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RedtuzkUI Classic is an external edit for ElvUI.
It's a clean and functional interface, that doesn't skimp on usability for the sake of aesthetics.
The UI is designed for DPS and tanks, with a healing returning soon™.
It's intended use is for 1920x1080, but it will work on other resolutions aswell.

Main Features
  • Easy-to-use custom installer
  • Polished UI with attention to detail in mind
  • RedtuzkUI Classic profiles for BigWigs, Details!, and ClassicThreatMeter (soon™).
  • Active community Discord server with RedtuzkUI Classic support, feature requests, and WeakAuras and macro help.


Recommended Addons

  • When you first log in after installing RedtuzkUI Classic, you will be prompted with an installation window. Please go through it carefully and select the desired options.
  • If you're already an ElvUI user, we highly recommend that you select the 'Create New'-option when asked about your profile setup, as that will preserve your current profile for later use.
  • When you've completed the final step of the installer, make sure to press 'Finished' as this will apply the necessary modifications.
  • Lastly, if you're on 1080p, make sure to type /ec > General, press Auto Scale, and press Accept. If you're not on 1080p you can try this aswell, but we won't guarantee good results. The recommended UI scale for ElvUI on 1440p is 0.533333.

  • Aldarana for coding the installer
  • Blazeflack for the use of his CustomTags code and the installer template
  • Dieman for creating WeakAuras and ideabouncing
  • Shiina for shiina'ing
  • Redtuzk for starting and managing the project.
  • RedtuzkUI Discord Members for helping with testing and feature requests

  • We invite you to join our fantastic community Discord server! Here you can find help with any aspect of the UI, be up to date with the latest and upcoming features, request features, get help with WeakAuras and macros, and chat with other interface nerds in our active general chat.



Version 1.3.1 [January 12th 2021]

Bug Fixes
  • Installer should once again work.
Version 1.3.0 [September 19th 2020]

New Additions
  • Datatext panel settings are now back and fully implemented.
  • Added a durability datatext that shows only the durability % without the label (for Mynd).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error caused by a missing parchment remover setting.
  • Updated the UI version in the toc, this should prevent WoW from saying RUI is out of date.
  • Disabled the ElvUIUpdate function since it was causing errors and doesn't really work anyways.
Version 1.2.1 [July 12th 2020]

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the FPS and Ping datatexts so they once again work.
Version 1.2.0 [Feb. 27th 2020]

New Additions
  • A new style of raidframes is available! You can select it in the installer :)
  • Added a new tag -- [RUI:leadericon] -- to display raid/group leader/assist icons within the same line as player/target/party names. No more overlaps, yay!
  • Added a linebreak tag -- [newLine] -- because why not.
Bug Fixes
  • Removed old movers and bad Shadow and Light settings. Installer works again. Sorry for the inconvinience caused.
Misc. Changes
  • Battleground icon on minimap repositioned to avoid an overlap with the clock.
  • Energyticker enabled by default for rogues/feral druids.
  • Changed size of target buffs.

Version 1.1.2 [Dec. 30th 2019]

Bug Fixes
  • Updated the Details profile so it no longer errors in BGs. Current users may need to delete their RedtuzkUI Details profile and re-import the fixed profile from the RUI installer.
Version 1.1.1 [Dec. 16th 2019]

Bug Fixes
  • Removed old broken nameplate filter settings.
Version 1.1.0 [Sept. 26th 2019]

New Additions
  • Added profile for BigWigs Classic.
  • Added display for pet happiness.
Bug Fixes
  • Actionbar paging is now fixed. Mainly affects warriors/rogues/druids.
  • Party frame buffs should be fixed. Let me know there's still issues.
  • Stance bar enabled and positioned properly.
  • Fixed the reputation bar (again).
  • Debuff stack position fixed to match the rest of the UI.
Misc. Changes
  • Nameplates are now properly skinned with the RUI style.
  • Tooltips are now anchored to the cursor.
  • The loot window is also anchored to the cursor.
  • Player frame is now disabled on the party frames. Redundant information, yo.
  • Target castbar colors tweaked a bit, makes them seem more blizzlike.
  • Quest timer positioned properly.
  • Tooltip enabled in combat.
  • Currency format in bags changed.
  • Nameplate health is simplified when not using RealMobHealth.
  • Nameplate level is now positioned correctly.
  • Adjusted datatext positions on the minimap
  • Voice button is now hidden by default.
  • Adjusted 'small world map' scale.
  • Need/greed frame repositioned so it isn't obstructed when dead.
  • Target debuffs enabled by default, 7x3 grid to match the target debuff limit.
  • Pet bar no longer mouseover, should always show if you're a pet class.
  • RealMobHealth works with ElvUI and RedtuzkUI. Just download and install it if you want precise health values, no other action is required for it to work.
Version 1.0.1 [August 17th 2019]

- Update to match the UnitFrames that have been removed from ElvUI.

Version 1.0.0 [August 17th 2019]

- It's alive!

The latest version of this addon is 1.3.1 and was uploaded on Jan 12, 2021 at 17:02.

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