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made by MooreaTv
Neat Minimap

Let's you have a clean minimap that auto hides all minimap buttons when you're moused away from the map and shows them back again when you mouse over

It (aims to) work for all buttons and not just the ones from addons using LibDbIcon

It also works with other minimaps square or otherwise, like ElvUI's
ChangeLog for NeatMinimap by MooreaTv (moorea@ymail.com)

Coming next:
- Your input/suggestions welcome !
- See open issues for ideas https://github.com/mooreatv/NeatMinimap/issues

v1.04.00 Sept 11th 2019
- More generic fix for HereBeDragons based map pins as well as Questie and Zygor
- Don't try to manage any of the ElvUI MiniPanels as they are managed in /ec DataTexts settings
v1.03.03 Sept 11th 2019
- Fixes for ElvUI and BfA showing extra buttons/frames (Fixes #2)
- Tweaks to options menu
v1.03.02 Sept 11th 2019
- Handle resize and (my own!) wiped buttons properly this time.
should probably not wipe buttons in the first place...
v1.03.01 Sept 11th 2019
- Fixed some typos in description
v1.03.00 Sept 11th 2019
- For BfA hide the tracking/search button too
- Option to hide/show the mission/garrison too
- Don't hide HandyNote pins
v1.02.02 Sept 11th 2019
- Fix for my own [!] MoLib button/icons (like PixelPerfectAlign's)
v1.02.00 Sept 11th 2019
- Work properly with ElvUI (don't show back hidden buttons) (Fixes #1)
v1.01.00 Sept 11th 2019
- Handle Questie frames
- Handle (wiped) frames without Hide/Show
v1.00.00 Sept 10th 2019
- First fully working version!
v0.02.00 Sept 10th 2019
- First functional version with a lot of code to make in/out work without OnUpdate
v0.01.00 Sept 10th 2019
- initial version, created from MooreaTv/WowAddonTemplate
./newaddon.sh 'NeatMinimap' 'NMM' 'Neat Minimap' 'NEATMINIMAP' 'nmm' 'Neat Minimap auto hides/shows button as needed'

The latest version of this addon is v1.04.00-c and was uploaded on Sep 12, 2019 at 01:03.

This file was last downloaded on Apr 09, 2020 at 16:10 and has been downloaded 6041 times.


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