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made by Luckyone

Minimalistic plugin and layout installer for ElvUI

• Always up-to-date for the latest ElvUI changes
• Custom presets for DPS, Tanks & Healers
• Discord server for support and social chats
• Focus on high-end Mythic+ and Raiding


• ElvUI tags for detailed unit health information
• ElvUI tags for healer mana and unit classification
• Options to disable rather annoying Blizzard features
• Options to clear AddOn cache which will speed up your loading time
• Options to configure performance related and hidden Blizzard settings
• Toggles for Blizzards cosmetic on-screen ffx effects and other visuals
• WeakAuras import strings for select specs and general utility


BossMods: DBM, BigWigs, LittleWigs
NamePlates: Plater, ElvUI NamePlates
AddOns: Details, OmniCD, Quartz, WarpDeplete
Plugins: AddOnSkins, ProjectAzilroka, Shadow&Light, WindTools

Chat commands

/luckyoneui install [Re-Run the installer process]
/luckyoneui config [Opens the ingame options]
/luckydebug on [Disables all AddOns except ElvUI and LuckyoneUI for troubleshooting]
/luckydebug off [Re-Enables all AddOns disabled by the command above]
/vault or /weekly [Open your great vault to check weekly progress]

Required AddOns

• The most recent ElvUI version. You need to stay up-to-date.
Download link: Click here [Redirect to Tukui.org]

Luckyone WeakAuras

• All my public import strings will be shared and updated on wago
Profile link: Click here [Redirect to Wago.io]

Luckyone on Twitch and YouTube

• Raiding and Mythic+ content. Balance Druid PoV most of the time.
Twitch link: Click here [Redirect to Twitch.tv]
YouTube link: Click here [Redirect to YouTube.com]

Setup guide

• Installation guide for new users is available on Wowhead
Guide link: Click here [Redirect to Wowhead.com]
- Version 2.27 [23-03-2023]

All WoW Versions:
ElvUI 13.29+ compatibility
Updated TOC for 10.0.7

- Version 2.26 [17-03-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Added chat prints to the installer if an addon or plugin is not installed
Added ptBR localization (Credits: Eltreum)
Added skin for TalentLoadoutsEx AddOn
Disabled smoothing for UnitFrame Fader
Updated out of range transparency for UnitFrame Fader
Compatibility tweaks if you use Shadow&Light + WindTools together
Updated Shadow&Light profile (Requires alpha version or wait for them to release the update)
Updated WindTools profile
Swapped to private namespace for constants and tables
Worth mentioning but I don't think anyone is using my stuff anyways

- Version 2.25 [06-03-2023]

All WoW Versions:
The following changes will only apply to fresh profiles or if dev-mode is enabled
• Moved name text for Raid1 and Raid2 to CENTER (was TOP)
• Moved ressurect icon for Raid1, Raid2, Raid3 to RIGHT (was CENTER)
• Moved role icon for Raid1, Raid2, Raid3 to LEFT (was BOTTOMLEFT)
• Moved summon icon for Raid1, Raid2, Raid3 to RIGHT (was CENTER)
• Removed health text for Raid1 and Raid2 frames
Updated website descriptions and GitHub readme file informations
Fixed rare installer error when using the BigWigs installer step
Fixed 'focus' error when using the Quartz installer step in Classic Era

- Version 2.24 [26-02-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Added layouts config section
Fixed a duplicate chat print during the installer process
Removed archive config section
Reworked all installer steps and descriptions for a better experience
Reworked installer behaviour so it only auto shows once per account instead of each character
Updated tons of locale strings for localization
Updated website descriptions and GitHub readme file informations
Updates for ElvUI 13.27
Fixed rare installer error when using the OmniCD installer step

- Version 2.23 [19-02-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Added seperate installer step for all ElvUI plugin profiles
Fixed rare installer error when using Quartz for castbars
The following changes will only apply to fresh profiles and not update existing profiles
• ActionBar hotkey text position is now 'TOP' (was 'TOPLEFT')
• Chat will now show time stamps (Format: HH:MM, Color: White)
• Cooldown text will now show in "44m" format and swap to MM:SS at 2 minutes remaining
• Itemlevel font size is now 10 (was 11)
• Mouseover tooltip of the custom Minimap DataText will no longer overlap Minimap buttons
Enabled color gradient for Alternative Power by default
Fixed the installer not working with the most recent WindTools update

- Version 2.22 [13-02-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Added auto update option in /luckyoneui config so you don't have to click 'Update Layout'
Added developer mode to the plugin: /luckydev on -> Read new config section carefully
More adjustments for ElvUI 13.26 compatibility
The plugin will now automatically skip the default ElvUI installer on new characters
Updated CVars installer step and config description
Updated WeakAuras section to make it more clear which classes are maintained
Fixed 'ReputationReward' profile installer error when using ProjectAzilroka
Fixed 'SunsongRanchFarmer' profile installer error when using ProjectAzilroka

- Version 2.21 [08-02-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Hotfixed the installer for ElvUI 13.24
Minor fix for the performance config section

- Version 2.20 [03-02-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Enabled raid icon for focus and target by default
Custom glow for initial installer is back to ElvUI default (was Autocast Shine)
Updated BigWigs profile (Text positions only)
Added some more general WeakAuras to the config section
Added edit mode import string to Blizzard config section
• This will position Chat, Talking Head, Quest Tracker correctly
Updated Details profile (Update frequency, DPS brackets)
Updated WindTools profile (Minimap, LFG, Misc)

- Version 2.19 [25-01-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Fixed error in Core.lua while running the installer process
Increased default font size for Time DataText from 14 to 15
Updated default positions for most minimap icons (Mail, Difficulty, LFG)
Updated russian localization (Credits: Hollicsh)
Disabled profession quality on ActionBars by default
Updated some Season 1 Dungeon StyleFilters (AA)
Updated WindTools profile
Fixes for party custom text on initial installer

- Version 2.18 [17-01-2023]

All WoW Versions:
NamePlates "Rework" for ElvUI and Plater
The NamePlates style remains similar, however the following has changed:
• Castbar icon is smaller and moved to the bottom
• Debuffs moved to the left and also grow to the left
• Spacing between plates has been reduced slightly
• Target mark moved to the center
Added profile for ElvUI WindTools plugin in /luckyoneui config
• I disabled most features by default to keep it clean and minimalistic
• You can also disable ProjectAzilroka if you decide to use WindTools instead
Added Vault of the Incarnates StyleFilter (VOTI)
• Includes important Broodkeeper Mythic and Raszageth Mythic adds
Updated some Season 1 Dungeon StyleFilters (TOJS)
Updated WarpDeplete profile slightly (Minor pixel perfect fix)
Wrath Classic:
Minor fixes for Phase 2
Updated TOC for 3.4.1

- Version 2.17 [09-01-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Optimized filter priority for enemy player buffs in ElvUI NamePlates
Updated Buffs and Debuffs at Minimap (HH:MM threshold and cd text colors)
Added wago link to my Dragonriding WeakAura edit in /luckyoneui config
Disabled "use icons" option for ElvUI micro bar by default
Wrath Classic:
Fixed minor issue in the layout installer step

- Version 2.16 [02-01-2023]

All WoW Versions:
Disabled focus glow for all UnitFrames by default
Updated CVars to include correct nameplate horizontal + vertical scale
Updated party frames for DPS & Tanks
• Adjusted Raid Icon, Summon Icon, Role Icon, Phase Indicator
Updated vehicle leave button default position to not overlap with power widget
Updated party frames for DPS & Tanks
• Added percentage healer mana text by default
Updated some Season 1 Dungeon StyleFilters (TOJS & SBG)

- Version 2.15 [23-12-2022]

Added Tier set 2p and 4p auras to the Moonkin WeakAura pack
Updated default position for Arena and Boss frames (To not overlap WarpDeplete & Quests)
Updated some Season 1 Dungeon StyleFilters (NO + AV)
Updated Details profile (Less updates per second + Font fixes)
Updated Shadow&Light profile slightly (AFK)
Updated WarpDeplete profile slightly (Width)

- Version 2.14 [12-12-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Plater profile is now completely handled on wago
• Installer and config will spawn a popup with the current import string
• This method is better for profile and companion updates
• Updated color mod for Season 1 Dungeons as well
Updated layout installer and added back custom glow preset
Updated WeakAuras config section
Added new config section: Graphics
• Options for Raids/Battlegrounds/Dungeons and hidden settings
• Options for cosmetic console variables like ffx effects
• Default values and suggestions in mouseover tooltips
Minor updates for OmniCD
• Added back initial DualSpec support for install

- Version 2.13 [05-12-2022]

Added ElvUI StyleFilters for Season 1 Dungeons
• They can be loaded in /luckyoneui config -> Profiles
Updated OmniCD profiles for Dragonflight
• Install it in /luckyoneui config -> Profiles
Wrath Classic:
Added support for the Quartz profile

- Version 2.12 [28-11-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Added a skins section in /luckyoneui config
• The first custom skin is for the BugSack AddOn
Added profile for Quartz (Alternative Castbar AddOn)
Updated default position for Dragonriding power widget
Updated Details profile
Updated WarpDeplete profile

- Version 2.11 [15-11-2022]

All WoW Versions:
ElvUI 13.02 or later is now required
Support for pre patch phase 2
Updated the new EasyDelete option to support Quest icons and Quest starters as well
Updated details profile
Updated some more class WeakAuras on wago
• Make sure to grab the new BetterInnervate aura as well if you are a Druid

- Version 2.10 [11-11-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Added new option to the Blizzard section of the config: EasyDelete
• If enabled, confirmation text to delete items will be auto-filled based on client language
ElvUI 13.01 or later is now required
Luckydebug command has been updated for the latest ElvUI folder changes
Removed Field of View option because Blizzard added it to the default UI options
Updated wago links in the config page

- Version 2.09 [01-11-2022]

Wrath Classic:
Hotfixed broken installer process

- Version 2.08 [31-10-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Added LICENSE.txt
ElvUI 12.99 or later is now required
Updated BigWigs profile for both layouts
• Emphasized bars will no longer move to their own anchor
• Tweaked visible bar limit and time left until emphasized
Added back the WeakAuras wago links to the config
• Note: They are still under heavy development and mostly broken
Fixed Minimap DataText frame strata (Clock was hidden behind the Minimap)
Removed ElvUI NamePlate StyleFilters for Shadowlands dungeons
• There will be StyleFilters for Dragonflight season 1 in a future update
Updated default fonts and text positions for ActionBars 13, 14, 15

- Version 2.07 [26-10-2022]

All WoW Versions:
ElvUI 12.92 or later is now required
Updated installer for Dragonflight pre patch
Updated TOC for 10.0
WeakAuras are now hidden from config and not updated for Dragonflight
• Some of them will return in the following weeks but not all of them
Wrath Classic:
Added WeakAuras for Shadow Priest

- Version 2.06 [05-10-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Enabled health information in tooltip by default
Full russian localization (Credits: Hollicsh)
Healing layout will be using mana text instead of bar by default now
Updated supporter credits list
Updated localization (Credits: Hollicsh)
Fixed WarpDeplete installer step
Wrath Classic:
Added party pets setup for the healing layout on initial install

- Version 2.05 [19-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Fixed installer for the latest ElvUI totemTracker changes
Fixed Raid frame positions for initial install (Healing layout)
Wrath Classic:
Minor tweaks for initial install (Pet frame color)

- Version 2.04 [12-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Hotfixes for new all-in-one ElvUI v12.85

- Version 2.03 [12-09-2022]

All WoW Versions:
This ElvUI release adds RaidFrame reworks:
• I highly recommend using my ingame update button
• Raid and Raid40 are gone and replaced with Raid1, Raid2, Raid3
Updated NamePlate filters for Enemy Players (added TurtleBuffs)
Updated numGroups for raid to default to 5 now (was 4)
Updated UnitFrames to be slightly transparent again
Updates for the new all-in-one ElvUI v12.85
Wrath Classic:
Minor adjustments for initial layout install

- Version 2.02 [30-08-2022]

All WoW Versions:
Adjusted position of TopCenterContainerMover slightly
Minor color tweaks for the custom ActionBars DataText
Wrath Classic:
Some more fixes for pre patch release
Updated color themes to account for 'Color by Happiness' option

- Version 2.01 [26-08-2022]

All WoW Versions:
DBM profiles are back and updated for LuckyoneUI v2
Updated buttons have returned to the config panel
Updated Locales for enUS and deDE
Updated MiniMap custom DataText to not block mouse events for Minimap icons
Added profile for WarpDeplete (Mythic Plus Timer AddOn)
Disabled player frame in party for the main layout
Updated OmniCD spells list
Updated raid icon position and size for boss frames
WeakAuras section has returned but only cosmetic updates to fit in LuckyoneUI v2

- Version 2.00 [24-08-2022]

Introducing the first draft of LuckyoneUI v2 which will be updated
and maintained throughout Dragonflight. This includes reworks for both
ElvUI layouts, all AddOn profiles and (maybe) WeakAuras in the future
More information will be available in the Discord announcement
All WoW Versions:
Removed DBM profiles and support
Removed LuckyoneUI v1 from the installer. A copy of the "old" layouts
is available in the /luckyoneui config -> Archive section
Added optional ElvUI StyleFilter for the Shrouded affix enemies
Updated TOC for 9.2.7
Wrath Classic:
Updated and ready for the pre-patch

The latest version of this addon is 2.27 and was uploaded on Mar 23, 2023 at 10:54.

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