReportFrame styling
*Enabled FlightMode (thurin)
*Support for the forthcoming Nuts & Bolts Classic
*Disable tooltip mods if TinyTooltip is enabled
*Added Zygor skin/style (thurin)
*Add additional check for frame.backdrop's (Merathilis)
*New: The Chat Edit box can now also be positioned either under Actionbar1 or Actionbar2 backdrops. (user request)
*Enabled Professions Dashboard. Click on professions is currently disabled
*Various frame styling fixes
*Install adjustments

*Fixed BenikUI Shadows that caused issues on Unitframes. (Credit: Azilroka)
*Updated the donor list. Thank you Christian <3

*Since ElvUI 1.06 has enabled skins, BenikUI tried to style them all again.
*Removed more skins/styles/mods that are not in WoW Classic.
*Fixed target buffs/debuffs timers
*Added the Talent frame in the Game Menu

*Fixed BigWigs profile (thurin)
*BenikUI Classic where needed (thurin)
*Fixed and re enabled BenikUI Close button
*Removed the broken fade animation from Chat Edit Box
*Replaced the LFG button (L) with the (S - Status) button. Includes: AFK, DND and Reload ui (while Shift pressed just in case)
*Added support Location Plus Classic

*Initial release

The latest version of this addon is 2.01 and was uploaded on Oct 02, 2022 at 20:02.

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