Classic TBC Addons

world of warcraft
made by Maximvs
~Classic - The Burning Crusade~


MaxUI 6.500 TBC/Retail 9.1 ready!

- Tukz (for creating Tukui),
- Blazeflack (feedback and help with coding),
- Darth Predator (feedback),
- Azilroka (feedback and usage of several parts, scripts and addons),
- Innervasion for cooperating on nameplates,
- Pat for pointing me in a new direction on how to edit tukui functions,
- and all the other fantastic addon builders that are an inspiration.


Maxímvs (Silvermoon)

Discord: https://discord.gg/vzUFmUm

Latest fixes, updates, new and/or added:

On the MaxUI discord you can follow the development and changes in the Changelog channel.

MaxUI and Tukui have had a big overhaul, the classic config has been ported to Retail. Configuring and customizing is a lot more organized and easier to do!
There are some API changes for Tukui and MaxUI, oUF has been updated and lots more. You probably won't notice this immediately but there has been a lot of changes at the core.
This allowed me to create more and new options, adding all kinds of new customization possibilities. Some have to be checked and tested, with all the combinations possible.

Enjoy and see you on the MaxUI discord or perhaps in game!
Check the MaxUI discord for changes, a changelog and more

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