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made by Luckyone

Simple step-by-step installer plugin for ElvUI

Base layouts for DPS, Tanking and Healing
Config page with extra ElvUI options

Chat Commands

/luckyoneui config (Opens the LuckyoneUI ingame options)
/luckyoneui install (Re-Run the LuckyoneUI installer process)

Custom Features

ElvUI text formats (Tags) for Classification and Healer Mana

Premade AddOn profiles to fit the ElvUI layouts

BigWigs and Deadly Boss Mods
Plater and ElvUI NamePlates
Details! Damage Meter and OmniCD
AddOnSkins / ProjectAzilroka / Shadow&Light

Requirements and Optional AddOns

ElvUI Classic 1.44 or later is required

The following AddOns are optional but highly recommended
Shadow & Light
BigWigs Boss Mods
Details! Damage Meter

Luckyone's WeakAuras

Setup Guide
Wowhead LuckyoneUI Setup Guide

- Version 1.36 [16-09-2021]

Changed ActionBars Alpha to 1 (was 0.75)
Switched from GitLab to GitHub - Updated links
Updated Custom Texts for Player, Focus & Target
• Name is now centered instead of left
Reworked Healing layout (Mostly Party Frames)
• This won't be in the update button of my config
• I suggest a re-install if you would like to use the new style
• Simply re-run the "Layouts" step in my /luckyoneui install
Updated OmniCD profile
Updated Shadow & Light Armory mode

- Version 1.35 [04-09-2021]

Removed (unused) Skins section from config
Fixed [classcolor] showing in Classic
Updated Shadow & Light profile
Updated for ElvUI 2.14
Updated TOC for 2.5.2

- Version 1.34 [11-08-2021]

Updated for ElvUI 2.11
• Fixes [classcolor] "issue" aswell

- Version 1.33 [06-08-2021]

Fixed Tags (Text Format) for ElvUI 12.40
Updated ElvUI Castbars (Removed Spark)
Updated Shadow&Light Profile

- Version 1.32 [03-08-2021]

IMPORTANT: Requires ElvUI 12.38 or later
(Optional) Note:
• Improved and cleaned up initial install process and db entries
• if you haven't done many big changes, I recommend to go for a
• fresh install since I can't add all changes to the update button
Updated Buffs and Debuffs for all UnitFrames
Updated default Anchors (Only for initial install)
Updated ElvUI Castbars (Font, Font Size, Font Color)
Updated NamePlates: ElvUI
Updated OmniCD profile
Updated ProjectAzilroka profile
Updated UnitFrames: Arena
Updated UnitFrames: Party
TBC & Classic:
Fixed Setup Chat installer step & function

- Version 1.31 [19-07-2021]

Added optional profile for Gnosis castbars
Added performance config section
• Functions to clear Details cache
• Functions to clear Plater cache
• Shortcut to clear Chat history
• Shortcut to clear ElvUI Editbox history
Updated default anchor position for Anima Powers
Updated OmniCD profile
Updated setup chat function
• Automatically disable textToSpeech and speechToText
• Fixed another minor issue
• Removed Blizzard Voice tab
Updated UnitFrames Vertical/Block options

- Version 1.30 [29-06-2021]

Improved installer process for AddOn profiles
• It will no longer override/replace existing profiles
• Instead it will add my profiles to your profile selection
Updated BigWigs profile
Updated Details profile
Fixes for patch 9.1 changes
Updated /weekly chat command
Updated for ElvUI 12.25 or later
Updated for Shadow & Light 4.22 or later
Updated OmniCD profile
Updated Credits

- Version 1.29 [08-06-2021]

Fixes for NamePlates installer step
Updated for ElvUI 2.09

- Version 1.28 [31-05-2021]

Tooltip transparency 80% -> 75%
Updates for the Installer step "Layouts"
Updates for the Installer step "BossMods" (DBM)
Fixed Details profile for the latest version
TBC & Classic:
Fixed installer for ElvUI 2.08 or later

- Version 1.27 [23-05-2021]

Layout Installer Hotfix (ProjectAzilroka related)

- Version 1.26 [23-05-2021]

Improved installer process to create a fresh profile
instead of overriding the existing one
TBC & Classic:
Fixed SwapTags function
Removed overlapping font in Bags/Bank
Updated for ElvUI TBC 2.05 or later

- Version 1.25 [14-05-2021]

Support for WoW TBC & Classic
(TBC & Classic) BigWigs profile added
(TBC & Classic) Details profile added
(TBC & Classic) Plater profile added
(TBC & Classic) DBM profile added
(Retail) Shadow & Light profile updated
(Retail) BigWigs profile updated
(Retail) Details profile updated
(Retail) DBM profile updated
(All) Setup Chat will now enable chat class colors
(All) ElvUI NamePlate castbars will show time remaining instead of current
New Additions:
(All) Chat Commands
• /luckyoneui config
• /luckyoneui install
Updated Credits

- Version 1.24 [24-04-2021]

Layout Installer Hotfix

- Version 1.23 [20-04-2021]

Absorb Style setup
Heal Prediction setup
Added font outline for DataTexts
No longer fade worldmap while moving
New Additions:
Config section "Tags"
Config section "Skins" (WIP)
Tag: luckyone:health:percent
• Displays health percentage with 0 decimals at full health
• 1 decimal below 100% health and 2 decimals below 10% health
Updated Credits
Updated WeakAuras on Wago
• Mostly Paladin, Warlock, Shaman, DH, DK, Druid

- Version 1.22 [12-04-2021]

Minor Release:
WeakAura updates
DBM profile update
Plater profile update
OmniCD profile update
BigWigs profile update

- Version 1.21 [09-03-2021]

Updates for ElvUI 12.21 & Patch 9.0.5
Set the default texture to Minimalist
Merged the Plugins config section into Profiles
Added LuckyoneUI version on top of the ElvUI config
Updated Target Marker Icon position, size and offset for all frames
New Additions:
Target Marker for Pet Frame
Added OmniCD Profile for the Healing layout
ProjectAzilroka profile update
UI will now reload after profile updates

- Version 1.20 [22-02-2021]

Fixed some issues with ActionBars 4, 5, 6
Removed LibGroupInSpecT-1.1
Removed ZenTracker WeakAuras
Auto Repair default is now back to PLAYER
Announce Interrupts default is now EMOTE
New Additions:
Interrupt tracking bars from OmniCD
WeakAuras update
DBM Profile update
OmniCD Profile update
Plater Profile update
Details Profile update

- Version 1.19 [11-02-2021]

Installer Steps reworked
• Added options for DBM and Plater
Updated Fonts for Anima Items in Bags
New Additions:
DBM Profile
Plater Profile
• luckyone:healermana:current
• luckyone:healermana:percent
AddOns section renamed to Profiles
WeakAuras updates on wago

- Version 1.18 [02-02-2021]

Health text format fixes for ElvUI 12.18
ActionBar fixes for ElvUI 12.18
• The update button will set the bars back to the known LuckyoneUI defaults
Updated Buffs for the Boss Frame
• Smaller icon size, 2 rows, 3 buffs per row
Minor Arena Frame tweaks
Minor Chat Editbox tweaks
Auto Repair on Guild by default
Added config buttons for color themes
Updated BigWigs profile

- Version 1.17 [27-12-2020]

Updated the Filter Priority for Buffs to show important Mythic+ Buffs
New Additions:
Added options to quickly swap between vertical and block style RaidFrames
• Those options are for the DPS/TANK layout
Added options to choose which Buffs/Debuffs you want to see
• For Player, Target, Focus and NamePlates
Added custom Style Filters for all 8 Shadowlands Dungeons
• Important mobs will have a blue NamePlate like in my BfA filters
Updated Credits
Added UnitFrames config section

- Version 1.16 [14-12-2020]

Removed the health bar from mouseover tooltip
New Additions:
Added 2 chat commands to open the Weekly Reward Frame (Great Vault)
• /weekly
• /vault
Updated BigWigs profile
Updated Details profile
Updated OmniCD profile
Updated Credits

- Version 1.15 [05-12-2020]

Fixed Fixed the broken Layout installer step

- Version 1.14 [05-12-2020]

Minor changes to some anchors/movers
• Extra Action Button, Zone Ability Button, Maw jailer frame
Updated Credits
Updated OmniCD for version 2.5

- Version 1.13 [23-11-2020]

Minor edits for TargetTarget and FocusTarget
New Additions:
Added a WeakAuras section in the options
• ClassAuras for all 12 classes
• General WeakAuras like !keys & interrupt tracker
• Note: Those are not 100% perfect, I will try to update them during the first tier
Minor LibGroupInSpecT-1.1 fix

- Version 1.12 [10-11-2020]

New options layout
New Additions:
Added LibGroupInSpecT-1.1
Minor updates for both layouts

- Version 1.11 [07-11-2020]

Hotfix for ElvUI 12.10

- Version 1.10 [07-11-2020]

Fixes for ElvUI version 12.09
Updated the experience bar to show only completed quests
New Additions:
Added Update DPS/TANK and Update Healing buttons to the config
• You can now update your layout without re-running the installer
SharedMedia update (Fonts, Statusbar textures)
Simpy made the SetupLayout function faster PogChamp

- Version 1.09 [02-11-2020]

Adjustments for ElvUI 12.07 - make sure to update
New Additions:
New installer step: Theme
• Choose between Dark (Default) and Class colored UnitFrames
ProjectAzilroka profile update

- Version 1.08 [23-10-2020]

Updated Cooldown Text
Updated Minimap Buffs & Debuffs
New Additions:
Added options to hide certain Blizzard Frames
• Boss Banner, LevelUp Display, Zone Text, Alert Frames
Added a new ElvUI text format tag [luckyone:classification]
• This tag displays classification (Rare/Elite) without the word 'Affix'
OmniCD profile update
Details profile update
Pixel perfect mover updates
Updated all classification tags

- Version 1.07 [21-10-2020]

Installer will now automatically set UI scale to my suggested value
Layouts will now automatically hide the XP bar on max level
Pixel Perfect Mover Update (Healing)
Pixel Perfect Mover Update (DPS/TANK)
New Additions:
Fixed stance bar / micro bar overlap on Druids
ProjectAzilroka profile update

- Version 1.06 [14-10-2020]

Shadowlands pre-patch version, make sure to update ElvUI first
Pixel perfect update for patch 9.0.1 / 9.0.2
Fixed NamePlates Buffs and Debuffs (pixel perfect issue)
Added 1px border around the custom ActionBars DataText
Adjusted movers and settings for the Shadowlands ElvUI changes
New Additions:
Added my AddOn profile for AddOnSkins
Added an option to reset Shadow&Light back to LuckyoneUI default
ProjectAzilroka profile update
Shadow&Light profile update
Details profile update
BigWigs profile update
OmniCD profile update
Updated credits

- Version 1.05 [18-09-2020]

Required ElvUI Version: 11.52
Changed health backdrop alpha from 1 to 0.75
Changed text format from name:abbrev to name:last
Fixed target UnitFrame PhaseIndicator overlapping the health text
Fixed some pixel issues on Enemy NPC NamePlates (castbar icon/offset)
Improved Boss Frames Buffs and Debuffs (3 per row | 2 rows | 6 total)
Increased the information panel height by 1px (font was overlapping the border)
New Additions:
New installer step: Chat
• This step will setup the custom chat tabs like in my screenshots
• General - Log - Whisper - Guild - Party
New installer step: OmniCD
• This step will apply my AddOn profile for OmniCD (optional)
• OmniCD is a lightweight AddOn replacement for the ZT Party CDs WeakAura
New option: Reset CVars
• This button can reset CVars to LuckyoneUI defaults
• I also added a list of all changed CVars in the installer
Updated options layout
Updated credits
Added confirm popups for reset buttons

- Version 1.04 [27-08-2020]

Required ElvUI Version: 11.50 or later
Completely new UI layout for both DPS/TANK and Healing
• I will write a Discord post about all changes
Removed: GottaGoFast addon profile
• Note: I will no longer use GottaGoFast in Shadowlands
New Additions:
New option: Reset Nameplate CVars
• This button can reset Nameplate CVars to LuckyoneUI defaults
Redesigned options
Bigwigs profile update
Details profile update
ProjectAzilroka profile update
Updated Credits

- Version 1.03 [24-07-2020]

Enabled RaidDebuff Indicator for Raid40 frames
Fixed Raid40 frames for the healer layout
More Credits

- Version 1.02 [08-07-2020]

Required ElvUI Version: 11.42
Set the default texture to Solid
Set up the new ElvUI 11.42 DataTexts
Updated both chat windows
New Additions:
New installer steps: AddOn profiles
• BigWigs
• Details! Damage Meter
• ProjectAzilroka
• GottaGoFast
New installer step: CVars
• Set up tweaks like maxCameraDistance
New installer step: Style Filters
• Set up ElvUI NamePlate Style Filters
New fonts:
• Alpha Echo
• Roboto Light
Updated options
Added Discord
Added credits

- Version 1.01 [29-02-2020]

Set the default texture to ElvUI_Blank
Set the default font to Expressway
New Additions:
Clover installer logo by Simpy
Layout tweaks

- Version 1.00 [17-02-2020]

ElvUI_LuckyoneUI Release

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