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world of warcraft
made by eltreum

Eltruism is an ElvUI plugin that offers a DPS/Tank Profile along with a Healer profile. 
Both are designed for 16:9 displays, and were tested in 4K and 1080p.
This plugin requires the following addons: Need help? Join the Discord!

Addon Profiles

The installation will offer profiles for the following addons:

Included features in this plugin:
  • Nameplate Border & Glow
  • Stealth Vignette Effect
  • Play a sound when someone in your Party or Raid dies
  • Show Friendly Nameplates inside instances with only names or hide them
  • Change the look of nameplate buffs and debuffs
  • Choose different fonts during install
  • Nameplate class gradients on target
  • LootText a fork of SLoTe (this module is GNU GPLv3), that shows scrolling loot text
  • Cursor a fork of CastCursor by michaelsp (this module is GNU GPLv3), that adds a cursor GCD and cast bar
  • Add tags for Class Icons on Unitframes/Nameplates
  • Add Class Icons on Character Panels
  • Nameplate Power Bar, add a status bar above nameplates showing your current power for classes without classbars.
  • More features incoming!

The first time you load into the game with Eltruism enabled the install prompt that will guide you will appear. It is recommended to backup your settings (WTF folder inside World of Warcraft\_retail_\) regularly, the installation will warn you of any options that might overwrite your settings.



This plugin was based in LuckyoneUI and credits go to him for allowing its use.
Added option for LootText to use ElvUI General Font (Found in ElvUI > General > Media)
Changed LootText icon scaling to be more inline with the font
Removed Weakauras page from install since most of them are now options in the plugin

Added Nameplate Power Bars - Based on the Weakaura
Added expanded talents to Classic
Added AFK music to TBC and Classic
Added Class Icons to Character Panel
Added tags to show Class Icons on unitframes/nameplates
Added Role Icons to Role Swap message
Modified Dynamic Datatext to Show Icon for Ammo/Soul Shards
Fixed an error due to scroll wheel being killed on talent window
Tweaked the Healing Profile Tank and Assist Frames

Fixed TBC Expanded Talents --Thanks Gregory!
Reworked Version Checks to have less errors

Added option to change the position of LootText
Fixes for TBC Expanded Talents

Added Expanded Talents for TBC
Added options in Media for the Expanded Talents, Level Up skin and Boss Loot Frames depending on game version
Added threat to Enemy NPC nameplates
Fixed errors when user first installing Eltruism
Fixed missing possession bar on Death Knights
Fixed the Healer Layout Tank and Assist Frames

Fixed error when ElvUI nameplates were turned off

Added option to change the strata of LootText
Fixed an error due to a missing table for Rare Style Filter

Added scale option to LootText
Optimization/Cleaning Pass
Added dynamic datatexts that change according to player class, showing Ammo/Soul Shards for Hunters and warlocks, and Friends for other classes
Fixed heal prediction being gray for some classes in TBC/Classic due to a low alpha value
Dynamic Level tags on enemy nameplates that will show only when the player is below max level
Due to how aura filters work in ElvUI it's recommended to go to |cffff0000ElvUI > Unitframes > Group Units > Party/Raid/Raid40 > Aura Indicator > Set them to Textured Icon with Display Timer|r

Fixed repeating install process prompt due to a database change

Revamped Changelog in order to fit more versions
Layout now has additional checks for resolution
Added class check to change left chat datatext panel to count Ammo/Soul Shards if playing Hunter or Warlock in Classic/TBC
Do note that the datatext will not dynamically swap if you change characters
Further streamlined the install process code

Added new Cursors, changed their file path
Revamped Cursor options
Changed some internal code
Improved Party/Raid death according to Simpy's suggestion

Fixed Cursor error related to instances

Added an option to change the size of the cursor
Added images showing the rings for the cursor
Fixed abbreviation when using cyrillic letters

Added Cursor, a fork of CastCursor by michaelsp (this module is GNU GPLv3)
Changed how version checking works
Added alternative layouts for party/raid/raid40 for the DPS/Tank profiles
Tweaked install process to offer alternative layouts for certain classes
The original layouts for those frames were made with pure dps classes in mind,
if your class has off heals or raid cooldowns you might want to use the alternative layout
Check it in Eltruism > Party/Raid

Updated settings to ElvUI's newest version
Changed TBC/Classic profiles to show mana/energy regen

Added option to reset nameplates to Eltruism defaults
Tweaked nameplate class borders, colors and textures when option is off

Fixed friendly nameplates being forced on during login

Converted database to profile from private
Renamed Nameplate Stylefilters to avoid confusion, please remove the |cffff0000EnemyCasting, ExecuteRange, StealThisBuff and HideThis nameplate filters|r
Fixed Details! TBC profile due to Details! changes
Fixed Pet Unitframe happiness missing when using Custom Fonts
Reworked absorb logic for Retail profiles (disabled for DPS, enabled for Healer)

Streamlined install process
Updated ProjectAzilroka profile
Added missing Party Castbar to Retail Healer profile and TBC profiles
Added new death sound (Ion's - Frankly that's a skill issue)
Added custom fonts option (Eltruism > Media)
Fixed a rare issue with Shadow and Light viewport on profile install

Added power bar to pets
Update function has been changed
Added level to enemy nameplates in Classic/TBC
Fixed .toc versions

Condensed the install screen to be faster
Fixed ProjectAzilroka install due to its internal change
Revamped Threat bar in Classic/TBC to be in the Left Chat Datatext

Tweaked init function for quests

Removed Quest options in Classic/TBC due to those versions not supporting the function

Fixed a bug with LootText when awarded honor in Classic and Burning Crusade Classic
More pet unitframe changes to accommodate name length and happiness tracking
Changed the DBM HUD size in Questie profile
Warning: DBM HUD will cause bugs in bgs due to not being supported in instances

Improved Font Outline detection
Friendly Nameplate disable option added
Pet bar change to accommodate name length and happiness
Other minor changes to profile
Questie profile for Classic and Burning Crusade Classic
You will need to reload after questie builds the database and reload again after setting the profile
Classic Questie has some issues at the moment and you might need several reloads due to a known bug with townsfolk

Added Dark Mode and Light Mode
Can be found in Eltruism > Media
Fixed Bigwigs profile for TBC due to new version

Fixed absorb tags in Classic/TBC
Fixed nameplate clamping to screen in TBC
Fixed LootText test command in TBC
Fixed datatext height

Added combat music! Type the path to your file in the settings
Classic/TBC Support! Report any bugs in the Discord
Many addons weren't updated for TBC yet, so profiles might not work
Added class colored level up and boss loot by Aftermathh
Style Filter StealThisBuff fixed to be mage only
Enabled Class Totems
Changed the size and position of the Gladius Ex profile
Recommended settings for font outline:
- 4K resolution: Use profile default
- 1440p resolution: Eltruism > Media > Outline
- 1080p resolution: Eltruism > Media > Outline
Implemented automatic switching of font outlines

The latest version of this addon is 2.2.7 and was uploaded on Jun 13, 2021 at 09:22.

This file was last downloaded on Jun 13, 2021 at 18:03 and has been downloaded 6212 times.


eltreum Jun 09, 2021 at 00:03

@GeoGott if the errors are related to Eltruism then please join the discord (link in the description and in game), if its ElvUI then join the Tukui Community Discord (link in Chat on the top menu of this site)

GeoGott Jun 08, 2021 at 23:37

@Eltreum Thanks, Was able to fix it. It was working fine before i did the updates. it must of reset itself some how.
also where do i submit LUA error codes for you guys to look at?

eltreum Jun 08, 2021 at 17:35

@GeoGott, that setting has to be enabled by the user in ElvUI go to

ElvUI > Unitframes > Group Units > Party/Raid/Raid40 > Aura Indicator > Set them to Textured Icon with Display Timer

GeoGott Jun 08, 2021 at 04:54

The buffs in the party frames just display a green box. I have reset everything uninstalled and reinstalled still doesn't fix it.
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