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Tukui License

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  • Do not modify the name of this addon, including the addon folders.
  • Do not include this AddOn with any edited version, a user of this AddOn must always download this addon from tukui.org or through the Tukui Client.
  • This copyright notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Earlier versions were released under terms that did not require permission, but due to the actions of certain unscrupulous distributors, I have chosen to license all versions over v9 under stricter terms.

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The current version of Tukui is 20.27 and was updated on 2022-06-09.
June 9 2022 : Version 20.27a
  • Mostly just a toc update for 9.2.5
May 4 2022 : Version 20.27
  • Fix MasterLooter
February 20 2022 : Version 20.26
  • Update for 9.2 that will be deployed this tuesday, also compatible current patch.
  • Various fixes reported from GIT.
January 19 2022 : Version 20.25
  • Castbar, Power Prediction and Toolip fixes
January 04 2022 : Version 20.24
  • This Tukui version can now be installed on classic vanilla. If you do, please note that your settings will be reset after updating, because it's a totally different version, improved, up-to-date, much better and a lot more easier to use. TBC and Retail, don't worry, nothing is reset.
  • Bags sorting have been updated for TBC items.
  • Some others minors fixes.
  • Git (Development) URL moved to GitHub.
November 03 2021 : Version 20.23
  • Update for 9.1.5 patch.
June 29 2021 : Version 20.22
  • Tukui version of TBC and Shadowlands are now merged together
  • Very busy in real life, will update this patchnote later this week.
FOR EU, if you updated to 20.22 and still on 9.0.5, please use this link to downgrade: https://www.tukui.org/downloads/tukui-20.17.zip March 10 2021 : Version 20.17
  • Toc update for 9.0.5
  • Fix double timers seen on totems
  • Fix Soulbind Viewer lua error
January 27 2021 : Version 20.16
  • Chat history is now saved and restored between reload/login
  • Alerts now have his own holder and is movable
  • Creatures now have their own chat frame when speaking with default chat settings
  • You can now set your own color to casting & chanelling bars in GUI/UNITFRAMES
  • Lots of minor fixes (mostly taint fixes), coding optimisations and improvements
January 20 2021 : Version 20.15
  • Add a world map fading opacity option while moving
  • Fix a world map taint in combat
  • Add a castbar to pet unit frame
  • Players nameplates now display class icon (can be toggle off in GUI/NAMEPLATES)
  • Cast bar color a little bit brighter
  • Health and power now have smooth animation (can be toggle off in GUI/UNITFRAMES)
  • Add raid utilities for raid assistant/leader (toggle with: /tukui ru)
  • Add an option in GUI/GENERAL to automatically color borders according to your current class
January 14 2021 : Version 20.14
  • Various bugs fixes reported by users
  • A couple of little enhancements left and right across the UI
December 13 2020 : Version 20.13
  • Nameplates now display dispellable/purgeable/stealable buffs
  • SHIFT-O can now toggle objective tracker
  • Add a close button on our world map
  • UI Widgets is now moveable
  • Add a raid frames tracking debuff list for shadowlands dungeons and raids
  • Movable frames have now better titles names
  • We have now 2 separate raid frames, 1 for 20 peoples and less, another for 20+ raid
  • Raid frames enhancements for healers, better debuffs tracking, doesn't display shitty debuffs anymore
  • Fix tooltip displaying wrong HP values for doors and such (example: wintergrasp doors)
  • Fix health text on player sometime being hidden
  • Add a pvp tracking debuff list while in pvp, class that can dispel will only see "important" dispellable debuffs for teammates, other class will see all crowd control debuffs. This list activate only in battleground, arena or pvp specific zones
December 07 2020 : Version 20.12
  • Fix player aura bars not working while enabled in GUI
  • Fix a lua error with forge of bonds and conduits items
  • Bags now automatically open when clicking on forge of bonds
  • Fix a lua error while shift cliking an item and no item level was detected on that item
  • Echoing Reprimand Kyrian rogue spell will now display on combo bar
  • Fix a battleground datatext lua error while mouseover
  • Fix UIWidgets that was positionned wrong under minimap
December 01 2020 : Version 20.11
  • Fix new zone abilities sometime not being show
  • Fix player unit frame buffs right-click not working as intended
  • Fix xp bars choosen bar type sometime not being saved after reloading ui
  • Objective Tracker Jailers Tower scenario is now skinned
  • You can now track your anima reservoir on xp bars
  • Fix a bug where quest indicators on nameplates were not show with world quests
  • Fix a bug where you could not invite BN friends to a group from friend datatext
November 23 2020 : Version 20.10
  • Fix a lua error with bags cosmetic items
  • You can now disable class bars on player unit frames (example: paladin holy power)
November 23 2020 : Version 20.09
  • New Tukui logo for AFK/STATUS
  • Middle mouse click on minimap display garrison/covenant/etc
  • Fix for time datatext sometime always displaying AM military time
  • Add a minimap animation when we need your attention to look at garrison/covenant frames
  • Add options to disable buffs, debuffs separatly on player and target
  • Fix azerite xp bar not always updating correctly
  • Reputation bars are gone, merged into XP bars
  • You can now click on XP bars to set what you want to exactly track as XP
  • Add an option to disable our micro menu, useful if you use another addon for this
  • Bags are now displaying BoE cosmetic items
  • Some other minor fixes before shadowlands content goes live
November 17 2020 : Version 20.08
  • Fix extra button being sometime not clickable
  • Fix a taint in combat while trying to run /tukui kb
  • Fix a tooltip border color bug sometime when you mouse over world objects
  • Optimization for quest icons on nameplates, better checks
  • Fix an issue where game tooltip background was hidden on some others addons
  • Time datatext update, right click now open Time Manager
  • Time datatext update, you can set your time preference for your datatext in Time Manager
November 13 2020 : Version 20.07
  • New feature, item level on bags button and character/inspect frames
  • New feature, bubbles can now display who (nickname) is talking
  • Vehicle indicator can now be moved again
  • Fix a lua error that happen sometime while mouse is over chat frames
  • Add health tags on nameplates, party and raid frames
  • Clicking guild datatext now display community frame
  • Micro menu can now be toggle with a key (ALT-M default, GUI/MISC for changing that)
  • Fix strata and level of bags buttons with some others addons enabled
  • Nameplates quest indicator, fix an issue where is was not working on some toons
  • Add a talents datatatext
  • Zone abilities now have his own mover frame
  • Fix an minor issue with bag search
November 03 2020 : Version 20.06
  • You can now import profiles from other character from GUI/GENERAL tab
  • Changed how raid buffs tracking are displayed and more options for this feature in the GUI
  • Fix a bug where deeper stratagem spell was not updating the max combo points to 6
  • New micro menu design, it use blizzard micro bar (so taints are gone) and it is also movable
  • World Map can now use mouse wheel zooming
  • Copy chat text button will now show when mouse over chat, not copy button only
  • Added a command to toggle the quests objectives, (/tukui quest or /tukui ot)
  • Fix a lua error with friend and guild datatexts when inviting someone to a group
  • Alternative Power Bar is back on target
  • Player buffs #10+ right-click cancel should be fixed on player unit frame
  • Global settings from GUI is gone, please use our profile importer in GENERAL
  • If currently using global on a character, it will automatically move current settings to your character profile
October 24 2020 : Version 20.05
  • Enemy specs are now displayed on arena frames
  • Party and Raid frames is now displaying roles
  • Fix double backdrops on world map tooltip
  • You can now customise health tags on unitframes
  • Fix a client performance issue with nameplates quest icons
  • Fix xp/rep bars being empty after returning from hidden state
  • [BETA/WIP] For healers, buffs tracking on raid frames
  • Some other minor fixes and enhancements
October 21 2020 : Version 20.04
  • User can now customize their player and target health text with tags
  • Absords health prediction is back on unitframes
  • Unit nameplate will now display an exclamation if involved in a quest
  • Chats size increased just a bit by default
  • Better hotkeys text on action bars for some specific keybinds
  • Tokens display is restored on bags
  • Move world map coordinates to right, because it was something under zone quests
  • Order hall top blizzard bar is now hidden, as it was in T18, useless stuff
  • Fix double cooldown text on bags items
  • Rep bars are now displayed above XP bars
  • Honor and Azerith XP is back on XP bars
October 19 2020 : Version 20.03
  • Fix some class not seeing additional power bar
  • Fix tooltip not movable on "Tukz" theme
  • A toggle button is added at top of objective tracker
  • Fix pet action button cooldown spiral being always hidden
  • Add cooldown text on pet bar buttons
  • Fix enemy buffs spells not animating to warn player to dispel
  • Fix hidden action bars buttons hotkeys not working
  • Focus Target updates should be less laggy
  • Fix font choice in GUI not applying to hotkeys
  • Fix a lua error when mouse is over time datatext
October 17 2020 : Version 20.02
  • Fix healcomm texture on arena preparation frames
  • Display a mana bar for shadow priest, balance druid and enhancement shaman
  • Added an option to turn off our world map
  • Added an option to disable new items flashing in bags
  • Added an option to set max amount of button per action bars
  • Added an option to turn off new spells being added automatically to action bars
  • Added an option to use Blizzard default proc animation on spells
  • Various other minor bugs
October 15 2020 : Version 20.01
  • Fix a lua error with XP bar when our chat module is disabled
  • You can now customize your action bars layout in GUI / ACTIONBARS / STYLING
  • Fix tooltip guild name being displayed on 2 lines
  • Fix action bar 1 backdrop not being hidden while backdrop option is turned off
  • Add an option to turn off quest item identification in bags
  • Add an option to turn off quest item identification in bags
  • Portraits are back on unitframes
  • Various other minor bugs
October 13 2020 : Version 20.00
  • Pre-Release for Shadowlands
  • We do not force reset, but we recommend it after your first login into Shadowlands. (/tukui reset)
  • It's a new Tukui and a Pre-Release, so expect some features and some options missing from previous version. They will be back soon. (Example, Arena Preparation Frames not yet implemented)