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Version 2.48 July 07, 2022
  • Optimizations: Fixed an issue when using ElvUI and WeakAuras together, which caused
  • increased loading screens and some auras to disappear. (Script ran too long error)
  • ActionBars: Fixed bar backdrop multiplier (ticket #245)
  • DataTexts: Added Diablo Immortal and Warcraft Arclight Rumble support for Friends
  • DataTexts: Added NoLabel option for Intellect
Version 2.47 May 31, 2022
  • ActionBars: Stance bar fixes (issue #163)
  • DataTexts: Added noLabel option for combat timer text
  • DataTexts: Added spell haste (ticket #176)
  • DataTexts: Fixed spell hit
  • Filters: Added SSC, TK, MH, BT, SWP RaidBuffs
  • Filters: Added SWP RaidDebuffs
  • Locales: Updated deDE (Credits: Dlarge)
  • NamePlates: Fixed class color source option for interrupts
  • UnitFrames: Added option to color health based on pet happiness
  • UnitFrames: Fixed overlapping master looter icon on RaidFrames
  • UnitFrames: Fixed power text getting misplaced onto health if power is hidden (issue #15)
Version 2.46 May 8, 2022
  • NamePlates: fixed target indicator displaying many arrows
  • DataTexts: added label / no label for durability and bags
  • DataTexts: custom labels can be colorized with color tags now
Version 2.45 May 6, 2022
  • StyleFilter: fix a couple import and export bugs
  • Chat: block other secure commands like /focus from being saved to editbox history
  • NamePlates: fixed debuffs being able to attach to debuffs in options
  • NamePlates: block widget tooltips on forbidden nameplates
  • NamePlates: added new Prefer Target Color option along with Low Health Color and Low Health Half color settings
  • Cooldowns: fixed Rogue Stealth displaying as nan and flashing too often
  • Skins: Chat Config Toggle button is now skinned
  • ActionBars: fixed microbar LFG icon being sized incorrectly
Version 2.44 May 1, 2022
  • AuraBars: Fixed alignment with size override setting
  • Locales: Updated deDE (Credits: Dlarge)
  • Locales: Updated zhTW (Credits: fang2hou)
  • Misc: Fixed Raid Utility not saving position correctly
  • Nameplates: Added ability to export and import selected style filters
  • Tooltip: Added font options for tooltip header
  • UnitFrames: Readded "Start Near Center" option for party
Version 2.43 April 20, 2022
  • UnitFrames: Add ability to change pet happiness colors
  • UnitFrames: Add ability to hide Rest Icon at max level
  • UnitFrames: Add ability to scale the Raid Role Icon
  • UnitFrames: Readd missing option to Show/Hide Spec Icon on Arena frames
  • Skins: Adjusted the 2 tabs on the Macro skin to accommodate larger toon names
  • Tooltips: Fix tooltip count on Enchant crafting window when mousing over the reagents
Version 2.42 April 9, 2022
  • NamePlates: Add missing Style Filter defaults for party/raid
  • NamePlates: Add Not Resting, No Target style filter condition
Version 2.41 April 5, 2022
  • Chat: Repaired gold text will now match Vendored Grays gold format
  • Skins: Fixed guild information skin border
  • Skins: Updated EventTrace
  • Skins: Updated tradeskill searchbox skin
  • Tags: Added [group:raid] which displays current group number only while in a raid
Version 2.40 March 29, 2022
  • Skins: Fix mailbox skin when attachments exceeded the first row
  • StyleFilter: Added several Unit Condition triggers: Another Players Pet, Guild, Trivial, Connected, Conscious, Possessed, Charmed states, Dead / Alive, and Being Resurrected
  • UnitFrames: Fix castbar custom backdrop color if set to a class color from not displaying other class colors properly if using the same profile that originally set the option
  • UnitFrames: Fix castbar custom backdrop when using reverse option
  • UnitFrames: Fixed range (again)
Version 2.39 March 23, 2022
  • Auras: Re enabled top auras, blizzard pushed a hotfix
Version 2.38 March 23, 2022
  • Auras: Turned off ElvUI top auras until Blizzard fixes the bug (Untick "Disable Blizzard" if you want to see default auras)
  • Chat: Updated chat installer (Requires you to re-run the chat installer)
  • Skins: Fixed mailbox skin and errors
  • UnitFrames: Fixed aura rows overlapping
  • UnitFrames: Paladins can now always see magic dispells
Version 2.37 March 20, 2022
  • General: Fixed error in the loot skin
  • Locales: Updated Chinese (thanks to Loukky!)
  • Locales: Updated German (thanks DlargeX)
  • MiniMap: Fixed LFG in middle click minimap menu
  • Options-AuraBars: Fixed custom backdrop color setting
  • Options-Nameplate: Fixed clickable size not updating height slider max values
  • Options-StyleFilter: Allowed lower scale options
  • Options-StyleFilter: Fixed error about triggers
  • Tags: [classification] is localized now
  • UnitFrames: Clique to handle mousedown state if enabled
  • UnitFrames: Fixed an issue with middle click focus
  • UnitFrames: Fixed text color flickering on aura watch indicators
  • UnitFrames: Updated code for AuraBars anchoring (Works better attached to centered elements)
Version 2.36 February 22, 2022
  • Important
  • Another overall performance update
  • Please post feedback in the elvui-performance channel on our Discord
  • Changes
  • Chat: Fixed chat alerts playing on chat history
  • General: Minimap mover will match Minimap that has a scale other than one
  • Locales: Updated Russian translation (Credits Enkaf)
  • NamePlates: Fixed Aura Style Filters not triggering because of the element being disabled
  • NamePlates: Fixed errors when deleting a Style Filter
  • UnitFrames: Aura Bars will now work with Fluid Smart Aura positioning
  • UnitFrames: PVP Indicator working again
  • UnitFrames: Raid Role Indicator now supports Main Assist and Main Tank
Version 2.35 February 12, 2022
  • Important
  • Increased overall performance (should be noticable in raids and battlegrounds).
  • Please post feedback in the elvui-performance channel on our Discord
  • Changes
  • Bank: Improved bank performance, fixed items not updating
  • Chat: Fixed Copy Chat Lines
  • Cosmetic: Fixed AutoCast Shine custom glow
  • Skins: Updated materials checkbox skin (first aid/enchant)
  • UnitFrames: Added additional power options
  • UnitFrames: Added heal prediction to frames missing it
  • UnitFrames: Classbar in Druid Bear Form can now display Mana
  • UnitFrames: Fixed aura bar flickering
  • UnitFrames: Improved aura positioning and performance
Version 2.34 January 24, 2022
  • Auras: Added color toggles for enchants & debuffs
  • Skins: Fixed another Raid.lua skin error
  • UnitFrames: LibHealComm fixes for Warlock & Hunter
Version 2.33 January 18, 2022
  • Skins: Fixed errors in Raid.lua
  • Libraries: Adjusted LibClassicSpecs to not break VuhDo
  • UnitFrames: Fixed AuraBars font issue
Version 2.32 January 18, 2022
  • Important
  • ActionBars: Swapped to Custom Glow (General -> Cosmetic)
  • Config: Added Search section (with Whats New button)
  • Changes
  • Auras: Tooltip fixes for top auras
  • Config: Fixed some options displaying in russian
  • DataTexts: Fixes for party invites
  • Filters: Updated RaidDebuffs for phase 3 raids
  • General: Added an option to load max camera distance on login
  • Libraries: Added LibClassicSpecs for roles and specs
  • Minimap: Scaling and Font fixes
  • Misc: LootRoll has several new options
  • NamePlates: Fixed error when deleting a StyleFilter
  • Skins: Updated Raid Manager
  • UnitFrames: Added an option to toggle Blizzards default Castbar
  • UnitFrames: Adjusted spark for EnergyManaRegen ticks
  • UnitFrames: Fixed "attach to" option for Ready Check Icon
  • UnitFrames: Fixed non attached Castbar Icon
  • UnitFrames: Fixed sort by class
  • UnitFrames: LibHealComm-4.0 for HoTs
Version 2.31 December 4, 2021
  • ActionBars: Fixed layering issue (Keybinds on Pet Bar)
  • Bags: Added an option to hide Gold
  • Bags: Fixed an issue with mouseover tooltip
  • Chat: Added an option to hide channel names
  • DataTexts: Fixed Bags DataText
  • Minimap: Added option to scale the Minimap
  • Misc: Reworked LootRoll and added options
  • NamePlates: Updated StyleFilters config
  • Skins: Fixed button hover glow in GuildBank
  • UnitFrames: Added reverse fill option for Aura Bars
  • UnitFrames: Updated spark for EnergyManaRegen ticks
Version 2.30 November 24, 2021
  • DataTexts: Updated Friends
  • NamePlates: Updates for StyleFilters config
  • Skins: Updated trade window
  • UnitFrames: Fixed an issue with transparent power color
  • UnitFrames: Smart Raid Filter defaults to 5 groups for "Raid" now (8 for Raid40)
Version 2.29 November 19, 2021
  • UnitFrames: Castbar color hotfix
  • UnitFrames: ChannelTicks hotfix
Version 2.28 November 19, 2021
  • Map: Fixes for the fade while moving option
  • Minimap: Updated middle-mouse dropdown
  • NamePlates: Reset CVar fix for non-selected unit alpha (Fixes Setup CVar step in the installer as well.)
  • Tags: Fixed threatcolor
Version 2.27 November 16, 2021
  • ActionBars: Fixed Microbar bugs
Version 2.26 November 16, 2021
  • Cooldown Text: Updates for Bag CD text
  • DataTexts: Fixed Spell Hit lua error
  • Datatexts: Fixed Haste Datatext Customization Settings
  • Datatexts: Readded the Haste DT Tooltip
  • Tooltips: Fixed an error with item quality
  • UnitFrames: Fixed castbar/custom colors
Version 2.25 November 14, 2021
  • ActionBars: Fixed quick keybind mode for Pet Bar
  • Bags: Fixed bank not updating correctly
  • Cooldown Text: Added a global option for rounding
  • DataBars: Fixed "Show Bubbles" for Pet Experience
  • DataTexts: Fixed MovementSpeed not updating
  • Nameplates: Fixed scaling issue which broke default friendly plates in dungeons
  • Tooltips: Added an option to display Item Count while using the Modifier for ids
Version 2.24 November 12, 2021
  • Chat: Fixes for overflowing chat tabs
  • Cooldown Text: Fixed issues with HH:MM and MM:SS
  • Locales: Updated Russian translation (Credits Hollicsh)
  • Minimap: Added back options for Battlefield icon
  • Minimap: Slightly adjusted defaults and size for lfg/tracking/battlefield
  • Skins: Updated Enchanting skin
  • Skins: Updated estatus
  • UnitFrames: Fixed Focus and FocusTarget
  • UnitFrames: Fixed Rogue fading issue finally
Version 2.23 November 11, 2021
  • Bags: Added Auto toggle options to open bags with specific frames
  • Bags: Fix main bag icon when bag module is off (Bag skin)
  • DataBars: Fixed an error in experience bar when entering a dungeon
  • DataBars: Fixed issues in PetExperience and show only on Hunters
  • DataTexts: Fixed Battlestats
  • DataTexts: Updated Movementspeed
  • Filters: Fixed AuraBar colors not setting the selected color
  • General: Fixed interrupt announce for real
  • Locales: Updated Russian translation (Credits Hollicsh)
  • Minimap: Added back Quest Log to middle-mouse dropdown
  • Misc: Added back chat print for vendor grays
  • Tags: Added back pvp tags
Version 2.22 November 09, 2021
  • Bags: Added an option to enable/disable Quest icons
  • Bags: Use Blizzards new coin icons
  • DataBars: Added Quest XP in Experience bar
  • DataBars: Fixed / Re-added Threat bar
  • DataTexts: Fixed invite function for guild datatext
  • Libraries: LibClassicDurations Minor 69
  • Locales: Updated russian translation (Credits Hollicsh)
  • Skins: Fixed an error in Battleground Score
  • Skins: Fixed an error in Blizzard Options
  • Tooltips: Fixed an error if ElvUI skin was disabled
  • UnitFrames: Fixed an error in power bars
  • UnitFrames: Master Looter indicator fixes
  • UnitFrames: Out of range fader fixes
  • UnitFrames: Raid Debuffs position fixes
Version 2.21 November 05, 2021
  • ActionBars: Added keybind mode for Stance Bar
  • Bags: Added back quest icon for quest items
  • Bags: Special color fixes (Soul Shards)
  • DataTexts: Added left panel defaults ([1] and [3] were empty)
  • General: Updated RaidUtility
  • Locales: Updated russian translation (Credits Hollicsh)
  • Minimap: Fixes for minimap addon icons
  • Nameplates: Added back offset options for power
  • Nameplates: Fixed an issue which broke the "Add Filter" dropdown
  • UnitFrames: Added back Master Looter indicator
  • UnitFrames: Fixed resurrect icon for real
  • UnitFrames: Updated out of range fader
Version 2.20 November 04, 2021
  • Bags: Fixed BagBar backdrop for only backpack option
  • Bags: Fixed BagBar bags not toggling bags
  • Bags: Protect reagent from firing
  • Chat: Fixed class color chat names cvar
  • Chat: Fixed voice chat buttons
  • DataTexts: Guild text now toggles guild roster
  • General: Added back quest movers and option in Blizz UI Improvements
  • General: Added back widget movers
  • General: Announce interrupts fixed
  • Nameplates: Add aura sorting
  • Tooltips: Fixed item quality color
  • UnitFrames (Arena): fixed pvp spec error
  • UnitFrames (Arena): fixed spec error
  • UnitFrames: Added back tank & assist heal prediction
  • UnitFrames: Adjust smart visibility
  • UnitFrames: Classbar fixed
  • UnitFrames: Dispell list fixed
  • UnitFrames: Fixed class sort order
  • UnitFrames: Fixed combo points when target changing
  • UnitFrames: Re-add Resurrect/Summon Icons
Version 2.19 Nov 02, 2021
  • Development is now on GitHub (was GitLab)
  • Unified our codebase to support Retail, TBC and Classic in one version
  • Added an option to hide chat in afk screensaver mode
  • Added support to toggle single bags
  • Added guild option for auto repair
  • Added phase 2 support for our custom RaidDebuffs list
  • Fixed combo points not updating correctly on target switch
  • Master Looter & Loot Roll fixes
  • Updated color picker skin
  • Updated threat for NamePlates
  • Updated available tags and descriptions
  • Updated dev version link
  • Updated issue tracker link
  • Updated wiki link
  • Updated russian locale (Credits: Evgeniy)
Version 2.18 Sep 18, 2021
  • Fixed MasterLooter
Version 2.17 Sep 10, 2021
  • Fixed Shaman totems classbar
  • HealComm for Group UnitFrames
Version 2.16 Sep 10, 2021
  • LibHealComm is now used until Blizzard fixed the API
  • Updated links, development is now on GitHub (was GitLab)
Version 2.15 Sep 08, 2021
  • Added back old player UnitFrame classbar for Shaman totems
  • Blizzard added heal prediction API. This version will support it.
  • Fixed an issue with Prayer of Shadow Protection AuraWatch
  • Removed absorb and overabsorb options. Not available in TBC.
Version 2.14 Sep 02, 2021
  • Fixed Merchant skin (Repair All, Guild Repair)
Version 2.13 Sep 01, 2021
  • Added NoLabel checkbox for Friends, Guild, System DataText (PR !9, Xii)
  • Added skin for Guild Bank
  • Added skin for LFG
  • Added skin for LFM
  • Added support for LFG Minimap icon
  • Fixed a rare mover error
  • Fixed oUF_RaidDebuffs error
  • Fixes for Master Looter
  • Smart Raid Filter will no longer disable Raid Pets
  • Updated skin for Mailbox
Version 2.12 Aug 14, 2021
  • Added missing tag info for classcolor:target
  • Fixed [mouseover] tags
  • Updated AuraWatch (Succubus, Freeze Trap)
  • Updated Avoidance DataText (Merge Request #8)
  • Updated LibChatAnims Minor 4
  • Updated LibSharedMedia Rev 114
  • Updated zhTW Locales (Credits: Levanah Lin, Request #7)
Version 2.11 Aug 11, 2021
  • Added an option to enable/disable combat text repeat in Chat
  • Added Heal Prediction to Tank & Assist Frames
  • Fixed Durability DataText NoLabel
  • New Tags API from retail, plugins need updating
  • Updated AuraWatch for Priest Prayer of Shadow Protection(Rank 2)
  • Updated Dispellable Filter (Paladin, Shaman)
  • Updated ElvU Version decimals in tooltip
  • Updated LibHealComm-4.0 Minor 95
Version 2.10 Jun 20, 2021
  • Fixed Frame Strata for Bags & Stack Split
  • Updated AuraWatch for Druids
  • Updated AuraWatch for Priests
  • Updated LibHealComm-4.0
  • Updated Skins
Version 2.09 Jun 08, 2021
  • Account for Blizzards MicroBar hotfix
  • Blacklisted some gray quest items from Auto-Delete
  • Updated AuraWatch positions for Hunters
  • Updated CCDebuffs spell ID list
Version 2.08 May 30, 2021
  • Added an option to enable/disable QuestXP for the Experience bar
  • Added Blessing of Salvation to Aura Indicators
  • Added class:icon tag
  • Added Earth Shield to Aura Indicators
  • Fixed :deficit tags
  • Fixed LossOfControl ActionBar swipe
  • Fixed QuestXP not updating in the Experience bar
  • Updated some Skins
Version 2.07 May 25, 2021
  • Added an option to enable/disable the ElvUI Quest Objective Frame Mover
  • Blacklisted Honor Event Buff on UnitFrames by default
  • Fixed an issue with Blizzard Arena Frames
  • Fixed Soul Bags color issue
  • Fixed Zoom Out button for Fullscreen Worldmap
  • Updated Battlegrounds Stats DataTexts
Version 2.06 May 24, 2021
  • Added an option to turn off Quest Icons in Bags
  • Added back 'Delete Grays' to Bags
  • Added options for Position, X & Y- Offset for Bags ItemCount
  • Added options for Position, X & Y- Offset for Bags ItemLevel
  • Fixed an error about PixelPerfect local 'n' (a nil value)
  • Removed Calendar options for the Minimap (Not available in TBC)
  • Removed CD text from Wand/Shoot GCD swipe
  • Tweaked some Skins (DebugTools, HelpFrame)
  • Updated AFK tags to display AFK instead of Away From Keyboard
  • Updated TurtleBuffs default whitelist
Version 2.05 May 23, 2021
  • Added KeyBind (/kb) support for Micro, Pet & Stance- Bar
  • Fixed Friendly Blizzard NamePlates in instances
  • Fixed Git issue #3 (PixelPerfect error)
  • Fixed Git issue #4 (SaveBindings error)
  • Localization update for koKR (Credits: Siyoung/nadugi)
  • Reworked Vendor Grays button in Bags (Delete Grays is blocked)
  • Updated DataText dropdown for Attack Power Tooltip
  • Updated LibHealComm-4.0
Version 2.04 May 22, 2021
  • Fixed SaveBindings error
  • Fixed Skin errors
  • Updated Minimap dropdown
  • Updated Powerprediction
Version 2.03 May 21, 2021
  • Added Master Looter Icon
  • Fixed Auto Repair
  • Fixed Micro Bar
  • Fixed Skin error
Version 2.02 May 20, 2021
  • Fixed Aura Repair
  • Fixed Chat error
  • Updated Druid Action Paging (Tree of Life fix)
  • Updated Leader icon position
Version 2.01 May 19, 2021
  • NamePlate fixes / Error fixes
Version 2.00 May 19, 2021
  • Added ArenaRegistrar skin
  • Bump version to 2.00 so people with ElvUI Classic
  • dont force show a "out of date" message to TBC users
Version 1.00 May 17, 2021
  • Added tooltip IDs in Spellbook
  • Fixed SpellCrit DataText
  • Skin tweaks: Stable, Macro
  • Updated Bag Sort (Warlock Items, Mage Items)
  • Updated BagBar Keyring icon
  • Updated SpellHit DataText to display the Character Stats value
  • Updated Website and Git links
---------------------- BETA BUILDS BELOW ----------------------

Version 0.23 May 14, 2021
  • Added Druid Lifebloom to AuraWatch
  • Default NamePlate Range 20 -> 41 (Blizzard Max)
  • Tweaked Avoidance DataText (Credits: Jeff Blanda)
  • Updated LibRangeCheck (Fixes Rogue issue aswell)
Version 0.22 May 12, 2021
  • Added option for upcoming NamePlate range increase
  • Updated AuraWatch for all Classes
  • Updated Castbar ChannelTicks
  • Updated LibHealComm
  • Updated LibQuestXP
  • Updated LibRangeCheck
  • Updated MiniMapTracking Icon
  • Updated Range Tags
  • Updated ThreatBar
Version 0.21 May 10, 2021
  • Added range tags
  • Fixed Display Frames not showing Auras
  • Fixed Show Auras button
  • Updated Debuff Filters
  • Updated LibHealComm
  • Updated Range Check / Fader
Version 0.20 May 08, 2021
  • Added Arena Queue NPC Skin
  • Added Communities Skin
  • Added EnergyManaRegen to profile export
  • Added Player Title Dropdown Skin
  • Fixed EventTrace Skin error
Version 0.19 May 07, 2021
  • Fixed a Bag error
  • Fixed Count on ActionBars
  • Fixed Heal Prediction
  • Fixed Threat
Version 0.18 May 04, 2021
  • Added PvP Trinket option for Arena
  • Fixed Inspect Skin
  • Removed Chat Debug prints
  • Updated LibElvUIPlugin
Version 0.17 Apr 30, 2021
  • Fixed multiple Skins & Errors
Version 0.16 Apr 27, 2021
  • Added RaidDebuff Indicators
  • NamePlates NonTarget Alpha fix (rerun CVars step)
Version 0.15 Apr 25, 2021
  • Arena Frames (WIP)
  • Arena skin (WIP)
  • Tweaked BGScore skin
Version 0.14 Apr 20, 2021
  • Added MiniMapTracking Icon & Options
  • Fixed Help.lua Error/Skin from latest Beta Build
Version 0.13 Apr 16, 2021
  • RaidBuffs IDs Karazhan
  • RaidBuffs IDs Gruul's Lair
  • RaidBuffs IDs Magtheridon's Lair
  • RaidDebuffs IDs Karazhan
  • RaidDebuffs IDs Gruul's Lair
  • RaidDebuffs IDs Magtheridon's Lair
Version 0.12 Apr 15, 2021
  • Class Totem Bar (+ Right Click to remove)
  • Fader fixes
  • Added back Action Paging defaults
Version 0.11 Apr 14, 2021
  • Chat DateAndTime error fixes
  • Socket frame skin/error fixes
  • Style Filter options
  • Threat (WIP)
Version 0.10 Apr 13, 2021
  • Chat fixes
  • Experience DataBar error fixes
  • Macro Frame tweaks
  • Power error fix
Version 0.09 Apr 13, 2021
  • ActionBars enabled
  • Group UnitFrames enabled
  • Inspect Talents Skin
  • MicroBar fixed
  • ObjectiveTracker fixed
Version 0.08 Apr 11, 2021
  • Bags options
  • Bank fixes
  • BlizzUI Improvements options
  • DataBars options
  • LootRoll fixes
  • MasterLoot fixes
  • NamePlate options
  • Tooltip options
Version 0.07 Apr 10, 2021
  • Character skin fixes
  • Chat option fixes
  • NamePlate health update
  • Updated Tags
  • Worldmap skin fixes
Version 0.06 Apr 09, 2021
  • Bag options
  • BagBar fixes
  • DataBars fixes
  • Minimap icon: Battlefield queue
  • Skins
Version 0.05 Apr 06, 2021
  • BlizzUI Improvements section
  • DataBars fixes
  • Keyring texture
  • Skins
Version 0.04 Apr 04, 2021
  • Ace3 skin
  • Bags colors
  • Config sections
  • LootRoll
  • Tooltip
Version 0.03 Apr 03, 2021
  • DataTexts
  • Energy ticks, MP5 ticks
  • Pet Experience DataBar
  • Skins: Addon Manager, Map, Tooltip
  • Statusreport (/estatus)
Version 0.02 Apr 02, 2021
  • Bags, Bank
  • Chat
  • Happiness
  • Maps
  • NamePlate colors
  • Tooltip
  • UnitFrame colors
Version 0.01 Mar 31, 2021
  • ElvUI TBC

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