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This is not a plugin for tukui or ElvUI.

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• What is it?

HydraUI is a visual interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It restyles the default interface, while adding many useful features.

It requires no setup, and is configurable in-game via the command /hui

Designed for use at 1920x1080, and best run in full-screen mode!

• Features

HydraUI includes many custom UI elements which can be enabled or disabled, and configured as desired.

Some of the features that you can expect:
• Action Bars
• Auras
• Chat
• Experience and Reputation Bars
• Mini Map
• Name Plates (including casting bars)
• Unit, Party and Raid frames
• Tooltips
• Auto vendor grey quality items
• Auto repair equipped items
• Movable UI elements
• In-game settings window (/hui)
• Supports SharedMedia
• Supports Plugins
• Profile import/export

• Commands

These commands can be entered into chat to perform certain actions     

/hui  - Toggle the settings window
/hui move - Drag UI elements around the screen
/hui movereset - Reposition all movers to their default locations
/hui keybind - Toggle mouseover keybinding
/hui reset - Reset all stored UI information and settings
/hui help - Output this list of commands into the chat window

• Community & Support

Whether you have a support question, feature suggestion, or would just like to come and hang out with others, you can join the Discord community by clicking the button at the top of the description! This is the proper place to get support for my projects.

• Enjoying HydraUI?

If you enjoy my work and would like to help support further development or simply show appreciation, you can do so using PayPal by clicking the button at the top of the description! Subscribing to my YouTube channel is also a great and helpful way to show your support for free!
Join Discord: https://discord.gg/XefDFa6nJR

- 1.973
Action bar paging updates

- 1.972
Updated action bar paging for Dragonflight
Updated micro menu error for Dragonflight

- 1.971
Added quest XP values to the experience bar tooltip
Added Joyous Journey update for the experience bar

- 1.97
Updated for patch 3.4.1

- 1.96
Fix C_Container errors

- 1.95
Updated action bars
Fixed action bars for classic
Fixed minimap zoom on dragonflight

- 1.94
Fixed action bar taint on Dragonflight
Fixed raid frame anchor taint
Improved format of time to level feature when over an hour

- 1.93
Added setting to change player unit frame resource texture (combo points, runes, holy power etc)
Added "Time to level" to the xp bar tooltip
Added CoD: MWII to the friends datatext tooltip
Fixed totem bar positioning error
Fixed stance bar error on dragonflight
Fixed chat moving on dragonflight

- 1.92
Added settings to change health/power texture of unit frames - castbar textures coming next version
Added setting to change color of quet XP on the experience bar
Fixed item price not showing on itemreftooltip (When you click an item)

- 1.91
Fixed combat errors - looking into editmode taints

- 1.90
Fixed action button flyout menu error

- 1.89
Fixed talking head frame skinning and positioning
Fixed pet action button error if pet bar is not enabled
Fixed Rogue combo point count on DF
Added settings for bar 6/7/8 on DF - /hui > Action Bars
Added more Shaman Earth Shield ranks to party/raid tracking

- 1.88
Fixed class colors in instance/bg chat
Fixed crit data text tooltip
Fixed durability data text tooltip
Fixed formatting issues with pvp and honor data texts
Reduced version checking in instances

- 1.87
Updated micro menu textures
Fixed chat moving in Dragonflight
Moved the queue button and made it draggable for now
Hide the Blizzard debuff frame if our auras are enabled

- 1.86
Updated compatibility for Dragonflight prepatch
Added setting to override data text value color with class color /hui > Data Texts > Color
Keybind module can use mousewheel
Fixed pet action bar consuming mouse clicks
Fixed class resource height setting for combo points
Fixed item cooldowns not displaying in the cooldown module
"Detach Class Bar" setting no longer requires a reload (/hui > Unit Frames > Player > Class Resource)
"Detach Power" setting no longer requires a reload (/hui > Unit Frames > Player > Power)

- 1.841
Fixed stance bar issue consuming mouse clicks

- 1.84
Added more Druid HoT tracking for party/raid frames
Dragonflight updates for action bars, minimap, micro buttons, and tooltip

- 1.83
Fixed totem bar positioning and styling issues
Fixed PVP micro menu button in retail
Fixed action bar error in retail and season of mastery
Fixed minimap tracking button in retail
Buffs and debuffs can now be enabled/disabled seperately for player and target unit frames
Show Overwatch 2 in friends datatext tooltip

- 1.82
Added PVP micro button for Wrath
Added Sacred Shield tracking for Paladins
Fixed Shaman totem bar anchoring issue
Clicking PVP or Honor data texts will toggle the PVP frame

- 1.81
Added mover for totem bar in wrath (/hui move)
Fixed stance bar showing even if setting was disabled
Increased max debuff size on player unit frame
Dragonflight fixes were applied, but more styling will come next version

- 1.80
Fixed quest watch not showing all tracked quests
Updated LibQuestXP

- 1.79
Fixed Shadowlands castbar error
Fixed Riptide party/raid buff indicator for shamans in Wrath
Added achievement button to the micro menu for Wrath
Added setting to overlay the player/target portraits on the unitframe. (/hui > Unit Frames > Player > Set Portrait Style > Overlay)
Added setting to disable auras on focus frame

- 1.78
Fixed reputation % showing even if disabled
Fixed Wrath friends data text not showing location of friends on retail
Increased maximum debuff size on unit frames
Moved the minimap LFG icon in Wrath
Started basic dragonflight compatibility
Updated libraries

- 1.77
Added switch to enable raid pets, more coming
Fixed calendar not showing in Wrath. Can still be disabled in /hui > Minimap
Fixed time datatexts not toggling the calendar in Wrath
Changed the UI scale input to a slider, as well as added a toggle to enable or disable UI scale from within the settings window (/hui > General > Scale)
Tooltips will display over profession chat hyperlinks now as well (already happens for items/spells)
Added more friend datatext events to update information

- 1.76
Fixed error when trying to anchor the XP bar to the reputation bar
Fixed issue with ItemRefTooltip not sizing correctly initially
Fixed minimap calendar setting on Retail - also now enabled by default, can be disabled in /hui > Minimap > Enable Calendar
Added a mover to the Wrath quest watch
Friends data text will now update if new information arrives while hovering over the text

- 1.75
Updated libraries
More totem bar styling
Fixed minimap tracking icon size

- 1.74
Fixed XP bar hiding before max level

- 1.73
Fixed vehicle exit button
Fixed hit data text tooltip

- 1.72
More Wrath preparation

- 1.71
Updates to make the UI ready for wrath. Sorry for delay - no beta

- 1.70
Updated for patch 9.2.7
Added Experience and Reputation data texts

- 1.69
Friends data text will show area/activity information for games and apps
Added mail data text

- 1.68
Quest XP bar in TBC will account for the 50% XP buff
Party and Raid settings are now under Unit Frames
Ammo data text will flash if you fall beneath 50 ammo
Durability data text will flash if you fall below 20% durability
Fixed plugin window in settings

- 1.67
Friends data text tooltip was restructured. Friends will now be sorted by which game they're playing, and show their current zone

- 1.66
Added movers for raid and party pets (/hui move)

- 1.65
Added raid pets (Settings and mover coming next version)
Raid and Party frame test modes will now show pets as well
Added setting to show calendar frame on mini map for Shadowlands
Changed clicks for the time data text - left click toggles Calendar, right click toggles stopwatch

- 1.64
Added Diablo Immortal support for Friends data text
Location data text will now open the world map when clicked
Zone text module was rewritten (optimized) - Font settings and maybe a mover to come

- 1.63
Fixed heal prediction bars not showing
Updated for patch 9.2.5

- 1.62
Fixed plugin loading
Cleaned up and optimized several back end systems

- 1.61
Fixed embedded tooltips in Shadowlands, and item tooltip borders in Classic
Fixed right chat window setting. Should be fine after a /reload or a second login
Added totem timers to shaman unit frames
Added threat indicators for all unit frames

- 1.60
Fixed micro menu error
Added threat indicator to party and raid. Settings to come
Reduced version checking in groups and guild

- 1.595
Fixed key bindings not saving for Classic/TBC
Fixed Armor data text for Classic/TBC
Fixed AFK status on unit frames for Shadowlands
Fixed rare unit frame name shortening error
Fixed chat docking closed chat windows
Fixed chat install button
Fixed some action button settings not checking if ExtraActionButton exists
Added setting to show party and raid frames while solo (/hui > Party > Attributes > Show Solo)

- 1.594
Fixed error in language files
Changed short value formatting to be more informative and accurate

- 1.593
Added Prayer of Mending tracking for TBC Priests on raid frames
Fixed target aura size and spacing setting
Updated LibHealComm
Fixed rare error that could stop the UI from loading

- 1.591
See all the major changes at this post

Fix version checking error
Add pet happiness coloring back by default to the pet frame

- 1.59
Fixed combo points for Rogues
Updated for Classic patch 1.14.3

- 1.58
Check out the full change log with images here

- 1.572
Fixed health bars not updating correctly for TBC/Classic (Was similar to the nameplates)
Fixed action button flyout menu styling

- 1.571
Fixed nameplates not updating unless targetted or moused over
Fixed minimap tracking icon border
Fixed bags frame styling
Updated libraries

- 1.56
Fixed happiness for the pet frame and tooltip

- 1.55
Fixed pet happiness for hunters

- 1.54
Fixed health bars for Classic & TBC

- 1.53
Fixed micro menu buttons
Fixed clicking on links in chat

- 1.52
Fixed crit data text and threat status

- 1.51
First release of HydraUI to support all 3 clients from within one package. Report any issues in Discord!

- 1.49
Enabled aura module again

- 1.483
Updated for patch 2.5.4
Aura headers are broken on Blizzards end, and the aura module is disabled until this is fixed

- 1.482
Fixed tooltip errors

- 1.481
Fixed tooltip error

- 1.48
Updated UI for patch 2.5.3

- 1.47
More chat frame positioning fixes
License update

- 1.46
Chat tabs will no longer dock themselves after being removed
Fixed Discord hyperlinks
Fixed data text settings error if right window is disabled
Holding Ctrl while scrolling chat will jump 5 lines
Elemental Shamans will now also be able to use the extra mana bar
Added higher frame level to UI alerts
Updated LibHealComm

- 1.44
Minimap button bar will not collect pvp queue button

- 1.435
Updated Minimap button bar to collect more addons

- 1.433
Fix chat frame issue with various languages

- 1.432
Added chat embedding for single window setting (/hui > Chat > Right)
Added level back to XP bar
Added font size offset for default UI font replacements
Dispel icons won't take mouse input
Fixed editbox taint while opening chat in combat
Fixed chat frames not scrolling properly

- 1.42
Fixed minimap changing size
Fixed chat and right window being on a higher frame level than other objects

- 1.40
• New setting to change border size across UI elements
• The chat frame and right window now use the same sizes for both windows
• More frame customization for including sizes and opacity
• Friends data text will display Diablo II: Resurrected
• Friends data text will no longer cause an error while clicked in combat
• Added Tooltip setting to change backdrop opacity
• Action button stack count will display on bottom right of action buttons (was top right) so that the hotkey text won't overlap it
• Added setting to disable Focus cast bar (TBC and Shadowlands)

- 1.36
• Added pet buffs
• Fixed tooltip error
• Fixed guild datatext click

- 1.35
• Fixed action button error
• Fixed primary stat data text error when spirit rezzing

- 1.34
• Improvements made to action button performance
• Fixed dismount module error
• Added Diablo 2 Resurrected to the friends data text

- 1.33
• Updated for patch 2.5.2
• Micro Menu will now show the LFG button
• Chat frame won't move around on login
• Tooltips can show aura ID's if "DisplayID's" setting is enabled
• Various typo fixes
• Fixed some tooltips not having backdrops
• Fixed mana showing as black

- 1.32
• Updated for patch 2.5.2
• Micro Menu will now show the LFG button
• Chat frame won't move around on login
• Tooltips can show aura ID's if "DisplayID's" setting is enabled
• Various typo fixes
• Fixed some tooltips not having backdrops

- 1.31
• Cooldown flashes shouldn't show on hidden action bars
• AutoCastable texture on pet bars will resize with buttons
• Attempted to fix error in ZoneAbilityFrame skinning
• Fixed "Show Realm" setting for tooltips
• Durability frame now has a mover
• Right window now has a mover

- 1.30
Fixed party debuff positions

- 1.29
Updated HealComm

- 1.28
Added 2D portraits setting for player and target
Added error protection to mover module
UTF8 friendly shortening for unit names
Aura size setting will be validated now for the new buffs

- 1.27
Fixed debuff position from 1.26

- 1.26
Fixed error frame not displaying UI errors
Fixed Objective Tracker taint error
Changed formatting of hit data text
Minimap button bar will collect ItemRack
Experience bar will display XP value from completed quests in the zone
Added stance keybinds onto stance bar
Added faster autoloot
Added setting to hide timer text on unit frame auras
Added new auras module with more settings

- 1.25
Fixed possible cooldown alert error
Auto dismount handles ghost wolf
Added debuffs to pet frame
Added debuffs to target of target frame
Added RaidIndex and PartyIndex tags for debugging
Power bar can be detached from the player frame and moved with /hui move
Combo point bar can be detached from the player frame and moved with /hui move
Added raid and party aura tracking - Let me know if you'd like to see more spells tracked

- 1.24
Player auras can be right clicked off from the unit frames
Added [Rested] tag to display rested status
[Status] tag will display rested status
Default player tags will now show the players information
Split tags into shortened and un-shortened versions
Added [RaidGroup] tag

Full list of tags available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/45191132

- 1.23
Added setting to replace default UI fonts (/hui > General > Replace UI Fonts)
Applied a fix to prevent a taint error while joining a battleground

- 1.22
Updated fonts across the UI
Fixed Hit data text showing incorrect information
Fixed Spell Power data text showing incorrect information
Added tooltip information to Hit data text
Reattached combatlog objects to ChatFrame2
Fixed chat issue where header text isn't found

- 1.21
Fixed quest frame mover

- 1.20
Fixed micro menu error
Fixed crit data text showing incorrect values

- 1.19
Fixed guild data text showing incorrect names if "Show offline members" was ticked
The guild data text will now display members zone text as green if they are in the same zone as you
Micro menu can adjust buttons per row, and go vertical (/hui > Action Bars)
Organized action bar windows

- 1.18
Decreased minimum Experience bar width
Decreased minimum Reputation bar width
Updated LibHealComm

- 1.17
Fixed Pet and Target of Target unit frames positioning

- 1.16
Added individual unit frame toggles
Added opacity setting to action bars
Fixed Spell Power data text

- 1.15
Fixed popups not being on the highest frame level (in front of other elements)

Fixed profile window causing an error while trying to update information

Importing profiles with the same name as one that exists will now append a number to the end of the profile. For example if "Default" exists, and you import another profile named "Default", it will be imported as "Default (1)", and notify you about the new name. This is a quick fix until I rework the import/export windows to allow for direct renaming.

- 1.14
Fixed coordinates data text tooltip error
Fixed Quest Watch mover
Frame movers can now set exact pixel locations. Grid still to come.

- 1.13
Fixed player frame display errors

- 1.12
Fixed loading issues

- 1.11
Adjusted UI loading sequence

- 1.10
Fixed setting to hide hotkey text
New mover additions coming next version :)
Fixed plugins not evaluating default setting values

- 1.09
Fixed Tooltip health bar height setting
Attempted to fix chat not scrolling after shift clicking a player name. Let me know if this still occurs
PVP capture bar is now movable
Fixed version check error
Druid mana bar should only display in forms that don't use mana

- 1.08
Fixed LibHealComm not displaying

- 1.07
Fixed nameplate error
Fixed nameplate indicator setting
Fixed cooldown alert error
Fixed <AFK> displaying as <Away from keyboard> in guild data text
Chat frames shouldn't go on vacation anymore on login.
Updated LibHealComm
Fixed [Status] tag not displaying AFK

- 1.06
Increased nameplate distance to max of 41 yards
Shortened "Middle Mouse" keybind to display "MMB" instead
Minor improvements made to the profile system
Minor improvements made to the GUI
Fix frame moving issue

- 1.05
Fixed scaling

- ​1.04
Fixed an error when setting the suggested UI scale
Fixed some GUI errors

Action button hotkeys will now shorten the following key binds
Mouse Wheel Up -> MWU
Mouse Wheel Down -> MWD
Mouse Button 4 -> MB 4 (Supports all mouse buttons, 4 is just an example)

- 1.03
Full patch notes - https://www.patreon.com/posts/51701134

- 1.02
Full patch notes here:

- 1.01
Added PVP Indicator (/hui - > Player or Target -> Enable PVP Icon)
Fixed tooltip class colors not showing
Added pet happiness to tooltip
Make sure chat is using class colored chat names

- 1.00
Initial BC release

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