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Tukui License

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The contents of this addon, excluding third-party resources, are copyrighted to their authors with all rights reserved.

Authors of this addon hereby grant you the following rights:

  • You may NOT make any modification inside this addon. If you want to create your own edited version, please create it from outside.
  • Do not modify the name of this addon, including the addon folders.
  • Do not include this AddOn with any edited version, a user of this AddOn must always download this addon from tukui.org or through the Tukui Client.
  • This copyright notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Earlier versions were released under terms that did not require permission, but due to the actions of certain unscrupulous distributors, I have chosen to license all versions over v9 under stricter terms.

All rights not explicitly addressed in this license are reserved by the copyright holders.

You can write to us at contact@tukui.org for reporting abuse.

The current version of Tukui is 18.28 and was updated on 2020-01-14.
January 14 2020 : Version 18.28
  • Lua errors fixes for 8.3
September 24 2019 : Version 18.28
  • Fixed Friends DataText and ToC for 8.2.5.
July 31 2019 : Version 18.26
  • Fixed monitor resolution detection in Tukui that was bug. It was causing various scaling issues.
June 28 2019 : Version 18.25
  • More bug fixes for 8.2.
  • UI should not appear as out of date anymore.
June 25 2019 : Version 18.24
  • 18.23 was a bad release for 8.2, sorry for that. This one should run better. :)
June 25 2019 : Version 18.23
  • Fix lua errors introduced in the new patch.
March 12 2019 : Version 18.22
  • Fix lua errors introduced in the new patch.
December 14 2018 : Version 18.21
  • Fix for a Blizzard texture displayed on screen when bank is open.
  • Fix for having sometime an additional power bar displayed accross screen while personal ressource was enabled.
  • Bump toc, because since today, Blizzard hotfixed the toc and was telling you that the addon wasn't updated for 8.1.
December 12 2018 : Version 18.20
  • Various user reports bugs fixes.
December 11 2018 : Version 18.19
  • Update/Fix for 8.1 Tides of Vengeance patch.
  • Action Bars highlight is now is Blizzard default.
October 18 2018 : Version 18.18
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Power bar on Arena Preparation frames are now colored according to opponent specID.
October 15 2018 : Version 18.17
  • Fix a lua error issue with friends datatext while Battle.net is disconnected from WoW client.
  • Friends Datatext now display players currently playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Destiny 2 and StarCraft: Remastered.
October 1 2018 : Version 18.16
  • Fix an issue where raid/cc debuffs tracking was never displayed on raid frames.
  • Fix a lua error on warrior because intervene spellid was wrong.
October 05 2018 : Version 18.15
  • Fix a lua error with tooltip while disabled and while using T17 Theme.
  • oUF core update.
  • Disable some Tukui Skins when AddonSkins is enabled.
  • Arena preparation is now handled by oUF.
  • "Tukui UF" font removed from UnitFrame defaults config due to international issue. Now use "Tukui" font by default.
August 24 2018 : Version 18.14
  • Just some minor fixes and various optimizations.
August 18 2018 : Version 18.13
  • TOOLTIPS: GarrisonFollowerTooltip is now skinned.
  • MISC: Objective Tracker World Quest POI is now skinned.
  • INVENTORY: Fix a bug with TradeSkillMaster where sometime you could not click on an item in bag.
  • INSTALL: Move loot system messages to loot window.
  • UNITFRAMES: Party unit buffs max size changed to fit party unit width.
  • ACTIONBARS: Add shadow around Extra Button.
  • MISC: Reputation bar 2 should now be displayed correctly if no heart of azeroth is found.
  • THEMES: T17, fix a bug where bars was filling horizontally instead of vertically.
  • THEMES: T17, tooltips are now displayed above datatext bars, as it was previously in T17.
  • UNITFRAMES: Nameplates now have cast text.
August 15 2018 : Version 18.12
  • LOCALES: Add KoKR. (By Aden)
  • ACTIONBARS: Fix vehicle bar actions not updating correctly in some events.
  • DATATEXT: Fix a lua error on friend datatext while Battle.net is down.
  • INSTALL: Fix general/trade channels not being applied on chatframe 3 on install
  • UNITFRAMES: Party group units visual minor changes.
  • UNITFRAMES: Totems Cooldown are now spiral and can now be right-click cancelled.
  • MISC: Various other minor fixes and optimizations.
July 29 2018 : Version 18.11
  • TradeSkillMaster should now work with Tukui.
  • UNITFRAMES: Reduce party units slightly.
  • MISC: Filter lua errors "Couldn't open" or "Deferred XML" in others addons.
  • UNITFRAMES: Nameplates power is now hidden on unit without power.
  • UNITFRAMES: Nameplates, fix CVar not registering on load.
  • UNITFRAMES: Add an option to only show our debuffs on nameplates. (default: on)
  • MISC: AFK screen is now close when ESCAPE is push.
  • Various minor optimization tweaks/fixes.
July 27 2018 : Version 18.10
  • MISC: Fix "/tukui move" with objective tracker when you right-click to restore default .
  • INVENTORY: New loot frame is now movable if "Open Loot at mouse" option is check.
  • INVENTORY: New option tab in GUI, Loot. You can use Tukui loot of Blizzard loot from here.
  • UNITFRAMES: You can now right-click on totems to destroy them,
  • UNITFRAMES: Nameplates names are now colored by unit hostility instead of unit class.
  • UNITFRAMES: Health tapping is back on target, targetoftarget, and nameplates.
  • Themes: New module for Tukui. Allow users to switch the layout of Tukui. More themes to come later... (Players with Tukui_17_Layout plugin, you can now delete this addon)
July 25 2018 : Version 18.09
  • INVENTORY: New loot frame introduced in 18.08 was buggy, sorry. It should be fixed in this version.
July 25 2018 : Version 18.08 [BROKEN, PLEASE UPDATE]
  • UNITFRAMES: Removed tapping color which is now useless.
  • MISC: Fix error frame filtering not working as intended.
  • INVENTORY: New cool looking loot frame.
  • INVENTORY: Fix bag currencies not updating after purchase.
July 25 2018 : Version 18.07
  • ACTIONBARS: Fix possess bar. (Example, Mind Control on priest)
  • ACTIONBARS: Fix Cooldown/Pushed/Hover/Checked textures displayed on action button borders.
July 24 2018 : Version 18.06
  • MISC: Micro Menu, added communities.
  • MISC: Micro Menu, fix Raid.
  • LIBS: Atonement bar now also trigger with trinity pvp talent.
  • LIBS: Fix a display issue with Lib_DropDown.
  • DATATEXTS: New datatext, called Voice Chat.
  • CHATFRAMES: Fix BNet Toast frame default position.
July 22 2018 : Version 18.05
  • Various minor fixes.
  • UNITFRAMES: Fix trinkets on enemies arena frames.
  • UNITFRAMES: Temporary disable raid/party atonement bar on disc priest. It cause huge lag.
July 21 2018 : Version 18.04
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Chatframes: CTRL+CLICK on copy button will now bring chat menu.
  • Nameplates: Fix an issue where some nameplates health were not updating correctly.
  • Nameplates: Add an option for disabling short channel name.
  • Inventory: Bank is not movable.
July 20 2018 : Version 18.03
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Short channels name in chat.
July 19 2018 : Version 18.02
  • Various minor fixes.
July 18 2018 : Version 18.01
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Some little requests from forum.
July 17 2018 : Version 18.00
  • 10 years anniversary! New layout! Tukui return in time, The UI will look like more or less what it have been 10 years ago between T1 and T6. (screenshot)
  • Too many changes... i'm lost in this changelog... sorry!
May 13 2018 : Version 17.17
  • Bags: Remove bags filter feature. This can cause severe user issues if used the wrong way.
March 05 2018 : Version 17.17
  • Bags: Fix authentificator bubbles help boxes overlapping our bags.
  • Bags: Fix tokens always being displayed on screen.
  • Bags: Fix bag inventory not being registered by "/tukui /moveui".
  • Action Bars: Fix possess bar paging.
January 16 2018 : Version 17.16
  • Bag Fix: Fix lua error on patch 7.3.5.
  • Bag Fix: Fix tokens being always show on screen after closing bag.
January 7 2018 : Version 17.15
  • Bag Fix: Keystones and Battle Pets should no longer be sold/deleted after visiting merchant and when auto-sell gray is active.
  • Bag Fix: Fix an issue where Battle Pets and Keystones border color were always gray, even if they were rare, epic, etc.
December 9 2017 : Version 17.14
  • Bag Fix: Bank Frame / Cinematic Bug.
  • Explicitly Set oUF Style.
  • Fix Cyrillic Combat Font.
August 29 2017 : Version 17.13
  • Update for 7.3, I think only bags needed a fix.
  • Can be used on 7.2.5 and 7.3 patchs.
June 13 2017 : Version 17.12
  • Fix tooltip lua errors on experience and repuration bars.
March 28 2017 : Version 17.11
  • Fix nameplates fps drop and lua errors.
  • Fix artefact xp bar.
March 28 2017 : Version 17.10
  • TOC update for 7.2.
January 12 2017 : Version 17.09
  • Minor update (API code fixes only) for 7.1.5.
October 27 2016 : Version 17.08
  • Fix an important bug/taint issue with nameplates. We really recommend everyone to update as soon as possible to at least this version.
October 25 2016 : Version 17.07
  • Fix some lua errors.
October 24 2016 : Version 17.06
  • Update for 7.1 patch (is also compatible for 7.0 patch)
October 09 2016 : Version 17.05
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Artefact bar tooltip now show available points.
  • Added raid debuffs tracking for Legion pve encounters. (Thanks to Anzor)
August 29 2016 : Version 17.04
  • Various minor bug fixes.
July 26 2016 : Version 17.03
  • Fix a bug where feral druid was seeing a total of 8 or 6 combo pts on unitframes.
  • Bag update that should improve FPS of the game when bags are open.
  • Fix dropdown menu causing taints in PVP panel.
  • Minimap tracking downdown display changed. You now need to right-click on the minimap location to show the tracking menu.
  • Micro Menu is now displayed when right-cliking on minimap. Middle-click is still available to show menu.
  • Fix bottom right action bar not updating correctly when shift-clicking on resize bar button.
  • Fix an issue with reputation bar when activated.
  • Fix XP bar color being artifact colored.
  • Fix TOC version for Tukui_Config.
  • Fix various codes in the UI breaking /framestack command.
  • Fix an issue with SpellFlyout which was show under unitframes.
  • Fix XP bar color being artifact colored.
  • Fix an issue with auto-scale where Tukui was unable to find the resolution of the game when resolution was set to custom.
  • An ACCEPT/CANCEL popup have been added when Tukui detect a resolution change of the game and ask to restart the game.
July 21 2016 : Version 17.02
  • Fix Auto Scale when WoW is set FULLSCREEN.
  • Fix nameplates/unitframes health color of neutral seen as hostile.
  • Fix an issue where some players where unable to switch to reagent bank.
  • Fix XP Bar seen inside bags when chat background was enabled.
  • Fix deathknight runes that were sometime stuck in gray. (Cooldown)
  • Fix an issue where Tukui was breaking /framestack.
  • Fix a FPS issue when WoW was displaying lots of nameplates.
July 19 2016 : Version 17.01

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is for 7.0.3 Patch ONLY!
  • Too much changes in Legion, can't list them all...
March 23 2016 : Version 16.35
  • Fix a lua error with friend datatext when battle.net is not available.
  • Fix a lua error on step 1 in first installation or reset mode.
March 22 2016 : Version 16.34
IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is for 6.2.4 Patch ONLY!
  • Fix a lua error with friend datatext.
March 04 2016 : Version 16.33
  • Added some important raid debuffs to track on grid.
  • Request: Added an old feature back into T16, which is auto-invite.
  • Update to animation API.
  • Various nameplates fixes.
  • Fix an issue with nameplates class colors in PVP. (Example: Priest health color was sometime seen yellow instead of white)
  • Fix an issue with mouseover location animation on minimap.
September 1 2015 : Version 16.32
  • NamePlate: Percentage Display (Temporary)
September 1 2015 : Version 16.31
  • Update for 6.2.2 patch.
  • NamePlate's has been rewritten to help curb CPU Cycles.
  • Raid Frames: Threat Fixed.
June 23 2015 : Version 16.30
  • Update for 6.2 patch. It also work on 6.1 patch because it's more or less just a toc update.
June 16 2015 : Version 16.22
  • Reduced CPU Cycles.
  • Absorb Bar should now be properly displayed.
  • Frames now have names for Framestack.
  • Font Support for CN / TW / KR.
February 27 2015 : Version 16.21
  • Fix vehicle exit button sometime now show when needed.
  • HotKeys text replacement on action bars buttons is now using WoW globals text and should now work on all WoW clients.
February 25 2015 : Version 16.20
  • Fix a chat copy url lua error when twitter is enabled.
February 25 2015 : Version 16.19
  • Tukui_Config toc version was not updated for 6.1. It was show as out of date, even if not.
  • Updated vehicle buttons to allow "Land at the next available Flight Master".
February 24 2015 : Version 16.18

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is for 6.1.0 Patch ONLY!
  • Micro menu options (Shift-RightClick on Minimap, or Middle Click) have been edited.
  • Added new twitter feature thought our micro menu.
  • Raid Leader class icon on unit frames for Death Knight have been fixed. (it was under the rune bar)
  • Fixed an issue with our combat font for french client.
January 13 2015 : Version 16.17
  • Rogue shadow dance bar fix.
  • Action Bar Blizzard Border fix.
  • Fix a bug with objective frame when DugisGuideViewerZ addon is used.
  • Update DieDieDie font for russian use.
  • Fix a bug with /tukui move when a frame was not detected by Tukui for moving.
  • Fix a minor bug with nameplates health colors.
  • UnitFrames "Boss Alt Power Text" is now a global "Alt Power Text" option for every unit frame that have an alt power bar.
  • Various textures fix for player and target unit frames.
  • Added an option to show only our buffs on target.
  • Fix a texture bug on pet bar when a spell was removed.
  • Nameplates cast bar will now turn red if it is not interruptible.
  • Fix an issue where Blizzard Consolidated Buffs was sometime show.
  • Fix a texture bug in bank slots with quest items.
  • Spec and ItemLevel are now hidden on tooltip by default. Hold ALT now to display this information.
  • Minors tooltip display changes.
  • Add "Beacon of Faith" spell check to Grid for Paladin.
  • Update to oUF Framework.
  • Right-click on totem bar to cancel/remove totems on the ground is back.
  • Added mouse and player coordinates on World Map.
  • You can use/copy another character settings (profile) on your current character with the following command: /tukui profile ServerName-CharacterName
November 27 2014 : Version 16.16
  • New DataText : Garrison.
  • Target/Focus highlight have been added to raid frames. (GRID MODE)
  • You can now display ALTPOWER text values on BOSS Frames.
  • Some minor fixes reported on our bug report system.
November 21 2014 : Version 16.15
  • Attempt to fix an issue with shadow orbs bar, which overflow player frame on changing zones.
November 20 2014 : Version 16.14
  • Add SHIFT+RIGHTCLICK to toggle micromenu on minimap. MIDDLECLICK unchanged and still work as well.
  • Add Druid Germination to Aura Watch on GRID Raid Frames.
  • Fix an issue where health on nameplates for monk was colored gray.
  • Add TAPPED health bar coloring on nameplates.
  • Fix an issue with paladin and their totem bar.
  • Fix a lua error on bags introduced with 16.13 release.
November 17 2014 : Version 16.13
  • Attempt to fix an issue with maximum priest orbs displayed on player unit frame.
  • Fix an issue with paladin consecration bar displayed over holy power bar.
  • Fix an issue with level/strata of party/raid frames, which was displayed over workers.
  • User Request: You are now able to move the vehicle seat indicator. Default position is also changed.
  • Aggro indicator on unit frames is now displayed on Panel instead of Health.
  • Reagent bank slots borders are now coloured according to item quality.
November 14 2014 : Version 16.12
  • Fix a lua error and color bug on raid/party frames.
  • Fix rested xp bar which was sometime show on the entire bar even if no bonus xp was available.
November 12 2014 : Version 16.11 (Little update for WoD XPAC Launch)
  • Power DataText fix.
  • Add raid/boss killed info to time datatext.
  • Fix DataText lua error if the datatext button is removed from the UI.
  • Update oUF Framework, which should fix some minor issues. (Eclipse Bar, Boss AltPower, etc)
  • New DataText: Location
  • Update to experience and reputation bars. You should no longer need to Reload UI when a new XPAC launch. The EXP bar will appear as soon you need to level up.
  • Fix cast bar text (long cast name) displayed outside the cast bar.
  • Party unit role is now displayed at the right of unit name.
  • Boss AltPower bar is now displayed over the health bar.
October 27 2014 : Version 16.10 (Now on the road for the next 4 days so no more update until october 31)
  • Various fixes (around 6 or 7) reported by users from our ticket system.
  • You can now move player/target cast bar without casting when unlinked (or any hidden frame)
  • Stance bar backdrop fix when buttons were resized.
October 25 2014 : Version 16.09
  • Changed default "Flash on new item looted in bag" from disabled to enabled in our bag module.
  • Some little memory enhancement in various files.
  • Added a Tukui Zone Map feature, which will replace Blizzard Zone Map.
  • Everyone should now see BOSS debuffs on our grid raid frames.
  • Various fixes reported by the community on our bug report system.
  • Tukui Editors: T.Delay have been rewritten.
  • You can now disable boss frames in UnitFrames options.
October 20 2014 : Version 16.08
  • This update fix a tons of various minor bugs discovered by the users of the UI.
October 19 2014 : Version 16.06
  • Debuffs header on target now move up according to the number of buffs. It shoule be easier to see if it's a buff or debuff now on target.
  • Fix Quest push on Minimap Micro Menu.
  • Update Checked was outdated and now fixed.
  • Old T15 Tukui_ConfigUI from t15, if not deleted from addons folder, should be automatically disabled if still loaded.
  • Objective Tracker update. I think it should not taint anymore now.
  • Fix a focus edit box bug on Tukui Config on text/number changed.
  • Fix a bug when hitting ESC when Reagent Bag was open. Bank wasn't able to reopen correctly.
  • Add Tukui_Config to X-Tukui-ProjectFolders.
  • MoveUI script was updated and it should fix some dragging issues.
October 18 2014 : Version 16.05
  • Add range alpha to party frames.
  • Remove Blizzard nameplate cast bar and create our own bar. This should fix a cast bar nameplate sizing bug.
  • Looting and Cleaning bag is now back on top item slots like it was in T15 or less.
  • Fix all in one bag error when the player have less than 4 bags.
  • Clicking on durability datatext will show character frame.
  • Add vertical health lost to our grid raid layout. (Disabled by default)
  • Fix a bug where our combat font wasn't usable with french client or client with special characters.
  • Add an option to change cast bars texture.
  • Fix an issue with bag reagent/bank toggle.
  • Temporary disable skinned button on our objective tracker, it taint. I will investigate later because i'm unable to reproduce on my side.
  • MoveUI Script changes. Some element like party frames should be easier to drag without being in a group.
  • Fix Druid Wrath/Starfire Indicators.
  • Add an option to display tooltip on mouseover.
  • Add an option to disable Combo Bar.
  • Add option to disable buffs/debuffs on each unit frames.
October 17 2014 : Version 16.04

WARNING: If you are playing from Mac OS X, with a character name with special letters. (example: Tükz) Your settings will probably be reset because we edited how the settings are now saved to avoid some Blizzard bugs which sometime doesn't save settings correctly. For all others, your old settings should convert to our new system automatically without doing anything. However, I still recommend to make a backup of your WoW/WTF folder in case something goes wrong.
  • New method for saving settings from our in game config. This should fix MAC issues.
  • Add an option to disable threat on party/raid frame. This is located in UnitFrames Config Module.
  • Fix Rune of Power Class Bar overlapping Arcane Charges Bar.
  • Added a new option in our in game config, which if enabled, save all in game config across all characters. (Button "Use Global Settings" above "Apply")
  • Dropdown fix for our in-game config.
  • Reverse aurawatch cooldown on raid frames.
  • Fix text on Blizzard nameplates when our nameplates was disabled.
  • Fix a lua error on some characters when trying to loot with mouseover parameter disabled.
  • BNToastFrame Strata Fix.
  • Fix items border color in bank.
  • Fix Stance Bar buttons always checked.
  • China translation update.
  • Attempt to fix a taint issue with OverrideActionBarButtonX.
  • Fix tooltip trying to get level and spec of an enemy player.
  • Fix Battleground DataText Frame Level.
  • Install frame will now hide if open and entering in combat, to avoid taints. If should pop again after leaving combat if you didn't install Tukui.
  • Stance Bar is now enabled by default
October 16 2014 : Version 16.03
  • Fix Battleground DataText Frame Level.
  • Hide Installation Frame if entering in combat.
  • Fix a huge coding mistake with our Cooldowns script. (Thanks Andrew (Author of TellMeWhen))
  • Add an option to disable pets in raid.
  • Show Player in Party is now enabled by default. (was disabled)
  • Buffs/Debuffs are back on Focus and Focus Target.
  • Fix a unitframes font bug on some specific WoW client. (Example: Russian)
  • You don't need to press enter anymore when you change an option value in our in game config. Yeah it was confusing I know. Sorry for that.
  • Add an option to disable our arena unit frames.
  • Attempt to fix cast bar height on nameplates, which was sometime really too big.
  • Add an option to disable main action bar swapping when you change stance. (Enabled by default)
  • Stance Bar is now enabled and show by default. (it was disabled)
  • Workaround implemented for OS X, which was not saving install and new settings with some characters. (Those with a special character in the name)
October 15 2014 : Version 16.02
  • Count was hidden on Reagent Bag Slots, which should not. It is now fixed.
  • You can now move Loot Frame Windows if you disable "Open Loot at mouse" under Blizzard option.
  • Keybinding description fix. It should be easier now to key bind bar 4 and bar 5.
  • Micro Menu, Mounts & Pet is now Mounts only. Added Pets and Toy Box to micro menu.
  • Fix a Blizzard bug where the mouse wheel on minimap was not working as intended.
  • Fix "Show Health Text" option on raid frame. It was using the party option instead of raid.
  • Fix a bug where unit frames was not disabled when turned off in our config.
  • Fix haste data text.
October 14 2014 : Version 16 (EUROPE: Please do not update until your servers are updated to 6.0.2!)
  • Total rewrite from scratch by Tukz and Hydra.
  • EyeFinity and Surround support have been dropped.
  • Add support for monitors with height over 1200 pixels.
  • Blizzard Skin have been removed. This feature will probably be available as a plugin soon.
  • New modular style allows for easy access to editors, almost everything in Tukui is created after PLAYER_LOGIN event.
  • All slash commands are now inside /tukui. (example: "/tukui install")
  • New in game config easier to understand what each option is made for.
  • You can now change textures and fonts in game for some elements.
  • Action Bars columns can be removed on the left and right bar by shift-clicking the button toggles.
  • Single buttons can be removed on the right side bar by shift-clicking the button toggles.
  • Some Action Bars can now be moved.
  • You can now hide the background of all actions bars.
  • You can now resize the action bars, stance and pet buttons.
  • Added buffs/debuffs animation. (Disabled by default)
  • You can now set the max number of auras per rows.
  • New option to define how many lines are scrolled through chat while using the mousewheel.
  • Blizzard implemented his own cooldown script, so we use it by now and we just edited the text font to our liking.
  • You can now set your datatexts directly in game with the "/tukui dt" command.
  • You can now change the color of the title and the result of any datatexts.
  • You can now move your bags around the UI.
  • You can now set the number of bag slots per rows.
  • You can now set the size of bag slots.
  • New option to flash new items looted in bag.
  • Experience and Reputation bar is now show each side of the screen at the bottom.
  • Return to graveyard button is now show over bottom right data text box.
  • You can now resize nameplates.
  • Tooltip now display iLevel and Spec of players.
  • Added 2 new tracking bars: Rogue/Anticipation, Priest/Serendipity.
  • You can now detach player and target cast bar and move it around the screen.
  • Tons of other changes that I don’t remember sorry… :X