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MaxUI is an extensive addition to Tukui offering a lot of customization with tukui as a base. You can return to the Tukui style and setup for the most part but keep a lot of options added in MaxUI.

One package for all versions now, 6.520+

- Tukz (for creating Tukui),
- Blazeflack (feedback and help with coding),
- Darth Predator (feedback),
- Azilroka (feedback and usage of several parts, scripts and addons),
- Innervasion for cooperating on nameplates,
- Pat for pointing me in a new direction on how to edit tukui functions,
- and all the other fantastic addon builders that are an inspiration.

For more information or screenshots with all kinds of customization, got the MaxUI Discord - https://discord.gg/vzUFmUm .


Maxímvs (Silvermoon)
Check the MaxUI discord for changes, a changelog and more

MaxUI 5.25/26 (28-03-2020)
- check the MaxUI discord, Classic Section
- will update here later

MaxUI 5.24 (15-03-2020)
- rewrote code on creating buttons for all tools (API integrated now)
- rewrote some code for the headers for several frames (API integrated now)
- added a Skins Section, several Blizzard frames have a MaxUI header when enabled to move them around just like other MaxUI tools and Frames. Even better with AddonSkins enabled, still a work in progress though!!!
- rewrote some code for the texture used on all the lines, you can now change those (API integrated now)
- rewrote the code for the Actionbar panel edges, now more options in the Actionbar section
- Chat Tabs when mouseover and active selected are coloured a bit different
- added tooltips for the Chat colored buttons
- Group option to display self is put in there twice with a small difference in functionality, checking out what I can do about that to change it a bit.
- adjusting the AFK screen to match the Retail version
- updates to match Retail as much as possible
- ....
- working on a different way to handle fonts and their shadows

MaxUI 5.22 (28-12-2019)
- fixed a bug with stacks of debuffs/buffs not showing
- added some minor CVARS setting options
- added a target indicator for nameplates

MaxUI 5.20 (15-11-2019)
- adding Dark Themed Unitframes inspired by the Dark Theme plugin by Innervasion.
- option for Dark Themed UnitFrames makes all UnitFrames Customizable in color.
- anchored and parented new Colorpicker (thanks Pat) to the to config
- new Colorpicker (ElvUI style) has a better way to set colors by code or class.
- made a lot of options in the config conditional, if MaxUI theme or Unitframes are disabled so are the options only available for that theme or unitframe style. By enabling an option, it enables a set of options corresponding with that base option.
- moved some MISC and General options to my own sections, worldmap size and fader for instance, the option is still in MISC, can't remove that ....
- Healcomm alpha option available for all types of UF's
- fixed an option for Class Resources that had disappeared, Combopoints wasn't anchoring correct.

MaxUI 5.20 (05-11-2019)
- changed the hp text format on UNitFrames from curHP / MaxHP - percentage to only curHP / MaxHP. You can set a seperate percentage tag as before, removed the double percentages, disliked this when Tukz brought them back hadn't found a way to do it properly until now.

MaxUI 5.19 (04-11-2019)
- shaman totembar update, MaxUI styled, customizable Totem Bars, Set width, Height, move it, ...

MaxUI 5.18 (02-11-2019)
- fixed some minor isssues with buffs and debuffs on raidframes, options for it weren't added right.
- checked out the chat report in combat, but can't reproduce on the latest MaxUI and Tukui versions, probably need to ypdate for those having issues.

MaxUI 5.17 (30-10-2019)

- chat corrections for the default chat installer
- visual tab separators on the header. Not yet sizing correctly when changing chat tab size.
- mouseover coloring chat tab text
- chat type buttons reanchored.
- editbox/inputbox anchored to the top.

- reanchored created datatext franes to the correct parentframe
- show/hide combat state is now mworking in a more logical manner
- edited the show backdropnoption to only show for the frames at the topor bottom bars.
- adjusted the default datatext installer. Works instant without reload and now resets correctly again.

2 new options for showing self buffs and raiddebuffs.
- raidbuffs anchoring on top of the frame. You need to create room for them by changing the vertical spacing
- raiddebuffs (dispellable ones) to the right of the frame. Create room for that by changing thw horizontal spacing.
- forgot to adjust petframes size like raidframe size. Now has the same size.

MaxUI 5.16 (24-10-2019)
- updated the fadein/fadeout to API/Toolkit code (thanks Pat!)
- created an experimental setup with datatexts: to test or use:
>>> Datatext section
>>> enable the slidein/slideout datatext option
>>> with or without backdrops for the datatexts
- adjusted a small Raid option, the basic setting for Raidframes is now 45 not 38, but it is still the same standard Height as before. I subtracted 7 pixels from the tukui settings to correct it to the MaxUI settings.
- adjusted the standalone EnergyManaRegen ticker, still needs some work but it works for Vertical Frames!
- adjusted some settings descriptions
- ...

MaxuI 5.15 (23-10-2019)
- Corrected all the new Healcomm code for UnitFrames
- added an alpha slider for the Healcomm bars
- checked all the UnitFrames and new Tukui Options to match MaxUI.
- removed the double Close button for the RaidTools

MaxuI 5.14 (22-10-2019)
- Tools all have the same FadeIn FadeOut as Config now, experimenting further with anim lib.

MaxuI 5.13 (21-10-2019)
- adjusted PetXP bar, it should be showing for Hunters with pets now near the other XP bars.

MaxuI 5.12 (21-10-2019)
- updates matching changes in tukui 1.24 (AuraBars for Player)

MaxuI 5.11 (19-10-2019)
- updates matching changes in tukui 1.22 (energy/manaticker)
- panel edges for actionbars to style them a bit
- questtracker show/hide button adjustments
- general section reorganized a bit with a color section
- renamed basic layout to tukui layout
- resized chat headers from 22 to 20 to match all other headers
- ...

MaxuI 5.10 (10-10-2019)
- updates matching changes in tukui 1.21
- code cleanup

MaxUI 5.09 (19-09-2019)
- fixes for unlinked castbar anchoring
- rogue: energy ticker for horizontal unitframes adjusted
- rogue: energy ticker for vertical frames hidden
- rogue: updated the combobar, now sizable, and centered correctly

MaxUI 5.08 (15-09-2019)
- small fixes, code cleanup
- interrupt announce tool, needs testing

MaxUI 5.07 (06-09-2019)
- minor font set fixes, added some font options in several sections, more intuitive.

MaxUI 5.06 (05-09-2019)
- fixed Enable/disable Worldmap bug, you can safley disable the tukui styled world map.
- Set Comic font on partyframes isn't showing any problems for me, can't recreate the error so no changes to it for now
- added Nameplate Debuffs option to disable debuffs, cleaned up Nameplates Debuff Section, renamed options a bit and created a section for Debuffs.
- Druid mana added code change, need someone to test and send screenshots. Haven't got a druid to test it on.
- Player and Target: Health and Power Values now have an option to enable/disable, percentages same, only on Vertical Frames no Values.
- partyframes seem to be working the same way, shwoing the correct amount of HP/MP and percentages, all option settings
- pixel corrected some buttons in the config
- Pet experience Soon.... no way to test or see it, need screenshots

-- 5.05
- keeping up with all tukui changes
- chat sizing now adjusted to Tukui added sizing
- petbar shift hor-ver buttons hidden in MaxUI layout
- matching tukui settings with MaxUI settings
- Player and Target UF percentages (white) set to false for now, actual mob health not showing with percentages. WIP to get MaxUI percentages and accurate mob healt on target
- removed some functions, Overlay in API, tooltip background was hardly noticable, buttons for tools have the same texture as config now, 1 function needed.
- code cleanup (unneeded spaces, temp code and more)

-- 5.04
- some unitframe cleanup, framstrata and stuff
- added a header to the world map so it is easier to drag
- adjusted the mousover coloring to grey when not using classcolor for all headers
- cleanup, checks and more
- world map move me button hidden
- game menu = microbar updated
- adjusted headers/footers for class color and non classcolor usage.

- update for actionbars, size button and backdrops, matching retail

adding classcolored dragable headers
castbar icon vert UF adjustments
fixing stuff
clean up

fixing stuff
clean up

-- 5.00
initial upload, setting up new config and settings
code adjustments to make MaxUI work

The latest version of this addon is 6.532 and was uploaded on Sep 01, 2022 at 19:00.

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