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made by Blazeflack
The installation frame will automatically open when you first log in, provided that the ElvUI installation has been completed on that character. If not then it will wait until you have completed the ElvUI installation. You can manually run the installation by clicking on the "Install" button in the CodeNameBlaze section of the ElvUI ingame config.

It is not necessary to go through the installation for this edit to function. If you only want the additional features of this edit without changing your settings, then simply skip the installation. It is recommended that you create a new profile before completing the installation, in case you do not want to keep the changes made by the installation of CodeNameBlaze.

If you want to report a bug or request a feature then please submit a ticket. Please try to reproduce the issue with only "ElvUI" and "ElvUI CodeNameBlaze" enabled.
If you need support then either create a forum post here or join the Tukui Discord server and ask your question there.

This edit should be compatible with most other edits and plugins. If you have any issues then please file a bug report, instructions for that outlined above.

  • ActionBars
    • Use Transparent template for ActionBar buttons.
    • Use Transparent template for ActionBar backdrops.
  • Bags
    • Use Transparent template for Bag buttons.
    • Use Transparent template for Bag backdrops.
  • Chat
    • Set Chat Editbox font and fontsize.
    • Show/Hide chat separators (thin lines to separate chat tabs or datatexts from chat messages).
    • Select how many messages are saved in the editbox history (in order to cycle through previous messages).
    • Set alpha on the Copy Chat button.
    • Toggle bracket on selected chat tab.
    • Toggle fade-out of non-selected chat tabs.
    • Set alpha on faded chat tabs.
    • Toggle faded chat tabs to be forced to show when flashing.
    • Toggle using custom colors on timestamps. If disabled, the timestamp will use the color of the message.
    • Set text and bracket color of timestamps.
    • Toggle brackets around the person who posts a message in chat.
  • Datatexts
    • Show/Hide Bottom Datatext Panel (extra panel).
    • Show/Hide Right Chat Tab Datatext Panel (extra panel).
    • Show/Hide chat datatext panel backgrounds (Clean Chat).
    • Set left minimap datatext panel size (and thereby the size of the right panel). Useful if you want to make room for a long datatext.
  • UnitFrames
    • Control position of unitframe aura duration and stack count text.
    • Set spacing between individual aura icons on chosen units.
  • Misc
    • Set color of Chat Bubble backdrop.
    • Actionbar 4 and Pet Bar will switch position depending on whether player has permanent pet or not (unless they have been moved or disabled).
    • Actionbar 4 will only show when holding down Ctrl while mousing over its position (either left or right of Pet Bar) but only if the CodeNameBlaze installation was completed.
    • The close button on various frames uses the original blizzard skin, but is desaturated to match the ElvUI theme. I think the original buttons look better than flat buttons.
    • Backdrop color of scrollbar thumbs are set to match ElvUI value color. This is done to increase visibility of scrollbar thumbs.
    • Through the Installation procedure, pre-configured profiles can be created for the following AddOns: DBM, MSBT, Skada.
    • Through the Installation procedure, pre-configured addon settings can be applied to AddOnSkins for the following addons: DBM, Skada.
    • Stack buttons have been added back to bank and bags.

Besides the tukui community I would like to give special credit to the following people, they either inspired me or helped me with code/debugging:
Azilroka, Benik, Darth Predator, Elv, Hydra, Repooc, Simpy, Tukz
1.82-classic, January 17th 2020
  • Bump version to match the one from retail.
  • Fixed error in bags due to a typo that was fixed in ElvUI.
  • Fixed position of "stack" button in bags due to recent changes in ElvUI.
1.02-classic, October 16th 2019
  • Added gold icon to quest reward that vendors for most.
  • Fixed error when opening bank.
  • Small tweak to the position of actionbar 3 anchor point in install.
1.01, October 6th 2019
  • Removed references to Azerite and Honor databars.
1.00, September 22nd 2019
  • First release for WoW Classic.

The latest version of this addon is 1.82 and was uploaded on Jan 17, 2020 at 19:21.

This file was last downloaded on Feb 18, 2020 at 15:33 and has been downloaded 1264 times.


Blazeflack Oct 16, 2019 at 19:58

Thank you for that nice comment, I'm glad you like it :)

ExceptionFatale Oct 07, 2019 at 02:05

Thank you for uploading CNBlaze for Classic! I'm a dedicated user on my WoWRetail account, to the point that playing Classic hasn't felt "right" without having this. Thank you again! :D
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