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MaxUI 5.00 Classic is the Classic version of MaxUI. Both versions will be pretty similar in style and settings. The Classic version offers all options and settings that MaxUI Retail offers if possible.

MaxUI Retail: https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=5

- Tukz (for creating Tukui),
- Blazeflack (feedback and help with coding),
- Darth Predator (feedback),
- Azilroka (feedback and usage of several parts, scripts and addons),
- Innervasion for cooperating on nameplates,
- Pat for pointing me in a new direction on how to edit tukui functions,
- and all the other fantastic addon builders that are an inspiration.


Maxímvs (Silvermoon)

Discord: https://discord.gg/vzUFmUm

Latest fixes, updates, new and/or added:

latest version: 5.02

-- all kinds of fixes, adjustments and cleanup to match the developing version of Tukui Classic and improvements of MaxUI.

Installing MaxUI:

1. Make sure to have the latest version of World of Warcraft Classic (1.13.2)
2. Update Tukui Classic to the latest version.
3. Install MaxUI through the Tukui Client or manually by downloading, unzipping and copying it to the Addons Folder.
4. To be sure everything is set correct in a default state, do a /tukui reset
5. Set the datatexts you want displayed by using the command (/tukui dt) or the button in the Config.
6. Go through the options Tukui and MaxUI provided by opening the Tukui config menu (/tukui c)

Fonts extended:
Font adjustments for all Blizzard/Warcraft frames in game:
- Go to the TukuiMaxUI folder within your Warcraft folder.
- Open the "Fonts to copy" folder and copy the style you would like to use (MaxUI or Comic)
- Paste it in your Warcraft folder (see screenshot) and rename it "Fonts".


Raid markers adjusted:
In the TukuiMaxUI folder you installed or downloaded and unzipped, you'll find a folder RaidIconsExtra. It has some instructions on how to add custom raid markers to your interface. These are the markers used in the raid tool but when you copy the folders, they will also be applied to the Tukui/MaxUI unitframes and Nameplates if toggled on.

Small issues / good to know:
- Don't use SHIFT + minimize buttons on actionbar 2 and 3.


If you are having trouble installing or are experiencing errors using MaxUI, first do some troubleshooting on your own before posting:

1. Is Tukui updated to the latest version?
2. Disable all addons except for Tukui and Tukui config, start World of Warcraft, is it working without errors?
3. Is MaxUI updated to the latest version?
4. Start World of Warcraft with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded, is it working without errors?

If there are no errors with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded some other addon is causing the problem.
If you have errors showing with only Tukui, Tukui config and MaxUI loaded, please make a screenshot and copy the error and post it here or send me these in a PM, i'll try to solve the issue.

5. Are you experiencing errors, and does the error frame show that the error is caused by MaxUI while having other addons loaded, report it in the same way as mentioned above, I'll try to solve the issue but this isn't always possible because of the other addons used.

NOTE: MaxUI is a project I maintain in my spare time, I will try to update or fix issues but have some patience.

For more information, join MaxUI Discord. Linked above

adding classcolored dragable headers
castbar icon vert UF adjustments
fixing stuff
clean up

fixing stuff
clean up

-- 5.00
initial upload, setting up new config and settings
code adjustments to make MaxUI work

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