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Over 40,000 Total Downloads and counting! #MindBlown

ThinkTankUI: [Remastered] is a graphical addon compilation for World of Warcraft. The UI focuses on providing the user with real time buff/debuff tracking for every class, role, and specialization. The base of the interface is built upon ElvUI and can be customized differently for each and every person who uses the UI. If you are looking for something new and refreshing, this UI might be exactly what you had in mind!


Required Addons:
-ElvUI - Acquired from the www.tukui.org website
-Raven - REMOVED. Delete it if you have it
-AddOnSkins-Can get it from the Twitch Client

Recommended Addons:

-xCT+ (Original Battle Text Addon) Can get from the Curseforge Client (unsure if available for Wrath)
-Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (Alternate Battle Text Option) Can get from the Curseforge Client
Pick One:

Pick One:
-Bigwigs (and Littlewigs for Dungeons) - Can get from the Curseforge Client
-DBM - Can get from the Curseforge Client

Pick One:
-Skada - Can get it from Curse Client
-Details - Can get it from the Curse Client


You should complete the original ElvUI Installer, at least through the chat, and then you literally follow the steps of the ThinkTankUI Remastered installer to ensure your UI is installed correctly.

The command /ttuirm will also bring up the menu for the installer in case you delete a profile or close the installer.

Your Spec:

The installer now includes options for profile creation as well as the ability to update an old profile (not recommended if you have a really old version). If you want to have more than one layout (a healer and dps/tank layout) then you will need to make more than one profile by running the installer a second time.

Enjoy the UI and please make me aware of any bugs by sending me a message at thinktankui@gmail.com or by posting on wowinterface, tukui, or curseforge.

Contact me on my Discord or at thinktankui@gmail.com or by leaving comments on the page! (Not recommended for fast responses).

Credits: Elv, Tukz, Gallahead, Dandruff, MilkeProd, Tojaso, Tonyleila, Mave 99, Zarnivoop, Cladhaire, Azilroka, Skullflower, Nibelheim, Darth Predator, Blazeflack, Merathilis, Redtukz, Aldarana, and Simpy. and the entire ElvUI Community who puts forth amazing effort to make this game a success by showcasing some amazing talent.
Version 1.1
-Support for Raven has been restored but only for the Raid Buffs Bar below the player frame. I figured this was a fair compromise between everything.
-The UI now uses ultrawide as the base. 3440x1440. It may work on non ultrawide but I won't know until someone sets it up.
-I have updated many of the fonts and the general layout but nothing is changed generally.
-Threat is now available below the target frame.
-Small Tweaks and bug fixes that included fonts, mislabeled items, text overlays etc...Hopefully everything is in order.

The latest version of this addon is 1.1 and was uploaded on Oct 03, 2022 at 00:05.

This file was last downloaded on Nov 27, 2022 at 04:56 and has been downloaded 338 times.


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